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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from done in the united states takes another step away from diplomacy and its international pot less state department confirms that america is withdrawing from the in the u.n. cultural agency unesco saying that the organization needs fundamental reform and is biased against israel now israel has pulled out as well now that move comes as rival palestinian factions sign a reconciliation deal after a decade long split the militant group hamas says it will hunt but control of the gaza strip to fatah will bring you reaction from gaza and germany's biggest and i'm left hand side agrees to buy large parts of the bankrupt out to ed garland but rival site challenge the day. plus our weeklong series on being gay in today's russia he meets a video blogger using his powerful the challenge and. business is. human.
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and we take you to the world's biggest refugee camp to see the challenge you face is caring for more than a million people. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program the united states has announced that it is to withdraw from unesco the un's cultural organization. the u.s. state department said the decision was due to concerns about unpaid a need for fundamental reform of what it says is the organization is continuing anti israel bias for israel has nice that it will also lead the un body promotes peace around the world girls' education and this renowned for its a world heritage programme protecting cultural sites like the statue of liberty and stone. let's get more from g.w.
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correspondents calendar two more in washington and. jerusalem with me as a culture editor robin no matter welcome. in washington how big a loss is this for us. well phil regarding the funding it is a big law i would like to point out that six years ago that means under the obama administration the united sates cut off more than eighty million u.s. dollars a year so this is a lot of money especially for this organization we're talking about twenty two percent of its entire budget so it is a big loss from the financial way but also all the loss of a big player for a unicycle let's be clear the united states as we're throwing a u.n. ages that is also the loss of an international heavyweight for the u.s. corps and a clear symbol to multilateralism it's weakening the unesco tell you probably
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jerusalem now israel is leaving. yeah we understand from the statement from the prime minister's office said prime minister netanyahu has also plans to leave your nest and that he has instructed to foreign ministry to look into that to prepare to withdraw from the u.n. organization he welcomed tom's decision calling it a brave and very moral decision now this move comes after a long history one can say frustrations with unesco by israel. considers you know as good being anti israeli and biased now that has been ongoing ever since unesco has been given full membership to the palestinians in two thousand and eleven but over the past two years you could see this process accelerating for example last year it's a spend it's a suspend its cooperation of a very controversial resolution that was adopted by us go over you know by not
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naming the jewish ties to the temple mount in this resolution and also this year it was outraged by a decision to call the old city of hebron the palestinian village heritage site it says it's just mrs deford the connection between for the for the jewish people. there is that your brain must next to the tomb of the patriarchs if it has good reasons now it seems for the moment to leave unesco alongside the united states robin merrill phillips and what exactly does u.s. code well it's the part of the u.n. that is that to promote peace and stability by cultural means basically there are a lot of educational projects around there are literally thousands and most of them to do with literacy some to do with sex education for young people it's pop best known for the world heritage sites that it has around the world i mean this is a landmark
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a building or buildings or an area that is considered historically. or culturally all scientifically significant and that cool therefore comes under the protection of unesco which has one hundred ninety five members what it doesn't it has one hundred ninety three countries around the world so it's a strong organization one would hope ok. in washington how much of a surprise was this decision. there has been a build up on the u.s. secretary of state rick so there's apparently mate that decision several weeks ago during the united nations general assembly in new york in september to have some told a french president called that washington was considering leaving the u.n. as cool and this happened during a meeting. i'm trying when my call was seeking support for a french candidate to join our director of the unesco. chinmoy in washington tanya
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in jerusalem robin middle here thank you. that announcement from washington and israel came hot on the heels of a breakthrough in the middle east after a decade long split palestinian rivals hamas and fatah have reached a reconciliation agreement the deal follows talks brokered by egypt hamas has agreed to have control of the gaza strip the unity government by the first of december control of gaza has been a major sticking point just over a decade ago i asked one parliamentary elections in gaza and then ousted fattah from the territory. this ceremony could mark the beginning of the end of a decade long ideological split between the rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah the preliminary deal focuses on a common goal. we are serious and ready we will do all we can to make this reconciliation succeed and we want it to be the basis
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for our attempts to take on the zionist scheme which wants to take away all peoples rights. with. your do we have to turn the page of division forever to unify the efforts of all palestinian people and hamas have to challenge the occupation together and accomplish the palestinian dream by ending this hateful occupation and creating an independent palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital. those around bastions for the long term the first priority of the new partners will be to improve conditions for the two million residents in the gaza strip hamas has been in control of the territory since two thousand and seven israel and egypt responded to its takeover by imposing a blockade tricity is only available for a few hours a day drinking water is polluted unemployment is high and many don't have enough to eat under the deal the palestinian authority under president mahmoud abbas is set to resume full control of the gaza strip. many here see it as welcome news.
