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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d. w. news a live from berlin iraq takes a step closer to civil war celebrations in care cook as a rocky forces seized control of key sites in and around the kurdish held city the operation comes weeks after kurds voted to declare independence from baghdad. also
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coming up scores of people still missing after saturday's powerful truck bomb in the somali capital mogadishu think splosion killed hundreds of people and the death toll may still rise even further. and voters turned right in australia a thirty one year old is poised to become the country's new chancellor at the head of a conservative nationalist government we will take a look at what this could mean for europe. plus the dawn of a new era in astronomy as at hand that is what the physicists say scientists have been discussing the existence of gravitational waves are hundreds of years from now they have proof for the first time that they exist get ready to find out why these waves are so important. and in a t.w. exclusive we will meet a man who is helping the authorities in germany hunt down. for the so-called
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islamic state. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. iraqi government forces have moved into the disputed city of care coke in a bold move to retake land from the kurds thousands of kurds are said to have fled the city tension has been high in the kurdish region following a controversial independence referendum last month kurdish officials have called the iraqi advance an unprovoked attack but non kurdish residents in the city are welcoming the move. celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces rolly and supporters of the iraqi central government couldn't contain their joy after an intense day in which troops return key installations including an oil and gas field and
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a military base. kirk cooke an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and the iraqi government had been under kurdish control since the rocky forces fled an islamic state militants swept through the region in twenty fourteen. it comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from baghdad in a controversial referendum. thousands of kurds fled the city ahead of monday's iraqi advance. assumed you were heading to where bill because the situation is getting worse and the iraqi troops have entered and there's no way we could stay on the run up of the kids were terrified and we were afraid that there would be clashes and mortars would fall on us that's what i'm worried about. prior to the retaking of kirkuk but dunn said it didn't want an armed confrontation but kurdish peshmerga leaders have said the iraqi advancement
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is a declaration of war. let's get more now on the story with corresponded cathy auden she joins us from air bill that is the capital of the semi autonomous kurdish region in iraq and some one hundred kilometers north of kirkuk kathy thanks so much for being with us we just saw images there of people celebrating in the streets what are your sources there on the ground in care cook telling you. hi thanks for having me well it's an really mixed picture that was not even heard kirk so from last night until about mid-afternoon there was clashes ongoing between the iraqi forces between so kind of regular as citizens out on the street with some . i recently spoke with a major with iraqi arabs terrorism voices who said that they had had some negotiations in deals with one of the kurdish factions the u.k. and their peshmerga vosa pulled out all of the five so the danger now is that there
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is a mix. between the kurdish forces and also the possibility. that there caches all just views between them that at the moment boasting in her case that thousands of kurdish residents have fled some arab and turkmen residents out on the street and just a really mixed picture of reactions here and what is quite a haul it home situation a volatile situation also with some complicated dynamics if you could just elaborate on those for us i mean specifically of the government here using the rationale that it's moving in because of the kurdish referendum what really lies behind this offensive. so the kurdish referendum was incredibly controversial i mean as kurds in iraq they do want to be independent others vote ninety three percent said yes they are there and say they are having their own state in the north iraqi that the iraqi government they want to keep the
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territorial integrity of our country and turkey one of the flash points of this conflict there are those that hold of those independents and that kircher is one of the places that both the kurdish government and the iraqi government claim and partly as a result there was no oil seals of that same story reveals around. and it's famous for this you know the the money the baghdad government wants right now and the central command the close can to stand would like to the independence and then what about oil money themselves to that on the new state but one bill so seems in trippin additional rivalries difficulties that have come to the full resists operation with this fight one kurdish faction was negotiating the baghdad and called out actions it would tend to be in that. region they're incredibly angry about there's a chloe the other side of the government traitors so like you say above the tile
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situation is politics and that's a kathy often with the very latest from air bill the capital of the semi autonomous kurdish region in iraq with thank you very much for your reporting. the death toll from a huge truck bomb explosion in the somali capital mogadishu has risen to more than three hundred the bombing took place in a busy commercial district. it is the deadliest single attack in the country's history the government has declared three days of national mourning. two days after the blast the once crowded street in the heart of mogadishu lies in ruins emergency workers are still recovering bodies from the rubble but they say it will be difficult to determine how many were killed so many victims were completely charred by the flames and they are worried about those who may still be alive and trapped under the rubble. we have heard those under the rubble screamed for help my biggest
