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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin tonight iraqi and kurdish forces clashing amid predictions of a new civil war there were celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces seized control of key sides in and around the kurdish held city today the military move comes weeks
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after kurds voted to declare independence from baghdad a move rejected by kurdish neighbors and kurdish allies also coming up scores of people are still missing after saturday's powerful truck bomb in the somali capital mogadishu the explosion killed hundreds of people and the death toll is expected to rise even further. and voters in turn write in austria a thirty one year old is poised to become the country's new chancellor at the head of the conservative nationalist government we'll take a look at what this could mean for europe. plus the hunt for members of so-called islamic state living here in germany. exclusive we meet a man who is helping the german authorities to track down the jihad.
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i bring coffee it's good to have you with us iraq's military is reporting progress tonight but not in the fight against islamic state iraqi forces have moved into the disputed city of kirkuk in a bold campaign to retake land from the kurds thousands of kurds are said to have already. said the city tension has been high in the kurdish region following a controversial independence referendum last month kurdish officials have called the iraqi advance today quote an unprovoked attack non kurdish residents in the city are welcoming the move and around the middle east tonight there is talk of a new civil war in the making. celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces roll in. supporters of the iraqi central government couldn't contain their joy after an intense day in which troops rito key installations including an oil and gas field and a military base. cook an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and the iraqi
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government had been under kurdish control since iraqi forces fled an islamic state militia and swept through the region in twenty fourteen. it comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from baghdad in a controversial referendum. thousands of kurds fled the city ahead of monday's iraqi advance. assumed you were heading to where bill because the situation is getting worse and the iraqi troops have entered and there's no way we could stay on the line up of the kids were terrified and we were afraid that there would be clashes and mortars would fall on us that's what i'm worried about. prior to the retaking of kirkuk baghdad said it didn't want an armed confrontation but kurdish peshmerga leaders have said the iraqi advancement is a declaration of war. are for more on this one of the correspondent
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kathy alton now she's in your bill the capital of the autonomous kurdish region in iraq and that's about one hundred kilometers north of kirkuk kathy it's good to see you were you know we've been seeing images there of people supporting the iraqi government's return into the kurdish region what are you hearing from your sources in kirkuk. hi thanks for having me on the well it's clearly it's a mix which is ninety thankfully the clashes have died down to the last nine when tom to this afternoon i mean residents people in the city telling me that iraqi boy came in lots of trucks on the set of needs to motoring firing and that some people have said that the national ago when a group so would stand that so they were jerry there's been talk of some negotiations between central governments and some factions which is great problems
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in the kindest and regional of his so there are multiple levels of tensions yes some residents some of writing some evidence just for me that there has died out another as a believing that has seen this before because it's been a flashpoint in this conflict for a long term and what about these predictions of a new civil war arising out of this that could this situation do you think it could descend into a civil war. i mean i think it's very hard to predict and it would be an era be irresponsible to predict if the iraqi forces choose to move into other disputed areas along the north and iraqi line with the region then yes we might perfect ashes i don't think that would be as well as i think think that could be intricate is clashes as well in the part is that a region the terrain the fossils that we've jury one foster tried to buy no they're
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always moves for levels where this could descend into that let's hope that it just does down and that this is a temporary problem because really the city it's gone back to being under the tree that it was twenty fourteen when i came. in so let's hope that there's going to be some sort of calm in the city now at least tonight if it's being of the peshmerga the kurdish peshmerga and the iraqi forces you to they fight together in the campaign against islamic state now of course that couldn't route seeing what we're seeing tonight i mean what implications will this offensive have for the fight against terrorism. absolutely erin i spoke to a major in the iraqi army terror forces tonight and he was in the u.s. and the at the offices of the central offices in which is unusual i