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i hope that the situation will be better i hope that the gaza siege will finish so there will be job opportunities for people and they'll be able to support their families america. we have big hunks out there and we trust in the leadership of hamas and fatah. however reconciliation could filter if the military wing of hamas refuses to cease its attacks on israel in recent years those attacks have destroyed any hopes of a conciliatory deal with the israeli government. from some abdel shafi he's an analyst an independent consultant and joins us on the line from gaza welcome to day w. tell us more about this deal what are the what of the two sides agreed to. the two sides have essentially agreed to enabling the government. of national
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consensus. to operate in gaza and therefore to rejoin the gaza strip with the west bank through the integration of government institutions. again one wonders if the deal will stick can ten years of end of enmity between these two organizations be here with just a signature. i think what's different this time and what is the reason for great hope is the intensity of of egyptian sponsorship and engagement. and the clear commitment of both parties particularly so there is great hope for advancement but no one is under any illusion that it's going to be an easy ride because there has been an accumulation of ten years of. of all kinds of difficulties and discrepancies between the government in gaza and the p.a. in the west bank and this is the we heard in the report that
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a potential problem with the military wing of hamas if it refuses to stop its attacks on israel so do we believe that they have been brought under control. there is more information available on that as of yet but the belief is that with the level of commitment of all parties involved. and with no objection that is existing and then the national community to this second solution at a time that this will be amicably it is all between all parties. i mean abdullah shah in gaza thank you so much for joining datum. this is day w. news live from berlin still to come germany's biggest airline love to answer has signed a deal to via large parts of germany second biggest airline a bankrupt carrier. and unhappy rival say they will challenge the deal. and we have an exclusive report from inside the largest refugee camp in the world beating baby
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camp in uganda. use chief brags in the ghost of michel barnier he says he is disturbed by the lack of progress in talks with britain as after the latest round of negotiations after the u.k.'s withdrawal from the block bonnie says he will not be able to recommend to leaders the talks move on to issues like trade because britain still hasn't settled what it's willing to pay to exit the e.u. . the new british one pound coin which officially replaces the old one on sunday. the deadline is looming much like bracks it the key question is how many billions of these should the u.k. handover to divorce from the e.u. . michel barnier the e.u.'s brics negotiator believes the answer is still a long way off. sue said regarding the financial settlement we are out of deadlock that's very worrying for thousands of project promoters everywhere in europe
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already now and also worrying for taxpayers. to see procure bought. up bonnie as british counterpart david davis has been sounding a more optimistic note he said the two sides had moved closer on citizens' rights and i'm like barney i called for the next stage of talks on a future trade deal to begin to make good progress particularly seriously computer with role we believe these issues are dependent on discussions on a future relationship before we are ready and we're prepared to start those discussions. but davis knows full well this goes beyond the gray walls of brussels twenty seven leaders must first be convinced progress for stage one has been made german chancellor angela merkel's among those adamant that they should stick to the timeline you know what does believe knight has returned to europe after a sad decision by the british to leave the european union these negotiations are important and will conduct them in such
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a way that there is as little damage as possible for us here in germany. back in brussels face shook hands again this was the fifth round of talks the clock is still ticking well let's get more from data because one of the riggers in brussels welcome bent michel barnier he says the two sides are as an impasse david davis as significant progress has been made i think both right. mr body is somewhat closer to reality here on the side of mr davis it's more wishful thinking because there's nothing on the table no agreements after five rounds of negotiations that are bad times tough negotiations but there is nothing that can be presented to the e.u. summit next week there's no progress when it comes to the right of citizens in britain who comes to the border to northern ireland let alone a financial settlement so it was there when you said i cannot recommend that we
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move on to the next phase of negotiations that is talking about the future but on the other and mr davis says let's do exactly that let's talk about the future now well britain's finance minister has been talking about the worst case no deal scenario is no deal likely. i would say inching closer because time is running out until the next year september of two thousand and eighteen a deal should be closed because after that it would be very hard to reach the brakes a deadline which is march two thousand and nineteen and so both sides really have to speed it up and mr van you gave the last deadline today he said until the thirty first of december we have to moved to move to phase two and as that happens is the likelihood that no deal be reaches very high and give us an idea of what one of us
