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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a move away from the world the united states takes another step away from its international partners the u.s. state department confirming the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations cultural agency unesco saying the organization is wasteful and needs reform and is biased against israel now israel has pulled out as well also coming up an agreement at last weibo palestinian factions signed a reconciliation deal after a decade long splits the militant group hamas says it will hand back control of the gaza strip to fatah. plus it will get the latest from barcelona where opponents of kettle on independence are making their voices heard that as thousands of demonstrators commemorate the spanish national day he called on how long leaders to make up with. madrid but catalonia government is facing pressure from the
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separatists as the whole region walks a disease in tight work. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us anti israel and too expensive tonight those are the main reasons the united states is giving for its withdrawal from unesco the un's cultural organization created by the u.s. more than seventy years ago the u.s. state department point pay dues and need for fundamental reform in what it says is the organization's continuing anti israel by now for its part israel has now said that it will also leave unesco the un body promotes peace around the world girls' education and its renowned for its world heritage programme protecting cultural sites such as the statue of liberty as well as the city of venice. are joining
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us now are our correspondents covering the ending by in washington and tanya kramer joining us from jerusalem to both of you good evening carlino let me start with you how big of a loss is this for unesco. well i would like to point out that six years ago under the obama administration the united states cut off more than eighty million dollars a year this is a lot of money especially for this organization we're talking about twenty two percent of its entire badgett so yes regarding the funding gap it is a big loss but it is also a very big laws regarding this big player for the unethical united states it's a loss of an international heavyweight and a clear symbol against multilateralism maybe even the developed nation of the u.s. course actually there are other countries also that have criticized the role of the
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nation as a unesco for example easter island japan. and that brings us the time you know we're getting reports that israel is following the u.s. lead and leaving you know asco wide. well we understand that prime minister netanyahu has plans to leave unesco and he has put out a statement his office has put out a statement tonight saying that he instructed the foreign ministry to prepare to restore from the you know going to his asian also because of what it perceives as the israeli bias he come transposition calling it a courageous and ethical decision now this move comes one has to say. a long history for israel of being deeply frustrated with unesco with the u.n. and in general one has to say that has been ongoing also at the since you know ska has given full membership to the palestinians in two thousand and eleven and i think it has accelerated a bit over the past two years there was
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a one visit to shin that was adopted last year by unesco over the what is four to which people called the temple mount in jerusalem or the compound and there was no mention of jewish ties in this as a mission that has angered the israelis and they have actually. they have suspended their cooperation with with with unesco and also this year there has been you know a declaration of a tentative side for the palestinians in the old city of hebron that is the side that is how did to muslims and jews people that you brought me must next to the tone of patrick's so that also has angered the israelis and it seems that now they are taking this opportunity actually to pull out of unesco alongside the united states and carly no trouble is not the first president to complain about you know sco this goes way back to the one nine hundred seventy s. even the u.s. president ronald reagan he pulled the u.s.
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out of unesco back in one thousand eighty three but with donald trump this decision has a different connotation to what he what does the u.s. withdrawal under donald trump what does it say about trump's approach to multilateral is. exactly we also have to stress. the united states is withdrawing again and agreement among many others if we take a look to all the international agreements travis was throwing the perrys climate change agreement the transpose have persevered partnership now the u.s. goal and he's threatening to withdraw now after the fourth round of negotiations with canada and mexico is taking place today right now here in washington and he also is planning to withdraw the iran deal we're going to hear more about that today or tomorrow so this all withdrawals also give an impression of the united states on the international level to answer your question in a short sentence this might not be a big surprise but again it is
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a big symbol and it gives a clear image of what the united states sense for on the international stage our correspondents covering the turmoil in washington tanya cream are burning the midnight oil for us tonight in jerusalem to both of you thank you very much for the announcement from washington in israel came hot on the heels of a breakthrough in the middle east after a decade long split palestinian rivals hamas and fatah have reached a reconciliation agreement the deal follows talks brokered by egypt a hamas has agreed to hand control of the gaza strip to a unity government by december first control of gaza has been a major sticking point just over a decade ago who lost one parliamentary elections in gaza and then else to the top from the territory. this ceremony could mark the beginning of the end of a decade long ideological split between the rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah the preliminary deal focuses on