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worry is that even the wounded us to come back into their injuries this is really a horrendous attack and we must come together to defeat this enemy. and hospitals doctors are busy treating the wounded. are this such as these critically injured victims are being evacuated by air to turkey for further treatment. many relatives at the airport hoping for the best for their loved ones. the tragedy began on saturday when a truck packed with hundreds of kilo's of explosives blew out outside a hotel at a busy intersection in downtown mogadishu close to government offices and the season restaurants the blast flattened suburb using such and such a nearby few times on fire. it was
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a massacre what happened on saturday i've never seen such a thing in the past twenty seven years i witnessed a little boy's head laying on the ground and his mother and other children were also decapitated by the explosion. she was one of those who joined thousands of somalians in a mosque demonstration on sunday to protest against the attacks. they say the islamist militant group who's responsible for the blast the group has not claimed responsibility but has stage similar attacks before well let's get more now from our east africa correspondent catherine on one who is standing by with the latest from nairobi catherine as we just saw there i mean the scale of this bomb attack is just so devastating how is somalia coping both logistically and emotionally well it's very it's
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a very difficult time especially emotionally for somalia given that the country was just starting to get back on its feet and just had elections last year got a new president and it was starting to really stabilize so such an attack is quite significant given that it's not just the biggest attack in somalia it's one of the biggest attacks on the continent. what they need right now they say according to the somali government is that they need more assistance in terms of aid in terms of rescue efforts because people are still being pulled out of the rubble at least sixty people are still missing we have blood drives where we've seen the president actually take part in the blood drive and actually a former. also taking part in the blood drive and here in nairobi we're also seeing people coming together to donate blood for the victims of this particular blast but right now they say that they need assistance. did give about thirty medical
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offices or medical officials to somalia to help with the treatment persis meantime no group has said that it was behind this bombing yet but many as we saw in that report including the government are blaming al shabaab how can they be so certain. it's a signature. attack in the sense that we've seen this happen where the militants you know drive the trucks laden with explosives into barracks which occupied by the african union mission offices from different countries and we've also seen them around trucks laden with explosives into buildings before so it's a signature al-shabaab move but they still haven't claimed responsibility for this particular attack just to remind us who al shabaab are and what are their aims just generally speaking or al-shabaab is means the
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youth in english it's a group that is trying to create a muslim caliphate in the horn of africa and actually instill shari'a law to the people before two thousand and thirteen they had the considerable control of various areas within somalia that's accept somaliland and put land which semi autonomous areas but the other areas they had a lot of control but since the african union mission in somalia went in two thousand and thirteen off to two thousand and thirteen we've seen them pushed being pushed out of mogadishu we've seen them being pushed out of key key towns however they still pose as considerable threat can now you know experts arguing whether they are the most dangerous. outfit in the continent compared to book given that they have also links with al qaeda catherine on one throw on the latest
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on this horrific attack joining us from nairobi this evening catherine thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world officials in portugal say that dozens of wildfires in the north of the country have killed at least thirty two people a number of others are missing more than five thousand firefighters are struggling to contain the blazes and neighboring spain fires killed at least three people authorities say that winds from tropical storm ophelia off the atlantic coast are worsening the flames and ofelia has left three people dead in ireland the storm made landfall earlier today with waves of up to ten meters high hundreds of thousands have lost their electricity the government says that it's the country's worst storm in fifty years officials canceled some flights and asked people to avoid unnecessary travel. to german chancellor angela merkel has denied that original election loss for her conservatives has left her weakened as she enters
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coalition talks to form a new national government her conservatives came second behind the social democrats in the scene of lower saxony achieving their worst results in the state for nearly sixty years. australia is on the verge of getting a conservative nationalist government with some far right policies following elections their conservative leader sebastian kurtz came out the winner in sunday's ballot which saw him adopt the anti immigration policies of his extreme right opponents a coalition has yet to be negotiated but it's looking like kurtz will need the far right freedom party to form a government one day after the elections conservative party members abbas king in their success their latest sebastien kurtz's become a star after the party won thirty percent of the vote making them the clear election winners. i think it's a fantastic austrian needs change. we will most likely get
