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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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if c. byron munich to truly understand all these three words. me as some young. yes yes sonia would see kind of the parent touches referring to them by. an exclusive journey to the son of my own. use a new it's a kind of culture will be over we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. the new sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w neo phoney.
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the state of the news coming to live from berlin u.s. president donald trump throws a wrench into the year long nuclear deal. based on the factual record i have put forward i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. but as part of a new strategy for confronting terror long trunk also announced sanctions against the country's powerful revolutionary guard and he called on allies to help him curb iran's below stick missile program to bring you a reaction from tehran and washington also coming up. emergency services are struggling to contain the wildfires leaving a trail of destruction across northern california thirty one p. . people have now been killed as the flames were duce entire neighborhoods to ashes
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. and police in kenya shoot dead two protesters and tear gas dozens more as the standoff over the what rerun of the presidential election escalates. on sarah harman welcome to the program it's good to have you with us you as president donald trump has outlined a new strategy on iran that he says is aimed at curbing any possible nuclear weapon development there his remarks focus on the twenty fifty nuclear deal between iran and world powers which trump says needs to be improved the american president announce he's decertifying that deal that gave a wrong relief from sanctions in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear development program though he stopped short of withdrawing completely from the
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agreement trump preserve that as an option if the deal isn't strikes and here's part of what he had to say i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down the path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. let's get some reaction now from tehran i'm joined by professor sayat mohammad marandi from the university of tehran on the line with us now thanks for being with us iran's president haasan rouhani says that iran will continue to stick to the nuclear deal but that iran could change its mind what does that mean. well trump by making this claim and parents badly weaken the nuclear agreement and if things
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continue like that if it could end up to be a worthless piece of paper if that becomes the case then iraq of the world cannot really leave the equipment so really the times on what happens from here on here on if congress and the senate try to violate the agreement. to be certified or true and close friendship that run again agreements then i think that is a fatal blow to the kremlin and also if the european union countries are not they could stand to defend their right. to override american threat and to protect their businesses and their business men and women if the europeans fail to do that then i think that is also a play to a fatal blow to the queen but at the european union stands up and pushes back against the united states have we lost you there
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professor marandi can you still hear me ok it looks like our line to tehran just dropped out we do apologize for that we'll try and bring you more from professor of science mohammad marandi later in the program for now let's cross to washington and bring in d.w. correspondent carson vaughn naaman he's in our d.c. studio we're also joined by our e.u. correspondent max hoffmann in brussels carson let's start with you trump has handed this back to congress what other options now. well what trump once congress and the senate in particular to do is establish a sawed off trigger points which would prompt the united states to automatically impose sanctions if iran crosses certain red lines as for instance launching an intercontinental missile the point is that even trumps advisers agree that iran is
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sticking to the letter of the agreement so trump is looking at the broader context here and saying iran is the stabilizing the region and we cannot have this now the question is if congress really wants to do this and if they want to do this in need sixty votes in the senate republicans don't have that so there has to be a compromise between the democrats and the republicans and if that compromise is enough for trump to be happy with the new deal is questionable and also this would be you need lots of amendments to an international agreement and it's highly doubtful that the other signatories to the treaty will agree with that ok max let's get your reaction what is the e.u. saying about this now from the u.s. well federica marine e. the e.u. chief diplomat who came out to speak after trump's announcement in washington d.c. underlined that this was a domestic affair that we still had to wait to see what the outcome the actual
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outcome would be in the united states whether the states stay in the agreement or not but you could also tell that she was well not in the best of moods and that's understandable given that the e.u. really had the lead in those negotiations for twelve years and that model really sort of was the face of this agreement and this is one important part of what she had to say right here. it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it it is a multilateral agreement which was unanimously endorsed by the united nations security council resolution twenty two thirty one and she insisted on that saying later again that the president of the united states had many powers but to end the agreement was not one of those powers and the bottom line and the real message here by morgan rini was the agreement is working and it's delivering i guess
