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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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day after day jungle tong sand pops said white moscow. all that bad must go. like most of the young people here he comes from a wealthy family. in china only the well off send their children to these fitness camps and yet it's parents and especially grandparents who are a large part of the obesity problem. d.w. . good job of africa. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions for more news and visit our website to debutantes much for joining us on facebook at g.w. africa. welcome
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to global three thousand this week we head to brazil to meet a homeless family man just one of the many victims of the national financial crisis . in china even is it a weight loss camp dedicated to helping children and young people shed some pounds . and in bangladesh a young german entrepreneur is bringing light to remote areas. is the brics countries brazil russia india china and south africa was seen as key players in the next phase of globalization their economies will. booming and their
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populations are becoming more affluent she fighting many out of poverty but in two thousand and seventeen things look very different indias and chinas economies continue to grow the others have fallen behind brazil in particular is in deep crisis. many brazilians around to work by mid two thousand and seventeen the number of unemployed reached fourteen million that's more than ever before. central rio just after four a.m. . these people are called sound tayo to us all those without a roof they have never been so many. juice on to a lovera d.s. is one of at least twenty thousand homeless people here for thirty years he worked as an unskilled laborer but he lost his job last december without work he lost his home and didn't receive a penny from the state josiah's greatest fear is that the authorities will now take his four year old daughter away from him that's why the child and her mother helen
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stay with a friend as often as they can but there's no room for the family has been torn apart both parents bring their daughter to nursery school in the morning in their old neighborhood. how am i supposed to rent a flat it's far too expensive what i earn on the street isn't enough for housing or even food. it's really very sad that we can't be together as a family. with him on the street and me and my daughter living apart from him. at the nursery school they act as if everything is normal they don't want anyone has to find out they've become homeless. at seven am shows some begins his day he walks fifteen or twenty kilometers looking for any work. the state doesn't even provide him with bus tickets let alone a meal. that's left to charitable citizens who sometimes come by with breakfast
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like here in the flamingo course not far from the atlantic coast. to give him water juice a sandwich and coffee. these people do a great service it's wonderful i like coming here and this coffee is important to me. around three hundred homeless people have come here today. for most of their troubles began just last year. one. thousand appears everything was fine up until the olympics there were enough jobs but after the games it all fell apart we were completely caught up in the crisis and it's getting worse. not only has been cut the security situation in brazil is also deteriorating especially in. violence has returned during the world cup in the olympics the favelas were pacified with
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a huge police presence now it's worse than before. so far this year about twice as many police officers have been killed in last year alone. there's no more security because social justice has crumbled around the severe poverty it's almost pointless to fight against it for example when a father with two or three children goes hungry for five months that's sick and it's wrong there's no decent health care system and on top of that there's high unemployment some people earn millions while others have nothing. by early afternoon joe so is tired of waiting for someone to offer him a job. he says it won't happen anyway. so the former labor heads to the shops looking door to door. he says he'll do anything clean wash dishes deliver messages work in a stock room. such it's so hard there's no work anywhere i knock on
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door after door but so far it's been useless. but what i have just won something will appear. like you are. the hardest work has begun collecting cans in the deep sounds of copacabana beach. a kilogram of aluminum cans is worth about sixty euros sense but winter is a tough season. the government has cut another half a million families off welfare most of them will probably fall into the abyss just like you saw. he meet his family again to him the brief moment spent with his daughter and the most important part of the day. but you see how could i give up the little one needs us just like we need her but she needs us even more. this is the kind of life we lead but thank god we can keep
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going. the little girl. knows that her father has to go away again just like every evening. the short time together was enjoyable and parting is painful. now he turns his attention to the night ahead do so recovers his batting hidden beneath a manhole cover. he's learned a lot of tricks in his first six months on the streets of rio. he cooks with a few friends food bought for a few pennies do so never indulges himself he gives all he has to his wife and daughter. and suddenly noisy celebrations at the church across the street. it's a magical moment he can only stare up in amazement as if the fireworks had been intended for him. after all he deserves it.
