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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain issues catalonia with an ultimatum either explain its position on independence or face direct rule from madrid spain's government has given the call on leadership five days to do so but the spanish
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prime minister vowing catalonia will remain part of the country also coming up. allegations against disgraced film producer harvey weinstein widen now hillary clinton says she'll give contributions from the longtime democratic party donor to charity. and after a tragic death of the rio olympics a story of renewal and hope as a heart transplant transforms a lot. plus our weeklong series on being gay in today's russia we meet a blogger challenging prejudices we'll talk to our correspondent in st petersburg about the difficulties the gay community is facing there. also we take you to the world's biggest refugee camp to see how uganda is struggling to care for more than one million refugees.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us spain has set the clock taking a fourth catalonia prime minister mariano rajoy has given the regional government until monday to say whether it has in fact the clarity independence from the rest of spain or royals promise to do everything possible to prevent the breaking away even threatening to suspend catalonia as autonomy and impose direct rule from madrid looked in a standoff spain's prime minister is determined to not give an inch speaking to parliament in madrid mariano rajoy again insisted that catalonia his independence referendum was illegal and he rejected office of international mediation. the force but he left everything it is not possible to accept a dialogue to agree on what is expressly forbidden by the constitution to negotiate over the sovereignty that belongs to all spaniards and the unbreakable unity of
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spain. it was a clear abuse to cattle and president karl has pushed him all these calls for talks have repeatedly been rejected madrid has given him five days to drop catalonia his independence bid. this important day. it is really important those people who violated the constitution rectify this. as catalonia ignores the warning has threatened to impose direct rule many catalan lawmakers reacted with pleas for the escalation let's get any more especially in this the truth is we have two government leaders who have acted very irresponsibly we are asking them to take on the political responsibility and govern for everyone in spain and catalonia we ask that they are responsible and courageous and open the possibility of dialogue. it
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all means days more uncertainty on the streets of barcelona people a first rate id. it's ridiculous to reach this point because we the people pay for the politicians and it's their forests they've passed problems on to the people when they should have solved them. even though it's impossible to talk with i don't know what's going to happen nobody does. now the ball is back in catalonia is court and across spain the waiting game continues. but it does have a few five days let's get more now from our correspondent oliver salad in barcelona all over what are the cattle on leadership's options right now in face of the ultimatum from madrid. well it doesn't seem like there are any options that would lead to success right now for them it's a very complicated situation put him on might find himself that he's going down a road with
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a dead end here not really knowing how to return so basically he can carry on and he can follow the ultimatum and declare independence repeat what he said there are two days ago in his famous speech. that will certainly lead then immediately to article one hundred fifty five being triggered as a spanish prime minister monti are no doubt whole has threatened it over and over again it would also mean the end to his political career and it will mean the end to the autonomy of the region of cut alone yes so this cannot be in the interest of congress puts them on on the other hand if he if he does not stu's so if he follows the ultimatum if you then says ok this was all a terrible mistake i will now abide by the rule of law then he would face trouble of his own ranks for instance his coalition partner the fall left's u p party has given him another all to made them all for weeks saying that within four weeks if there is no independence declared then they would resign from government he would
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lose his majority it would mean another and to his government so it looks like no matter what he does it's a complex situation and it's very clear if you know how to get out of this at this point. triggering article one fifty five s being called the nuclear option in this crisis is the catalog leadership prepared for direct rule from madrid are they taking that seriously. well it's a massive threat so one might think that they have to take it seriously of course but there hasn't been. a lot of response so far from madrid following this all to made him the center left party that is one of the coalition partners of part of this puts them on they said they are not willing to give in at all their strategy is to continue pushing forward for a dialogue and then really hoping that some international mediator will be found
