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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 5:03am-5:16am CEST

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capital nairobi with pity using tear gas to break up protests opposition demonstrators a demanding electoral reforms ahead of a rerun of a presidential election in two weeks. opposition need to ride out with has pulled out of the election the run and says the poll can't go ahead president kenyatta won the original the election in august but the result was an old future irregularities in the kind in process. firefighters in california have made some progress in containing wildfires that have been center rated entire neighborhoods and killed at least thirty two people seventeen large fires are still burning and to date nearly six thousand homes and businesses in the northern part of the state have been destroyed. authorities are warning residents of the state's wine region to remain vigilant as weather conditions are expected to worsen over the weekend.
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and that it. it's time for business on the w m how you know to get us good to have you with us donald trump's skepticism towards the iran nuclear deal is worrying european leaders the deal enjoys great acceptance in europe because iran is a huge market trade between iran and the e.u. grew ninety four percent in just one year and individual e.u. countries are making efforts to back investments those efforts could now be in danger has the world's number one economy changes its debt. for iran trumps announcement could damage its economy the country's exports more than quadrupled following the end of economic sanctions exports to europe more than tripled in twenty sixteen and there are a lot of companies especially in transportation and construction have benefited
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from the deal. that she's made in this factory for example is being cut using machines made in bavaria multi-block is just one of many german companies benefiting from trade with iran exports from germany to iran rose twenty six percent in two thousand and sixteen according to german industry lobby b.t.i. in the first quarter of this year exports grew even more forty percent compared to last year q one. so plans by the u.s. to renegotiate the iran deal being watched closely by investors and the german government we have a great interest in the continuation of this international unity if one country an important country like the united states comes to a different conclusion as appears to be the case we will work even harder with other partners to maintain this cohesion. many in iran and elsewhere will be
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watching closely to see whether the new us through grand strategy affects the a business interests. and i know someone else who will be watching closely our new york financial correspondent and scott it was joining us now hi it's good to see you again now trump from what we've seen is not pulling out of the deal yet but he is getting one step closer to pulling out what does this mean for companies planning on doing business with iran like boeing for example. well of companies to make investment decisions what they do not want is uncertainty but that's exactly what those remarks from the us president bringing and if you talk about boeing in general after the sanctions against iran got lifted it was mostly european companies like french carmaker renault for example who were looking to increase business there with the country it's not that many big u.s. firms going after iran and one big exception is
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a boeing as you mentioned they actually have a deal going with iran to deliver eighty quid mercial jets for a list price of about seventeen billion dollars u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson was out saying that if you got special licenses and boeing did so then those still should be in place as far as we know now but still there was a little bit of pressure building up on the stock price of boiling and at the end we really have to wait and see how this all all plays out still a lot of reports coming in next week we'll be covering them with you thank you very much james carter in new york. he's saying the u.s. washington is hosting be a leader of global finance this weekend two events are coming together the annual conferences of the international monetary fund and the world band plus a meeting of g twenty financial officials the talks started earlier this week and will end on sunday they will allow government officials to condemn except
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executives to discuss global economic trends the i.m.f. forecasts that the global economy will expand by three point six percent earlier we asked our washington bureau spondon cost phenomena if the mood was good considering the i.m.f. stock to miss. yeah absolutely the mood is very good but there was also a certain feeling of wistfulness because this is the last time that the german finance minister is here to meet his colleagues especially in the group of g twenty was of course first among equals in many ways through his authority and experience he has shaped this group also was this year the president of the group and i had a chance to really talk to the french finance minister who told me that everybody in that meeting of the finance ministers was very friendly to work on short and that they were all solidly miss him now the i.m.f.
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has come with a message to this meeting saying tax the rich that's interesting considering that in the host country president trump is pushing for less taxes for the rich. yes the general outlook of both the i.m.f. and the world bank for the world economy are good but both. mr kim said we cannot be complacent we have to look at the fact that there are still some parents and there are problems we have to address a lack of investment another one is equality income inequality and as you said you know here in america we have a trend that goes in another direction and there's another area where also what the f. and the world think are ordering goes against what is happening here and that is the fight against protectionism and again donald trump and his government are trying to
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be more protective of american industry and business causing phenomenon in washington thank you very much for the coverage canada's prime minister just intell door is visiting his counterpart in mexico and drink it in and yet though just ahead of a tense trip to washington where the fourth round of nafta renegotiations began and when state leaders didn't talk about donald trump saying the u.s. might seek bilateral agreements if it's nafta instead both reaffirmed their commitment to a trilateral renegotiation they consider it beneficial to all mankind. in the end i wouldn't take seriously whatever is said during the course of these negotiations. and i wouldn't pay it more attention than what's being said at the negotiating table. from that negotiating table where the agreement we hope to reach will eventually come. we will continue to
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take very seriously the work we do. we don't be walking away from the table based on both ends with ford we will discuss those proposals we will counter those proposals and we will pick seriously these negotiations. japan still giant colby made a shocking new confession this friday we already knew the company had sold steel and copper products with falsified specific ations to customers that built planes cars and trains now it admitted having sold potentially dangerous materials to hundreds of customers and the managers to you about the problem. a gesture of humility as it emerged the falsifying of product quality certificates had coby steel had gone much further than had previously been disclosed you know well. right now our top priority is to find out the cause to take preventive measures and to examine whether or how our inadequate products have affected our users. i plan to
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put all my energy into this effort come into. account was psaki said the company had uncovered nine more types of products whose inspections had been faked or manipulated more than five hundred customers were affected among them boeing which used coby steel with fake quality certification in airliner fuselages these latest problems were discovered with shipments of more than eleven thousand tons of steel copper and aluminum products the quality cheating wasn't limited to one location but found in products made by cobie and its affiliates in japan china malaysia and thailand. coby admitted some cases had been discovered much earlier and discussed at board meetings but not made public. the problems disclosed by japan's third largest steelmaker are just the latest in a slew of corporate scandals that have shaken the country and dented its reputation
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for top quality manufacturing. the italian government is offering an additional three hundred fifty five million dollars in credit to help keep afloat in may this year italy's largest airline received more than seven hundred million credit from the government after it declared bankruptcy the latest loan is intended to keep the airline afloat until a new buyer can be found germany's lufthansa is said to be among the interested parties and bankrupt german airline air berlin is operating its last flights this month and we now know that it will be taken over to a large extent precisely by love tens of as the future of air berlin planes and landing rights is clear employees face an uncertain future. eberling pilot on a voice is on his way to the security area of berlin stiegel airport he has flown for the airline for eleven years as an employee a representative he supports his colleagues and knows many of them are worried he
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is concerned himself but friends and relatives have little sympathy they think lufthansa will take on most of the employees. as it might as well be him because that's always the problem you hear oh well you still have a job or there's worse things than going to look tons of but that's not the case no worker will simply move over to move tons of first they work for a year away that means low salaries and if you shop in if you will decide who can stay and who can go. on of it and also so. far it is afraid those who don't make it a lot of times as you're a wing subsidiary in austria will face a tough choice. since in each all the other jobs are in foreign countries like india or china or you have to talk it through with your family a family that the suddenly changes everything. but it could all turn out differently anyway ryan air and other former a bit of want to appeal to european courts they are convinced tons i was unlawfully
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favored for the deal antitrust authorities have also shown concern they fear tons i will have a monopoly on certain routes what's ahead is a cliffhanger and no matter how it ends the employees will lose the battle. that's all for the w. business thank you very much for joining us see you next time good buy.


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