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a terrible government. there be a restart now in austria but no party won an absolute majority so the country will once again need a coalition government as the largest party the conservatives say they're ready to head up a coalition the hard to get talk today we've seen a strong push for change in this country i thank you. that you've all made it possible the conservatives most likely coalition partner is the far right freedom party which is expected to come in third party leader. is already eyeing up a cabinet post. we are now a political force in the domestic austrian political landscape my friend. the incumbent chancellor christian count and the social democrats saw the support slip putting them and likely second place still current says he's ready to enter a possible coalition government if you have an acute they haven't got the law we've created a set of criteria and developed
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a value compass this will be our benchmark and the basis on which we negotiate and with three different coalition options possible observers are expecting some complicated talks ahead. and elsewhere in europe british prime minister theresa may is in brussels for dinner with the head of the european commission british media are calling her meeting with john called younger emergency talks but may insists that the meeting at head quarters was long planned though it wasn't on junkers official schedule it comes at a crucial moment ahead of a summit of e.u. leaders on thursday and friday they are due to decide whether negotiations can move on to discuss host brands that trade ties with britain many in the u.k. fear that ongoing political deadlock will lead to britain leaving the block without a trade deal in place. for more let's bring in our correspondent catherine martens who is standing by with the latest from brussels so catherine emergency talks or a long planned to dinner no matter which way you cut it what's this meeting about.
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while in any case this is not an in a son korean sedans the informal working dinner tonight as to resume a warns us to believe if you do the math it's very simple thursday as you mentioned already there is taking place the european council very official of the european commission will say that there is no sufficient progress regarding the u.k. and then there can't enter the second phase so this would be the really versed case scenario for to reason may and this would really imply a total loss of face so the second key element this week is already taking place tomorrow or there is the general affairs council which means that ambassadors on the ambassador level they are all ready will write down the draft conclusions and they will write down in black and white that there is no sufficient progress and that there is a kind of and there is tourism a coming in she had tonight would try to kind of really talk younker out off this
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deadlock off this perspective to half the written down tomorrow at the ambassador level but we are told that the european union is not expected to give in as expected to maintain the power of the only potential game changer could be that the u.k. is showing more flex and flexibility regarding the money because basically right now to reserve mais offering cash for two years two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and nineteen and the european union says consistently this is not gonna fly this is not enough so when the u.k. is not giving in in terms of money then we will have really the situation that there will be official in the announcement from the european commission that there will be a death log and it would be very complicated for two reason may to defend this position in the u.k. and we are so really expecting tonight that the european union is not giving him tonight but keeping up the pressure where looking for clues over dinner there in
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brussels catherine martin with the very latest thank you. well now it is on to business news with daniel enter who is joining us here in the studio and then you were looking at the cattle and prices today are way that's right so have you ever been to barcelona on holiday well as you'll know it is a city which is built on tourism and it's no surprise that tourism is tourism is a major industry for catalonia eighteen million visitors just like sarah went there last year but hotel is say bookings are dropping still the tourists who are already there seem more concerned about soaking up the sun trying. there's little sign of spain's political storm on the beaches of barcelona most tourists here would rather soak up the sun than worry about the question of cost and independence. not due to recent comments from the couple and their prime minister so we feel it's ok you feel everything is working here he said the families who will be here. but
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there are fears over the impact the term what could happen the future tourism accounts for over a tenth of the spanish economy catalonia attract some eighteen million visitors a year more than any other region its capital barcelona is one of europe's top destinations some visitors there took a philosophical approach everything changes sometimes country split some to over that particular battle hopefully they'll be fierce afterwards but it doesn't matter it's not going to restrict me unless there's a lot of serious. terrorism going on for the time being visitors appear some grand but with little prospect of the political chaos of basing anytime soon barcelona's tour buses might not be full for long. and changing gears quite literally now don law is famous for its luxuriousness sadie's bends cars as well as
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a history dating back to the very invention of the motor car itself but don't let its towering reputation fool you dima is worried digitalisation in the form of self driving and connected vehicles has it on the back foot to secure its place in the future dynamo says it's going to dramatically change the way it works. and electric cars not the first thing you think of when you hear the name time or a mercedes benz electric cars the new concepts like digitalisation are the future while deila has recognized the trend it's tesla and others that are making the headlines. the german. carmaker wants to change that it plans to streamline operations by completely restructuring. the large company will be split into three independent visions the car making division will continue under the mercedes-benz trademark the second division will be for truck making and the third division will