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and that eventually somehow independence would be at the end of this process of a peaceful process as they hope and this is also basically the strategy of calmness put him on who hasn't said a lot in the meantime many people are now hoping that he clarifies himself and comes out with a solution here ok a lot of people out on the streets of are certainly hoping for a solution in all of this are there a possibility is there the possibility right now of more protests in barcelona well people are frustrated really there is this situation of political limbo and people feel that they're not informed well that they don't know what the future holds for this region and also for the whole country of spain today is the biggest national holiday of spain and if you look right behind me here there is a big stage being set up for a demonstration that is going to take place in
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a couple hours from now it's a pro spain demonstration against the split up of spain against the independence of the lonely and if you read what it says here it says cut the lunacy is funny that means yes to cut alone but also yes spain calibra covering this for us today in barcelona thanks very much for that. now some of the other stories making news at this hour a small asteroid is doing a close flyby of planet earth today but scientists say there's no chance it will hit our planet and it's expected to miss by about forty four thousand kilometers so a strawman to say the close flight path is giving them a chance to assess our ability to respond to a real asteroid threat. though being skewed seventy five margarets including a number of children who were stranded on a rubber boat as they sought to reach italy they were taken to the naval base in
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the libyan capital tripoli and handed over to the international medical corps that . telephone and authorities say wildfires north of san francisco have now consumed at least thirty five hundred homes and businesses twenty two fires are currently burning in northern california stretching fire services to the breaking point the death toll from those blazes has now risen to twenty one hundreds of people are still unaccounted for while the sex scandal involving hollywood producer harvey weinstein has taken on a political dimension with former presidential candidate hillary clinton denouncing weinstein promising to donate to charity the money he contributed to her political campaign and the case has been reverberating in new york where the city's chief prosecutor declined to charge weinstein two years ago when an italian model filed a complaint that he groped her. coffee weinstein's and that sexual misconduct has
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been an open secret in hollywood for years weinstein sat through representatives that in his stupidity and all of the encounters have been consensual but more and more women coming forward with harrowing stories of harassment he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and i could get a three picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch and masturbate it's a scenario that repeats itself in many of the tales of abuse the new york times published an audio recording made by the new york police department in twenty fifteen where weinstein appears to confess to the sexual assault of an italian model but weinstein was not charged in the end the new york prosecutors say there was a like of evidence. if we have that we felt that
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the church past its prime minister who would. suffer all actresses have now accused the movie mogul of rape and hollywood a listers have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment including engineer jolie and gwyneth paltrow she said weinstein had groped her as a twenty two year old and such just a thing massage each other she refused. following the allegations the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which is responsible for the oscar awards will hold a special meeting on saturday to discuss weinstein's alleged conduct which he described as repugnant. weinstein's also been fired by his own studio which is self came on the fire critics say his conduct was known in the workplace and in the industry but many had turned a blind eye. weinstein's wife has announced she's leaving him and sat she was heartbroken for her husband's cannot speak to weinstein himself go into rehab.
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for more on this story let's bring in interest in a cushion she's a hollywood correspondent in los angeles thanks for being with us first off now the former presidential candidate hillary clinton has condemned weinstein now he wasn't only a major contributor to her campaign he was also a bridge to other hollywood donors as well yeah i mean hillary is sick and shocked and appalled and everybody drops him now you know he has really no friends left he paid about forty five thousand dollars or so for her presidential campaign about one point five million or so they say for the democratic party the republicans are happy they are so happy that they chump on the fact you know that he was a democratic supporter and for trump this whole story is a gift from heaven you know a shocking story about a bully and womanizer to use a nice word for predatory you know but on the other side of the political spectrum
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ok now it's interesting we're also getting on confirmed reports this morning that the f.b.i. has opened opened an investigation into weinstein for sex crimes what are you hearing there. yeah he has hired a criminal lawyer and bought obviously the weinstein company one has issued in a statement saying it would cooperate with any criminal investigation it sounds like police involvement is not out of the question of course you know but i mean one has to ask on day six of the scandal now what the company knew so the whole story is getting not clear every day but a little bit more murky every day because his what it is rather than the whole you know what did all the people know worked in the company there was there are stories about payoffs for women eight to twelve settlements they say probably more they were already known to the company in two thousand and fifteen you know so there's a lot to investigate and i'm sure they're i'm sure he's getting nervous now ok well
