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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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ired by distinctive instagram or so at g.w. stories topic each week on instagram. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth t w.
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this is day w is live from berlin historic wildfires leave a trail of destruction across northern california emergency services struggle to contain the flames destroying the state's wine country and reducing neighborhoods to ashes also on the program. president trump protester deliver a scathing critique of iran and a landmark nuclear deal in a speech expected to set out on aggressive new u.s. strategy. on kenyan police shoot dead two protesters and tear gas dozens more as a standoff over the rerun of the presidential election escalates. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program thirty one people have been killed in the wildfires raging across the northern california the deadliest in the state's.
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straight with hundreds still missing the death toll is expected to rise dry conditions and fierce winds are hampering efforts to bring the fires under control the blazes in the wine country north of san francisco have been burning since sunday and conditions of forecast to worsen this weekend napa valley was the heart of california's wine industry but now napa and its surrounds have seen an unprecedented disaster. these men are among eight thousand firefighters who spent the last few days trying to bring the prices under control. some houses down the street there's no better feeling you know it's just there because they're everywhere you know there's little pockets there's there's. there's parts that we just can't get to dozens of fires have been burning in and around method valley since last sunday they causes are uncertain but fanned by hot dry winds they've scorched an area the size of new york city and filled the air with
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acrid smoke. in a mask because i know i'm in there for two or three days now i live here and starting to really affect my bringing along so there's no let up expected in the coming hours and already these fires have turned much of napa valley from a tourist destination to apply swill little more than scorched earth remains. w. spoke with mike the wild a journalist with k s r o radio in sonoma county where the fires seem to have hit the hardest he's witnessed the destruction firsthand and i was able to take a tour of some of the most badly damaged areas of the city today for the first time with the highway patrol i can tell you that witnessing that is station in person is far more striking injury mattick than the pictures that you see on t.v. . the two neighborhoods copy park is a dense working class neighborhood leveled flat desolate. any direction you look at
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just what ground what the upscale found grove neighborhood has more the look of a war zone burned out vehicles piles of rubble were some of the city's most historic landmarks one did i can say that the recovery here is going to take a very long time. it's mike the wilds from mike castle radio instead and we county california now in less than two hours u.s. president donald trump is due to outline what he white house is calling a new strategy for iran according to details released in our white house briefing paper mr trump will demand strict enforcement of the nuclear deal with iran he's not expected to withdraw from the deal entirely though instead likely choosing to decertify it in that event congress would then have sixty days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions. you france germany and the u.k. who were also signatories to the nuclear deal in twenty fifteen naturally it's being watched closely in europe let's get more from t.w.
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brussels bureau chief max hoffman welcome max what will your of do if the deal is decertified. well then they will continue the efforts that they've been building up over the last weeks already meaning from the different embassies the european embassies in washington d.c. try to increase pressure on the administration and eventually on the president to not completely nix that deal like i said they've been trying to do that now for quite some time we'll see what effect that had and of course also diplomacy is what they will try to do with the ran even more so if the u.s. really do leave that deal they will try to convince the iranian regime that it's worth for them complying with the deal nevertheless maybe through economic benefits or political benefits they have a very clear what they won't do a senior diplomat confirm that to d.w. just in the last days they will not reopen the deal they will not renegotiate the deal as the u.s.
