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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 3:03am-3:16am CEST

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in my own country. today to american actor tom hanks has slipped into the role of the harvard professor three times director ron howard turned all three books into nail biting action thrillers. the film of brown's inferno premiered last year he was involved in the production process and helped cram nearly seven hundred pages into two hours of entertainment . i love tom hanks i wrote books long before i was lucky enough to have mr hanks play robert langer so i have i've always had my own langdon but a lot of people asked me you know when you wrote eventually go did you were you thinking of tom hanks i said i was just thinking of being able to sell enough copies to not lose my publishing but when i wrote that eventually go to those days are long gone dan brown remains as passionate as ever to mystery and puzzles his
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fans of the frankfurt books and know that anything could be a message in disguise and that dan brown may be the man behind it. i got warts and animals all these topics are coming up and all around events in europe here is today's you know max express. these works have been donated by renowned contemporary artists for a benefit auction. the proceeds not to go to the one hundred fifty eight families who survived the grenfell tower inferno in london last june and. among the most valuable pieces is fi schwimmer one nine three by german photographer volved gang tillman's the auction on monday at southern bees in london is expected to raise more than one million euros.
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contraband of art from the hamburg media school has won the golden student academy award in hollywood for the short film she made in kenya what to watch are all of us young german filmmakers have been on a winning streak in hollywood in recent years your highness poise from the film academy impressed this year's jury with his documentary gollum say he won gold for a story about gold and illegal prospectors in ghana the coveted student oscars are awarded in four categories. and hamburg zoo for siberian tiger cubs have ventured outside with their mother for the first time dasha a new mission and retire early were born in june and the zoo says they're all healthy and hearty and they appear quite happy. just a few weeks ago they seemed far more bashful. now sue goers can see them in their big outdoor enclosure and watch as they grow more
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confident and cheeky every day. so now we have the perfect report for anyone who is feeling hungry and all serious first tickets and one city we show you with that you can until good food from around the world without ever leaving berlin roughly half a million people in the german capital for an us about four and a half thousand of them are from israel that's where today seth is from he sells us how to make the list is this with a four thousand euro super food from the middle east a. i don't think i've ever felt at home before cancer brillant i think that quite is only sold out of place in israel if you ask me where my home is that also merlin as i said i belong to. god then moshe was born in one thousand nine hundred five in
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tel aviv his parents divorced when he was fifteen. in the same year he began working in a fish factory and soon decided he'd like to train as a chef. got in moshe worked in tel aviv london and chicago before moving to berlin in two thousand and twelve with a view to opening his own restaurant my life revolved around food. where my mom has like the funniest stories about me being three or all the ordering. shrimps field for the restaurant with one sauce yet no kid's meal for me or sitting with the breakfast table it in serious with it with cookbooks like looking at the pictures anything on it basically started reading. i already started cooking. brylin show luxembourg district is an affluent residential neighborhood home to lots of celebrities politicians and diplomats. then
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moshe's restaurant is in a side street on the ground floor of an apartment block from the one nine hundred seventy s. the premises used to house a gym glass opened in twenty thirteen. gavin moshe came up with the interior design himself he wanted to give his eatery the feel of a modern bistro. the kitchen is behind a mirrored screen. target with pre-k. is one of the restaurants signature dishes. israel is a country with many different cultures jewish muslim christian arab african immigrants from eastern europe and the us also live there this diversity is reflected in the cuisine.
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israeli cuisine is a mixture of mediterranean european north american and local arab influences. pre-k. is a cereal made from green durham wheat it contains plenty of minerals so it's considered to be very healthy. traffic is a fallacy in which but it is harvest of the bit early and in order to get it to ripen condition where you can in the book it should it's basically rose said on open flame on charcoals. it's green because it's
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a bit on right and it gets the smoke enough for the charcoal but there's something a bit different for. god then moshe likes to experiment he's a sort of colin airy artist who likes to create new and unusual dishes. mushrooms herbs and smoke mixed in a jar he calls this dish the forest in a glass he got the idea while walking through the woods. then moshe gets his inspiration where ever he can he sees himself as a chef who blends the modern with the traditional. versatile in his own we surround ourselves with food and restaurants and it's. called and i think it's very important cultural thing probably to savor it for with entertainment. at glass
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there is no cart instead diners get to choose from two menus one with five courses and the other with seven. gavin moesha creates a new menu every month and serves up his colon area delights five days a week.


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