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the american academy of motion pictures is picking this up and as well it's going to be meeting on saturday it's called the allegations repugnant will the academy talk only about weinstein or will it take up the broader issue of how women in hollywood are treated. well in this thought they are going to need for fifty four members and about half of them are female so let's hope for some great cheer i mean i really hope that this family pressure is growing you know when you can feel it he was never left in hollywood he was always feared in hollywood and he was feared for his masterful and super aggressive oscar campaign to know that to think that they will now i mean it's i've hunted too optimistic i talk to show runner for h.b.o. jennifer connelly and she said no no no this is not really the tipping point you know it's something now we do things will change we will look back in a couple of years and it was a this is when you do all change i can only hope so you know today tingly could his friends and came out also and she said she was
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a joint of long list of people who told their hobbies stories and she also expressed hope that the times of the billionaire boys club as she called it is over . yet another you've been covering this billionaires boys club for years now these allegations cover a period of about three decades how could this go on unaddressed for so long that so many of us would like to know. well it makes me angry too because obviously there's a very strong support system you know up in a person's silence and there's still so much old hollywood going on you know the casting couch with this is built into hollywood the system of power and the power is usually with the men and the women are not so powerful it's i mean i can i can i can only hope it changes don't forget a couple of months ago there were a couple of t.v. hosts from fox news that were also. claims that they were sexually harassing women they all lost their jobs so there is actually something
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changing right now in this actually something happened kristie that. came up in all . that's a great german word is it out because the thanks so much for bringing us up to date on that today. well still right now where iraqi forces push the so-called islamic state out of mosul this summer but not before the extremist group devastated her side saluting treasures smashing artifacts now archaeologists are assessing the damage at the ancient royal assyrian city of nimrod but despite the destruction they're also making some new discoveries. a surprising find amid the dirt something glimmering emerges. peter fed snow and his team have found a golden earring discoveries like this are rare in north and the rock. lift and this has very unexpected i'm amazed we used to find vessels for
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a story chia we assume it was a story in fact our cultural trading goods but we didn't expect to find a golden earring so the dig is taking place near the city of mosul the so-called islamic state ravaged the region which is rich in cultural treasures the extremist group aims to erase traces of pretty islamic heritage in places like name rude members of i.a.s. try to destroy the ruins located in the former capital of the assyrian empire there was much damage but the situation is not as bad as feared it wouldn't be. many artifacts of being destroyed but on the other hand i just droid many objects that with first restored in the nineteenth seventy's and eighty's because they're the ones that stood out the most. so it's not why it's such a shame we thought it was. so shocking the discoveries from the bronze age settlement reveal traces of
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a wide ranging trading network the cultures involved influenced each other for thousands of years i asked leaders believe people today should return to the ancient and true roots of islam and that anything differing from that should be destroyed but history shows changing and incorporating new influences is the norm. and this can't be stopped by an organization like the i.a.s. occasionally they've been attempts in history to establish religious economic or social monopolies through violence but they never lasted long. order so if. you want to put it. iraq and syria have become huge crisis with islands of safety like this one where the archaeologists are working they found cuneiform tablets gold jewelry and bronze needles in the once flourishing
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settlements between the euphrates and tigris river. and we found four hundred forty previously unknown settlements from different periods they're all unexplored this will be a task for generations. in some of the science it's tragic it's a great loss but the entire cultural heritage of the region is so much richer much more than anything that the ins could destroy. as the so-called islamic state retreats in iraq and syria it may itself be on the way to becoming history after having written a chapter of particular cruelty. still to come on the show a german libyan's tragic death in rio now a story of hope and inspiration the heart keeps beating in brazil.