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be for services according to the master plan all three divisions will be under the banner of dima a.g. the new structures will only make the company more flexible and to also make it more attractive to partner with the companies in silicon valley it will mean joint ventures can be arranged faster with less red tape the board of directors still has to get the ok for the final plans during the company's annual general meeting to another icon of the german car industry the old v.w. beetle is getting a new lease on life in a rather unexpected place you find yourself in this mexico city district you might be hailing one for a ride. this is the butyl capital of the world the volkswagen beetle is the main taxi vehicle in quite the back and hilly district in mexico city here the roads are so steep and narrow the public transportation is simply not possible that's where the feisty beetle comes in. people from the area know this place is vocal and via
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beatle land because there are so many beetles in the survey that took place around the year year and a half ago counted two thousand five hundred illegal beetle taxis. officially registered taxis don't they have ventured here because the crime filled neighborhood is notoriously dangerous but the gap in services has created an opportunity for many drivers who have turned their beetles into a source of income. if the car was created for challenges it is cheap when it comes to gasoline consumption and also in terms of its spare parts how easy it is to repair. that. they may be old but the v.w. bugs called the back and continue to do their job after the last one rolled off the production line in pueblo fifteen years ago. more business to come including can you believe it left hunza has yet another big line purchase on
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a shopping list now it's back to sour you know we have something else that's a little bit on believable for you now daniel because it has been called the most intensely observed astronomical event to date and a new era in astronomy scientists around the world say that they have witnessed the collision of two ultra dense stars for the very first time check this out because this collision of two dead stars called neutron stars a cost of ripple in the fabric of space it was first observed on earth in the united states with the help of gravitational wave detectors a strong numbers around the world were notified so that they could. because their telescopes on the event scientists say that collisions like this are likely responsible for much of the goals and the platinum that exists in the universe. but get more on this now from steven smart he is joining us from karshi in which is near me munich and he happens to be an astro physicist who took part in the
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observations thank you so much for being with us this afternoon we understand that you and your team you you actually witnessed the crash of these two ultra dense neutron stars for the first time ever walk us through what exactly you discovered and why this so significant. yes on the seventeenth of august when virgo the collaboration announced that a new source of gravitational this week is very different to what they find before because the signal lasted for war sixty seconds which is much longer than a black hole mergers they have discovered which last less than a second it was also accompanied by a detection of gamma rays from space from two orbiting satellites so what we did and many other groups did over a period of two weeks afterwards was identifying a new source of what they go in infrared light in a galaxy call in d c three four nine hundred three c m distance and seem sky position made of all the gravitational waves and this point source an optical light is the first time we have exactly identified where gravitational waves have come
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from and we can pinpoint exactly the star mergence position on this guy once of all are interesting not physics incredible stuff and i want to ask you just briefly now before we go because we know that albert einstein that he first predicted the existence of these gravitational waves about a century ago why do you think it took so long to get out of their existence. i took a hundred years to build an instrument that was capable of making this measurement the measurement you have to me is the distance measurement you've got to measure space and time you've got to measure a distance of four kilometers to one thoughtless the size of a proton it's an amazing physics experiment it's amusing distance measurement and it's just taken not long to actually get the technology to measure it and that's that's done it out what we call a loser interferometer and that's where the i go gets its name from it's the equivalent of measuring the distance that the nearest star to the with human hair
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it's a fantastic distance measurement just to make the technology work absolutely incredible stuff and stephen's part we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to tell us a little bit more about this and why it is such a significant thing that you and your team have witnessed there we appreciate it thank you. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program the late fashion pioneer wrong is very much in the spotlight this month not one but two museums will celebrate the life and legacy of the designer who died in two thousand and eight so we will get all of the details of little later in the show. and don't forget that in the meantime you can always get to the few news on the go just download our app from google player from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos and you
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can watch this program on live stream. back in a few minutes i'll see if if. he survived hell on earth muscled up he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now massud has escaped to germany and he's hunting
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down terrorists on his own doing something against isis it's a routine. list from victim to terrorist hunter. shows up in forty five minutes on a don't believe. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and you. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com part of freedom. because that way they start to divide the country i do need to deal with where they start to divide the language blood will flow for could. lead to unite
