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you're going to stick to this for a long time and there's something you don't we'd like them it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founders only starting october twenty third on d w. this is date every news coming to wire from berlin that is all story about to take a horn turn to the right elections begin in just a few hours and we're expecting to see and again see immigration coalition take power we'll take a look at how a hardline stance has helped front runner sebastian cortes snap up support also
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coming up the motion picture academy expels mega producer harvey weinstein multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment and assault. and thousands of californians flee their homes and wildfires spread consuming an area the size of farmland. and sarah harmer welcome to the show thanks for joining us. voting in austria is national elections begins in just a few hours and if the polls are to be believed the country is about to take a hard turn to the right the polling suggests that this election is likely to result in a coalition government between austria's conservatives and the far right populist party border security and refugee problems they have both been hot button issues in the run up to this vote. it's the party's final push to get undecided
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voters on their side and around one in six haven't yet made up their mind. according to the polls the conservative people's party candidate sebastian quotes is the clear favorite. i list will do everything to lower the tax burden on working people so that austrians on small to medium incomes have more money to live on somebody. less clear those who will come second it could be the hard right freedom party at an election rally in fianna it's leader heinz christiane is just one photos of a repeat of the current santa left coalition. this depression with the film and it's the same old story when they smell power the social democrats in the people's party always end up colluding to go see a movie that's what some. but the social democrats say the real danger is an alliance between the conservatives and the far right populists. they want to right
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wing austria that will put a stop to that and i'll tell you why we are not impressed we will stand against them. that is a sad option at least in theory a coalition between the social democrats and the far right this time to more ready runs the government of one austrian region. to our reporter calls prosperous is on the story and he joins me now on the line from vienna qualifies for being with us sebastian choruses thirty one years old is the runaway favorite to become the next austrian chancellor what can your rest of the world expect from a chancellor court. but if you were is less you're open to more national policies dealing with everything we talk about so we're going to contain the farm and move when i came on i must point did and obviously you convince voters here represent the pressure proceeded to form
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a new style info to see the new party at all and it's going to be a more widely. before though he will path of two government between people and socialist call ready for seven years in a row he's got to to his career seven years ago as and the secretary clinton gratian he's obviously convince people that he is the new guy on the block all right he's young he's charismatic it sounds like you convince voters but how likely is it that the far right freedom party is going to be joining chorus in government soon. in the end opiates these days depends on the outcome at the end up this sunday but most probably an attempt to treat him popular get into as a cause that second and then according to the people party then or approach to record gene pool radicalism likewise you need a bit different in the approach to europe but both parties feel less europe is necessary but keep in mind depends on how it is allied with money depends on the.
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view the from the president then to cooperate to set and if the and as a treaty right wing extremist. we will be cautious here because we know the polls have been wrong in the past but if the polls are anything to go by it does look like austria is set to swing to the right what's driving that is it just the refugee issue or is there something else going on well it's time to leave the refugee is to leave the issue of radical islam and the christians in austria afraid of getting more and more. and muslims into the country and the like why we have seen it in the campaign there are just frightening situation brings them to the mall why it's being parties and save it it's looking there tomorrow i expect one mall voting procedure tomorrow in spoke citizens who vote but they want to begin taking aim in twenty twenty four in town and that's who i'm with you say yes to.
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all right a lot of things look for tomorrow that calls from paris reporting for us indiana thanks very much. well preparations are also underway for regional elections the german state of lower saxony they come three weeks after national elections and they're being watched as an important barometer of voter sentiment as germany's parties try to form a coalition government it's expected to be a tight race all pinholes with the christian democrats of chancellor angela merkel's party slightly ahead in the lower saxony social democrats are close behind and the far right alternative for germany is expected to take about seven percent of the vote that's despite coming in third in the national elections. a turkish asylum seekers here in germany have accused the federal migration office of illegally handing over their information to turkish media that's according to a report in the german news magazine should be legal one asylum seeker who wants to keep his identity secret said his personal information was published online by
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turkish media toys to the country's secret service the economy of motion pictures has voted to expel producer harvey weinstein and after multiple women came forward to accuse him of rape and sexual harassment some of them big name stars. how quickly he has fallen harvey weinstein was hollywood's golden producer and i list a who mixed with america's top celebrities membership of the oscars academy is a seal of approval from the hollywood elite the decision to expel him was highly unusual. but the allegations against harvey weinstein are extremely grave act to ashley judd accused him of sexual harassment then others like rose mcgowan broke their silence she accused him of raping her now only to boost being broken more and more female actors is supporting those who speak out against sleazy hollywood buses . and you know what i mean for the women to stand up and say no honey that's not