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mean these are this also is that where recently taking in the fight against isis. the peshmerga are part of that as well and this creates a headache for the americans especially because u.s. led coalition that the u.s. is. trying to boast i have that so it's going to be in their interest to try and keep the peace that there's also a question about misuse of weapons that have been supplied by the american policy senator john mccain coming on to it i talk around and definitely concerns going forward i don't think it will affect isis in the area but there are issues isis could take advantage of the insecurity racing that i'm doing that are full this is a group that drives on its purity so let's just hope that they don't you know the hit. our correspondent at the altar reporting tonight from there bill from north of
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kirkuk with the latest clashes between kurds and iraqi forces are being reported thank you well to the somali capital mogadishu now where the death toll from saturday's truck bombing has risen to more than three hundred the bombing took place in a busy commercial district it's the deadliest single attack in the country's history the government has declared three days of national mourning. two days after the blast the once crowded street in the heart of mogadishu lies in ruins emergency workers are still recovering bodies from the rubble but they say it will be difficult to determine how many were killed so many victims were completely charred by the flames and they are worried about those who may still be alive and trapped under the rubble. but we've heard those under the rubble screaming for help my biggest worry is that even the wounded are succumbing to their injuries in the mine this is
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a really horrendous attack and we must come together to defeat the enemy who. will save them and hospitals doctors are busy treating the wounded. others such as these critically injured victims being evacuated by air to tag for further treatment. many relatives gathered at the airport hoping for the best for their loved ones. the tragedy began on saturday when a truck packed with hundreds of kilo's of explosives blew up outside a hotel at a busy intersection in downtown mogadishu close to government offices and and restaurants the blast flattened several buildings and such a nearby few times on fire. it was a massacre what happened on saturday i've never seen such a thing in the past twenty seven years i witnessed
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a little boy's head laying on the ground and his mother and other children were also decapitated by the explosion. she was one of those who joined thousands of somalians in a mosque demonstration on sunday to protest against the attacks. they say the islamist militant group was responsible for the blasts the group has not claimed responsibility but has stage similar attacks to full well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a car bomb has killed the best known investigative journalist in malta oh daphne cover. ran a blog that highlighted alleged corruption among her targets worried the prime minister has it and it's got to she link to secret offshore bank accounts he did elster killing as an attack on press freedom. officials in portugal say that dozens of wildfires in the north of the country have killed at least thirty two people
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a number of others are missing more than five thousand firefighters are struggling to contain the places in neighboring spain fires killed at least three people authorities say that winds from tropical storm ophelia off the atlantic coast have been worsening the flames and speaking of ophelia as she has left three people dead in ireland the storm made landfall earlier today with waves as you see right there up to ten meters high hundreds of thousands of lost their electricity the government says it's the country's worst storm in half a century they've canceled flights and they've asked people to avoid unnecessary travel. spain's high court has ordered two leaders of catalonia as pro independence movement to be jailed while they are being investigated on possible charges of sedition the national quarter in madrid jailed shorty's sanchez and jordi weasel after questioning them in two senior law enforcement officials and judges are investigating the rule of the role rather that the four played during
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demonstrations in barcelona last month this comes amid tensions between barcelona and madrid following catalonia is disputed independence referendum on october first . well the british prime minister and the european commission head say that they have agreed to accelerate efforts for a deal to resign me and john paul two younger made the announcement today in a statement after may travel to both phones for an evening meeting and this comes at a crucial moment ahead of the summit of the e.u. leaders on thursday and friday they're due to decide whether to go she asians or together she can move on to discussing posed breaks that trade ties with britain many in the u.k. fear that ongoing political deadlock will lead to britain leaving the block without a trade deal in place. what's it all story is on the verge of having a conservative nationalist government with some far right policies conservative
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leader sebastian cortes came out the winner in yesterday's election which saw him adopt the anti immigration policies of his extreme far right opponents a coalition is yet to be negotiated but it's likely that currents will need the far right freedom party if he wants to have a majority go one day after the elections conservative party members of basking in the success of their latest sebastien could become a star after the party won thirty percent of the vote making them the clear election win and. i think it's a fantastic austrian needs change the of then we will most likely get a terrible government. there be a restock now in austria but no party won an absolute majority so the country will once again need a coalition government as the largest party the conservatives say they're ready to head up a coalition the hard to get talk he's done today we've seen
