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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin austria looks set for a swing to the right immigration is a voter's minds today as they head to the polls in national elections thirty one year old sebastian could see could become europe's youngest leader we'll go live to our correspondent for the latest also coming up. are german migration officials
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leaking personal information back to turkey some asylum seekers say their names and addresses have ended up all over turkish media. and a further fall from grace for harvey weinstein following sexual assault allegations the movie mogul is expelled from the academy of motion picture the same body that once gave him an oscar for shakespeare in love. i'm welcome to the program all strands of voting in a national election that could swing the country to the right and pave the way for europe's youngest leader polling stations opened a few years ago and the thirty one year old foreign minister sebastian courts is tipped to become chancellor his people's party has taken a hard line against refugees in the run up to the vote is widely expected to go
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into government with the far right freedom party which has campaigned on an anti immigration anti islam platform. we'll be speaking to our correspondent in the capital vienna in just a moment but first here is how you may gratian has shaped the election. thirty one year old sebastian courts only became leader of the people's party and made since then besides economic reform he's made immigration the cornerstone of his election campaign. we've got the guns and i'm going to strike a very clear path which is going to reduce illegal migration to zero who sets off illegally must be stopped at the border taken care of and sent back it can't be that the traffickers decide who gets through and not we as a republic or the european union. his views echo those of the anti immigrant far right freedom party. indiscriminate mass immigration from outside europe
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naturally islamist terror into the heart of europe seals. and what we have now is that through the many associations structures and mosques there is such a tenacious and dangerous structure that i say ban the radical islamic organizations mosques and kindergartens and expel their members i'm sure. his words have found favor with austrians who fear their country is losing its national identity. even so it could still favorites to be austria's next leader but he'll most likely have to form a coalition with the freedom party. meanwhile incumbent chancellor christian karen leader of the social democrats has become bogged down in internal scandals and accusations against the media something that's only played into the hands of his opponents who have been busy trying to outdo each other on immigration control.
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joining us from vienna is correspondent max huffman masses good to see you so immigration seems to have dominated this campaign and in fact the boston could who won support to taking in more migrants is now calling for a crackdown why is this issue such a big deal in austria. the first reason you have to look at the geographic situation of austria it's been on the front lines of immigration and the general migration crisis in europe for a long time whether people came from syria over the western balkans route or if they come through the mediterranean up italy and so most migrants pass through austria and that must be one of the reasons why this topic resonates so much with austrian voters but if you look at germany same thing there's a there for to many this is a question of cultural identity and that's why the f.b.i. for a long time has chosen this as their main topic and cool it's from the conservative fall pay has done the same thing that also the the short answer to is it seems to
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work with voters to have a fairly hardline course on immigration speaking of hard lines the far right freedom party is why do you expect to enter government of course in a coalition with. how will this be viewed in europe well to be fair you have to say that the f.b.i. has softened his stance on europe that used to be a fairly anti e.u. party back when they were in a coalition almost twenty years ago so they've softened that stance and they will find allies in the european union especially to the east the so-called visa grug group that includes for example poland and hungary and many here talk about maybe austria joining that group that group that says we want our sovereignty we don't want brussels to meddle too much with us of course that opposes them to countries like germany with going to evacuate but at the moment especially with france's president in cologne was high flying plans for the european union to tighten the
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integrity of the european union there might be some trouble there with the new austrian government max hoffman joining us from vienna thank you. preparations are also underway for regional elections in the german state of lower saxony coming three weeks after national elections they're seen as an important parameter of voter sentiment as germany's parties try to form a government it's expected to be a tight race opinion polls put the christian democrats of chancellor angela merkel slightly ahead and the social democrats close behind them the far right alternative for germany party is expected to secure just seven percent of the vote and that's despite coming in third at the national elections. after a failed coup attempt in turkey last year the number of turks sitting asylum here in germany has jumped many are feeling arrest and persecution by president. government now some asylum seekers are accusing germany's migration officials of
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leaking their personal information to turkish media here's more two men don't want to be recognized their former high ranking turkish government officials and they've agreed to meet with a secret location in germany after the coup attempt in turkey they fled here soon afterwards turkish president. accused the men of being terrorists they thought they were safe in germany they've come to realise they may not be. willing to leave the federal office for refugees i needed the help of a translator after the meeting the translator told his colleagues that he had translated for a girl interest some time later a report suddenly appeared in the turkish media with my name my address and details about how i'd applied for asylum in food. i sit in the house when i went to the immigration office no one there was able to translate the official then went out and came back with