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the soviet union disparate part. of. the members of the bush federation would have to find their own way politically and economically would love to come it was an incredibly difficult task not me. you would think this democracy was a lie this is rigged elections were a fraud sense of privatization was robbery. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. this is v.w. news the live from berlin i'm sorry kelly our top stories there have been celebrations in care cook as a rocky forces move into the kurdish held city it is a move that could transform the balance of power in iraq reports say that thousands
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of kurds have fled the city. how many former fighters for the so-called islamic state are living in germany estimates suggest that the figure could be in the hundreds now a former prisoner is working together with germany's security authorities to detect islamist militants living here. frank hoffman met the man who is helping to hunt down these terrorists here is the story. masooma keel a syrian kurd fled his homeland in two thousand and sixteen he and his mother used the so-called balkan route to travel to germany here they were greeted by mussels brothers and sister all of whom had already made the journey. at the station off leaving because of some security reasons i was obliged to do that like any other person who was a life believe he's home the city his country but mustn't i kill is not your average refugee the form of video journalist was prisoner for two hundred eighty
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days in the various torture chambers of the so-called islamic state. as militants ambushed him and his colleague as they're on their way to do an interview they were both kidnapped. and understand what's in iraq up is that. it was for around one hundred days it was a football star you know it just means it is central for a custom to hear it because. he experienced months of torture while in six different prisons run by yes there he says he came face to face with numerous supporters of the militant group isis members were telling me there what they want and how do they act and they were finding all these killings and all this . torturing they were find it useful. he was eventually released as part of the prisoner exchange he quickly fled to germany on arrival he says he found some of
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the same militancy admit in prison now here in europe. for among the masses of migrants who fled northern syria in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen where a lot of members of militant organizations who traveled to germany i asked as well as others. muscled may have valuable information on two of the largest groups authorities are interested in the there are ios militants who come to europe with a mission to carry out acts of terror. isn't truly good to begin with. and then there are also i as fighters who may simply want to remove themselves from active combat katrine but how credible is the information supplied by refugees how important are they tips for german authorities. based on our experience well over eighty percent of the leads are reliable but i think the overwhelming majority of the information refugee supply is simply aimed at defaming someone that is false that's why these allegations have to be handled very carefully and. the authorities
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investigating tread a very fine line nevertheless they follow up on every tip passed on to them by refugees and you know far and you know a few years ago we saw you use pfizer's posting images online photo is that portrayed them proudly showing their violent acts something which was very helpful for the german security services when it came to investigating them later on in france now these young jihadists are very restrained when it comes to releasing this kind of information which is it's ok to prescribe like an informant soon. germany's national intelligence agency says it's currently investigating some six hundred fifty leads from refugees about possible for minors operatives living in the country. and we have now here in the studio the man who put that report together d.w. correspondent frank's health frank kaufman who is with us here in the studio this part this report of course part of
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a documentary that is area here and in about forty forty five minutes time it's called must pseuds list from victim to terrorist hunter. a really astonishing story that we are hearing about this individual what drives him what you say but i think there are two main things for play the one assad he wants to help the country where he found refuge german day after a long journey through the balkan routes he made it until january two thousand and sixteen as one of the last refugees of this huge refugee wave of two thousand and fifteen general two thousand and sixteen he had the chance to come to germany and then he realized these people where he suffered from ice terrorists that they also hit in europe coming to. other with refugees or been been been sent in other ways and he wants to help the german government and the german officials obviously but also there's another issue i mean he was in about four border nine
8:36 pm
months in captivity of the islamic state and i have to also the feeling that this is a way to overcome his such a trauma as well to do something living here in germany so what he does is he gets this information about you know these these people who are potential i asked terrorist in the passage of the german authorities but how can he be sure about the information that he's received that's not so easy one source is of course his life because he met people in the in the prisons there in syria in iraq for example that city that has been liberated by kurdish syrian fighters. working there fighting there led by the u.s. led alliance in syria and this is another source because he knows still people there of these fighters and they gave them information is what are the german authorities then do with the information how can they verify it collecting analyzing and they are more and more refugees doing there's also even
8:37 pm