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a strong push for change in this country i thank you all that you've all made it possible. the conservatives most likely coalition partner is the fun right freedom party which is expected to come in third party leader. is already eyeing up a cabinet post via seems that we are now a political force in the domestic austrian political landscape my friends with the incumbent chancellor christian count and the social democrats so the support slip putting them and likely second place still can says he's ready to enter a possible coalition government if you haven't hit the end and cut the load we've created a set of criteria and developed a value compass this will be our benchmark and the basis on which we negotiate and with three different coalition options possible observers are expecting some complicated talks ahead. well that following last month's election results here in germany a german chancellor angela merkel says that austria is shift to the right is not
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a role model for this country especially when it comes to immigration now she said that after her party's disappointing second place finish in lower saxony is regional election yesterday they've lost to the rival social democrats and the results could complicate the chancellor's efforts to form a national governing coalition merkel faces a first round of talks this week with her hopes for partners of the free democrats and agree. how many former fighter for so-called islamic state are living right here in germany where estimates suggest that the figure could be in the hundreds of former i guess prisoner is working together with germany's security authorities to detect islamist militants living among us the w's frank kaufman met the man who was helping to hunt down the jihad his report is part of the exclusive d.w. documentary list from victim to terrorist hunter.
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massud a q a syrian kurd fled his homeland in two thousand and sixteen he and his mother used the so-called balkan route to travel to germany here they were greeted by muslims brothers and sister all of whom had already made the journey. so that the station off leaving because of some skin to resist i was obliged to do that like any other person who lives a life to leave he's told the city this country but must i kill is not your average refugee the former video journalist was prisoner for two hundred eighty days in the various torture chambers of the so-called islamic state. as militants ambushed him and his colleague as they're on their way to do an interview they were both kidnapped. and understand was in iraq i presume. it was for around one hundred days it was a football star you know just me city central florida city there it was.
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he experienced months of torture while in six different prisons run by yes there he says he came face to face with numerous supporters of the militant group isis members who are telling me that what they want and how do they act and they were finding all these killings and all this. torturing they were find it useful. he was eventually released as part of the prisoner exchange he quickly fled to germany on arrival he says he found some of the same militancy admit in prison now here in europe. in the masses of migrants who fled northern syria in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen where a lot of members of militant organizations who travel to germany as well as others . massud may have valuable information on two of the largest groups authorities are interested in. there are i asked militants who come to europe with
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a mission to carry out acts of terrorism from there to begin. and then they're also iowa's fighters who may simply want to remove themselves from active combat. but how credible is the information supplied by refugees how important are they tips for german authorities. when the based on our experience well over eighty percent of the leads are reliable but overwhelming majority of the information refugee supply is simply aimed at defaming someone and is false because that's why these allegations have to be handled very carefully. the authorities investigating tread a very fine line nevertheless they follow up on every two. passed on to them by refugees entry and often the young a few years ago we saw young i use pfizer's posting images online photo is that portrayed them proudly showing their violent acts something which was very helpful for the german security services when it came to investigating them later on in fights now these young jihadists are very restrained when it comes to releasing
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this kind of information at this moment as it's ok to price god like an informant soon. germany's national intelligence agency says it's currently investigating some six hundred fifty leads from refugees about possible for mine is operatives living in the country. and if you want to know more about this story you can watch the documentary mushrooms list from i as a victim to terrorist hunter that's on our website scott if you w dot com. all right first now it's time for a check with dan you live tons of business news live time to on a well another shopping spree that's where they're hungry for mall brian pulling alitalia back from the brink perhaps that's hardly been time for the dust to settle since lufthansa bought a large chunk of the bankrupt flying lin now germany's largest airline is eyeing yet another purchase this time it's alitalia italy's beleaguered flag carrier.