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the significant stumbling blocks this issue of a financial settlement britain paying you to leave what's going on right now this is of course the biggest stumbling block because it's about money and britain has acknowledged that there are some things they have to pay that some. you know accounts of have to be settled before they leave the european union but they never put a number a figure on the table so it's hard to negotiate the e.u. on the other side said it's about forty two up to eighty billion euros and terry the mayor has said maybe twenty billion but she's talking about the phase after breakfast if she wants to pay twenty million billion for the access to the internal market after brecht's it and that is totally different to the approach of the european union so there's still a lot of phony issues padraig as in brussels than here. now to some of the other stories making news around the world with just two weeks until the rerun of kenya's
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presidential election the government has banned demonstrations in three cities including the capital nairobi it says the move is in response to looting by demonstrators but the opposition says the government is clamping down on dissent. isolated clashes have broken our city boss a load of between protesters for and against catalan independence the violence happened to spain celebrated its annual national day catalan leaders have been given until monday to clarify whether or not the region has actually declared independence. forty six people have been killed and dozens more are missing as floods hit northern and central vietnam rescue efforts are being hampered by mudslides and submerged roads thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and so weather service is war and more heavy rains to come. a small asteroid has not only missed the earth while there was no danger of a collision the piece of rock the size of a house passed within forty four thousand kilometers is about ten times closer to
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the earth the mood a close flight did give scientists a chance to assess their ability to respond to a real asteroid threat. trying to figure out what that response might be from asteroids crashes into the religious facades of that business and have a decisive day for german aviation it's at least going to be a milestone phil because germany's largest airline love turns or will take over the country's number two bankrupt air berlin the deal was signed today after two weeks of negotiations now let's take a look at what's at stake first landing rights for routes around the world that's a precious good it's unclear who will keep them at this point but lufthansa is very likely to get the lufthansa will also take over eighty one of air berlin aircraft the rest of the one hundred thirty airplane fleet could go to britain easy jet but the deal is now under doubt. tests nic the airlines flight maintenance operations
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division will probably go to a berlin based logistics company but where it counts lufthansa will take over less than half of the carriers total workforce. everyone knew it was coming and now it has happened will incorporate air berlin's assets into its expanding subsidiary euro wings. fans will pay approximately two hundred ten million euros and will take over eighty one of about one hundred thirty least aircraft from air berlin seven hundred employees will become lufthansa staff and a further thirteen hundred can reapply for their jobs doesn't go with us but for the oh this is a big step for you are a wings and i think it's an important decision for germany's position in the aviation industry because we're capable of providing a secure future for three thousand employees which was not necessarily the case before and i have to admit we have to ensure that europe too has strong global players. for the german very union the three thousand positions offered by loved
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ones are not enough because they leave five thousand five hundred employees out of the deal. doesn't this is not good news for air berlin employees because right now it seems like only a fraction of the workforce will have the ability to apply for a job and. we don't think that's ok his getting a big piece of the cake but is taking no responsibility for those who work at air berlin. many passengers are skeptical about the takeover they fear less competition in the skies will have negative consequences for everyone. surely tickets will become more expensive and they'll be a monopoly which is not in the interest of passengers. but the shit you can see but it's unfortunate for passengers of both loved ones and air berlin it's sad. lifton's will have to do even less for its customers but. the stock market on the
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other hand is welcoming the news. shares climbed up to three point two percent reaching their highest peak since her lead two thousand and one despite the enthusiasm the acquisition is still subject to approval by german and european antitrust authorities. air berlin stocks skyrocketed more than fifty percent on the deal now trading at twenty five cents a share that might not actually be so impressive with tons of stock on the other hand was propelled to real heights its share price reached a seventeen year peak this comes off the back of what's already been a really good week for the it's just managed two and a multi-year labor dispute with its pilots not only did lufthansa win trading today it also helped the dax clear that thirteen thousand point barrier he was elected with a mission french president in one mccall wants to overhaul the country's labor market and after making it easier for companies to hire and fire employees it's time for a step to the next before will change unemployment benefits and focus on job