a phone line stepless by the internal state security agents say where they say if you hear something if you know something call us and we had an exclusive interview for this documentary with the presidents of the internal security agency the bonus for fossil should see in germany saying that about eighty percent of these hints are reliable and they are going and move on and doing further misstate investigations about it that's quite an absolutely really fascinating stuff here and it's all going to be presented in your documentary coming up in a short while can you tell us a little bit more about how this story unfolds well we have also exclusive material shot by mustard a q because he was working as a video journalist. on the ground during two years' war in syria explosive material that we're showing we're showing is life there we're showing and presenting what he had to go through and also what you find out and later in germany fascinating stuff
8:38 pm
and again just to mention to our viewers that's coming up in about forty minutes time here on. really excellent work here again the name of the documentary must list from i as victim to terrorist hunters some individual reporting here from d.w. frank thanks so much for joining us on the set to tell us more about expressing a. time now for sports action and in the bundesliga braman hosted winton gladbach on sunday with the home team looking for their first win of the season something that they are still looking for after blood back picked up the win and moved into fifth place in the leak. braman fans are nothing if not optimistic despite not having seen their side win all season they filled the very. coach alexander newry was relieved to welcome captain flacco you news of age back to the starting line up for the first time this season after injury. but it was the opposing team's captain who
8:39 pm
opened the scoring on twenty seven minutes now stingo taking advantage of some sloppy very defending. if you go you could have anticipated that turn and finish simply exquisite minutes later the visitors tightened their control of the game vexed to grow tired from a corner celebration from the jane out of respect for his former club no more goals followed after the break this was grant back first away win of the campaign. the wait for any win goes on and xander nuri is a man under pressure. and to break down all of the weekend's action we are joined now by max merrill from our sports desk is with us here in the studio so max of course we have to start with bremen still without a win is the coach in trouble yes he's in a bit of trouble i don't think he'll go quite yet braman as
8:40 pm
a club are usually quite friendly to their coaches the board is not quite as trigger happy as some clubs these days but nuri alexander nor he took over last season when the club went doing well turned things around managed to get them far away from the relegation spots at then at the end of the season that sort of tailed off they lost the last three games and that forms carried on because now it's nine games still no win and like i say i think he could get more time than other clubs would give him but you know he's well liked by the fans well liked by the players that can change very quickly in football and he doesn't have a go getter the last claudio pizarro in the close season and next cruise is injured and the next game is against cologne the only team that is worse than them in the league and that could mean that one of the managers there will lose that job but before we get too depressed let's take a look at the other game that was on sunday live accused in hosted vote spork in
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a match between the two teams separated by just one point before kick off lay because they had won their two previous home games while voles unbeaten in three after a slow start the crowd got their money's worth. it took until midway through the first period from late the couzens encounter with the to get interesting a leader who's in clinical topic in the woods but books on love bendis smashed in the open his first goal of the campaign. was make it back just before the breakthrough oh no little ford did ok regi one loan at half time. made the fuse and then rechecked the lead when argentinian striker lucas and larry o. continued his good start to life in the bone disney. but yacob last it cost he snatched a point for the wolves in sixty nine minutes their fourth draw in a row under new coach martin schmidt he did not play the coups in the third
8:42 pm
straight home league win. so both teams there are clearly going for the way in which team were disappointed with the result well i think it's the home side leyva cues and like i said before they were doing well at home two wins on the trot and they took the lead twice and then pretty much what i see as unforced errors others really they gave it gave it away two goals from goals but that they could have prevented they've had that carry on from last season the new coach hasn't been able to remedy that and you've got to say volz were probably hoping for a win at some point when he took over he's made them a more solid outfit but for draws i think is hoping for a win but next up it's hoffenheim who are a very formidable side let's talk a little more about from middle sized going to head to the top of the table max a place where we definitely have to go what do you make of the results from the top teams well by and they had an emphatic win over freiburg i mean that was expected because i have never want to munich in the club's history but five nil is
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a very good result the best game of the weekend though for me was light sake they visit to dortmund and don't have the meanest defense in the league but they shipped three goals against leipsic you've sort of rediscovered the swagger that saw them finish second in the day view but in this league campaign last season we might have a three way title race on our hands max now with the very latest from our sports desk thanks so much. next up we're going to head to american football where the man who started the take a new protest against racial inequality has filed a grievance against the national football league collin capper nick says that he has been without a job since the start of the season because of team owner collusion the former san francisco quarterback first took a new during the u.s. national anthem last year as a means of publicly objecting to public shootings and alleged brutality.
