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we're a family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a sunny. this is the daily news live from berlin palestinians are pretentiously a step closer to reconciliation after a decade long split between bitter rivals i'm awesome fatso say they've reached an agreement on key points during talks in cairo well we're in jerusalem for the latest also coming up president trump is expected to announce whether the u.s. should remove the iran nuclear deal he calls it bad for america but we're going go
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all the way and scrap this landmark agreement entirely we have analysis. germany's biggest airline move times that is gearing up to buy large parts of bankrupt carrier air berlin snapping up dozens of its planes and thousands of staff . and i'm glad to have you along we begin our broadcast with a potential breakthrough in the mideast where bitter palestinian libels hamas and fattah say both green groups have managed to reach a reconciliation agreement after a decade long split while it follows talks in the egyptian capital cairo this week a key point has been who of the two factions should control the gaza strip that you see here right behind me was just over
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a decade ago hamas won parliamentary elections in gaza overwhelmingly and then else it sets off from the territory in two thousand said well israel and egypt have kept . up a blockade on gaza since that period and that has contributed to a dramatic decline in humanitarian conditions in this enclave now faced with political and financial isolation hamas turned to egypt for help in return cairo urged hamas to move forward on repairing ties with rival fatah hell stay with me because last week palestinian prime minister visited gaza for the first time since two thousand and fifteen his ministers taking control of government apartments in the territory now there is a real chance gaza will be returned to a unity government under the palestinian authority will know more about the deal when details are released shortly and as we wait to hear from the stakeholders gathered in cairo we can now talk to the time kramer she is in jerusalem and has
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reported extensively on the reconciliation process between hamas and fattah tanya have you heard anything. well we know that a press conference should be under way shortly any time from now in karma the negotiations have been ongoing that very intense and the one who we're told here in gyptian mediation for the past days but also in total secrecy but there is some speculation what could have but it could be part of this first phase of an agreement as being told here and some of the terms we are waiting of course to hear from this press conference now some of the issues that could relate to who's going to manage the border crossing the rafa border crossing with egypt this is one of the main points at least for gazans who were in control and managed as a crossing point another issue that has been talked about is how within the church
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the two administrations between the gaza run not ministration and the administration in the occupied west bank which is under palestinian authority control. which is many of the fatah controlled there so the issue there is that you have thousands of years that have been in two thousand and seven men how mass took over a gaza then when told to lay down their work and to sit until and basically now the question is once and once it's been done with all these entries in the two administrations but of course the political process here we have to wait and see what kind of government we will see coming out of that all right so those are the nuts and bolts of the topics up for discussion in cairo right now but talk to us a little bit about if these talks bear fruit how much of a breakthrough with this. well i think it is a potential step forward in a way between you know i mean we're talking about ten years of. a split between
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hamas in gaza and of the time of the palestinian authority that is running in the west bank and now of course we don't know yet the details of this agreement but we see these intense minissha efforts by egypt and this agreement has yet to to emerge but people here also understand this is a first phase of a very very long process and they of course want to know what does and tail right and they've been here of course before. time to talk to us about the situation for some of the two million people living in gaza recently described by the n.g.o.s save the children as unlivable what's life been like for gazans all this time well as he has said i mean gaza has been closed for the past and yes by israel and egypt because of hamas because they said they want to prevent smuggling and people cannot
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travel anywhere even to visit family in the west bank they need a permit the economy is down unemployment is high and on top of that you had the internal political division now not everything will be solved if there is free consultation the people in gaza they would expect if this becomes a nation efforts this time if they really go through and then seen many attempts before that have failed they would like to see some concrete measures being announced for example over the some of them as do you know that already put pressure on hamas and reduced electricity supply that would like this to see these restrictions lifted but also when it comes to the crossings so that would be that implementation and that is actually the key of the whole process talking a claim of reporting from jerusalem thank you. art want to ring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. at least thirty seven people are dead and dozens more are missing as floods hit northern and central
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vietnam rescue efforts are made difficult significantly because mudslides have submerged roads in several areas and thousands of people have been evacuated and weather service is warning of more heavy rains to come. the libyan coast guard has rescued seventy five migrants including several children who were stranded on a river boat when they tried to reach elite they were taken to the naval base in libya's capital tripoli and handed over to the international medical corps. a small asteroid is doing a close flyby of earth to today but scientists say there's no chance it will hit us it's expected to miss our planet by around forty four thousand kilometers still astronomers say the close flight path is giving them the chance to assess our ability to respond to a real asteroid threat. well we're going to the u.s. now where donald trump may rip up an international nuclear deal with terror on the