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a motorist says that the agreement is working but how much leverage does europe have with washington and with tehran max. the united states and europe have always worked better together in these circumstances if they really were tandem in this case the usually the europeans take over the role of the diplomats of the ones who find compromise because that's what they do in daily life just think of the european union twenty eight member states compromise as a given year and of course having the military muscle behind that with the united states so that worked well that worked well with the deal now if the two are separated seems to be the case here of course the leverage of the european union is much smaller it doesn't have much leverage with us administration we saw that for example for the paris agreement on climate change where they couldn't persuade tromp either to stick with it now with tehran it's a different story they will have to make their own understand or at least be credible to tell them that it's worth staying in that deal in the nuclear disarmament deal even if the united states aren't part of it and they could do that
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with the business side because as we heard earlier there are a lot of european businesses making money now with the red and that's good for the european union and it's good for iran right carson trump is going to be looking to impose additional sanctions to stop what he described as a wrong financing of terror what is that likely to look like. one what the americans could do is for instance what trump wants to do what he said he would do is targeting the revolutionary guards which is a special militia which basically is the personal of the religious leader in iran so they involved in large parts of the iranian economy and of course just now as iran is trying to develop a bit more as many as tensions have been lifted imposing new sanctions on this group would be a setback for iran but having said that it's highly doubtful that it will have
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a message of impact and also it would clearly be seen by the iranians as a violation of the agreement they probably would say this is not void so i see this more as a symbolic move by trump i don't think you can impose sanctions on america can impose sanctions against iran without tearing up the whole agreement all right that's carson vaughn naaman in washington and max hoffman and brussels thanks to both of you. well it's been almost two weeks since the deadly mash eating at a las vegas music festival and the singer who was on stage as the massacre began is now resumed just tore. thank you how do you know that you guys are going to go through this was. us country music star jason alvin made an emotional return to the stage of the state of oklahoma who said
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he thinks every day about fifty eight people were killed and hundreds who were injured by the gunman yet he urged the audience not to live in fear that occurred at the. wildfires in the u.s. state of california have killed thirty one people making them the deadliest fires in the state's history hundreds of people are still missing and the death toll is expected to rise dry conditions and fierce winds are hampering efforts to bring the fires under control the blazes in the wine country north of san francisco have been burning since sunday and conditions are expected to get worse this weekend napa valley was the heart of california's wine industry but now napa and it surrounds a scene in unprecedented disaster. these men are among a thousand firefighters who spent the last few days trying to bring the plies is under control. some houses down the street knows there's no
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better feeling no you know it's just they're just they're everywhere you know there's little pockets there's there's. there's parts that we just can't get to dozens of fires have been burning in and around napa valley since last sunday night they causes are uncertain but found by hot dry winds they've scorched an area the size of new york city and filled the air with acrid smoke. where in a mask because i'm in there for two or three days now i live here and starting to really affect my breathing along so there's no let up expected in the coming hours and already these fires of ten much of napa valley from the tourist destination to a place with little more than scorched earth reminds. in kenya police have shot dead two opposition supporters as protests intensify ahead of a presidential election rerun later this month rallies have been banned in three
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major cities as the country's top court an old president does win back in august but as concerns grow among opposition supporters about the legitimacy of the new election demonstrators are flooding the back. kenyan police armed with tear gas back on the streets of nairobi after a period of calm clashes have returned to the capital opposition protesters who the massed here to call for electoral reform were sent running for cover in the western city of kisumu a stronghold of opposition leader raila odinga they used to mock coffin to make their point they think their man should be kenya's next president. has pulled out of the election rerun for him and his supporters the changes made by the electoral commission don't go far enough because they say they don't correct the problems that caused the original election result to be a no. this reform. is not going to participate in the elections.
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so i'm not going to whatever it. along with nairobi and mombasa the kenyan government has banned protests here in kisumu official site safety concerns. four thousand miles away a dingo is giving interviews during a visit to london he argues his withdrawal from the election means it should be canceled. if he goes ahead it is not to be an addiction. to be a solution. with. election he took his leave. with the electoral commission saying the vote will go ahead without
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you doing the usual points to an uncertain future. when out of china where dozens of giant panda cubs have made their debut in public at a conservation reserve in the southwest of the country all of these cubs were born this year they range in age from one to five months it's been an unusually successful year for the panda breeding program in china say sean province a total of forty two cubs have been born the most in the program's history. and just a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has decertified the along nuclear deal means it's now up to congress to decide on the u.s. his continued participation in the twenty fifteen agreement trump also announced sanctions on iran's revolutionary guard and steps to stop the country's ballistic missile program. has to do so you're up to date more of the top of the hour see
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