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this is deja vu news live from berlin the deadliest fires in california so straight are ripping across the north of that state leaving a trail of destruction amergin says services are struggling to contain the blaze was that of destroyed wine country and reduced the entire neighborhood staff will go to that region also coming up the united states and israel are pulling out of the united nations cultural agency unesco washington says the organization is deeply anti israel and has not made much needed reforms. unless plus the female superheroes fighting child marriage in ethiopia they're breaking taboos by bringing hard topics and tough discussions into that nation's classrooms. rule.
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i'm brian thomas welcome to the show thirty one people are now confirmed dead in the wildfires raging across northern california making them the deadliest not state's history and the death toll is expected to rise further with hundreds of people still missing the blazes have been burning since sunday in wine country north of san francisco firefighters have not succeeded in bringing the worst of them under control dry conditions and fierce winds have been hampering their efforts new evacuation orders have been issued with conditions forecast to get even worse over the weekend let's go now to a sonoma county where the fires have hit especially hard we're joined by mike the wall on the line is a journalist with k.s. r.-o. radio a mike you've been taking a tour inspecting the situation in your community what did you find out there. and i was able to take you to are of some of the most badly damaged areas of the city today for the first time with the highway patrol i can tell you that witnessing
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that is stationed here in person is far more striking internet than the pictures that you see and take. it to neighborhood coffee party that had been working class neighborhood leveled flat gets a lead in any direction you look. quite ground where the upscale found grove neighborhood has more book of a war zone burned out vehicles piles of rubble words from the city's most historic landmarks one good i can say that the recovery here is going to take a very long time maicon hundreds of people are still missing do we know who they are where they are is there any hope of rescuing them at this point. so there is some hope that that number is coming down hopefully when people come back into the area who it may not have checked in with the emergency services team here so they're hoping that that number is going to come down a little bit but they're also well aware that the number of deaths will probably rise once they go into some of these areas the sheriff's office released in a full list of some of the identities of some of the residents who lost their lives
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in the fire most of the group identified with the elderly which isn't necessarily necessarily a surprise given the speed by which the evacuation was required but also it's not a surprise because a lot of these people it's easy most easy to identify a something like medical equipment and some of the serial numbers to find out you know this isn't criticism as well because an emergency text message system was apparently not used to alert people that that this fire was getting out of. here there has been some controversy with that the local leaders here they need to decisions that given that the number of residents the area that would have received that message areas that may not have been affected by the fire it would have caused such a mass panic and gridlock of people who were in danger that the people who were in danger would have been put in an even more dangerous position given that it's definitely an issue that's receding more and more to date as the recovery is going
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on ok and is also word out there that authorities are looking into what caused this fire apparently there was a a week power line that went down what do you hear. and you don't have an official word on that obviously an investigation on this takes a long time but there's it's run the gamut and there's conspiracy theories that you hear it runs the gamut of there's people running around lighting fires to a downed power line which then was taken by the wind and spread quickly. a lot of people are waiting for these answers and he. just going to take a long time to see what the investigation reveals mike walters reporter with k s r o radio in sonoma county thanks so much mike. united states has announced it is withdrawing from unesco the un cultural organization it created more than seventy years ago washington says that organization is anti israel has avoided reform and is too expensive for its part israel has now said it too will leave the un
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organization. paris where u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson delivered the news to the unesco general secretary of the organization's headquarters and to israel bias on the part of the un educational scientific and cultural agency as the main reason for u.s. withdrawal you know esko said the decision was regrettable united states is a founding member of unesco the whole idea that tat you can build peace through education science or couch or communication. is fair basically an american idea previously the largest financial contributor to unesco the u.s. stopped paying its contributions in twenty eleven after palestine was admitted to the organization with white support the decision plunged unesco into financial crisis the u.s. has withdrawn before under ronald reagan in one thousand nine hundred five when it accused the agency of being caught and the western before returning to the fold in
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october two thousand and three the european parliament said the latest withdrawal is the wrong move. not insight and fun especially in times of globalization and digitalisation in times where we are experiencing more and more radicalization and extremism you know school is a very important institution as a model of creating corporation education science and culture and building bridges through the institutes you in israel join the us and leaving unesco later in the day washington will not have only observer status with the agency. now for some of the other stories making the news police in both new york and london are looking into sexual assault allegations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein now that as a fourth woman accuses him of rape new york investigators are reviewing an assault case from two thousand and four police in london meanwhile have received a new claim of assault dating back to the one nine hundred eighty s. us president donald trump has signed an executive order and that stripping back