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the way it's very beautiful because all those young girls who would have thought that's the way are now instead of like walking into that room thinking it's the only way about to sell their souls to the devil they can stand up and say no loser weinstein denies allegations of known consensual sex and says he's checked into rehab he's been sacked as boss of the one sting production company and now his exclusion from the academy of motion pictures and sciences seals his fall from the heights of hollywood. is looking for stories that are making headlines around the globe the u.s. led coalition fighting the so-called islamic state says they've struck a deal our most remaining only aspires to live a syrian city a rock up its fear that you haunt us for the new civilians as human shields during the withdrawal coalition forces have now hampshire more than eighty percent of raka a city that was once the de facto capital as long stay. a truck bomb explosion has
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killed at least fifty people in the somali capital mogadishu police say the blast happened as security forces were trailing the truck there's been no claim of responsibility but the is the most militant group al-shabaab has carried out similar bombings in mogadishu in the past. four people have died at her cargo plane crashed into the sea on ivory coast the aircraft was chartered by the french military and it crashed shortly after taking off from the international airport the four dead were all moldovan citizens four french nationals were also injured. a couple freed from captivity in afghanistan have returned to camp it with three of their children canadian joshua boyle and his american wife caitlin coleman were held hostage by the taliban linked to conny network the extremists kidnapped them during a backpacking trip in afghanistan in two thousand and twelve they were freed by
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pakistani soldiers earlier this week. when the u.s. state of california rising wildfires are killing people thirty eight people so far and many more forced to flee their homes the blazes have been burning for a week now and they're still growing. the wind makes fighting the flames even more difficult fire crews have been working tirelessly to bring the blazes under control but many of the biggest fires have not yet been contained authorities say high winds and dry conditions mean residents should remain on high alert through i really want to impress upon peoples please stay out of the you that those stand of the burned areas it's still extremely dangerous. most of the victims have been elderly residents who did not evacuate in time in sonoma county one of the hardest hit regions authorities are still searching for those missing. are high
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probability or it will be a bedroom so if we got to apply the bedrooms first all sorts of bedrooms and then a work away out towards the house about ninety thousand hectares of land of being consumed by the flames since last sunday among the ashes the remains of this winery and sent to rosa so we lost pretty much the whole entire twenty seven thousand vintage more than five thousand seven hundred houses have also been destroyed leaving many homeless but just heartbreaking it's just with happened so fast and there's nothing you could do and it may know it's the f.b.i. was a full cost as a predicting high temperatures and strong winds in the coming days. but the united nations has officially ended its mission to haiti after thirteen years the mission was deployed after the departure of the country's president but it has a lot of critics including some one that for a major health epidemic the united nations officially withdrew from haiti in early october this year their mission began in two thousand and four when the country was
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teetering on the brink of civil war its head says she's happy with what's been achieved. overrule the contribution that the mission has needed to stabilize a ship of the country speaks for itself but the mission has also come under considerable criticism many say it was responsible for one of the worst cholera outbreaks in modern times it's believed the two thousand and ten epidemic started here at this camp where nepalese un peacekeepers were based role sewerage from the camps made its way into nearby rivers from venice the disease spread across the entire country. ten thousand people died nine hundred thousand were infected. i'm still suffering i have nothing left my children died from cholera. numerous haitians have also come forward accusing un troops of the sexual abuse of women and
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minus the mission is left behind a troubling legacy in haiti despite making a major contribution to the rescue and reconstruction efforts after the devastating earthquake of two thousand and ten and the violent demonstrations taking place almost every day suggest the country is still far from stable. well turning some sailing news now team asked for i have won the first point scoring about the. ocean race off the coast of our country and spain the bowler took the lead early on and they never looked back it's in this rules in a minute faster than the closest challenger john fund race team the main competition of all the russian race begins on twelve or twenty second with boats racing between twelve cities want. staying with the sea and in self western france the world's top surfers took to the waves in the world surf league one of them was a hawaiian called john john and he wowed the crowd with his acrobatic turns take
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a look at these three sixty's there one of the most complex moves in surfing and his near perfect performance could help john john move back to world number one that's where he finished last year. too. all right don't worry we haven't forgotten about the bundesliga we've got all of saturday's goals coming up after the break in our business leaders show hosted by chris harrington her berlin's game was no were they for its players kneeling is somewhat parity with u.s. sports teams the heads of players got in on the act before their encounter was shaka and they were applauded by the home crowd here in berlin and i felt players in the west have been protesting against police abuse of african-americans and that's angered president donald trump who believes there disrespecting the flag and the national anthem. quick reminder of our headlines this hour hollywood's academy
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of motion pictures is expelled star producer harvey weinstein after a lot of women came forward accusing him of rape and sexual harassment. and austrians begin voting in national elections in just a few hours time polling shows an anti immigration coalition is likely to take power. you're watching t.v. news coming to live from berlin don't forget you can always get the latest news on our web site that's t w dot com and the whole team here thanks for watching have a great weekend. progressed through with a story to devalue the coming.


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