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president's could soon tell us lawmakers that the landmark agreement is not in the country's interests and he's facing tough opposition even from within his own party the head of the house foreign affairs committee has called on the president to quote and force the hell out of the deal but in a t.v. interview on wednesday president trump made his view clear it was it's a very bad deal i'm not saying anything different tonight that i have been saying for two years it's a horrible horrible embarrassment to our country but i mean it did it out of this one actually we had great strength. all right that was president speaking earlier on the iran a deal and joining me now from disorder is adnan a political analyst and expert on iranian affairs so to weigh in on this and then. i'm just being told actually by my director that unfortunately we've lost contact with ivan will try to reestablish our link with him and get his take on the on the
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iranian deal all right now want to move on now to to the u.s. where fires of thousands of firefighters are battling a raging wildfires north of the san francisco california. country but despite their efforts the blazes are on track to become the deadliest and most destructive in the state's history at least twenty three people have died and hundreds are reported missing thousands of homes and businesses including several wineries have been destroyed so far two victims killed in the fires were an elderly couple who had just celebrated their seventy fifth wedding anniversary. they had their seventy fifth wedding anniversary last. last may and i think they met when they were and grade school fourth grade sixth grade and they've been together ever since and. those of us in the family always were you know wonder what would happen if one of them died and the other one was still left because we
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knew that. there was no way that you know they would be happy whether it was the last one and so they went together my mother calls me three forty three to tell me her house is on fire and ice and shelter and i'm i'm telling her to run and get out get out this get out of the house and i'm told to go to the front of the back so i can't i can't get out there's fire everywhere fire outside fire i can't get out of my house the fire was already halfway down the mountain and there were embers everywhere and the wind was just crazy and. and there was this here drawer of the flames and that's when i knew you're out of here you know i mean you dots when you hear that roar and you see the wind going like that you know that there's there's nothing you can do and you need to just dial the week streams those were fine on a sunday night we were awoken to a red glow. coming out of the north and. had just minutes to actually get out and.
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get out of the house with our kids up we called our neighbors woke her up in here which is a mad dash it's been hard to see what we've built and put in the place and now it's. reduced reduced to what you see here in. i mean that are if you target think about starting over. you know we're pretty resilient resilient we will . for some eyewitness accounts there from our northern california still to come. sex abuse charges are piling up against the screws producer harvey weinstein but to what extent that hollywood insiders turn a blind eye to his actions. first monica glad to have you here with us because you've got an important report to tell us about the decision on air berlin has fallen exactly i mean we've been waiting for
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this decision today it is official a law that loaf tons of is to buy more than half of bankrupt carrier air berlin the deal is to be signed today after two weeks of negotiations now up for grabs let's take a look at evelyn's landing rights for routes around the world it's unclear who they're going to at this point but look tons a could be most likely getting them of tons of will also take over eighty one of ambulance aircraft the rest of them were reportedly earmarked for britain's easy jet but that deal is now under doubt evelyn technic the airline's flight maintenance operations is said to be going to a villain based logistics company and loved ones are is reportedly prepared to take over about three thousand of air balloons white cola stuff that's less than half of the carriers total workforce and here's what a c.e.o. cost for had to say about claims that this deal would handle tons of a monopoly and give you the chance to hike prices for passages listen in. tons of
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has a market share of three percent worldwide and fourteen percent in europe we are far from being a monopoly our business is one of the few what ticket prices have come down over the years i don't think this trend will be up ended by a transaction like this. well for more on the. story i'm joined by and they are speed internet. aviation journalist in some book. on the team below who is standing by at berlin taking hello to both of you starting with you made today marks yet another chapter in the demise of abolition how is that going down in the carious hometown well of course we are at. airport and of course this is main have for air berlin and here there's a mix of relief and disappointment relief because obviously there's been a lot of uncertainty and so we now we're kind of seeing it shape up how the future
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is going to look for the employees of air berlin and of course for how it might eventually affect passengers as well and of course as this appointment because that might also mean less choices for customers all right well what exactly that means also for customers i'm sure that and to be a state can help us there i mean first of all what does it mean for the aviation industry for love tons of and for easy jet who was also in the game it's a big step forward and there's no surprises history in the making for four weeks since the bankruptcy was announced in mid august but there's still some uncertainty in this because we still don't know who the other party might be the other major party picking up in assets and there was talk as you just mentioned about easyjet but this has been really put in doubt in the last few days and we have to see the big picture because it's important also in terms of the merger and acquisition and all that there's another strong party picking up other assets rather than just move tons of us needs to be
