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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin inferno the deadliest fires in california's history are whipping across the northern part of the state leaving a trail of death and destruction emergency services struggling to contain the flames that have to store at the very heart of california's wine country and reduced entire neighborhoods to ash also coming up. the united states and israel are pulling out of the united nations cultural organization unesco washington says it's anti israel and hasn't made sufficient reform and president trump could move to scuttle a landmark nuclear agreement with iran a look at what that would mean for the countries who helped broker it. and well iraq it's a pleasure to have you with us we start off in the u.s.
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where thirty one people are now confirmed dead and wildfires raging across northern california making the deadliest in the state's history and sadly the death toll is expected to rise even further with hundreds of people still missing while the blazes have been burning since sunday in wine country north of san francisco and firefighters haven't been able to bring the worst of them under control of dry conditions and fierce winds have hampered their efforts and new evacuation orders that have been issued with conditions forecast to get a whole lot worse over the weekend. since and earlier we had the opportunity opportunity to speak with mike the well too is a journalist with the k.s.r. radio in sonoma county where the fires seem to have hit the hardest he took a tour throughout his community and described the situation for us let's take a listen. i was able to take a tour of some of the most badly damaged areas of the city today for the first time
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with the highway patrol i can tell you that witnessing the dead station in person is far more striking internet except in the pictures that you see on t.v. . the two neighborhoods copy park is a dense working class neighborhood leveled flat desolate the exit in any direction you look just the flat ground where the upscale founder of neighborhood has morphed look up a war zone these burned out vehicles piles of rubble where some of the city's most historic landmarks once stood i can say that the recovery here is going to take a very long time and we also asked mike a to look ahead and tell us what the authorities and firefighters will be focusing on in the coming days the focus is dealing with the wind heading into this weekend friday into saturday is going to be the turning point if there's if they can battles and fend off the winds for this weekend if the effort turns to recovery if the winds get bad it can create some new problems for some of the more densely populated communities here and we see these
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problems all over again. my goal there are journalists with case are radio in sonoma county california reporting on the california wildfires. i mean while the united states and israel announced they're pulling out of you know the u.n. cultural organization created by the u.s. more than seven decades ago while washington says the organization is anti israel and has avoided reform and it is too expensive all this comes as u.s. co is holding a tense meeting to pick a new director general candidates from qatar and egypt are among the leading contenders well the organizations next head will have to cope with losing its biggest source of financing power says unesco headquarters the site of the latest spat between washington and the united nations the u.n. agencies official mission is promoting education coach and human rights that include keeping a list of world heritage sites but the u.s. government says unesco is too political we'd like to see the politics kept out of
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it and we see with this anti israel bias that's long documented on the part of you know asco that that needs to come to an end to the united states made the decision after a long deliberative process to pull out the u.s. is angry because u.s. can recognize hebron is old city as a palestinian side even though the cities to me the patriarchs is also an important jewish holy land. it's also angry that syria was kept on the unesco human rights committee in spite of the country's ongoing civil war. the us already are as us go hundreds of millions of dollars now it's laving us guy says by doing so it's betraying american values. united states is a founding member of going to school the whole idea that you can build peace through education science a couch or communication there is basically an american idea it's not the first time the u.s.
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has pulled out of unesco it quit in the one thousand nine hundred six crabbing in s. cause and the western improv so i view it a decision that took decades to reverse. this time around washington is planning to leave the door open to return and maintain observer status it's a position it hopes to use to reform the un's cultural i didn't see and we can take you now to paris where the us co is headquartered correspondent jake going there or is there a j the u.s. has been unhappy with unesco for quite some time now why are we seeing washington make this move at this stage that's right you know the u.s. not on the u.s. going one eleven because of the. clause that allowed us to completely cut off funding to any u.n. agency that excess times all member obama tried and it was a reverse that restriction and then the u.s. lost its vote in two thousand and thirteen and unesco analysts say it's just yet another escalation by the u.s. and its criticism of human bodies it's another way for u.s.