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president wants to do because it took them twelve years roughly to negotiate the deal and they think it's worth keeping access more than just peace and principle at play here europe benefits hugely financially from this deal. not only europe other companies too from india for example in china but you're right the numbers are quite impressive of course maybe not as quite impressive when you think what was before they started trade relationships with iran because there was virtually nothing going on but here's the number i want to cite phil trade between the e.u. and iran has increased by ninety four percent in the first half of two thousand and seventeen compared to the first half of two thousand and sixteen there are some big deals with european companies that have been made this year for example with the french oil giant. they have invested their invested in a deal worth four billion euros so that's pretty big and of course you also have to think that the ties between the different banks in the european union and iran are growing tighter with iran back on the financial global financial network swift so
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yes there is a lot at stake without a doubt but if you think of the situation we might face the americans actually imposing new sanctions on iran while the europeans are making business with them this would mean that the two allies would sanction each other meaning that the u.s. would also impose probably at least sanctions on european companies doing business with iran and that would be a serious or more than a serious crack in the western alliance but often in brussels thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the turkish army has sent a military convoy across its border into syria as a rebel held province as part of a joint mission with russia and iran to establish a deescalation zone into an area where the hardest and kurdish forces are operating by senior rebel involved in the operation said the turkish deployment appears to be aimed at containing kurdish militia. in vietnam at least fifty four people and are
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confirmed dead in severe floods and landslides affecting central and northern regions more than thirty housing homes have been submerged in the rising water which has damaged key infrastructure crops and livestock. ceremonies are being held in thailand to mark a year since the death of the k. that type of disrepair into a bit of a final farewell to their beloved monarchy and a five day funeral later this month the death of king bhumibol has now been declared a national holiday. three skydivers have been killed in australia in what of oregon is believed was a mid air collision paramedics were called to mission beach in northern queensland after reports that one woman and two men had been critically injured all three died at the scene. in kenya police have shot dead to opposition supporters in the west of the country as protests intensify ahead of a presidential election rerun later this month but they say the incident happened
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when around twenty youths tried to storm a police station meanwhile in the capital nairobi police fired tear gas at protesters defying a ban on rallies in three major cities opposition leader. has pulled out of the election rerun and says the poll cannot go ahead present over a kenyatta one the original election in august but the result was a no hold because of irregularities in the counting process. catherine and want to joins us from the capital nairobi a welcome katharine what's the situation now. often now the situation is relatively calm but during the day we did see policing gauge protesters and running battles especially here in nairobi and in kisumu now this comes only a day after the interior minister fred my chinese told protest and protests within
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the central business district of the three cities which is mumbai certainly ruby and kisumu so the opposition still insists that they are defiant and that it is their right to picket and that they will continue with these protests and in fact after dinner with do they said that they will have protests at least every single day starting from next week and tell us more about the backgrounds of these demonstrations. well what these protesters want is reforms and according to the main opposition there are about eleven irreducible minimum that the opposition want the electoral commission to undertake so that at least they can provide kenyans with free and credible elections come the twenty sixth of october that is if the elections will take place now on tuesday our main opposition leader raul odinga said that he would has withdrawn from the presidential race insisting that the electoral commission has not met any of the
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demands now the electoral commission has made some sort of changes within its system it did give a completely new team that will handle the elections and it did do away with low and officials who were accused of tampering with the last election but according to the main opposition this is not enough they say that until their eleven demands are met they will not participate in the election and they say that if. it does not participate in the election come twenty sixth of october there will be no election taking place actually in two thousand and seven sparked violence and left more than a thousand people dead we're about to see that happen again. well there is a great worry that the country could be slipping towards the edge given the current what the current situation is but so far it is more focused on how police react to
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protesters and that's the debate right now. the country split right in the middle and half of the country feel aggrieved and they want to you know express disagreements on the streets and they should be allowed to however the other half of the country say that this is not you know this is not in order so what the focus is is how police handle protesters because in the last election the august eighth election the kenya national human rights commission accused the police of killing at least thirty five people out of the thirty seven who died in the post-election violence ten so we're not at the two thousand and seven level yet but the focus is on police and how they handle this particular situation phil catherine the mordor in nairobi thank you. new survey by german pollsters in for tests today may give us the first not short of the mood amongst voters here since they went to the polls last month bearing in mind the
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election so support for the main parties fall under boost for the far right alternative for germany though i have to say. as germans went to the polls was probably hoping for a better result than she got the conservatives remain the strongest political force but suffered historic losses macko c.d.u. c.s.u. the liberal f.d.p. and the greens and set to form a so-called jamaica coalition the party's colors of the same as the country's flag . germans seem confident that america can forge these four different parties into a governing coalition three quarters of those polled by and for test the map think they'll strike a coalition deal only one in five think they'll fail. one of the criticisms levelled at makerere is that she had taken her conservative bloc too far to the left many of them want to return to more conservative roots and those calls
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were especially vocal for america but very insistent party the c.s.u. . in for tests asked what political direction conservatives should take only a fifth of her spondon thought they should become more conservative a quarter so they should maintain the current course while almost half of all people surveyed thought the conservatives should become more centrist. pollsters and protest people whether they thought the parties have been honest during the campaign about their plans for after the election. the greens and the f.t.p. came out best the other parties were all level pegging but the f.t. isn't clear last place only a quarter of respondents believed they'd been honest about their intent. and if there were an election this coming sunday the results would be similar to last month. the c.d.u. c.s.u. on thirty two percent the s.p.d.
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on twenty percent both unchanged the a.f. . he loses almost two points to stand at eleven percent level pegging with the f.t.p. not far behind the left party and the greens both at ten percent. now in the united states the head of amazon studios roy price has been put on immediate leave of absence as a scandal surrounding the producer harvey weinstein grose mr price was suspended after allegations that he sexually harassed and t.v. producer and ignored actress rosie mcgowan when she told him she had been raped by . it was in himself is facing a number of sexual assault allegations that emerged this week following an investigative report in the new yorker magazine. that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour.


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