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a balance and the consul authorities began to look at that so what happens if there isn't another a big big buyer and that lufthansa basically ends up getting most of how would that play out. at least it would maybe make an ok by the authorities or by the e.u. continent authorities less and i feel maybe they would only approve part of this deal that's the question of the market situation has changed quite dramatically in the not few weeks only because so far the idea was that left turns on is it to try to divide the assets between the two the them and then afterwards to kind of keep ryan an hour off the market but in the meantime in the last few weeks ryan has become quite weak they actually kind of lots of flights to big rostering problems and personal problems with their pilots so that's by now the situation has changed and easyjet have had a different situation in england as monarch lines has been bankrupt in the meantime and they might be able to pick up other assets from monarch much more cheaply than
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they would in germany so these are definitely not not easy time for air travelers making a decision who to book coming to ponder. it looks like they have to brace for one certainty how concerned they about that prospect where you are at the end take an airport. well i mean we've been speaking to a lot of passengers and there's a lot of concern of course about ticket prices people are concerned about you know how you know they're going to be able to pick in terms of flying from berlin to other locations as fewer choices now look tons is going to be the big player it's already a big player with lufthansa of course and the german wings which is also owned or euro wings which is owned by a local towns and so that's the bane issue competition and some people one person actually welcomed the news and said it's too cheap to travel by plane and that maybe now actually the train operator in germany or japan might be better able to
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compete with air travel so that was an interesting perspective as well but obviously ticket prices are a major concern and that will affect company budgets and of course personal budgets as well. just very briefly you mentioned a view six aviation sector in europe in turmoil where and when do you see that will end it will end when constantly days and has been taking place look at this a lot of other carriers that have pretty much unable to soldier on on their own look and. look at s.a.'s and scandinavia look at serbia there's many carriers who are too small to survive and this is what we see in germany no is the biggest bankruptcy of european and in recent decades but this is only the beginning so there has to be more to come and they espied international aviation journalist in hamburg and it will be a steep on the take the apple and thank you so much for this thank you. well for the first time in over thirty years the united states is not going to the
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world cup finals after a humiliating to one defeat in trinidad and tobago and the seventeenth minute defend my gonzales try to clear the ball which went over goalie tim howard's head and into their own net post-game gonzales said it's one that will haunt me forever it's also going to haunt the fox television network they spent four hundred twenty five million dollars on the broadcast rights fox network stocks are down almost two and a half percent on the news. all right and more on the saga that surrounds catalonia that's called span exactly well spain has set the clock ticking for catalonia prime minister mariano rajoy has given the regional government until monday to say whether it has in fact the cleared in the pens from the rest of spain . promised to do everything possible to prevent the break up even threatening to suspend catalonia as autonomy and impose direct rule from madrid. locked in
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a standoff spain's prime minister delivers an ultimatum. giving the cattle and government until monday to clarify whether it's actually declared independence a movie branded illegal but. it is not possible to accept a dialogue to agree on morty's expressly forbidden by the constitution to negotiate over the sovereignty that belongs to all spaniards and the unbreakable unity of spain. has threatened to impose direct rule on semi autonomous catalonia if it ignores his warning opposition lawmakers in barcelona say both sides should come to their senses. as the truth is we have two government leaders who have acted very irresponsibly we are asking them to take on the political responsibility and govern for everyone in spain and catalonia we ask that they are responsible and courageous and open the possibility of dialogue it all means days
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of more uncertainty on the streets of barcelona people are frustrated. it's ridiculous to reach this point because we the people pay for the politicians and it's their phone they've passed problems on to the people when they should have solved them. it's impossible to talk with i don't know what's going to happen nobody does. now the ball is back in catalonia as court and across spain the waiting game continues. well meanwhile accusations are piling up against hollywood producer harvey weinstein in a growing sex abuse scandal actresses including angelina jolie potter have come forward to accuse him of harassment and others have said that he raped them the case has been reverberating in new york where the city's chief prosecutor the quite a charge weinstein two years ago after an italian model filed a complaint that he groped her. harvey weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct has
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been an open secret in hollywood for years weinstein sat through a representative that in his opinion all of the encounters have been consensual but more and more women are coming forward with harrowing stories of harassment he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and that i could get a three picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch the master it's a scenario that repeats itself in many of the tales of abuse the new york times published an audio recording made by the new york police department in twenty fifteen where weinstein appears to confess to the sexual assault of an italian model but weinstein was not charged in the end the new york prosecutors say there was a like of evidence. if we have that we felt that