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president trump to make a statement only international stage what do you visualize that unesco is anti israel and so this declaration is also another way for the u.s. to double down on its pro israel policies and rhetoric now jake this all begs the question and you've already alluded to it the u.s. hasn't been paying its due since two thousand and eleven so really how big of a blow is this move to unesco because were they really still counting on that money . right well the u.s. currently has about five hundred fifty million dollars in financing and a state department spokesman said look first if you miss and it's also about whether the u.s. wants to pay that drug and spoken a lot about cutting government costs while back in twenty love it when you have when the u.s. not only unesco it was paying about seventy million dollars a year to the organization now is about twenty two percent of the organization's annual budget time israel also said it would cut ties to lose funding marin's well the decision to pull out or unesco is supposed to take effect at the end of twenty
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eight seeing this decision is not exactly permanent the u.s. said it still wants to remain on board to get commentary back as a nonmember observer so it's not over quite yet not over yet but talk to us a little bit about the significance of unesco according to this current u.s. administration but also the obama administration some have described it as a talking shop is it just a talking shop or is or is there more to it well you know it's clear its impact is not as immediate as relief agencies such as save the earth the world program but it's still significant you know the scope of let me ask you as wind it promotes peace and and of science education and most people know you know us go through its world heritage site program clearly the situation has become a proxy for diplomacy middle east and particularly as it pertains to israel and palestine relations all right take a second error and paris thank you thank you well now we want to bring up to speed
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with some of the other stories making news around the world and vietnam at least fifty four people are now confirmed dead in severe floods and landslides affecting central and northern regions over thirty thousand homes have been submerged in rising water which has damaged key infrastructure crops and livestock. the turkish army has sent a military convoy across its border into syria as rebel held province it's part of a joint mission with russia and iran to establish a deescalation zone there broacha hottest and kurdish forces are in the area a senior rebel involved in the operation says the turkish deployment appears aimed at containing kurdish militia. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order aimed ad stripping back obamacare it's it will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper health care plans with fewer benefits critics say it could mean spiraling costs for people with
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existing health problems the previous attempts by the trumpet ministration to repeal the affordable healthcare act have been blocked by congress. is u.s. president about to abandon the iran nuclear deal it's a cause for concern for the countries who are helping to help negotiate it well other than the u.s. staying clued britain france russia and china the un's security council's permanent members plus germany will gather with you the group broke at the iran nuclear agreement in the summer of twenty fifteen in the accord iran promised that its nuclear program is strictly peaceful in practice that means you're a human richmond is limited and the country stockpile is capped at three hundred kilograms while the reactor in iraq will be reconfigured so it can't produce any weapons grade plutonium and all this will be closely monitored by the international atomic energy agency well in return for it all economic sanctions on iran were left
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it let's talk a little bit more about this with scott lucas he is an american studies professor at the university of burnham and he joins right now yes there is that think so much of professor for joining us it's really really difficult to tell whether all the tough talk coming out of washington is real because on the one hand you've got president trump repeatedly saying that you know iran broke the deal the spirit of the deal but the i.a.e.a. says no they're complying and congress also agree with iran complying with the terms of agreement and then we've had today right before coming on air the new york times reporting that the u.s. will keep the deal so is this just all part of the art of the deal. ok well it's donald trump who wants to leave the deal getting to stage an appearance where he waves his fist furiously but it's a very small stick because his top advisors are telling him that the u.s. needs to remain in the deal for the sake of relations with european partners like
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germany to prevent iran from having the excuse to quickly return to higher grade uranium twenty percent uranium and because the deal quite frankly has been successful in containing iranian programs so while trump may want to sabotage this mainly because president obama negotiated the deal this is actually just a step in a much longer maneuvering we have to see if congress will now reimpose sweeping sanctions against iran and if congress does so how the iranians react and talk to us a little bit about the u.s. u.s. is that credibility on the world stage how is china looking at this how are the europeans looking at this well i think there's a difference between truck credibility and u.s. credibility i think no one actually thinks that the person to make the art of the deal with now is donald trump i think you have to go to his advisors defense secretary matters such as state tillerson but that said i think the u.s.
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is at risk of isolating itself it is quite clear that china and russia will support terror on because iran has been complying with the deal and britain germany and france are now caught in a very tough position they do not see trump as being reliable they do not think it is a good idea to threaten to abandon the deal but do they actually began to renew more trading relationships with terror on even if this upsets others in washington let's let's talk about iran for a second there we've got about forty seconds left they've said listen the negotiation stage is over we're not renegotiating so how are they taking all of this. well they're talking loudly about how the deal must be adhered to and declaring that they have european support that means if the us does not leave the deal iran will not retaliate unless and this is a big don't last washington adopt new sanctions against the revolutionary guards the leading military force in tom all right scott lucas professor of american
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studies at the university of birmingham thank you thank you. as in soccer news now in the bundesliga tonight stood guard host cologne a team that is at the bottom of the table despite a successful campaign last season and the future of columbus coach on the line if they don't win this evening. to make it plain cologne stinks at the moment and is taking the heat for it he was the hero who brought the club back to the top flight a few years ago after winning the second division but that's in the past conceding fifteen so far and only managed to score two goals have left cologne dead last still searching for a first team with. me i'll have my commute my state of mind won't get better with each defeat but it's my job i'm the one who's responsible my job. and i ask of my players that they face the challenge and move forward and make decisions to help us
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get past this situation when things are really bad i have to come up with solutions because you have they done them touched in oddly enough the cologne stuttgart fixture hasn't gone the home side way since two thousand and with host stuttgart showing signs of a shaky defense cologne holds out hope for its maiden victory. so lots more coming up or has to still had. the look times on air berlin takeover deal is set for takeoff but in the street rivals and authorities say they may challenge the moves michael jones is up next our business block after the break. i'll see at the top of the hour.


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