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training but just like we saw in the first reform the french unions are not letting that happen without a fight today mccall met workers of representatives of negotiations that may last for months. welcome for the man behind tuesday's unprecedented public sector strike from its target for philip martin is it was his chance to tell president montoya marco in person what he thought of his plans to make it easier to hire and fire workers. if you look at only i reminded him that we take a dim view of this law and that we quickly need to review it because making dismissals easier has no effect on unemployment benefits for all families only two days earlier unions had expressed their opinion of plans to shake up labor laws the french president says reforms are key to fighting france's tronic unemployment but
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the protests weren't as big as they had been in the past michael sees his opportunity as he moves on to the next phase of reforms here to the union sphere changes to the social security system and move them i brought up the unease in the public sector we discussed weren't using power and social security for a real debate on the public sectors role. for now is at least willing to listen whether he is willing to compromise remains to be seen. more business news later on the show now it's back to fill and more bad news for harvey weinstein thank you so much i have a place in new york investigating the allegations of sexual abuse being made against a hollywood producer a british media site police in london are also investigating more and more women coming forward saying that harvey weinstein sexually assaulted them some of the allegations stretch back decades the academy the towards the annual oscars and says it will meet to decide how to respond to the claims weinstein was sacked by his
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company earlier this week that he said to be heading for a sex rehab center where many of the nearest revelations about harvey weinstein are happening online social media is a live show has been following them. vocalist well can you tell us well phil a number of women are continuing to reveal how they were sexually harassed by harvey weinstein we have for example a british actress kate beckinsale just hours ago she posted on instagram saying of that harvey weinstein came onto her when she was just seventeen years old she turned him down and she says that she believes that that actually harmed her career can take a look at the part of what she wrote on her instagram account so kate beckinsale saying she was supposed to meet him in a hotel and then harvey weinstein opened the door just wearing a bathrobe she says i was incredibly naive and young and it didn't cross my mind
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that this older unattractive men would expect me to have any sexual interest in him after declining whole and announcing that i had school in the morning i left an easy but unscathed another celebrity that also wrote something similar on instagram today was a car a delivery and she is an actress and also a very well known model and she says that she also turned down those advances by harvey weinstein also in hotel room and then she went on to post a message encouraging girls and women to really be strong saying i want women and girls to know that being harassed or abused or raped is never their fault in every industry and especially in hollywood men abuse their power using fear and get away with it she says this must stop so a very powerful message there from the actress and model but people are saying this is hollywood's open secret one wonders why these revelations have taken so long to
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emerge. well a lot of women including carl levin for example she says that she felt it was her fault and that is why she did not talk about it for it's such a long time and then now we're seeing celebrities like for example george clooney and meryl streep citing talk about it and criticizing harvey weinstein for what he did and there are now videos being shared online old videos that show or suggest that hollywood actually knew about harvey weinstein's a behavior we have for example seth macfarlane the actor he was hosting the oscars in twenty thirteen and just listen to this joke that he made while he was and now and seeing who was going to win best supporting actress in a supporting role are sally field in lincoln and hathaway in les miserables. jackie weaver in silver linings playbook. helen hunt in the sessions and amy
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adams in the master. graduations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein but. now we're also seeing other hollywood executives a talking about how harvey weinstein was behaving normally in that what he was doing to some women for example this is the former disney boss here and he wrote an open e-mail saying to harvey weinstein you've done terrible things to a number of women over a period of years i cannot in any way say this is ok with me it's not at all and i'm sickened by it angry with you and incredibly disappointed in you so it seems that it was known what kind of a person he was but i mean he was a person who had a lot of power a lot of influence and that is why maybe a lot of people decided to keep quiet about it a list should sanction. u.s. officials say a couple on their family who were kidnapped five years ago by militants in
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afghanistan has been freed the american woman her canadian husband and three young children were rescued by troops and he's talking about a backpacking holiday when they were taken prisoner by a terrorist group linked to the taliban its belief the woman gave birth to the children while in captivity. this is d.w. his life from berlin still to come the final pot of our series a gay in russia and we meet the blogger challenging a conservative businessman he's in for a surprise. we'll take you inside the world's largest refugee camp we have an exclusive report from the baby baby a huge gap and. we'll have about more world news and business in just about.