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a common goal. we are serious and ready we will do all we can to make this reconciliation succeed and we want it to be the basis for our attempts to take on the zionist scheme which wants to take away all peoples rights all of the heart will join me on your do we have to turn the page of division forever to unify the efforts of all palestinian people and hamas have to challenge the occupation together and accomplish the palestinian dream by ending this hateful occupation and creating an independent palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital. those around bastions for the long term the first priority of the new partners will be to improve conditions for the two million residents in the gaza strip hamas has been in control of the territory since two thousand and seven israel and egypt responded to its takeover by imposing a blockade tricity is only available for a few hours a day drinking water is polluted unemployment is high and many don't have enough to
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eat under the deal the palestinian authority under president mahmoud abbas is set to resume full control of the gaza strip. many here see it as welcome news. i hope that the situation would be better i had at the gaza siege will finish so there will be job opportunities for people and they'll be able to support their families america realize that we have big hunks about this and we trust in the leadership of hamas and fatah. groups off. however reconciliation could fall to if the military wing of hamas refuses to cease its attacks on israel in recent years those attacks have destroyed any hopes of a conciliatory deal with the israeli government. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order aimed at stripping back of all
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my care it'll make it easier for americans to buy cheaper health care plans with fewer benefits critics say it could mean spiraling costs for people with existing health problems previous attempts by the trumpet ministration to repeal obamacare have been blocked by congress. twenty six people are now dead confirmed dead in wildfires raging across northern california authorities warn the death toll is likely to rise further hundreds of people are still we boarded missing fire crews are battling to contain nearly two dozen fires across the state with just two weeks until the rerun of kenya's presidential election the government has banned it demonstrations in three cities including the capital nairobi it says the move is in response to looting by demonstrators but the opposition says the government is clamping down on dissent the e.u. use it breaks a negotiator michel barnier he says talks with britain over its divorce from the european union are deadlocked the main point of contention is said to be the amount
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britain should pay when it leaves the e.u. britain's negotiator david davis insists that significant progress has been made on the brics a deal. well thousands of demonstrators have taken to barcelona streets to show their support for a united spain on the day's national or on the country's national day it's the latest sign of how deep divisions are in catalonia afterwards attempts to break away from the rest of the country earlier this week it's facing an ultimatum from madrid return to normality by next week or face direct rule from the capital that's a scenario that some in the region say they would now welcome. spanish flacks used to be a rare sight in the heart of kut alone but not much is normal in barcelona these stace spanish national day sixty five thousand people came out to show their opposition to catalonia and independence and it was that we
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have to be thankful because now we can lens who are spaniards as well can go to the streets without fear and show our pride to be spanish in. spain must be more united now than ever before we have to take to the streets and show that spain is one country that's what. this referendum was wrong because it was illegal and now it seems there is no way out the catalan president cutlass puts them on this under pressure from all sides from the regional government headquarters he cannot fail to hear and see the protesters outside but what must worry him more is the threat of being stripped of power by the spanish prime minister and trouble is coming from his own ranks as well what's happening here is like in a political thriller to altie made some south threatening cardless puts them on political survival but the thorn in his side is his smallest coalition partner blocking his last escape way which is to withdrawal from his declaration of
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independence the far left coup party has threatened to withdraw from puts them once government if he does not go through with the independence declaration. we have these two kind of pressures one that it's just scoop because it's our deputies but they are not pressured that it's a secret society these mass movement that we have always been. one of the biggest mass movements in europe. opponents of the independence i'm not impressed by the separatists rhetoric they say they are the majority and now they're waiting for the madrid government's ultimatum to run out or tonight police in new york are investigating the allegations of sexual abuse made against hollywood producer harvey weinstein british media say the police in london are also investigating more and more women are coming forward saying that weinstein sexually assaulted them
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some of the allegations trace back deck to the academy that award the annual oscar says that it will meet to decide how to respond to the claims weinstein was sacked by his company earlier this week and is said to be heading for a sex rehab center here in europe. i football news now in stuttgart host cologne in friday's bonus league game cologne has stunned the league in recent weeks not with their destiny in play but with their poor performance after a strong finish last season coach peter future is now on the line. to make it plain cologne stinks at the moment and is taking the heat for it he was the hero who brought the club back to the top flight a few years ago after winning the second division but that's in the past conceding fifteen so far and only managed to score two goals have left cologne dead last still searching for
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a first time with. me obviously my commute my state of mind won't get better with each defeat but it's my job i'm the one who's responsible my job. and i ask of my players that they face the challenge and move forward and make decisions to help us get past this situation when things are really bad i have to come up with solutions they don't touch that and oddly enough the cologne stuttgart fixture hasn't gone the home side's way since two thousand and with host stuttgart showing signs of his share.


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