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a look into a scandal surrounding japan's third biggest steelmaker this morning in monaco looks like it's going fast is fading fast. data possibly for day job training. i'm sure i. understand the products in their models of boeing and to go to among the firms making checks ass's general motors the u.s. all to manufacture the says it is best to gauging the impact on its product line kovi admits two hundred cost in this receipt material that does not meet the standard they pay for what the japanese firm supplies medicines for many industrial sectors including the arms industry. reading goshi ating enough days to any increase in the southwest officials and to the fourth round of talks mexico canada and the us a very different ideas about the look of the new trade pact only present company is taking the whole thing easy. there was
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a jovial welcome for justin trudeau as he arrived at the white house but donald trump warned tough negotiations lay ahead on nafta the us president has long opposed the free trade agreement and said he'd be willing to see it come to an end . i said well renegotiated and i mean i think just in understands this if we can make a deal it'll be terminated and it will be fun they're going to do well we're going to do well but maybe that won't be necessary but it has to be fair to both countries but the third country and master already seem to be preparing for the worst warning it had no interest in hidden protectionism we're going to put it we can't allow the free trade agreement to stop being for free traders if red tape restrictions administration tariffs and barriers are introduced this defeats the purpose of the agreement that doesn't suit mexico we have to be prepared to say no because mexico is bigger than nafta. an agreement that took twenty years to negotiate is hard to renegotiate but mexico says it's willing to try still the
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mexican negotiators want to avoid the new tariffs the trump has suggested to prevent companies from leaving mexico for the u.s. . not many support trumps position even the powerful u.s. chamber of commerce is turning its back we've been patient cool headed and constructive but let me right now be possible and direct there are several several poison pill proposal still on the table that could doom this entire deal that could spell trouble for the three countries economies canada the u.s. and mexico are each other's most important trading partners many companies depend on nafta and for them there is no plan b. . france is the guest of honor at the frankfurt book fair this year the opening ceremony was a high level event with both the german chancellor and the french president
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emphasizing the need for tolerance and cultural diversity but all this khan's hide the fact that the book industry is under threat in france small book store still commonplace but online giant amazon is turning up the heat it's time to come up with new ways to keep customers coming back. once well as you saw him can't imagine a life without books the small bookstore in the center of paris has been run by his family for four generations. this is a very sentimental place for me it's tied to many memories and it exudes a certain kind of life. of being a bookseller means humbly passing something on that's existed for generations. we can't ever let this history of ideas being interrupted. the oldest bookstore in paris was also an online pioneer. if you so much as been shipping books
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customers purchased on the internet for twenty years now still sales are falling you know hopes a new initiative will help around seven hundred booksellers in the country have set up a database that lets customers reserve and pick up books at leisure back. here it's all about proximity when many people come to pick up a book they often forget at first that they ordered it online this initiative allows us to once again establish human contact with customers. the booksellers hope it will help them in their uphill battle against online giants like amazon economists say initiatives like this are important even in markets like france which is holding steady at around four billion euros an annual sales. amazon doesn't publish sales figures but some predict that it will soon be at the top of the heap when it comes to book sales in france amazon is serious competition you can buy any kind of book on the platform. on line retailers have huge warehouses
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and also provide a way to contact individual sellers. french publishers are gearing up with fewer but larger competitors fighting for a slice of the pie the latest merger media. and a lot mountain yeah. publishers are closing ranks to acquire more room to negotiate in their dealings with middleman especially in their dealings with amazon. fran├žoise you so much remains optimistic that small stores like his will survive after all amazon still can't compete with a bricks and mortar store and one key way. is that in places like this you can still find unexpected things around it's like reawakening your sense of a curiosity you don't have that effect when you buy something on the internet. there's no fifth generation as you saw him to take over the family business but the bookseller hopes. to one day find a successor to help keep the spirit of his historic store alive. well brian life
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still writes the best stories and with that one that you're going on about how i can't get the song my heart will go on. turning tragedy into triumph incident is a story of renewal that dates to the twenty sixteen olympics in rio that's when a german canoeing coach was tragically killed in a car accident in that city but the family of thirty five year old stuff and hence allowed his major organs to be donated and four lives were saved as a result his heart it never left rio and its new owner has made a special pledge. even that bout the czar is a sixty seven year old brazilian grandmother with a new lease on life she suffered a heart attack in two thousand and twelve and after nearly two years on the waiting list she received stefan hans's heart the two thousand and four olympic medalist turned coach whose life ended prematurely but his heart beats on baltar's are
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participating in her first sporting event since the operation says it's like winning her own olympic medal she's more than grateful for a second chance. i'm really taking care of this hot. but i'd like to give his mother a hug because i'm also a mother and i know how much she must be suffering. want that because there's no greater pain than a mother losing her child. my mom my baby i would hug them and tell them that i'm going to do everything i can to make sure this heart is alive for a long time and i'm going to try to do as much as i can. she plans on doing a lot as are also plans to take up could new wing in the future her heart would definitely be into. still to come here at news
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in the final part of our series gay in russia we meet the blogger challenging a conservative businessman but he's in for a surprise. and we'll take you inside the world's largest refugee camp we have an exclusive report from the b. to be in uganda. all of that and much more straight ahead here with.
