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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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because i see various have said. i should honest when i've only said what i thought of going on with him funding. point zero point zero can see it gets us into say i said. you got the news coming to a lawyer from berlin it is almost three out bound to take a hard turn to the right elections set to start it in just hours or expect to see an anti immigration coalition take power will take a look at how front runner sebastian course has capitalized on
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a hardline into immigration sentiment also coming out thousands of californians flee their homes as wildfires spread consuming an area the size of berlin plus. the motion picture academy expels negative producer harvey weinstein multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment and assault. and they're all harming welcome to the show thanks for joining us voting in austria as national election kicks off in just a few hours and if the polls are to be believed the country is about to take a hard turn to the right polling suggests the election is likely to result in a coalition government between austria's conservatives and a far right populist party order security and refugee policy have been hot button issues in the run up to the vote. it's the party's final push to get
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undecided voters on their side and around one in six haven't yet made up their mind . according to the polls the conservative people's party candidate sebastian quotes is the clear favorite. i list will do everything to lower the tax burden on working people so that austrians on small to medium incomes have more money to live on. less clear guess who will come second it could be the hard right freedom party at an election rally in vienna its leader. warren photos of a repeat of the current santa left coalition. this depression with the film and it's the same old story when they smell power the social democrats in the people's party always end up colluding go see a movie that's what some. but the social democrats say the real danger is an alliance between the conservatives and the far right populists. they want to right
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wing austria that will put a stop to that and i'll tell you why we are not impressed we'll stand against them . that is a third option at least in theory a coalition between the social democrats and the far right this time them already runs the government of one austrian region. or reporter says all the story and he joins me now from vienna close thanks for being with us sebastian cortes is thirty one years old is the runaway favorite to become the next austrian chelsea or what can the rest of the world expect from a chancellor courts. but if you were is left you're open to more national policies he's dealing with everything he talked about so we're going to complain the fall move when i came on i must point did and obviously he convinced voters here with her that the pressure proceeded to form
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a new style in four to see the new party at all in this to be a more widely but even before he was part of two government between peoples party and socialist already for seven years in a row he stopped his career seven years ago and the secretary clinton gratian he obviously convinced people he is a new guy on the block all right he's young he's charismatic it sounds like you've convinced voters but how likely is it that the far right freedom party is going to be joining close in government. in the end opiates these days depends on the outcome at the end of this sunday but most probably an attempt to hand his freedom party would get into the cause that second then then they would form a quarter of the people's party as there are approach to refugee to radicalism likewise the little bit different in the pro to europe but both parties feel if
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europe is necessary but keep in mind that the temp is allied with money and depends on the. view the from the president then to cooperate to say and if the and as a treaty right wing extremist. we will be cautious here because we know the polls have been wrong in the past but if the polls are anything to go by it does look like austria is set to swing to the right what's driving that is it just the refugee issue or is there something else going on twelve. it's time for the refugee issue we've got the issue of heretical islam and the christians in austria getting boy they had both members of the council and likewise you have seen it in the campaign there is a frightening situation bring them to the mall i think poppy that they would look at their. bad one voting procedure tomorrow in school could just sort of go by that they've gone to the picket been taking since been read before and how it looks who
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are they going to say yeah right. all right so a lot of things look for tomorrow that's called prompters reporting for us indiana thanks very much preparations are also underway for regional elections in the german state of lower saxony coming three weeks after national elections are seen as an important barometer of voter sentiment as germany's parties try to form a government it's expected to be a tight race opinion polls for the christian democrats that's. slightly ahead the social democrats are close behind the far right alternative for germany party is expected to secure just seven percent of the vote despite coming in third in national elections. well turkish asylum seekers in germany have accused the federal migration office of illegally handing over their information to turkish media that's according to the german news magazine one asylum seeker who wants to keep his identity a secret said his personal information had been published online by turkish media
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with ties to the country's security service. on friday u.s. president doll trump announced he would decertified the iran nuclear deal which provided iran was sanction relief in exchange for stricter controls once nuclear program reactions were swift israel welcomed the decision with benjamin netanyahu calling it a courageous step the response from other world leaders though has been less enthusiastic this deal was negotiated among six nations plus iran and it took more than a decade to hammer out what was finally signed in twenty fifteen it was hailed widely as a landmark achievement in modern diplomacy. there was dancing in the streets of the iranian capital tehran when the agreement was finally reached after the mess of effort that went into securing the deal to control iran's nuclear program those who'd been instrumental in the negotiations reacted strongly to trump's announcement. well then two years ago exactly in july twenty fifteen