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the past his prime minister would. suffer actresses have now accused the movie mogul of brain and hollywood a listers have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment including engineer jolie and gwenyth paltrow she said weinstein had groped her as a twenty two year old and suggests that they must watch each other she refused. following the allegations the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which is responsible for the oscar awards will hold a special meeting on saturday to discuss weinstein's alleged conduct which it described as repugnant. weinstein's also been fired by his own studio which is self came on the fire critics say his conduct was known in the workplace and in the industry but many had turned a blind eye. weinstein's wife has announced she's leaving him and sat she was heartbroken for her husband
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a match victim's weinstein tim southee going to rehab. rhetorician ear fish oils are meeting today in brussels to complete the fifth round of break that negotiations were indications are that the talks are getting many hurdles with one sticking point the size of the bill brussels wants london to pay for its you commitments. caught up with a british member of the european parliament who is still coming to terms with british voters decision to leave the. i'm very angry you know i'm angry at what is happening to my country in the name of this government they are playing games and it's it's pathetic it's not going to work it's not going to work and it's not it was not going to do irrevocable home. my name is said dance i'm a member of the european parliament i represent london and i'm a member of the labor party. so i was elected in thirty forty i believe
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passionately that britain's place is at the heart of you know at the periphery and i thought. that it was a case that could be won because frankly i was had to prove that it could be well. i'm working towards reversing the decision i'm working towards convincing majority people in my country but this is the wrong thing to do simple as that because i think staying in the european union is by far the best thing for britain. you wouldn't trade with the rest of the world directly we trade through the e.u. to the rest of the world can we replicate that outside. in thirty forty years maybe two generations but we really saying that we're going to let two generations of people just their life chances just just they don't matter.
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it was back in february of this year i had a sign that said he's lying to you. when niger frogs are speaking and i was feeling . very emotional still from the referendum i was feeling very angry at what was happening to my country the real feeling that this is my dream job and on one level i could cry myself to sleep thinking about that too much you know when i was. a young boy and i dreamed of. all the things that europe can do and being a part of helping to shape that i never ever imagined i would one day be sitting in the parliament this extraordinary experience has just reaffirmed my belief in europe and it's made me want to fight so much harder for it now than i ever thought i would or could so whether we leave or not and i accept we probably are going to leave. i'm going to stop fighting for it and i certainly don't want to stop being
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a friend and ally of of everyone here in fighting for about a year. to soccer now in australia. just have gone from hero to villain and it has emerged that he used his goal celebration in this week's world cup qualifying went over syria to advertise a travel agency while the u.s. firm admitted to the stunt on instagram but it could backfire on thirty seven year old caylee you may now risk a suspension with a decisive world cup play off against honduras taking place next month. meanwhile the man behind the rio olympics carlos has resigned from his position as the head of the brazilian olympic committee following his arrest over a corruption scandal in those months let the committee for over two decades former vice president apollo wanderlei has replaced him calling his resignation a relief roseman was arrested last week over accusations that he paid for votes to
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host the olympic games last august. and before i let you go when i remind you of our main stories that we're following for you right now rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah appear to have reached a breakthrough in their bid to end a decade long rift that's after negotiations mediated by egypt in the capital cairo details of the agreement are set to be released during a press conference later today. germany's biggest airline lufthansa has announced a deal to buy large parts of bankrupt carrier air berlin it's set to snap dozens of its planes and thousands of its staff. on behalf of all of us here added only news in berlin thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we're back with a check of the headlines at the top of the hour. it's
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a wild week on t.w. because you can hear everything revolves around our animal kingdom and their two legged fans. car subjects are usually the four legged pariah the.
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photographer on you claim and her animal model. the robot said next. euro. what unites. what divides. looks the driving force. what binds the continent together. the answers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people. sixty minutes t w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. he survived hell on
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earth. appeal was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now massud has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against isis so that if you. list from victim to terrorist hunter. close up starting october sixteenth on. your awesome architecture to customize cars here's what's coming up in today's show .


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