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a security employee who translated for me shortly afterwards a report aired on turkish t.v. complete with my address both of the men feared for their lives multiple asylum applications from turkey have told us of similar stories police say they are investigating at least two similar cases to see if applicants are in danger and not without cause as a speech from the turkish president suggests. those that left turkey in the aftermath of the coup attempt should never be allowed to feel safe again you will have to pay for your actions a lawyer and former member of the german parliament men that has been representing numerous turkish asylum seekers his clients of often met adam and supporters inside the german bureaucratic system was a demand on our clients continually inform us that there are not just edouard supporters working at security but also us translators and officials with pivotal roles that is dangerous not just for the applicants and their families but also our
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own asylum laws and as you left the german office for refugee says it is unfamiliar with these cases it does however concede there are some neutrality problems with its translators in twenty seventeen alone fifteen translators have been dismissed. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. backed forces in syria say many fighters for the so-called islamic state have evacuated the city of raka as part of a withdrawal deal they were among the last remaining jihadists defending rocka once i s's defacto capital. polls have opened in venezuela where regional elections are being held voters are choosing twenty three state governors in elections that will test president nicolas maduro popularity polls show opposition candidates could make major gains against the ruling socialists. a truck bomb explosion has killed at least eighty five people in the somali capital
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mogadishu police say the blast took place the security forces were trailing the truck there has been no claim of responsibility but the extremist group has carried out bombings in mogadishu in the past the death toll from california's devastating fires has now risen to forty the blazes have destroyed nearly six thousand homes and hundreds of people are still missing the fires began one week ago in the state's north and are the deadliest in california's history. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has expelled producer harvey weinstein all tipple women have come forward to accuse weinstein of rape and sexual harassment including some big stars. how quickly he has fallen harvey weinstein was hollywood's golden producer and i listed him mixed with america's top celebrities. membership of the oscars academy is a seal of approval from the hollywood
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a late the decision to expel him was highly unusual. but the allegations against harvey weinstein are extremely. acca ashley judd accused him of sexual harassment then others like rose mcgowan broke their silence she kissed him of writing her. now were to be broken more and more female actors a supporting those who speak out against sleazy hollywood bosses. you know what i mean for the women to stand up and say no honey that's not the way it's very beautiful because all those young girls who would have thought that's the way are now instead of like walking into that room thinking it's the only way about to sell their souls to the devil they can stand up and say no loser weinstein denies allegations of nonconsensual sex and says he's checked into rehab he's been sacked as boss of his own production company and now his exclusion from the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences it completes his fall from the heights of
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hollywood. the united nations has officially ended its mission in haiti after thirteen years the mission was deployed after the departure of the country's president but has not achieved its goal of restoring stability and it has many critics including some who blame it for a major health epidemic the united nations officially withdrew from haiti in early october this year the mission began in two thousand and four when the country was teetering on the brink of civil war its head says she's happy with what's been achieved. overrule the contribution that the mission has needed to stabilize ations of the country speaks for itself but the mission has also come under considerable criticism many say it was responsible for one of the worst cholera outbreaks in modern times it's believed the two thousand and ten epidemic started here at this camp where nepalese un peacekeepers were
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based role sewerage from the camps made its way into nearby rivers from there the disease spread across the entire country. ten thousand people died nine hundred thousand were infected. i'm still suffering i have nothing left my children died from cholera. numerous haitians have also come forward accusing un troops of the sexual abuse of women and minus the mission is left behind a troubling legacy in haiti despite making a major contribution to the rescue and reconstruction efforts after the devastating earthquake of two thousand and ten and the violent demonstrations taking place almost every day suggest the country is still far from stable. to hawaii now where the iron man world championship are up top on saturday now this triathlon is one of the most difficult in the world it's said only the toughest survive germany's patrick lang acclaimed top prize despite trailing for nearly half the
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race he was far from the pack in the same event and he was still behind by nearly ten to one metres after the one hundred eighty kilometers of bike legs however he did manage to cut down the deficit to six minutes around the hof waymark and with an astounding five kilometers to go along i hit the gas and charged to victory meanwhile done a life of and won the women's category. in sailing team out for a have won the first point scoring event of this season's volvo ocean race off the coast of a canter in spain their boat took the lead early on and never looked back they finished more than a minute faster than the closest challenger don't find race team the main competition of the volvo ocean race begins on october twenty second with boats racing between twelve cities worldwide. while the argentine capital buenos iris is known for its incredible cafe culture now the city is often even referred to as the
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paris of the south but just how fast is a service hundreds of waiters took part in the country's annual waiters race on saturday the challenge you ask walk as fast as you can without dropping the bottles and glasses on your tray the balancing act was a mile long taking home top honors in the women's category was an oily haul meanwhile the has won the men's race. from news this hour thank you for watching.


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