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gone without a trace. with the forced into prostitution or the drugs trade. thousands of unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared in europe. where could they be and who's been looking for the. most children thirteen thousand minus missing in forty five minutes on d w. hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us. versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple
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and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truly. funny was bred dogs and i were good enough. he survived hell on earth my suit he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now my suit has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against isis he said you. must soon to list from i as victim to terrorist hunter. come some starting october sixteenth
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on. this is day w. news live from berlin i'm phil gayle these are up top stories at this hour the united states has announced that it has to pull out of some of the you and cultural agency unesco the state department accuses you desk of m to israel bias is that it needed fundamental reform that's about as it was then followed by israel announcing its withdrawal as well from the u.s. and israel came after rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah agreed to end the decade long rift the deal could pave the way for fatah to resume a government of the gaza strip. to liberia now the first results have just been announced in the presidential election i did up to correspondent a young philip schultz is an liberia's capital monrovia welcome young philip. what do we know at this stage. of the elections commission such that they would announce
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limon every result of the day and they actually did so just a few minutes ago in the building behind me but it's turned out that they have only constant about twenty percent of their votes so far maybe even less so it's definitely too early to say who has run the elections well it's just. that it's going to be a neck and neck race between the two main candidates between. guy and we are and this was already expected but it's going to be a very very close race and that would definitely be a run of elections. on will everyone accept beige results. finalized that's that's the big question at the moment the election observers that i have talked to said the elections have been free and peaceful and that has also been my observation so far the polling station but
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one of the many parties the liberty that's today that they have seen too many. to take legal action and also that was not a fake news on social media today announcing that judge we are. already. as president of liberia and celebrities celebrities also found for it so but i don't think that those major disturbances and everybody still hopes that it remains peacefully in liberia so when can we expect final results. well the elections commission just said that comes in your counting and that there will be another press conference tomorrow but nobody really expects that final results are.
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very good results will be. tomorrow so i think we still have to be patient for some days it's a very complicated process difficult country with a bad road network where a lot of jungle so just takes the right all the rope votes have been concepts so you know you mentioned georgia we had as one of the main candidates tell us about the two front runners well yes the front runner number run is the vice president's rock the as a very strong political network but yes the problem that's yes lost that's a part of the president johnson soni so but still he's done the right it's going to be very sites the other candidates judge. from a football star and especially popular among them many young people and. so
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it's definitely going to be either rocky. that we will see as the winner here in the next days and then. they will both go. runoffs probably early november young for that shelton monrovia thank you thank you very much. now uganda is dating huge refugee crisis providing relief to something like one point three million refugees a million of those came from come from south sudan and although uganda is not a wealthy country it has somehow managed to accommodate them with what some say is one of the most generous refugee policies in the world the large numbers of new arrivals of hard however for the strain on the country sources they don't loose. a sense of this exclusive report from the betty betty refugee camp in uganda. three hundred to five hundred people that's the number of refugees that currently arrive
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in uganda every day from south sudan for the staff at this reception center the work begins afresh with each bus load of refugees that arrives. registration medical check up and preparing the food. the. amaze perch and beans fill the empty stomachs some of the refugees have been on the road for a week. uganda currently has one point three million refugees and it has a unique refugee policy. each and every family will get their own piece of land with the hope that they can soon grow their own food and become self-reliant. land owners like. gave their land in exchange for development in the area. he led. the first thing the government promised us is to build a dispensary here there. secondly he wanted to see i was supposed to take care of
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sending your children to school. for good or. landowners we work jointly with you and it's yeah and to the refugee levy i'm an exemption you know you're talking about. when they bury doesn't get any money for his land but he gets along well with his new neighbors after all the refugees have nowhere else to go to going to staying with the refugees he's ok there's no problem they're all human beings that's why i allow them to stay on my land and. what he's not happy about is that little has changed for him. the northern region is one of uganda's poorest like most people here virally depends on his land and although everything is green the food crops on doing well most of the food will simply go into feeding his family. when the harvest is good i can sell. sesame ground and beans
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but the crops i'm doing well so i won't sell anything. not far from the berries home the refugees face similar problems the thirty by thirty meter plot of land most as robot was located is just big enough for a heart and a vegetable patch. when is plain to come on in mexico some beds planting. so much as a robot and his money selling close to the market compared to the other refugees he is well off but even he depends on the un food ration is to feed his family. who cannot have been cultivating this. it is very difficult and. if we do this will give in to that if he. is not to date. even. be.
