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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what do you feel like to live in times over the revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth t.w. . this is the news live from berlin a big step forward on palestinian reconciliation after a decade long split between bitter rivals amoss and fatah say they've reached an agreement on key points during talks in cairo we'll have the latest from our
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correspondent also coming up. president trump is set to announce whether the u.s. should renew the iran nuclear deal he's called it bad for america but will he push to completely scrap the agreement that gives iran sanctions relief in exchange for limits promise nuclear program. and germany's biggest airline lift on says that the buy a large chunks of bankrupt carrier air berlin snapping up dozens of its planes and thousands of staff members. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us palestinian rivals hamas and fatah appear to have reached a breakthrough in the reconciliation talks the leader of ma says the two groups have come to an agreement after negotiations in the egyptian capital cairo now a key point in ending the decade long split. when the two sides is agreement over
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who should control the gaza strip a mosque sees that territory from fatah during a conflict in two thousand and seven now there's a chance that gaza will be returned to a unity government under the palestinian authority details of the deal will be released later today. our correspondent tony kramer has followed the reconciliation process between hamas and fatah for years he joins us now from jerusalem tanya is this the breakthrough people been looking for in the push for a unified palestinian government. well it could certainly be a potential a step forward in reconsideration between hamas in gaza and the palestinian authority which is ruling in the occupied west bank which is dominated by qatar now we've seen intense mediation efforts by egypt over the past month and always over the past two weeks or so we understand that the details of this first phase of and
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then remembered it will be announced today around noon time in cairo where the two sides are sitting together for the past two days now with people in gaza certainly want to hear that there's some concrete steps that are being taken to make sure that this big consideration will not fail because we have seen many reconciliation efforts in the past ten years that have all failed and they would like to see of course you know restrictions that were imposed by the person or sovereignty of the past month to reduction of electricity being lifted and that would show that this time it is actually for real this agreement ok oh where is israel stand on palestinian reconciliation would like to see fatah retake control in gaza instead of a mosque. well it has been fairly muted response so far from the israeli government be heard a statement last week after the team promised to him don't know when to go also for
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the first time also in years and prime minister netanyahu has put down again the conditions to hamas saying that they must recognize is that they must put down their arms but it has been. you know not such a strong statement that you've heard before this certainly want to see what kind of deal is being made if actually the ultimate control is really under the palestinian authority and that is not been you know that's not yet clear ok tanya tranmere for us now in jerusalem following the reconciliation process between a mosque and fatah thanks very much or in other news well president trump moved today to decertify an international nuclear deal with tehran the president could soon tell us lawmakers that the landmark agreement is not in the nation's best interest he's facing some tough opposition though even from within his own party the head of the house foreign affairs committee for example has called on the
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president followed and forced the hell out of the deal but in a t.v. interview yesterday the president made his view clear it was it's a very bad day or i'm not saying anything different tonight that i have been saying for two years it's a horrible horrible embarrassment to our country but i'm going to get out of this one actually we had a great strain. joining us now for more on this from doesn't dorf is our don tabata by he's a political analyst and expert on rain affairs are non first off what are the chances that the nuclear deal with iran could fall apart. it's quite difficult to say we really do not know yet whether the u.s. are actually going to take steps to walk away from the deal regardless of the rhetoric by trump but they will certainly weaken the deal and if you're running inside. does not take the benefit politically and economically from this agreement it may in fact fall apart but i think either side will be very cautious in taking
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the first step towards that direction ok what do you make though of the israeli argument that iran has not been holding up its end of the bargain. i'm not really sure whether that is the view of israel it's deep state or security establishment they're certainly not friends of iran but the agreement as such has at least some security guarantees particularly for israel and for some of you runs our neighbors so that if you listen to the security establishments of all countries or around iran they are not in favor of letting this deal fall apart there are not friends on it in terms of its regional policies but they're not a policy of the agreement benjamin netanyahu has been but i think for more for political reasons ok what about the other members of the united nations security council that helped put this deal together especially russia and china where they stick to the deal even if the united states re imposing sanctions i think that we
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haven't heard otherwise up until this day the europeans have been very very strongly boys in their commitment to the agreement so have the russians and the chinese so i think the u.s. position or total transpositions so far is quite isolated on this ok thanks so much for that the analysis from does hold those by on top of my political analyst and expert on rainin affairs thanks very much pleasure. well to the u.s. now where thousands of firefighters are battling the raging wildfires north of san francisco in california's wine country now but despite their efforts the blazes are on track to become the deadliest and the most destructive in the state's history thousands of homes and businesses including a number of wineries have been destroyed so far at least twenty three people died hundreds others are reported missing. two of the victims were an elderly couple that had just celebrated their seventy fifth wedding anniversary last year. they
