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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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words and language it brought forth a reclusive nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin austria looks set for a swing to the right and the gratian is on voters' minds today as they head to the polls in national elections thirty one year old sebastian courts could become europe's youngest leader we'll go live to our correspondent for the latest also
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coming up devastation in mogadishu medics are fighting to save hundreds of people as the death toll from the massive bombing soars in the somali capital. and our german migration officials leaking close no information back to turkey some asylum seekers say their names and addresses have ended up all over turkish media. and sarah harman welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. austrians are voting in national elections today that could swing the country to the right and pave the way for europe's youngest later polling stations opened a few hours ago and thirty one year old foreign minister sebastian cortes is tipped to become austria's next chancellor and his people's party has taken a hard line against refugees in the run up to this vote course is widely expected
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to go into government with the far right freedom party which has campaigned on the anti immigration anti islam platform i'll speak to our correspondent in the capital vienna in just a moment but first let's take a look at how immigration has shaped the selection. thirty one year old sebastian could suddenly became leader of the people's party and made since then besides economic reform he's made immigration the cornerstone of his election campaign. i think guns and i'm going to strike a very clear path which is going to reduce illegal migration to zero who sets off illegally must be stopped at the border taken care of and sent back it can't be that the traffickers decide who gets through and not we as a republic or the european union. is views echo those of the anti immigrant far right freedom party. indiscriminate mass immigration from outside europe
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naturally islamist terror into the heart of europe seals. and what we have now is that through the many associations structures and mosques there is such a tenacious and dangerous structure that i say ban the radical islamic organizations mosques and kindergartens and expel their members i'm sure. his words have found favor with austrians who fear their country is losing its national identity. even so could still favorites to be austria's next leader but he'll most likely have to form a coalition with the freedom party. meanwhile incumbent chancellor christian can leader of the social democrats has become bogged down in internal scandals and accusations against the media something that's only played into the hands of his opponents who have been busy trying to outdo each other on immigration control.
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are immigration a big issue in this election let's cross over to vienna where our correspondent max hoffman is on the story for us. max good to see you tell us a little bit more about the issues that are weighing on voters' minds today as they head to the polls you just mentioned immigration is a big topic here and if you look at the geographical situation of austria it's really no surprise it's in the center or at the end of the big migration routes that lead into the huge european union one of them being of course the western balkans route from syria the other one across the mediterranean up to italy and that's why people here are way very worried about this but that's not the only thing you also have to keep in mind that this country has been governor for ten years by a grand coalition between the conservative party and the social democrats the s.p.d. are here and the feeling among many here in austria in vienna is that they really haven't gotten anything done there they don't feel good about this coalition they think they've been meddling along haven't done what they promised to do aren't
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bringing the reforms to the table that they ought to bring to the table so many people vote or we have a feeling that many people are voting against this grand coalition. meanwhile the far right freedom party is widely expected to enter government in a coalition with the conservatives how is that going to be viewed in europe max. well i think one thing is for certain i get a macos course and migration and refugee redistribution in europe will probably not have another country on its side after this if the f.p. or so the right wing populace really are part of the government this means that they will probably be closer to the eastern countries the so-called these are countries hungary poland slovakia the czech republic and less clothes farther away to germany and even france that's trying to shoot for grand reforms in the european union that's not what we'll expect from a cold coalition between the right wing populist and the conservatives here in
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australia but of course we're still on election day have to wait and see what the actual result will be of course we'll have to wait and see but this is the one of australia's longest campaigns what's the feeling there max among the voters. you know this whole campaign was also overshadowed by well some accidents if you could say from the social democrats that have been setting up fake facebook pages against sebastian courts who is expected to be the winner of this election we just saw him in the report thirty one year old conservative and then the whole thing has been very personalized especially for the conservatives that have run the whole campaign basically on two issues on immigration and on sebastián course himself thirty one years old he managed although the conservatives have been in power for many years now to give the party a fresh look something new something credible that people believed that they could actually kick start the country again although they've been in power but he changed
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the colors of the party he changed the profile and basically had one main point for the whole campaign and that's himself at least the polls suggest it is working alright we'll have to find out the saving max hoffman he'll be on the story for us throughout the day for now thanks for your reporting. or original actions are being held in the state of lower saxony today and three weeks after national elections this local vote is being closely watched as a barometer of voter sentiment as germany's parties try to form a coalition government it's expected to be a tight race in lower saxony opinion polls put the party of chancellor angela merkel the christian democrats slightly ahead of the social democrats who are close behind that the far right alternative for germany party is expected to secure about seven percent of the vote that's despite coming in third in the national elections . a devastating attack on the somali capital has left more than one hundred thirty people dead and hundreds more wounded many are fighting for their lives after
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a massive truck bomb blast reduced buildings to rubble their explosion took place in the capital mogadishu on a busy street near key ministries the government has reportedly blamed the al-shabaab extremist group for the attack a second smaller blast also took place and this is medina district adding to the destruction. the first blast tore apart a busy street in central mogadishu. it's it cars on fire and flattened buildings. offices restaurants and kiosks that once stood at this intersection. a popular whose house was reduced to rubble not far from the somali foreign ministry. security forces had been trading this truck when it suddenly blew up locals described the explosion as the most powerful they'd seen. it's really terrible with a heavy heart i would say this is the worst attack i've ever witnessed
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a lot of people died and many properties were lost. this is what's really devastating to know this is that you see before. a lot of buildings disappeared completely became problems. a lot of dead bodies at the scene a little bit bodies i myself only counted more than twenty five bodies on the scene after that there was a second blast. another bomb more date casualties from the second blast in the medina district were brought to a local hospital. some people are now recovering but they lost limbs at this are still fighting for their lives. so. what happened yesterday was incredible i've never seen anything like it. it's impossible to carve the number of dead many bodies were burned so badly that no one could recognize them.