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around two point two billion people around the world are obese that's nearly a third of the global population and it's not just adults in two thousand and fifteen an estimated one hundred seven million children who are overweight the main cause is diet fast food with too much fat and sugar. the lead down when it comes to obesity is the usa but others are catching up including china that as a result of increased affluence people a piling on the pounds. toiling on the treadmill. tong is just eleven but already weighs eighty kilos. his parents have sent him to this weight loss camp for the summer. for almost two months he'll spend every day working up a sweat hoping to lose thirty kilos. he retires. i have
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to i have to lose weight for school because if i want to good grade point average i need better marks in sports class but i think. this kind of reasoning makes sense in a country where competition is at the core of the educational system it's a motivator for most of the boys here. some girls say they're also here to improve their looks others have no personal incentive at all. it's my parents who worried i'm getting too fat. and that's why they sent me here. most of the campus of ponce here because their parents stepped in but ironically camp organizers say it's the parents and grandparents who are largely responsible for the problem.
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most here come from well off families the parents are often very busy so usually the grandparents look after the children and because they survive famine it's important to them that the children are never hungry. on the contrary they are spoilt neisha grow big and strong and not leads to many children getting fat that they're not a mature her father said you know what i get on the table. obesity has been on the rise in china for years almost one in three adults is overweight. beijing university and unicef have just published new figures on childhood obesity they found that twelve percent of children between the ages of seven and twelve overweight. they say that if nothing is done now by twenty thirty that figure will more than double. the
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weight loss camp is try. to do something about these developments mainly through exercise but also by changing eating habits less meat and lots of vegetables. eleven year old john yoo tom generally doesn't right but he says the food at home is better there's a lot more meat in fact there's hardly any meal without meat to how you may not have. a. twenty three year old young is very self critical. i didn't eat healthfully at home. much to it regularly actually whenever i was hungry here there were just three meals a day and that's good. the battle against the killers is also often an internal struggle. of course sometimes children try to smuggle in extra food not because they're hungry but because their bad habits are
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so strong that's why we have surveillance cameras everywhere and there are always instructors on site. changing bad habits that's also the goal of the exercise program four to six hours a day and only sunday afternoons are free. leon has been following this intense shadow for three weeks now. the trainer asks how many she can do the young answers about twenty. she's among those who are here on their own initiative she has just completed her studies and wants to look for a job but first she needs to lose thirty kilos she says in order to improve her chances she's already lost seventeen. i think i'm too fat i can't buy any nice clothes and. i also have health issues. here health problems are indeed on the rise in china experts have been warning for
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years that obesity set. injury lifestyles and poor eating habits will all contribute to higher rates of heart attacks and strokes however it seems that not everyone has understood that obesity endangers much more than just great advantages at school. you can see for yourself immediately who is motivated and who isn't of course there are differences this boy for instance is very motivated the one behind i'm not so much. did you take. this kind of effort isn't likely to see long term success even if his parents shelled out the equivalent of three and a half thousand euros for the twelve week program. even if the kids and teens understand the dangers of obesity when camp is over they're back at home eating
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with their families and so far virtually no one in china is teaching parents about healthy habits. and now in global snack we head to the island of france a pain to check out a local delicacy. principle a is an island off the west coast of africa close to the equator it's the smaller of the two main islands of the nation of south torme and principal and it's home to about eight thousand people the main language is portuguese it's monday morning and preparations are underway for lunch. judit alphonso known as donna to take his cooking the speciality of the day. fish do
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you. five kilos of fresh fish have to be scaled gutted and cut into pieces. is the main vegetable in the stew it's also known as african eggplant. the other ingredients onions tomatoes and coriander. and more slowly it's. those are the leaves of the tree donna says they add a lot of flavor and they're said to be good for the digestion donna to take open beram are twenty years ago she started out cooking at home. the recipe also calls for red palm oil on principle almost everything is cooked with it.