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had their seventy fifth wedding anniversary last. last may and say they met when their and grade school fourth grade sixth grade and they've been together ever since and. those of us in the family always were you know wonder what would happen if one of them died and the other one was still left because we knew that. there was no way that you know they would be happy whoever was the last one and so they went together my mother calls me three forty three to tell me her house is on fire and ice and shelter and i mean i'm telling her to run to get out get out this get out of the house and i'm told to go to the front of the back so i can't i can't get out this fire everywhere fire outside fire i can't get out of my house the fire was already halfway down the mountain and there were embers everywhere and
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the wind was just crazy and. and there was this here drawer of the flames and that's when i knew you're out of here you know i mean you dots when you hear that roar and you see the wind going like that you know that there's there's nothing you can do and you need to just bail we've streams were fine on a sunday night we were awoken to a red glow. coming out of the north and. had just minutes to actually get out and. get out of the house with her kids up we called her neighbors know when her up here it was just a mad dash it's been hard to to see what we've built and put into the place and now it's. reduced to reduced to what you see here and i mean that are just hard to think about starting over but. you know we're pretty resilient resilient and we will. now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour spanish
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prime minister mariano rajoy has given catalonians regional government until monday to clarify whether it has declared independence from the rest of spain is vowed to do everything possible to protect spanish unity even threatening to impose direct rule on the semi autonomous region. at least thirty seven people are dead dozens more are missing as floods hit northern and central vietnam rescue efforts are difficult because mudslides have submerged roads in a number of areas thousands of people have been evacuated as weather services warn more heavy rain is on the way. kenyan police fired tear gas at opposition leaders in the western city of the sumo. clashes also broke out between police and protesters demanding election reform the demands come after kenya's supreme court voided the results of a presidential election in august due to irregularities. a small asteroid is
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doing a close flyby of our planet today but scientists say there's no chance that it will hit planet earth it's expected to miss by about forty four thousand kilometers still astronomers say the close flight path is giving them the chance to assess our ability to respond to a real asteroid threat. well here in germany chief executive carstens board says he's buying up more than half the aircraft of bankrupt rival air berlin or frankfurt based carriers to sign that deal later today air berlin which is germany's second biggest carrier declared bankruptcy in august after years of deep losses and afterwards biggest shareholder gulf airline ceased its financing now it's been in talks for weeks with move tonsil and easyjet about selling parts of its business or calls it a great day for germany's biggest airline which is set to get even bigger now something its international rival rivals are of course not so keen on.
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for more on the air berlin deal let's cross over to john l. do allow standing by outside the frankfurt stock exchange general what more can you tell us about this deal. well i can tell you that this deal although very much expected has made investors here really happy lufthansa share price actually spike two point seven percent today its highest level in seventeen years now investors are still waiting for further details to trickle in like the final sale price held earlier reports put that figure out the low hundred million euros so two hundred million euros to buy the company one hundred million euros to meet operating costs now the contract signing is set for twelve today we'll find out later if that figure turns out to be correct now in terms of stuff is said to be absorbing three thousand of air berlin stuff which means that you have about five thousand for future remains unclear ok we know what about this purchase will it
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bring some certainty to the airline market especially for travelers who have been so badly shaken by the bankruptcy of air berlin. you know the answer to that is eventually but not yet we know that one hundred thousand travelers have been affected by the fact that air berlin has stopped flights after october twenty eighth now we know that only about ten thousand of those flights will be reimbursed tickets that were purchased after a certain cut off date and it's not clear that this deal with the photons out will change that now karsten s'pore the c.e.o. of tons of has warned of much improvisation to come ahead and six to nine months in terms of transition and only then can say will operations be assured if you know what about the other half you know of air berlin that's not being picked up by moved on so do we know anything about what's going to happen to that we know that easyjet is in talks to take over twenty two thirty planes but nothing
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has been finalized on that front and that announcement on that also isn't expected today now it's interesting because if talks with easy jet fall through then that could pose a problem for love tons of because then they would have a harder time in getting cartel authorities to approve its own deal with with air berlin so arguably what happens to the rest of air berlin will be as important for lufthansa ok joe thanks so much for that from just outside the frankfurt stock exchange. if you reminder now of our top story at this hour rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah appear to have reached a breakthrough in their bid to end a decade long rift now that's after negotiations mediated by egypt in the capital khartoum now details of the agreement are said to be released during a press conference were expecting that later today. well don't forget you can always get the news on the go download our out from google player from the apple
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