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there is a new order in the skies above europe italian airline out italia which filed for bankruptcy last may recently received another line of credit from the italian government to help maintain operations until a new buyer is found. live tons is offering half a billion euros for parts of the airline according to reports by italian media the german air giant is reportedly only interested in audi talia's aviation business and not its ground operations that means half of the employees of italy's largest airline could lose their jobs that's around six thousand people and that's similar to the current situation faced by the employees of an reported to be lining up for pieces of al italia europe's largest budget airline ryanair has already withdrawn its bid for the airline the only welcome news for al italia may be the three hundred million euros of extra credit that it received from the italian government
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and we're looking to destruction elsewhere now one of the companies making traditional comic has no this is tesla but things aren't running so smoothly for them it's estimate that testified as many as seven hundred office stuff after receiving bad performance reviews that means it's firing more stuff that it is producing costs some four hundred fifty thousand customers are still waiting for their mobile three but only two hundred sixty were made in the last quarter the silicon valley car company however expects to complete one hundred thousand by the end of the year despite massive layoffs tesla is still looking to hire hundreds of new employees. and yes call to is on wall street for us yes is this a sign that tesla is struggling or is it just an ordinary shake up of personnel. tesla itself is saying that they are actually doing those reviews about the performance of their workers on a regrind level and obviously the management was not really satisfied with the
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findings but on the other side there is a lot of speculation going on if tesla can meet the pretty high production production targets they have out themselves and wall street is getting nervous the stock here on monday was down by about one and a half percent and for the month tesla is down about eight percent but still if you compare it to last december when the stock traded at two hundred dollars we're now almost at around three hundred fifty s. all of the stock is trading pretty high but recently there has been a little bit of pressure and valves that can meet the production targets any time soon all right so yes let's switch gears away from cars so to speak apple stock rose today after a boutique investment bank upgraded the company why now well the analyst is quite optimistic there. might not be necessarily able to sell
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many more phones they can at least play around it was the price tag and especially the new model ten or x. that will be start selling in november third costs around one thousand dollars a piece and the analyst believes that people are still willing to pay that price and if you have more expensive products that will increase your profit margins and all saw your profits or the stock traded to the upside by almost two percent and epa was one of the main reasons why we saw a new record in the dow jones industrial average and we are now or shall i not even fifty points to reach the next thousand point mark the twenty three thousand points ok something to look for today against quarter on wall street thank you very much. now to an icon of the german car industry the old v.w. beetle is getting a new lease on life in a rather unexpected place if you find yourself in this mexico city district you
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might be hailing one for a ride. this is the butyl capital of the world the volkswagen beetle is the main taxi vehicle in quite the back and hilly district in mexico city here the roads are so steep and narrow the public transportation is simply not possible that's where the feisty beetle comes in. people from the area know this place is vocal and via beatle land because there are so many beetles in a survey that took place around the year a year and a half ago counted two thousand five hundred illegal beetle taxis. officially registered taxis don't they have ventured here because the crime filled neighborhood is notoriously dangerous but the gap in services has created an opportunity for many drivers who have turned their beetles into a source of income. if the courts are this car was created for challenges it is cheap when it comes to gasoline consumption and also in terms of its spare parts
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how easy it is to repairing one that. they may be old but the v.w. bugs of called the pack continue to do their job after the last one rolled off the production line in pueblo fifteen years ago. china's central bank is forecasting growth of seven percent in the second half of this year that's despite widespread fears of an economic slowdown strong lending figures in the month of september have boosted confidence in the world's second largest economy last month also saw a bigger than expected rise in the country's producer index fueled by strong demand for raw materials the bank's forecast comes as communist party leaders prepare to meet on what. well it is being called the most intensely observed astronomical event to date and a new era in a strong find just around the world say that they have witnessed the collision of
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two old traditions stars for the very first time the collision of the two. dead stars which are called neutron stars caused a ripple in the fabric of space it was first observed on earth in the u.s. with the help of gravitational wave detectors astronomers around the globe were notified that they could focus their telescopes on the event scientists say the collisions like this are likely responsible for much of the golden platinum that exists in the universe. and here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you there have been celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces move into the kurdish held city it's a move that could transform the balance of power in iraq reports say thousands of kurds have fled the city searches are being conducted for the missing following saturday's truck bomb blast in the somali capital mogadishu over three hundred people are now confirmed dead. don't forget you can always get the w.
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