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obamacare. will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper health care plans with fewer benefits critics say could mean spiraling costs so for people with existing health problems previous attempts by the trumpet ministration to repeal obamacare have been blocked by congress. a security guard killed in the last vegas gun massacre a week ago has been buried in the city's memorial park twenty one year old eric silva was shot while helping kong concert goers escape that small venue where the attack happened he was one of fifty eight people killed in the shooting. all staying in the u.s. president trump will give a much anticipated speech today in which he said to lay out a more confrontational approach to iran including as he's hinted several times announcement that he will not recertify the iran nuclear deal negotiated in twenty fifteen by to iran and six world powers including germany now the other signatories
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have spoken out against such a move to include the german foreign ministers of mar gabriele he's warned that doing so would drive a wedge between europe and the u.s. and push the new into a common position with russia and china. now under the deal tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief international inspectors say iran is in compliance with the accord but president trump disagrees saying tehran is violating the spirit of the deal to find out more about the u.s. president's objections d.w. scarily naja more spoke with claire lopez at the center for security policy that's a conservative think tank in washington she began by asking what she thinks trump's decision on the iran deal might be it is expected that the president will announce that he will not recertify the so-called j c p o a
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joint comprehensive plan of action or nuclear deal with the rand beyond that we're not completely sure what the other steps might be that he will take but it's expected he will not recertify what could be the next scenarios the next temps we're gonna see well the possibilities would include that either he takes no further steps at all or he could go back to congress and ask congress to re impose sanctions against iran and we're not really sure if that's what he's going to do or not. the enter national atomic energy agency today really have access to all areas of countries that might be working on nuclear weapons no absolutely not and this is the main problem with the nuclear deal with iran and that is that ever since one nine hundred eighty eight when iran's nuclear weapons program began under ayatollah khamenei the iranian regime has had
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a clandestine secret nuclear weapons program it was first revealed to the world in two thousand and two by the iranian opposition the national council of resistance of iran but there's no reason to believe that even after that revelation they stopped and indeed the n.c.r. or national council of resistance of iran issued this report just today it's called iran's nuclear core an inspected military sites and that's the real problem because the nuclear deal the way with iran does not address sites that the arrhenius hold off limits military sites for example at parchin where the i.a.e.a. itself has strong suspicions that nuclear warhead r. and d. has been going on would you say that further sanctions would be the right decision to make for the united states i think sanctions wouldn't harm anything but let's remember that during the period. of let's say two thousand and eleven twelve
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thirteen when the sanctions international sanctions were biting down the hardest against the iranian regime that is when we actually saw the arena regime accelerate its nuclear weapons program and ballistic missile program more than before so i don't think sanctions are at all effective in getting iran to stop what the regime considers the sea not quite known they must have nuclear weapons deliverable nuclear weapons and nothing is going to stop them. serially seriously concerned except force interesting opinions thank you so much thanks for having me . claire lopez of the center for security policy there with the w.'s carolina well germany voted in national elections last month and today we have the results of the first opinion poll of the new parliament from in protest elections all support for
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the governing parties including chancellor merkel's conservatives all to historic lows though it also means the far right alternative for germany will enter the bundestag for the first time. as germans went to the polls. probably hoping for a better result than she got the conservatives remain the strongest political force but suffered historic losses macko c.d.u. c.s.u. the liberal f.d.p. and the greens and now set to form a so-called jamaica coalition the party's colors of the same as the country's flag . german seem confident that america can forge these four different parties into a governing coalition three quarters of those polled by and for test think they'll strike a coalition deal only one in five think they'll fail. one of the criticisms levelled at makerere is that she had taken her conservative look too far to the left many of them want to return to more conservative roots and those calls were
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especially vocal for america the very insistent party the c.s.u. . in for tests asked what political direction america's conservatives should take only a fifth of her spondon thought they should become more conservative a quarter so they should maintain the current course well almost half of all people surveyed thought the conservatives should become more centrist. posters in protest i asked people whether they thought the parties have been honest during the campaign about their plans for after the election. the greens and the f.t.p. came out best the other parties were all level pegging but the f.t. is in clear last place only a quarter of respondents believed they'd been honest about their intent. and if there were an election this coming sunday the results would be similar to last
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month. the c.d.u. c.s.u. on thirty two percent the s.p.d. on twenty percent unchanged the f.t. loses almost two points to standard eleven percent level pegging with the n.d.p. not far behind the left party and the greens both but ten percent. of the answer air balloon the also for take off but there are some big players who want to see that deal remain on the ground you can say that again bryan their deal certainly has sparked controversy in the aviation sector a low cost carrier ryanair for one wants to take the deal to european competition competition authorities then there is the german monopoly commission it is looking at starting an antitrust investigation but investors at least they welcome the takeover pushing lufthansa stock to a sixteen and a half year high under the deal germany's number one airline is buying up half of the country's second largest carrier the deal will leave you know much better