8:44 pm
the protest movement has also arrived here in europe with germany leading the charge this weekend players from the soccer team here so berlin took the knee in a show of solidarity let's get more now you see her here on the set for the ricoh budget was joining us from our social media desk so frederica germany a long way away from the united states of course tell us a little bit more about how this protest came here to berlin well sara let me start off by showing you the moment when this happened on saturday so here you can see her to players to come and me on the pitch and he was not just them he was also the coaches and other team officials they also kneeled down so it really was a collective gesture and later heard to club release an official statement saying that the team is joining american athletes in their take a knee protest to protest against discrimination and racism today we also managed to speak to some of the football players and heard difficulty years who took part
8:45 pm
in that protest here's what one of them had to say. i think we live in two thousand and seventeen and i think it was better together. with the peace. now tim we have different kind of people come from africa kinky from south and we have you know rippin players who are so you know we showed. the real figure. should be and you know i think it's a beautiful show that you know and i'm glad we did it. now sarah her to has a long being a branding itself as a as a club that embraces they versity and that promotes tolerance so in a way the message of this protest is in line with or seems to be in line with the beliefs but we know meantime in the united states for example that the original protest was absolutely polarizing in the country how was this move here in berlin
8:46 pm
received off the pitch also polarizing. yes indeed it was polarizing and we've seen a lot of mixed reactions here in germany first i mean also in the u.s. aid attracted a lot of attention so first a lot of support from the u.s. we've seen a prominent activist such as. showing king sorry was a black matter. he was one of the first to pick up on the story in the u.s. and he tweeted while the players a from her to berlin from the german premier league took a knee in solidarity with american athletes protesting injustice and this was also retreated by calling kaepernick who actually started this protest in the first place but is that polarizing here in germany the move sparked mixed reactions and we've seen a lot of people being skeptical a lot of them calling this a publicity stunt and a call for attention and in a way i mean we know that this the club itself said that this protest was
8:47 pm
a joint decision by the players and the marketing team. on the other hand the we've seen also a lot of support and we spoke to fans today at one of her. training sessions and this is what one of them had to say. they are too big. to. come. here are trying to put you to take mentality of the senators knew this is the first of. this it's. just asking out. of the system. now he was of course your furring to the current political context and here in germany and around europe with the with the rise of the far right and he was not the only fun with it also other fun fans like him saying that this is exactly the moment to speak out and also here in germany fascinating stuff frederick about you with the
8:48 pm
very latest from our social media desk on how this you know seemingly simple action has been so polarizing and has meant so many different things to different people with thank you so much for your reporting. well time now for more business news daniel when terror is getting on set for us now his war on harvey weinstein's former film production company and could now be safe from collapse apparently daniel tell us more that's right sarah thank you very much the weinstein company says it's ended talks to sell the bulk of its assets to private equity firm called in the capital the film production house is in damage control after firing co-founder harvey weinstein there are widespread accusations he sexually harassed or assaulted a number of women over the past thirteen years an immediate cash infusion from cullen they will ensure current productions continue. there's hardly been time for the dust to settle since love tons of bought a large chunk of bank bankrupt flying in now john these largest airline has said to
8:49 pm
be eyeing yet another purchase this time it's alitalia it's a lease beleaguered flag carrier the deadline for submitting bids is set to expire this evening and lufthansa is reportedly among the interested parties. there's a new order in the skies above europe italian airline out italia which filed for bankruptcy last may recently received another line of credit from the italian government to help it maintain operations until a new buyer is found. live tons is offering half a billion euros for parts of the airline according to reports by italian media the german air giant is reportedly only interested in audi talia's aviation business and not its ground operations that means half of the employees of italy's largest airline could lose their jobs that's around six thousand people and that's similar to the current situation faced by the employees of insolvent airline air berlin
8:50 pm
tons is said to only be interested in alitalia as long haul routes and not the short and medium ones whether anyone else is interested in those still remains to be seen as no other potential buyers have been reported to be lining up for pieces of al italia europe's largest budget airline ryanair has already withdrawn its bid for the airline the only welcome news for al italia may be the three hundred million euros of extra credit that it received from the italian government. it is time now for culture news with karen alledged out and october is a big month for fashion fans with two museums dedicated to french designer eve sun the wrong opening up the first one opened its doors in paris on october third and apparently there's also a second one right here and where we had experience of the double double whammy sarah were headed to merrick cash in morocco which is a country that you sent all love to where he retreated at least twice