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my long curiosity. sixteen. he survived hell on earth. he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now my suit has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against isis he said you. must soon to list from victim to terrorist hunter. starting october sixteenth on. hijacking the news. where i go from the news is the hijack journalism and still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them. black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that it's not and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truly. funny was pretty golf and i work in the deli. welcome back you know with the news live or let our top stories this hour the spanish prime minister marianna avoid has given catalonia his regional government until monday to say whether it has declared independence from the rest of spain
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he's also threatened to impose direct rule on the a top of this region. and with sexual assault allegations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein continuing to mount the academy of motion pictures is said to hold emergency talks to discuss taking action against them and a former presidential candidate hillary clinton has added her voice to those denouncing him she says will give his campaign donations to charity. more news now in his u.s. president donald trump about to abandon the iran nuclear deal it's a cause for real concern for countries who helped negotiate it now other than the united states those countries include britain france russia china the u.n. security council's permanent members plus germany now together with the e.u. the european union that group brokered the iran nuclear deal in the summer of two thousand and fifteen now in that accord iran promised
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a number of things that it's. nuclear program is strictly peaceful now in practice what that means is that your rainy i'm enrichment is limited and the country's stockpile is capped at three hundred kilograms the reactor in iraq will be reconfigure so it can't produce any weapons grade plutonium and all this while that's said to be closely monitored by the international atomic energy agency now in return for all of this economic sanctions on iran were lifted and with the lifting of sanctions the gates open to more trade between iran and the outside world but president trump's threat to withdraw the u.s. from the deal would undermine that new trade look now at how the prospect of the iran nuclear deal falling apart is affecting arrangements. for the past few months has worked as a taxi driver in tehran the tap fasc app makes it easy he can work on his own terms without nation see thousands of other iranians do the same and in
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a country with widespread unemployment such an ing opportunities are essential things were not supposed to be like this after all president hassan rouhani promised that the nuclear deal would bring prosperity to iran. now that agreement seems under threat which could mean that sanctions will soon quash many improvements tonight here people are frustrated and disappointed in their leaders and both amazed and furious at president donald trump's plans. i want to move on to so i really don't want the deal to collapse. after as i was i don't want to go backwards. we were so happy about the new relations abroad. because because positive economic and cultural relations especially with the u.s. are good for us. there are so many clever iranians who work in america. and hold top positions at nasa apple and microsoft. op it.
