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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 3:03am-3:16am CEST

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the agility the work rate the pace and also the fighting spirit some of them are really clever players on the other hand there are also some. physicality. and power do you want to be a global talker to then write to us to kick off a d w dot com do you think is best maybe japan. by unseen by us but it doesn't contain bavarians but rather japan's by insane and tocome otoh cannot japanese be very. kind of ties training to become
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a buy and play at the sooner she academy which is supported by the german club. sometimes real bind coaches come by you know my name's tony. somebody tells me there's a very good player. this guy so i'm very exciting. canada is fourteen years old and one of the academies that if anyone from a has a chance of moving to the real buy in munich it's him the. most kids growing up here will eventually work in the shipyard the region's biggest employer it's a world away from munich but everyone knows the club. no wonder as pioneer also partnered with the shipyard while the grown ups work the kids try next door in the shipyards football academy. or this or that stuff that's you up. here why don't you have no uniform.
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sugata. in return they can use buy in munich's name and brand. they also get jerseys equipment and occasionally some specialist coaching. you pop pop pop pop pop pop. we think given we're continually here i weigh in on continually doesn't i'm getting here using one of my own to diminish but i'm going to give myself i want discounts by thirteen is no telling when he learned it into an innings and why. it's a win win situation for the club thank make money increase global brand awareness and potentially gain talented players all they need to do this help the players grow on an action by in munich mentality. we are a big family and you are part of this family if the buyer and we take care of you
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it's very important for us do you have the spirit not again so always want to win a game that's very important for us. can apply needs to play like a winner he's just got a few days to prove he is the best here. but he suffers a setback getting injured in training looking for the down. what now he can't prove himself from the sidelines. but can attest still has a few days time to relax on the couch watch t.v. with diet and ice the name maybe things will still turn around. and bite yeah. it down to just say you're going all national out there they thank god that there are any harder that they steer their pushing by are on me toward conversation are conditioned to hear. now rushing by this.
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it's game day and canada. is playing so he gets his chance to show he's got the buy in munich mentality. even though his knee is so low he still gets to start . that's not all the number thirty eight maybe the smallest and frail as player on the pitch but he's also the most noticeable. buy in coach tony is keeping a close eye on things he's been in these situations before and knows that the boys i'm more nervous than usual. about players goodness know about the only how to conduct up to faluting them doesn't indicate this way in the beginning there's a cure for your tongue and principle base their fans out on the norm they're hard. to should be undeterred eisner for this other than here my. to say it's
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a bit well done canada was the original processing idea sekai the law abiding the law here that all or honest so what did you get it says. japan's number one could be a candidate to buy in munich. will see that canada. just next door this man is making the headlines across the sea of japan kim jong un is busy making rockets but also footballers football night in north korea. she's not going to mourn seem get down on your show you what you want to put you down that's when you're going to say you know it's your thing you don. north korea
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an enigma to western countries isolated surreal and mysterious videos like this one have piqued my interest in north korean football. i was even more intrigued when i found out that the north korean is playing in austria has been asleep or if the country is so isolationist why is he here in europe. so i tracked him down. right turn or tomorrow might i approach this a bit later tomorrow and say it's a film war that's very right and so. when i was young i almost what's the word there are so wonderfully the premier league. and i want to always thinking that i want to play there. he speaks great english dreams of the premier league not
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really what i expected. this might look like opinion but in actual fact i'm in some curtain an hour's drive west of vienna. talks started playing for s.k. ends on perth this season. sporting director and former by and munich player brought him from switzerland where he had played previously. so i want to. know. when park seems nervous tries to soothe and so far he seems shy and polite. back in north korea his sporting comrades are paid and even get bonuses but it's hardly a professional league more like civil servants. watch to experts like you to go from from the university of vienna think about north korean football. on the
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often directors who. have been brought into knots and others pushed off to bar. you get you know. you don't you see you want to see and feel like a russian can.


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