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the entire international community welcomed the result of twelve years of intense negotiations on the iranian nuclear program one hundred and four pages full of technical details. the joint compressive club in action would disappear way it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it german foreign minister gabriele said scrapping the treaty would send a quote dangerous signal in the show to do it in the next few weeks we'll do everything in our power to persuade u.s. congress to uphold the agreement and to discuss how we can change iran's behavior in other areas of middle east politics we believe the agreement must be preserved. for the. iranian president hassan rouhani said his country will continue to respect
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the nuclear deal in spite of trump's quote insults in a speech on state television rouhani said the agreement was much stronger than trump thinks the more you know if we will continue to cooperate with the international atomic energy agency in the framework of international treaties but if someday our interests are not realized and other parties want to violate their commitments they should be aware that iran will not his aetate a moment and will respond to them. hard that they want to hot dog whether congress will make the changes trump wants remains to be seen it would seem that much of his bluster is for domestic consumption after weeks of divisions within the republican party and infighting among his aides the president is trying to reassert his campaign priorities and play to his support base. now to
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some of the other stories that are making news around the world the u.s. led coalition that's fighting the so-called islamic state says they've struck a deal to allow most remaining honest fighters to leave the syrian city of raka it's been feared the jihad is would use civilians as human shields during the withdrawal coalition forces have now captured more than eighty percent of rocca once i asked as defacto capital. a truck bomb explosion has killed at least twenty people in the somali capital mogadishu police said the blast happened as security forces were trailing the truck there's been no claim of responsibility but the islamist al shabaab group has carried out similar bombings in mogadishu in the past. four people have died after a cargo plane crash in the sea off ivory coast the aircraft was chartered by the french military and it crashed shortly after taking off from the international airport the four dead were all moldovan citizens four french nationals were among
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the injured. in the u.s. state of california rising winds are fanning wildfires that have killed at least thirty eight people and forced thousands to flee their homes the blazes have been burning for a week now and they're still growing. the wind makes fighting the flames even more difficult fire crews have been working tirelessly to bring the blazes under control but many of the biggest fires have not yet been contained authorities say high winds and dry conditions mean residents should remain on high alert through. i really want to impress upon people's please stay out of the effects of those stand of the burned areas it still looks really dangerous. most of the victims have been out early residents who did not evacuate in time in sonoma county one of the hardest hit regions authorities are still searching for those missing. are high probability or it will be a bedroom so if we got in apply the bedrooms first all sorts of bedrooms and then
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a work away out towards the house about ninety thousand hectares of land of being consumed by the flames since last sunday among the ashes the remains of this winery and sent to rosa so we lost pretty much the whole entire twenty seven thousand vintage of more than five thousand seven hundred houses have also been destroyed leaving many homeless but just heartbreaking it's just with happened so fast and there's nothing you could do and it may know it's the f.b.i. as a full cost as a predicting high temperatures and strong winds in the coming days. and cademy of motion pictures is expelled producer harvey weinstein that's after multiple women came forward to accuse him of rape and sexual harassment some of them big name stars. how quickly he has fallen harvey weinstein was hollywood's golden producer and i list a who mixed with america's top celebrities membership of the oscars academy is a seal of approval from the hollywood elite the decision to expel him was highly
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unusual. but the allegations against harvey weinstein are extremely grave act to ashley judd accused him of sexual harassment then others like rose mcgowan broke their silence she accused him of writing here now which of those being broken more and more female actors is supporting those who speak out against sleazy hollywood buses. and you know what i mean for the women to stand up and say no honey that's not the way it's very beautiful because all those young girls who would have thought that's the way are now instead of like walking into that room thinking it's the only way about to sell their souls to the devil they can stand up and say no loser weinstein denies allegations of non consensual sex and says he's checked into rehab he's been sacked as boss of the one sting production company and now his exclusion from the academy of motion pictures and sciences seals his fall from the heights of hollywood. well turning to some sports news in sailing team out for i
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have won the first point scoring a bend of the season's volvo ocean race off the coast of spain their boat took the lead early on and never looked back they finished more than a minute faster than their closest challenger dongfeng race team the main competition of the ball the ocean race begins october twenty second was both racing between twelve cities nationwide. and don't worry we haven't forgotten about the want to sligo all of saturday's goals are coming up after the break in our bundesliga show with chris harrington heritage rowland's game was noteworthy for the players newly in solidarity with us for teams players got in on the act before their encounter was shaka and they applauded by the home crowd in berlin and i felt players in the us have been protesting police brutality against african-americans something that's angered donald trump who believes there disrespecting the anthem
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and the flag. our minds are of our headline this our austrians head to the polls in just a few hours and we're expecting an anti immigration coalition to take our polls so the election is likely to result in a government between conservative and far right populist party. you're watching the news live from berlin wall at the top of the hour i'm sarah harman thanks for watching.


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