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probably would be a real shame for such relations to do what it was or you know anything. around two hundred fifty people work at the top thirty headquarters when a taxi app was created eighteen months ago there were just nine employees everyone here is under fatty its founder studied in europe in the u.s. they came back to iran full of hope about living in peace free of sanctions. we don't hear you say i love iran. it's my home and they wanted to have a positive effect on the economy here. if it's at all possible i really want to stay here because that was the matter here they tell me that a gold rush movie develops following the deal in two thousand and fifteen. after i graduated in canada i only planned to stay in iran for six months but when i got here and saw this untouched market with so many possibilities for new ideas i
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stayed the nuclear deal was the main catalyst. the app has been a huge success but now there's a setback a few weeks ago apple stopped offering a taxi up for sale it's part of a recent us ban of apps from iran most of which have been developed by young motivated rainy and. i worked for uphill in the us for almost four years and would never have expected this. apple has always emphasized the importance of a quality. that it's particularly sad for me as a former apple employee to experience such sanctions. that. apple says it removed the apps to comply with strictly u.s. sanctions against iran. such action fuels the fire of iranian hardliners who have been on the rise since trump became president. their mouthpiece is the key honeys
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paper. chief editor hosain chariot mcgarry has been an advisor to iran's supreme leader for decades since the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution enmity towards the us has been a central feature of the islamic republic it's only the office equipment that suggests any connection to america trump seems the perfect subject matter for anti u.s. diatribes. thirty balls e.h. all of that all this is all just a game for the americans the volley that. they behave as if trump is crazy and unpredictable have to make people cave in holes lord. we've seen that tactic for such a long time in the world to me trump obama bush reagan and carter are all the same have all to know that. it's iran's young who
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have the most to lose. the communication and good relations with a broader essential how else with the nuclear deal have been possible to be rid of all. international relations may be key but the nuclear deal is another issue entirely. it's possible that our country was forced into those talks which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but we have no faith because the americans will keep their word not even to the europeans and other postal nations they do what they want and so we must do our thing too. and then as a show i told you to respect them do you really believe that we can achieve anything if we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. record to forge a medium it is i'm not saying that we shouldn't have any dealings with the rest of
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the world we just shouldn't have any ties to the americans on the u.k. yet if not i'd. ask not has decided to leave iran he wants to study theater in italy but it's also fear that striving in a way a fear of new sanctions and a life without freedom. she was completely shocked and i have to admit time was discussed in time i am going to . put in russia you can make money with homophobia. they fixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current their people without rights in their own country because their homosexual gay in russia. while all this week has been running that series of special reports on being gay in today's russia our moscow correspondent very rich shadow is the author of those
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reports and joins us now from st petersburg yuri good morning to you today we're broadcasting the final episode in your series up what can you tell us about it. well to speak of the last piece as you have mentioned and wanted to. end on and look as if you know what it's about as opposed to the guy with the sense of humor who won the money and takes human rights very seriously but on the other hand at the same time who in the purchase of this fight against his own unique creative creative. use miniscule and so he decided to carry out an experiment at a russian businessman named getaround steadily got recently opened who shops across the country with science in their ears the dead read no ill effects and lumps this is these signs are innocent of terrible week terrible what it's not a science. knowledge use
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a lot and giving michael douglas today decided to go into one of these shops with his camera and with a smile on his face and this is what happened let's have a look. when you tell people you're gay you have to bear in mind what country you live in. new york i'm a blogger apparently my blog helps some people i want to use it to explain that being gay is normal and it's nothing but it's an individual choice. i'm going to. do that no fact it's allowed anywhere in russia.
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you know what's up until you go and today i'm visiting one of get a monster storms there's a sign in the window that says no faggots allowed to obvious things but don't want me to go in there but i want to try them they'll come up with part of the will of course it was a provocation months from the countryside i'm from the countryside so. this is what the stores it's like the oil is sold in just a shell that's what i want to know but. of course it was scary i knew perfectly well that there would be girls working there who just crossed themselves when i tell him i'm gay i just bought milk for me and i want to know how things work here misdoings they gave me a discount here the worst thing is that i thought they'd start freaking out when you call someone that's what i was expecting so i get my mail go to the checkout and she says to me i want your channel. i watch you on you tube really yeah. i was expecting at least a bit of outrage from. this song. so that means anyone can come in and buy
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something. yeah that's his sign i can take it down but i don't agree with it if i were allowed to i would take the sign down right away. so. that changed everything was nice and also unusual it ended up being a cool video about totally reasonable people working for someone of reasonable. i get that this is a business came up with an image for himself and i have a simple question from the countryside and that's how he earns his money that's his philosophy when you first saw the deal the problem here isn't the laws of the government but the powerful russian orthodox church the church thinks being normal and they reduce everything to sex. no one says love whoever you want everyone just thinks of the physical side of things but. the comments under the video.