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how do they taste and sour novi and the fish later so it doesn't get too soft we cook the fish separately and add it to the still want to try most on. the stews eaten with rice beram our has become a very popular lunch place. more this juice turned yellow that's the problem or oil each portion has two pieces of fish. it's lunch time and the restaurant is filling up a portion of fish stew plus dessert cost the equivalent of three euros fifty. dollars and the lord of the monk i was very tasty. it's a traditional dish and she makes it every monday. during exhausting weekend we come every monday and the still gives us renewed energy. it's famous right
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there from absolutely donna to taste who is the best to follow. that's why the mocha always sells out but donna today also has a few snacks for the children to eat as they head home from school. oh more and. more. bangladesh is a densely populated country and yet around seventeen million people that are still not connected to the national grid so many attending to so instead now a german startup wants to enable those who can't afford solar panels to eliminate the homes to all reports and money on who to travel to a village where everyone will soon benefit from solar power thanks to the new technology. is this enough. these cables are in great demand the national
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electricity grid in bangladesh doesn't extend to the island of bali on the bay of bengal. many vendors at the market here have solar panels. a company called sole sharing wants to network these individual units to create a local grid that will supply the entire market of the village of mullah baradar. we need to find out where the dance. stones are installed and then only possible to make it. so yes. many of things and physicality of the technological set up then of course they can be ok for the business owners here a local many grade would have a lot of advantages they'd be able to connect their solar units to the grid and sell any excess electricity or buy a lecture city from
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a neighbor the company has developed an electricity meter that enables peer to peer electricity trading in a smart grid system. called a soul box it also helps local businessmen expand their operation. for example the local barber. i don't mind but i don't know i can stay open when it gets dark. but i need an electric head trauma so i can serve even more customers and feel good and if you go look i'm going to cut my apple but. soon one hundred fifty businesses will be connected to the peer to peer grid but the potential market is even bigger than that. bangladesh has the most private solar systems of anywhere in the world more than four million of them.
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the sole box is manufactured in bangladesh the startup isn't turning a profit yet but it's one of our major supporters including the asian development bank and germany's g.r.i.z. development agency the boss about is german and a former investment banker. we're going to make it what it hasn't always been here we started out in stanford california and then moved to berlin but that wasn't the right fit this is where we had a breakthrough. when you make something and then see it being used right away at the very same location and see what people are doing with it but it works it's twice as nice because you can see what you've accomplished. a growth company is now based in dhaka he's learned how businesses operate in bangladesh and learned enough bengali to get by day to day.
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to. the problem is that people or companies that feed energy into bangladesh as national grid aren't paid for that surplus power with national elections due late next year that's not likely to change the government is also promoting the use of nuclear power. not much is happening on the traffic front either. everything's close together here the distances on that great bangladesh is just right for the trim ability. so share is also planning another pilot project. this one will offer solar charging stations for the battery rickshaw drivers in the country. there are about eight hundred thousand of them. the plan is to have local micro-grid sell their excess energy to the charging stations which.
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unified. on to teach us the state of gold is to help develop in rural areas energy trading is already helping with that and it's helped boost efficiency local people are trading energy and allocation is improving but we also need to bring money from outside into the villages where the rickshaw drivers come into the villages they bring entirely new opportunities for development with them you know just understand it off i'm going to come here and i'm going to. bangladesh is one of the world's poorest countries more than one thousand rivers make developing infrastructure difficult. we're back on roundabout the island which is only accessible by ferry. on the miami heat next to roads utility poles are lying on the ground unused. it's a common sight seventeen million households are too isolated to be connected to the
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national grid. in the village of mahler bazaar the shops are open late into the evening thanks in part to the new local energy grid. and don't forget to check out our facebook page. society there you'll find more on other topics we think are important. and you can meet. people from all over the world who now live in but what do they like about the city today we hear from and he chunk from hong kong label society follow us.
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stock skate board i was fifteen sixteen actually one day i found the skate board someone left to get their skateboard on his skateboard on in a cafe and. picked up. his skate boarding it's really more than a school it's really a lifestyle that i've been skiing for so long and from cities to see these. i think the skateboarding community it's fairly small so once you know one person that you kind of like get to know another person very easily and i think very creative and also once you escape it i do believe that you look at the well completely different . i don't.
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know. but. i was born hong kong and then i went to the straight and once fifteen day i did two years of working holiday troubling you. i design future products such as. what efficacious and mobile applications helping people to. do what they want to do with that patients. to compare the other places that live in billings a very special place has a pretty good balance of. you know you have your life life and work. and it's such an. amazing cd that you know with so many open minded
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people here it just has a long way which it just. so much and it's. it's it's it's incredible. next program we meet some animals who love the snow life sloths. the habitat of these men a creature as is being threatened by deforestation. that sold from three thousand base make thanks for joining us take cattle and see you safe.
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gone without a trace. with the forced into prostitution or the drugs trade. thousands of unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared. where could they be and who's been looking for the. lost children thirty thousand minus missing in fifteen minutes. eccentric. fifty. miles. the combo capital of. fame fortune one class could be here karaoke concerts. and of course the most visited germany co-located to
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join us in this unique city. sixty minutes. mia's son mia where does it come from the month of two is of. starting october fifteenth on w and online nationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a road trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what this nation mean to you. the serious stories join the conversation on to w. unto itself on facebook. it tells us stirring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry.
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