8:51 pm
a year to work and of course this museum is state of the art and fitting for such a visionary you know we can look at some pictures here very modern but also with a lot of traditional elements you can see here the rows the earth tones and brick lattice work lots of organic lines it fits perfectly into its surroundings now broken princess last summer was there to cut the ribbon for the official opening on saturday it opens to the public this coming thursday and this museum sarah will be rotating collections of some of those to have with the paris location but there's also as you can see there are a lot a wealth of excessive and photos and sketches and of course lots of those iconic dress so much amazing stuff there karen what is left for paris why no one there i know it seems amazing but when you consider you had a fifty year career old lots is what i can tell you paris is where his legacy really took off in the building there is their former company headquarters and it's also the last monumental project this museum project of who was sun holds partner
8:52 pm
in business and in life for many many years mr benchley unfortunately just passed away on the ninth of september he was eighty six years old so i just saw all of this to fruition but missed out on the opening let's have a look at what's on show in paris. each seller all spent the better part of twenty eight years here. in this room he sketched his designs and held his fittings . various personal belongings lie strewn around the desk as if he'd just left the room. the effect is intentional. former company headquarters has now become a museum. the concept is to leave visitors with an authentic sense of the place. it is chair of his small. the desk is full of things he kept around all his life that were very dear to him like the public figures that stand for his dogs. we want it to be moved that a museum a fashion more like a place of remembrance of
8:53 pm
a historical museum. we're trying to recreate something that doesn't exist anymore a time when you have played a major role when collections were developed in a very particular way. ok because. the many. over five thousand dresses complete with accessories as well as sketches photos and films can be found in the new museums archive. kept everything including his very earliest creations. this dress from one nine hundred sixty two was the very first he made on commission for a client. museum goers can get up close to the finest gowns it's. at eyelevel. so not only did he keep everything but it's worth mentioning sara that he was one of the first designers to actually archive his clothing you know quite often it was given away to the models after the fashion shows and before that were
8:54 pm
sold directly to the clients but he had a real sense of his own historical significance you could say at the time and so he he kept all of his original prototypes which is why we can see them so beautifully today and how lucky we are that he indeed did that but you know of course the different presentations and two very different locations it begs the question why it makes total sense when you understand how his life was first of all you someone who was born in algeria so he had a very early connection to northern africa and as of one thousand nine hundred sixty six he spent at least half of the year in america that's where he really sort of made huge discoveries of color and light he learned the art of draping he found a very inspiring property there and so this museum with four thousand square meters will be focusing kind of only on the more spectacular the for. testicle side of his work his connections to african art whereas the paris institution the paris museum is going to be sort of more of a classic retrospective place with his attorney and focusing on process karen we
8:55 pm
have to talk about his legacy of course i mean he had such a huge impact on fashion and what was that impact would you say if we had to classify it i think first of all it really is all about how he transformed how women can express themselves through fashion so you know a piece like for instance his famous smoking debuted in one nine hundred sixty six that's a tuxedo for women and he pioneered a look with those but it made women both strong and elegant and certainly brought trousers into the mainstream he was also the first designer to take fashion shows off the premises to a hotel or a boutique to make a real event of them he also seems to be fused fashion and art we know from his own dress he was also an incredible trailblazer in terms of issues and a real champion of diversity used models of color at a very very early stage and that those scenes that there were at one of his final fashion shows in two thousand and two he even also you know freed the nipple one could say at
8:56 pm
a very early use of sheer fabrics you know i mean that hashtag came out in about two thousand and fifteen and certainly how to have precedent with someone like you son a whole who is more interested less interested in pleasing the beholder and more interested in freeing the wearer ok so very forward looking very pioneering some might say provocative as well absolutely and these are two very complimentary museums you know so i think it's definitely if we can manage it's going to be worth visiting both thank you so much karen that we have something to look forward to and we thank you very much for talking us a little bit more about. the wrong to presentations you're up to date now and thanks so much for watching i'm sorry kelly.
8:57 pm
he survived. was freed from his torture chambers after. now. to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own something.
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