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literally help. people with writing we're going to kill you. who the hell are you you should all hang and you'll burn in hell that sort of stuff . it's obvious the comments like this don't happen in a vacuum they wouldn't be there if a society wasn't so homophobic would have to national. a much different reception than expected in that shop owned by gamma on a sterling what more can you tell us about him he's featured in a number of your reports. i started as a fifty year old businessman became extremely religious and to see that with his family too little russia had to sell a balance of products bread and other products and use of the very very high prices which still religionistic obviously a bit of adultery or and so in our efforts to see it was it decided to the advertisements and with very distasteful kind of us or any thought that some people
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didn't use the sun sets using includes natural english words or gates ok but as we saw it in the report there there are russians like the employee in the shop where less judge mental work what kind of voice do they have in russian society. what a lot of all russians are. special because it is lots and you just look where i am right now to muster the capital much but we are talking here about an atmosphere of head threat and intimidation about a culture of us who will be up to a culture in which public scared moments against gays and lesbians can scroll up political callings and especially large summit if voters who don't see there is a hobby and that's interesting but they're not as up holding the additional values . protecting children the taliban today you've got agreeing with and all of it as we have been watching throughout this week in my serious told me story
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school came to the ration so that is a serious became a small window into the dangerous life of gays and lesbians. gay men and women in russia ok your thanks so much for that from st petersburg and thanks for your series this week. it's to uganda now and that country is dealing with a massive refugee crisis providing relief to some one point three million refugees now a million of them come from south sudan and although uganda is not a wealthy country by any means it has managed to accommodate them with what some are calling one of the most generous refugee policies in the world large numbers of new arrivals of whoever put a real strain on the nation's resources did every reporter sail an echo sent us this exclusive report from the b.b.c. refugee camp in uganda. three hundred to five hundred people that's the number of refugees that currently arrive in uganda every day from south sudan for the staff
8:46 am
at this reception center the work begins afresh with each bus load of refugees that arrives. registration medical check up and preparing the food and. amaze perch and beans fill the empty stomachs some of the refugees have been on the road for a week. uganda currently has one point three million refugees and it has a unique refugee policy. each and every family will get their own piece of land with the hope that they can see grow their own food and become self-reliant. land owners like druggies a buyer e gave their land in exchange for development in the area. the first thing the government promised us is to build a dispensary. there. secondly he wanted to see i was supposed to take care of sending your children to school. or get
8:47 am
a cuddly landowners' we walk jointly with you in a c.r. and to the refugee levy i'm named special. friend of the barrie doesn't get any money for his land but he gets along well with his new neighbors after all the refugees have nowhere else to go. staying with the refugees is ok there's no problem they're all human beings that's why i allow them to stay on my land and. what he's not happy about is that little has changed for him the northern region is one of uganda's poorest like most people here the virus depends on his land and although everything is green the food crops on doing well. most of the food will simply go into feeding his family. when the harvest is good i can sell. sesame ground and beans but the crops i'm doing well so i won't sell
8:48 am
anything. not far from the berries home the refugees face similar problems the thirty five thirty meter plot of land i was allocated is just big enough for a heart and a vegetable patch. mine is playing to come on the mic some some beds for planting. and so much as a robot and his money selling clothes at the market compared to the other refugees he is well off but even he depends on the un food ration is to feed his family. who cannot have any. plans to vary it is very difficult and. therefore the rest are given to a very few years or is not today it. may be their first program flow. of words calculated to pull him out. and he does not have any rights to that extent. the beans from the
8:49 am
un have become a kind of currency if you want something other than maize and beans you go to the market and trade the beans for other items. but as a barrier and robot put it most people have just enough to get by so while uganda's host communities and refugees live peacefully side by side both sides feel the strain on land food and resources in. it's off to greenland now for a look at life at the very remote american military base at tulane it's home to hundreds of military personnel and civilian workers at a top security radar post remote and shrouded in darkness for a number of months each year or constant sunlight in the summer two layers about fifteen hundred kilometers from the north pole. soldiers say this place is unique it's the only spot on earth where three giant