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position to compete with foreign budget airlines like easy jet and ryan air which dominate europe's short haul routes. all right joining me now in the studio is my very aviation savvy colleague chris. because the first of all that deal would you say it's a good one is the best that ebeling could get well it depends who you ask if you ask leave times are for them it is a gigantic coup their low cost subsidiary euro wings in which the herbal imports will be integrated it doubles in size just from one day to the other just like that that is very rare and it doesn't have to go through painfully slow growth in this low cost market which is dominated by other players so for it is it is a big coup if you look at the air berlin staff well it's a it's a rather sad scenario scenario for them of one the personnel pilots and flight
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attendants they have good chances of being rehired or taken over by loved ones or if they get rehired they're going to have to go through some pay cuts up to forty percent that's what trade unions say and if you look at ground staff and people working in the back office their chances of keeping their jobs over ok when you say that with the pay cuts i understand now what that lady in the report to meant when she said that service will probably suffer now we hear that obviously competitors on tapi about it but authorities monopoly commission etc they all want to look into it why. there's nary a is that tons of takes over eighty one planes of the about one hundred thirty that urban land has now the remaining parts that have not been snatched up out of towns that they are still up for grabs and according to the trust of stories they need to be bought by someone they're not supposed to disappear from the market if they did that would mean even more power to lose tons and then the whole deal could be
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scrapped all together now are a buy on the over on the horizon well there is easy jet they have been in talks with evelyn about for about a dozen planes but there has been no deal signed yet but there are other. other companies that you know may swoop in if easyjet doesn't get their way so there are talks but they haven't been finalized what does this mean for passengers just because there is the fear of growing tickets because ticket prices for that matter because on routes where air berlin and moved on used to be competitors. is now taking on its own subsidiary that doesn't sound like much competition to me ok because of course by their very own aviation expert thank you so much for this well the dax has hit a new record to german blue chips hopped over the thirteen thousand mark for the first time on thursday it started strong today as well investors here are banking on good growth for the euro zone and downplaying political turmoil at home and abroad. after
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a surprisingly robust gains in september for most of the traders at the frankfurt stock exchange it was only a matter of time before the dax index of german blue chips reached a new record so it was a game of watching and waiting pretty much from the start of the week. then in late thursday trading as the euro dips slightly the index reached its new high for the first time in its near thirty year history. and we watched the dax come up to the thirteen thousand mark a few times in the last couple days on the neuer but it remained a challenge because new records always face obstacles and there was a resistance. and there was a bit of trouble with the referendum in spain but that seems to be fading at the moment and things are stabilizing and that's why the dax broke thirteen thousand for the first time in its most modern on the what he thought sometimes not modest often but life on the other side of thirteen thousand was brief german blue chip
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soon began their descent with traders unable to find more reasons to buy shares. all right let's see where the dax is heading right now genelle do my loan is standing by for us in the front which is the stock exchange hey as the nails are a record breaking day yesterday will we see more of that. well the dax is still hovering around the thirteen thousand point mark today i'm sure you can read the numbers behind me but people do here do seem quite confident here that the docs will go want to see fresh records and investors still have more of an incentive to put their money into equities as opposed to say german bunds where we're seeing negative deals not just today for example investors are quite focused on buyer because just announced a deal of close to six billion euros with b.a.'s off selling part of its agri comical business fire shares trading up accordingly so it's going to go there is a lot going on here at the frankfurt stock exchange that could still push that curve further upwards talking off a lot going on there i believe there is
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a big i.p.o. as we speak what's it about. yes champagne being served on the floor of the frankfurt stock exchange today personally a bit too early for me but not for the investors interested in ball to box that is of course a company that makes battery systems for commercial vehicles like forklift and buses now basically given that electro mobility is an industry trend interest involved accordingly high demand has apparently outpaced the veil ability by ten times it's now trading at close to twenty nine euros and the issue price was only twenty four euros so you can see that that's really not bad for a company that's only been in existence for six years hasn't made a profit yet and has fewer than one hundred employees absolutely it's quite impressive and we'll keep an eye on that as the day evolves. in frank thank you for the moment. well and from one super girl to
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a more stupid girl as i don't mean you brian there are real division mother thought over there is that in ethiopia adolescent girls often struggle to find a path into a healthy and secure adult life access to education is limited and girls also face traditional practices like child marriage but one ethiopian t.v. producer wants to turn all of that around let's find out how an animated series with female superheroes is on a mission to change attitudes. captivation on their faces this school and. is showing pupils the first episode of. means wisdom and herrick in the series three heroines fight for the equality of girls and women. one out of. before age fifteen and most of them will never go back to school. they are.
