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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 3:03am-3:16am CEST

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as the clear frontrunner the thirty one year old foreign minister has won over voters with promises to clamp down on immigration challenging can search for democrats for second place is the far right freedom party led by heinz christiane. the party is anti immigration anti islam and anti european union and could be kingmaker if a coalition is required to form a new government. at . berlin's take a later port has always been the hub for germany's second largest airline now after its aggressive acquisition strategy went into a tailspin the carrier is bankrupt and left tons it is set to take over its turf after weeks of wrangling germany's number one airline has agreed to buy eighty one
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of air berlin's aircraft and take over three thousand of its staff tons a c.e.o. cost and she was quick to reassure that prices for flights will not increase even though love tons of has effectively swallowed a major competitor. of tons and has a market share of three percent worldwide and fourteen percent in europe where far from being a monopoly our business is one of just a few where prices have come down over the past year i don't think this trend will be up ended by a transaction like this. still many other issues remain unresolved what will happen for example to the many employees that look hands on has no need for they're around five thousand of them and they've now almost lost hope that they'll also be taken on after scores transaction of we're afraid everybody will lose their jobs it's a dramatic situation at the moment we don't know what the solution is whether easyjet is still in the game and what's happening to air berlin's equipment and
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that will all be decided in the coming days but most of the air berlin staff will have to find new jobs. many passengers are also sad to see air berlin go it had a reputation for friendliness and good service and bringing german tourists to sunny destinations at a reasonable price. even if i do think it's sad for passengers first that we're losing our berlin but also because loved ones and now it has to do even less for customers if there's no competition anymore. foreign competitors are also unhappy with the way the deal was struck ryanair and other former bidders for air berlin want to take their case to european courts they're convinced that love tons of received an unfair advantage in clinching the deal. the atmosphere in spain remains on edge its federal government wants to know by monday whether catalonia is withdrawing its vaguely worded declaration of independence opinions are divided in the population and in business.
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use it most a business owner is in downtown barcelona together with thousands of others eager to send a clear signal to the cattle on parliament declare independence but why. the united it's a chance to have a normal country a country that can develop and make use of its resources and pass its own laws that's it. earlier mingle was busy working at the company he set up with partners that supplies chemicals such as enzymes for beer production but while business is good now what will happen if major corporations decide to leave catalonia. in economic terms there will be representatives for spain and europe due to the loss of trust but that was predictable and you know europe was slow to respond to our warnings and they claim we're a prosperous region with
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a high degree of self-determination but for years the people's party in madrid has been rolling back our autonomy. plumbing and listening to the media and it's not just the big banks that are leaving catalonia other companies are considering the move to well known sparkling wine producer fison e. is among them. concussive there because i've proposed to the board that we relocate our h.q. should there be a unilateral declaration of independence. and a is determined to remain in the european union. that's another issue at stake if the autonomous region tries to leave spain on tuesday its government declared independence in principle but left open the question of when it would happen the federal government then reacted with an ultimatum it wants a clear answer for or against spain otherwise it says it will cancel the region's partial autonomy and take further action economists agree on one thing that
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uncertainty about the ultimate status of catalonia will take a heavy toll on the region. let's turn now to the machinery of the premises and other assets will stay out of the work force will too. but what will change is future investment it will disappear because we will no longer be able to give investors legal security access to capital and the european dimension. that it would. still use it maria mingle and millions of his fellow catalogs believe in a better future when they say they can only reach if catalonia is independent of spain. parts that are thinner than they're supposed to be or have characteristics different than those promised japanese steelmaker kobe is under fire for falsifying data and not just on its products sold in japan american car maker g.m. says it's investigating which kobi products may have entered its supply chain. and
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boeing was the first u.s. aeronautics giant to start checking a falsely certified materials or built into its planes around two hundred of the steel producers customers are affected among them nissan subaru mazda honda and toyota the central japan railway company has used some of the products in its cars for its trains as well koby steel senior management has publicly apologized for the problems but that hasn't helped the company's share price it took a nosedive in the wake of the news. this year's nobel prize for economics meant to american behavioral economist richard thaler the nobel committee praised the researcher for bridging the gap between psychology and economics. economists have assumed people act rationally to maximize their wellbeing they lose research looks at the boundaries of that rationality his work
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has shown how insights from this field can help people make better economic decisions. thousands of demonstrators hit the streets in france this week to protest against government plans for cuts in the public sector it was the first time all of the country's major unions closed ranks and demonstrated together a bad omen for president in manuel kong who wants many more sweeping reforms in france including a liberalization of the jobs market. michael and believes that will in the long run lower unemployment and make french firms more competitive. german exports have risen more strongly than they have for a year in august three point one percent more goods were sold abroad than in july more than one hundred billion euros in products in total and the number of goods flowing into the country also rose though not as strongly they were up by one point two percent business was best with other countries in the eurozone but germany's
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strong exports have also brought criticism from trade partners who say it needs to spend more on infrastructure and other domestic projects. joining a growing number of fashion brands gucci announced on thursday that it was doing away with fur in its next collection the italian fashion house is bowing to demands from consumers and animal rights activists who've increased pressure on the sector in recent years to get rid of the farms that produce it. suggests the international monetary fund has upped its economic growth forecast the body now believes the world's economy will grow by three point six percent this year and three point seven percent in twenty eighteen the i.m.f. says the stronger growth is being driven by your roughly russia japan and china on the other hand it's predicting tougher times for the u.s. britain and india can be constructive. the fourth
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round of the nafta trade agreement negotiations has begun during a visit to washington by canadian prime minister justin trudeau u.s. president donald trump emphasized that he could also live without a deal. i said we'll renegotiate and i mean i think justin understands this if we can't make a deal it'll be terminated and that'll be fun because if you well we're going to do well the third partner in the agreement already appears to be preparing for the worst mexico's foreign minister says his country has no interest in a deal that involves thinly disguised protectionism we're going to get it what we can't allow is for a free trade agreement to stop being for free trade and it was that if that doesn't suit mexico we have to be prepared to say no and if necessary to walk out of dialogue and if necessary we'll leave the treaty mexico is bigger than nafta even the powerful american lobbying organization the u.s. chamber of commerce is turning its back we've been patient headed and constructive
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but let me right now be possible and direct there are several several. proposals still on the table that could tire deal. that could mean deep trouble for the economy canada the u.s. and mexico are each other's most important trading partners and for many companies there is no plan b. the nafta agreement is vital for their survival. family vacation at the beach the bay of one sun in north korea is great for bathing if you can live with the occasional rocket launch the otherwise peaceful town kim jong un's summer residence is also the country's most important military staging area. from an outsider's view it
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seems rather unbalanced to launch missiles from a place of being a valid for tourism purposes but it's working for kim jong un's governing process and. john young is spending billions to turn the bay into a tourist area in the one sun special tourist zone foreign investors have already ploughed and one and a half billion u.s. dollars in an area covering around four hundred square kilometers guests have to know what to expect during their visit like when the country's admirals march along the beach to conduct swimming tests in the bay in front of their supreme leader for kim jong un one son is a location with family history his grandfather kim it's on the founder of the country also had a home here tourism and nuclear weapons a combination now seen to symbolize kim jong un's survival strategy. economy structure cannot produce. the tourism
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even though they are. not so great but it is in north korea thames it is easy money. plans to expand or n. place the first ski slopes in the mountains directly behind one sunday have already been completed and to attract a wealthier clientele a golf course is slated to follow currently around five thousand tourists come here every year and that was this week in business. rationalists are on the rise with lloyd to make your contract great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a long trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. to share your story join the conversation here.


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