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at the site families was still searching for loved ones among the debris. somalia's president has declared three days of mourning as mogadishu grieves those it has lost. well here's a look now at some other stories that are making news around the world u.s. backed forces in syria say many fighters from the so-called islamic state have evacuated the city of raka as part of a withdrawal deal they were among the last remaining three hardest defending rocka a city that was once as long a state's defacto capital. polls opened in venezuela regional elections are being held voters are choosing twenty three state governors in elections that will test president nicolas maduro popularity polls show off position candidates could make major gains against the ruling socialist. china's high and out of province has
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issued the second highest alert against typhoon qanuni which is expected to make landfall early on monday the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds forcing schools to close flights have also been cancelled and train services suspended the academy of motion pictures has just expelled the disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and assault allegations of rock hollywood an industry that has often looked the other way when confronted by reports of sex abuse. well after a failed coup attempt in turkey last year the number of turks seeking asylum here in germany has jumped many are fleeing arrest and persecution by president raja government now some asylum seekers are accusing germany's migration officials of licking their personal information to the turkish media here's more these two men
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don't want to be recognized the former high ranking turkish government officials and they've agreed to meet with us to secret location in germany after the coup attempt in turkey they fled here soon afterwards turkish president. accused the men of being terrorists they thought they were safe in germany they've come to realise they may not be because i had to intervene at the federal office for refugees i needed the help of a translator after the meeting the translator told his colleagues that he had translated for a good interest some time later a report suddenly appeared in the turkish media with my name my address and details about how i had applied for asylum in food as a soup pot. i sit in the house when i went to the immigration office and no one there was able to translate the official then went out and came back with a security employee who translated for me shortly afterwards a report aired on turkish t.v.
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complete with my address those of the men feared for their lives multiple asylum applications from turkey have told us of similar stories police say they are investigating at least two similar cases to see if applicants are in danger and not without cause as a speech from the turkish president suggests. those that left turkey in the aftermath of the coup attempt should never be allowed to feel safe again you will have to pay for your actions a lawyer and former member of the german parliament has been representing numerous talk issues signed see kids his clients of often met adam and supporters inside the german bureaucratic system was a demand on our clients continually inform us that there are not just edouard supporters working at security but also us translators and officials with pivotal roles that's dangerous not just for the applicants and their families but also our own asylum laws and as you left the german office for refugee says it is unfamiliar
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with these cases it does however concede there are some neutrality problems with its translators in twenty seventeen alone fifteen translators have been dismissed the canadian author and poet margaret atwood has been awarded the twenty seven thousand peace prize the german book trade ceremony was held in the final day of the frankfurt book fair writer is best known for the handmaid's tale novel about a stop in a future and you know states where women are forced into sexual servitude out what has warned of signs of toa tarion ism in the us today. a gift should be returned postponed it's in from us from hand to hand like a book let us hope for a world in which such gifts remain postable let us not close the doors or silence the voices. well to hawaii now where the iron man world championship wrapped up saturday this triathlon is one of the most difficult in the world and
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germany's patrick long acclaimed top prize despite trailing for nearly half the competition he was far from the pack of the swim event and he was still behind at the one hundred eighty kilometer bike like but he managed to cut down the deficit around the halfway mark of the marathon running and with an astounding five kilometers to go long a hit the gas and charge to victory and yellow rife switzerland took the women's category and it's her third straight win in the competition. and that's due to the news you're up to date at this hour i'm sara harmon in berlin thanks for watching. the bible keep it you know we keep buying them they always think they can somewhere right up to the very last second. you'll suddenly.


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