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elected to pull him out. and he does not even if it's to that extent. the beans from the un have become a kind of currency if you want something other than maize and beans you go to the market and trade the beans for other items. but as a barrier and robot put it most people have just enough to get by so while uganda's host communities and refugees live peacefully side by side both sides feel the strain on land food and resources. time to bring you up to date with some of the business headlines the crisis a japanese still giant colby continues the company sold steel and copper products with falsified specific ations and clients use them to build cars planes and trains among others now customers around the world are trying to figure out if they materialize they used pose a security risk the auto industry is taking action. g.m.
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is the first american car maker to say it is investigating which kobi products may have entered its supply chain. boeing was the first u.s. plane maker to start checking a falsely certified materials are built into its planes. called a senior management has apologized for widening reports of fake inspection data and already admitted that trust in kobe has dropped to zero. cobra is japan's third largest steelmaker its products are also used to make things like high speed trains and consumer appliances products that all have to meet strict safety requirements and actually the company had said some two hundred customers were affected in all sorts of sectors but now it is revealed that tons of steel powder used to make electronic components such as computer chips may also have been substandard.
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russian president vladimir putin is meeting with german business representatives in sochi since the west imposed sanctions on russia imports have dropped but that has led to an interesting phenomenon where domestic companies in russia have actually profited from the market gaps now a german company is following the trend and will produce its measurement technology an russian territory. cutting edge german technology made in russia. makes measurement instruments and it's opened a factory near moscow the family company has invested around fifteen million euros in the new facility that will allow it to produce a large proportion of its measuring devices in russia one benefit e.u. sanctions and russian import tariffs do not apply in addition delivery times are shortened management wants to expand in russia. new thinking in a month we're always thinking long term and i believe that we have very good business opportunities here even if there are setbacks in the coming months or
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years because it's the most. russia's economy has suffered due to the fall in the price of oil and gas and due to the effects of western sanctions following the enix ation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen. relations with germany were tarnished due to sanctions violations when gas turbines made by zeman were transferred to crimea. i don't think that this one incident will have further consequences and because everyone here is interested in continuing to work together some european exporters have been hard hit by the implementation of e.u. sanctions on russia with some putting the cost at thirty billion euros german companies have been affected most of all now many of them like the car looking for ways to get back onto the market there president putin wants german business representatives to push harder for change in berlin and brussels he hopes that the
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west will either lift sanctions completely or at least partially as soon as possible but that may take a while in the race to make the world less dependent on oil companies institutions and individuals come up with all sorts of alternatives to get our cars planes and machines moving some of them work some don't now in mexico a group of scientists claims to have found a little biofuel revolution using a gavi plants the same ones used to produce tequila. it's hard work harvesting. but it's worth it now more than ever because this him our daughter not only supplies the local to kill a plant he also helps fuel cars in the region after the juice from the ferments and matures to become the country's national trend the pulp and the gavea leaves go to this man leopoldo have yet to go scot solace he came up with the refining process