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to succeed in life. wants to change this it's important to the program's creators that children can identify with the show so they organize screenings of the pilot episode at local schools to see if people like a. different question. so there. is something close to their hearts something they know who they can connect with. after watching the show the children write down what they liked or didn't like and which story lines they want to see continue. i thought it was great because it was about. i've never seen anything like it. is the brainchild of. the trained nurse so she could no longer ignore the plight of young
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women in ethiopia. so i seen how can he saw this huge problem on his neck and in beauty and kindergarten everywhere so i start thinking how can a reach millions of children in my country with less course there was quality education. dr wade has already produced three successful t.v. and radio series which educate children across ethiopia in a fun way. she hopes to bad girls will become a success and help challenge taboos we're starting from hardcore sounded like stop only married. but the thing is you know that is why the part of animation is very interesting because it is animation it is fictional so people can pick a distance and. comfortable to talk about it and that's what we want the first instinct is talking about it. but it's not always easy. sometimes i get close
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treated you know shouldn't be creepin years to get to this point and you know i should reach more kids than by now you know and only stuff because it's so slow because of so many broke bureaucratic. procedures oh not support. just the d. today by years. distributing the programs is difficult and resources are scarce social entrepreneurship is not yet common in ethiopia their policies don't stop with us because we're still look as a business person so we've been passed past the same way what the means is we would go where innovators we are in smaller resorts we have to do a lot. but the team behind to back girls is strong and motivated and they won't give up in the face of these obstacles that still negotiating with t.v.
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broadcasters. some football now and in the bundesliga tonight stood guard host cologne a team that has a rock bottom that despite a successful season last term clone kosha had to show his future is very much on the line in that match. to make it plain cologne stinks at the moment it is taking the heat for it he was the hero who brought the club back to the top flight a few years ago after winning the second division but that's in the past conceding fifteen so far in only managing to score two goals have left cologne dead last still searching for a first team with. me on my commute my state of mind won't get better with each defeat but it's my job i'm the one who's responsible. and i ask of my players that they face the challenge and move forward and make decisions to help us
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get past this situation when things are really bad i have to come up with solutions they don't touch the oddly enough the cologne stuttgart fixture hasn't gone the home side's way since two thousand there with host stuttgart showing signs of a shaky defense cologne holds out hope for its maiden victory. this is data via news live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news with our website in a few dot com we're going to leave you now as an image is from china where intensive support for these twenty panic cubs is helping out this endangered species joy.
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but for the poor the little river and for bob. woodward over. the life of.
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more drita the international talk shows. it is fane the bitter standoff between madrid and barcelona continues the question now is will catalonians push for independence be stopped or could spain break up find out on quadriga. quadriga next on d w. two she read between the nuggets. where does her intensity come from. the secret to her passion for playing music. we go with you the more. a piece of my song the cellist soul get better. in forty five minutes doubling. on freedom and home. where i come from the
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region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for and dependent or i see many of the younger and promising janitors now making names for themselves all over the. song life get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom that sense is like the fenians of day you can visit it with your car come back. while in your fifth ward i work at the end of a.


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