8:50 am
glaciers meet at sea level. but that's not the only thing that makes the surrounding special the hilly horizon is dotted with massive radar domes. soldiers have been stationed at the tuli american air base in northern greenland since one thousand nine hundred fifty one. they're tasked with scanning the skies to the east over the north pole to watch for any signs of russian intercontinental rockets. this is normally a restricted zone one that's off limits to reporters after months of negotiations permission was finally granted to film here. off to the left of the sake of a bigger head here so he's opened up quite a lot of the right side of their car park and there was no way that whether. it's off to the right we're going to see the basis of this this is the dorms for all the
8:51 am
military here so sergeant james lawrence is taking our team on an official tour along with another reporter from denver colorado the u.s. army closely supervises and scrutinizes all visitors. in summer there's usually permafrost underfoot but at this time of year there's only sludge winter temperatures drop to minus thirty degrees celsius during one hundred days of darkness. the officer in charge is proud of the bases radar capabilities so what exactly is the military watching out for up here. this is the upgraded early warning radar it's the most modern radar that the united states has right now for looking into into space and for our missile warning mission each face looks out to about one hundred twenty degrees so about two hundred forty degrees total coverage across the world and five thousand kilometers into outer space and there's about three thousand state modules on the faces and those work together in
8:52 am
conjunction with their computer programs to be able to send out a signal into space and help us see what's out there. the radar is clearly audible that's the crackling sound in our cameras audio recording. the officer says these days they're mostly tracking satellites and space junk he doesn't want to discuss the early warning system or russian rockets the surveillance is top secret. in the bases training center the red telephone looks like a prop from a hollywood film but this one is real the soldiers are drilled often. if they ever did spot rockets heading toward the u.s. there would only be a few minutes for the president to decide what to do. going into a. nuclear war yes or no we hope the phone never needs to be used for anything but a drill. and we work through it like the others captain emerick navarro is serving
8:53 am
a year here this is one of the most unpopular u.s. military posts seemingly at the end of the world and far away from family sunlight for four months in a row in darkness performance in a row so those are some challenging aspects of going up here. but. these are the new fuse and the to the beautiful scenery are different i got from. watching the icebergs slowly make their way past the base is breathtaking in the spectacular scenery. the arctic air seems completely unfazed by the presence of humans. six hundred soldiers and civilians are stationed at the remote surveillance base during the cold war up to ten thousand g.i.'s were stationed here but the strategic importance of the arctic region has grown in recent years and the u.s. isn't planning on leaving anytime soon. actually being a. geo strategic location while we can do certain that the missions we're talking about here we also i also have a portals of
8:54 am
a runway here that. that you know it provides a huge a stable us force in the arctic you know if you want to see a stabilizing force in an area that could you know you could be turbulent in the future. there isn't much turbulence in tooley these days except maybe at the sports hall next to the soldiers living quarters. this time sergeant lawrence's off duty. after eight months at the base he knows the slot machines back to front. he comes here almost every evening. you're going to get bored if you come here every night but. i'll tell you there are some nights where they're they're not open and there's nothing else to do so you've got to find something to do and this is a great place to come in and spend your time. ships sometimes bring cargo to the base but most contact with the outside world comes through massive air force planes
8:55 am
there are regular deliveries every week still many soldiers here look forward to the day when they will be sitting in one of these planes on their way home. let's get you a minder of the top stories we're following for you today these spanish prime minister morrow who i as given catalonia is regional government until monday to say whether it has indeed declared independence from the rest of spain is also threatened to impose direct rule on the top of this region. and with sexual assault allegations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein continuing to mount the academy of motion pictures in los angeles is set to hold emergency talks to discuss taking action against them. and the former presidential candidate hillary clinton has added her voice to those denouncing him she says she will give his campaign donations to joe. but don't forget you can always get the interview news on the go
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download our app from google player from the apple store and i gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. this is the interview news live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain issues catalonia an ultimatum either explain its position on independence or face a direct rule from the dread that spain's government has given the title on leadership five days to do so.


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