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for a gasoline additive. and only me and it's efficiency is very similar to gasoline and it can be even better if you find the ideal makes of ethanol and gasoline that's somewhere between ten and thirty percent and clinton and the s. and trying to push and. it's a boon for drivers but also for farmers and distilleries who can sell their waste. one thing is very important with this new action of using not only the core to produce tequila but also use the leaves and the guy said to produce you can be carried out on an industrial level. at the. cape with us who deal in the. right now everything is still in a testing phase the scientists are comfortable pouring their product straight into their own gas tanks but other drivers might have to get used to it. but as we know
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when to get on those it sounds like a good idea but i don't know what impact it will have on a car engine as it need to be a special engine any engine use i got the ethanol. and then when they're not it. apparently every engine can once the concept catches on the i gather a plant will be powering mexicans as well as their cars but hopefully not at the same time. it might be a step forward for the environment and here's another one italian fashion designer gucci will no longer use her. it's the latest of a number of fashion makers looking for alternatives after activists successfully put them under pressure consumer preferences are also changing the past elaborate fur collars and accessories were featured in gucci's runway shows including low first and sling bags lined with kangaroo for and mink fur coats selling for over forty thousand dollars. it's all from the business desk phil has more and i think
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we're going on to sports now i think you're right thank you so much i have yes the man behind the rio olympics carlos newsman has resigned his role as head of the brazilian the olympic committee that's following his arrest over a corruption scandal has led the committee for more than twenty years former vice president part of one delay has replaced him describing the resignation as a relief those men was arrested last week accused of buying votes to host last august summer olympics. now in football swiss prosecutors say they have opened a criminal investigation into the former first secretary as euro a fall and and chairman massa. and this is of alleged bribery in deciding who gets the media rights for world cups. seen here unveiling brazil forward naima spears g.'s world record purchase back in august is also chief executive of the qatar based be in media group will host the twenty twenty two
8:47 pm
world cup. a straight is that tim cahill might just have gone from hero to villain it's emerged that he used his goal celebration in this week's world cup qualifying win over syria to advertise a travel company the firm admitted to the stunt on instagram but it could backfire on the thirty seven year old cahill who may now risk suspension for the decisive world cup play off against honduras taking place next month. now this week a d.-w. has been running special reports on being gay in russia today we bring you after finally peace and it we meet a video blogger who's using his platform to fight anti-gay business policies in the process he discovered surprises. when you tell people you're gay you have to bear in mind what country you live in. new york i'm a blogger apparently my blog helps some people i want to use it to explain that
8:48 pm
being gay is normal and it's nothing bad it's an individual choice. that i'm going to. get that i know fact it's allowed anywhere in russia. you know what's up until you go and today i'm visiting one of get a month's telling of stories there's a sign in the window that says no faggots allowed the obvious things they don't want me to go in there but i want to try them they'll come with vodka and the will of course it was a provocation or months from the countryside i'm from the countryside so. this is what the story that's like that is so it's just it's what i want to know. of
8:49 pm
course it was scary i knew perfectly well that there would be girls working there who just crossed themselves when i tell him i'm gay i just bought milk for me and i want to know how things work here misdoings they gave me a discount here the worst thing is that i thought they'd start freaking out when you call someone that's what i was expecting so i get my milk go to the checkout and she says to me i want your channel. i watch you on you tube really yeah. i was expecting at least a bit of outreach from the. white so that means anyone can come in and buy something. yeah that's his sign i can take it down but i don't agree with it if i were allowed to i would take the sign down right away. so. that changed everything. and also unusual it ended up being a cool video about totally reasonable people working for someone i'm reasonable.
8:50 pm
i get that this is a business still a gov came up with an image for himself a simple question from the countryside that's how he earns his money that's his philosophy. the problem here isn't the law of the government but the powerful russian orthodox church the church thinks being normal and they reduce everything to sex. no one says love whoever you want everyone just thinks of the physical side of things about. the comments under the video. literally help. people were writing to we're going to kill you. the hell are you you should all hang and you'll burn in hell that sort of stuff. it's obvious the comments like this don't happen in a vacuum they wouldn't be there if a society wasn't so homophobic. happy
8:51 pm
and the new film from the oscar winning austrian director comes out here in germany tonight i mean general release around the world in the coming weeks of america for michael to ask is moving amongst us welcome. michael had a. headache this is the guy known for movies with a bit of a difference yeah i mean he is he has in effect in my view. a really soft. our films without the violence and the scary it's all mind games playing with your mind is very atmospheric films lots of long shots he does and all the say he had in the encourages a lot of improvise ation from the actors but yeah he's a real control freak evidently now i don't quite know how those go together i think the only people who do a possibly the actor's anyway it is an interesting combination and it has this effect of him being a very unique sort of filmmaker. as he said the film is called happy end which i
8:52 pm
think we can take ironically rare. is the story of a wealthy french family of pretty unlikeable characters really and the underlying anger beneath between them a sort of festering beneath the surface never. get it to. go. to. prison and all the monsters are. going to monitor. this awkward dark and discomforting hanukkah's new drama revolves around the wealthy love on family from carly. after patriarch george retired his icy daughter and played by is opposed past takes over the family owned construction business. while juggling the company's affairs she also has to deal with her dad beat son p yeah who's reckless behavior puts the
8:53 pm
company at risk there about your son as portrayed by german act of gunsmoke asking . the family is financially very well off but all of them have fantasies of turning their back on the others and their life they have existential needs that being met including the need for love. but it's not only pure who's causing trouble each family member carries some baggage and thomas finds himself confronted with his past when his ex-wife was hospitalized after an overdose he has to take and his twelve year old daughter a strange situation for both hot. potato.
8:54 pm
how nick his story is set against the backdrop of their european migrant crisis happy and as most of all a close look at a dysfunctional family dealing with frustration anger and guilt. yeah. i tell her what critics said well mixed i mean he does get good critics for a lot of his films but it's certainly been mixed this time i mean you either love him or you hate him peter bradshaw in the guardian i think loves anything have a dozen he's given him five stars for this film but in cannes it didn't go down too well and then he's a bit of a hero because justin in the last ten years he's won the palme d'or twice in one of those tools was for his film more which. it did indeed it also starred isabelle loop and louie tenting your as well. has been in a lot of his films and as you said. the oscar here is getting the oscar for best
8:55 pm
foreign language film in twenty thirteen this is the film a more which i got a raft of awards actually including best actress bafta for the amazing eighty five year old emmanuelle riva who plays twenty year olds wife in the film and suffers two strokes and extraordinary work from her this is white ribbon a film of his that also won the palme d'or back in two thousand and nine it's set in a fictitious german village just before the outbreak of world war one as we can see it's in black and white. and it's very down the list and this is funny games which are funny at all because this is about a family and two guys who hold the family hostage and actually torture them with very sadistic games so as i said had of his films all quite dark but i actually met someone last night who knows him and says in real life he's quite funny and upbeat will go right. something of an acquired. i mean it yeah it
8:56 pm
is very much of an acquired taste as i say this is a particular genre and it's coming out around the world for those with the acquired taste for me. look at your local press when it's coming out around the world in the next weeks and months. thank you. let's recap and i top stories of this hour the united states announced that it is pulling out of the u.n. cultural agency unesco the state department accuse you nasco of anti israel bias and said it needed fundamentals before america's withdrawal was followed by israel also played. i mean i was going from the us in israel that came after rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah agreed to end the decade long rift deal could pave the way for fatah to resume a government the gaza strip. essential updates we'll have more few the top half i'm going to.
8:57 pm
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gone without a trace. with the forced into prostitution or the drugs trade. thousands of unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared in europe. where could they be and who's been looking for the. lost children thirty thousand minus missing in fifteen minutes on d w. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times over the
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revolution the people. nineteen seventy the real october starting october twenty fifth t w. it was a shock and i have to admit i was disgusted by my own door to. it in russia you can make money with homophobia. they fixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current there people without rights in their own country because they're homosexuals gay in russia our series this week in the news on d w. y family. from budgeting somebody. the best. and international brand. a shared passion. f.c. buyer munich to truly understand all you need is three words. to
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me as some young. me i don't see kind of you can't touch us with violence and by. an exclusive journey to the source of. i am your neck. yes i mean it's a kind of culture walk we are who we are in accept us for what we are we're a family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a phony.


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