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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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and language in prague for the rookie holes of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight iraqi and kurdish forces clashing amid predictions of a new civil war there were celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces seized control of key sites in and around the kurdish held city today the military move comes just
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two weeks after kurds voted to declare independence from baghdad a move that has been rejected by kurdish neighbors and kurdish alums also coming up in a v.w. exclusive we meet a man he was helping the authorities in germany to hunt down fighters for a so-called islamic state. and scores of people are still missing after saturday's powerful truck bomb in the somali capital mogadishu the explosion killed hundreds of people and the death toll is expected to rise even further. plus the dawn of a new era in astronomy is at hand and that's what physicists tell us scientists have been discussing the existence of gravitational waves for a hundred years and now they have proved for the first time that they exist get ready to find out why these waves are so important.
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i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us iraq's military is reporting progress tonight but not in the fight against islamic state iraqi forces have moved into the disputed city of kirkuk in a bold campaign to retake land from the kurds thousands of kurds are said to have already fled the city tension has been high in the kurdish region following a controversial independence referendum that was held last month kurdish officials have called today's iraqi advance and unprovoked attack non kurdish residents in the city are reportedly welcoming the move and around the middle east tonight there is talk of a new civil war in the making. celebrations in kirkuk as iraqi forces roll in. supporters of the iraqi central government couldn't contain their joy after an intense day in which troops read talk key installations including an oil and gas field and
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a military base. cook an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and the iraqi government had been under kurdish control since the rocky forces fled an islamic state militants swept through the region in twenty fourteen. it comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from baghdad in a controversial referendum. thousands of kurds fled the city ahead of monday's iraqi advance. assumed you were heading to where bill because the situation is getting worse and the iraqi troops have entered and there's no way we could stay on the line up of the kids were terrified and we were afraid that there would be clashes and mortars would fall on us that's what i'm worried about. prior to the retaking of kirkuk baghdad said it didn't want an armed confrontation but kurdish peshmerga leaders have said the iraqi advancement is
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a declaration of war. and is a frightening question with frightening answers how many former fighters for so-called islamic state are living here in germany estimates suggest that the figure could be in the hundreds a former i guess prisoner is now working together with germany's security authorities to detect is the most militants who were living here frank hoffman met the man who was helping to hunt down those terrorists this is historic. my suit a q a syrian kurd fled his homeland in two thousand and sixteen he and his mother used the so-called balkan route to travel to germany here they were greeted by muslims brothers and sister all of whom had already made the journey. i thought that the solution of leaving because of some skin to resist i was obliged to do that like any other person who was a life to leave his home the city this country but mustn't i kill is not your
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average refugee the former video journalist was prisoner for two hundred eighty days in the various torture chambers of the so-called islamic state. as militants ambushed him and his colleague as they're on their way to do an interview they were both kidnapped. and i'm just time was in iraq up as. it was for around one hundred days it was a football star you know not just me city central for us it was. he experienced months of torture while in six different prisons run by yes there he says he came face to face with numerous supporters of the militant group isis members who are telling me they're what they want and how do they act and they were finding all these killings and all this. torturing they were find it useful. he was eventually released as part of the prisoner exchange he quickly fled to
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germany on arrival he says he found some of the same militancy admit in prison now here in europe. as a filming the masses of migrants who fled northern syria and twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen were a lot of members of militant organizations who traveled to germany i asked as well as others. muscled may have valuable information on two of the largest groups authorities are interested in the there are i asked militants who come to europe with a mission to carry out acts of terror. it's a beginner one of your columns and then there are also as fighters who may simply want to remove themselves from active combat in peace but how credible is the information supplied by refugees how important are they tips for german authorities . when they're based on our experience well over eighty percent of the leads are reliable overwhelming majority of the information refugee supply is simply aimed at defaming someone and it's false is that's why these allegations have to be handled
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very carefully and. the authorities investigating tread a very fine line nevertheless they follow up on every tip passed on to them by refugees and in often the young a few years ago we saw young i use pfizer's posting images online foot is that portrayed them proudly showing their violent acts something which was very helpful for the german security services when it came to investigating them later on in france now these young jihadists are very restrained when it comes to releasing this kind of information at this moment is it sort of kind of enterprise cop like an informant soon. germany's national intelligence agency says it's currently investigating some six hundred fifty leads from refugees about possible for minus operatives living in the country. and if you want to know more about this story you can watch the documentary list from victim to terrorist hunter on our website.
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dot com you'll see it there. well the death toll from a huge truck bomb explosion in the somali capital mogadishu has risen to more than three hundred the bombing took place in a busy commercial district on saturday it is the deadliest single attack in the country's history the government has declared three days of national mourning. two days after the blast the once crowded street in the heart of mogadishu lies in ruins emergency workers are still recovering bodies from the rubble but they say it will be difficult to determine how many were killed so many victims were completely charred by the flames and they are worried about those who may still be alive and trapped under the rubble. but we've heard those under the rubble screaming for help my biggest worry is that even the wounded are succumbing to their injuries in the mine this is a really horrendous attack and we must come together to defeat the enemy. will see
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them. in hospitals doctors are busy treating the wounded. others such as these critically injured victims are being evacuated by air to tag for further treatment. many relatives gathered at the airport hoping for the best for their loved ones. the tragedy began on saturday when a truck packed with hundreds of kilo's of explosives blew up outside a hotel at a busy intersection in downtown mogadishu close to government offices and and restaurants the blast flattened several buildings and such a nearby few times on fire. it was a massacre what happened on saturday i've never seen such a thing in the past twenty seven years i witnessed a little boy's head laying on the ground and his mother and other children were also decapitated by the explosion. she was one of those who joined thousands of
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somalians in a mosque demonstration on sunday to protest against the attacks. they say the islamist militant group al-shabaab was responsible for the blasts the group has not claimed responsibility but has stage similar attacks to fool here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world spain's top court has jailed two cattle on independence leader shortie sanchez enjoining are being investigated on possible charges of sedition for their role in protests last month becomes a spain issue and ultimatum to catalonia had to drop its independence bid by thursday it will face direct route from madrid. a car bomb has killed the best known investigative journalist in malta def need to cover one that believes you know ran a blog that highlighted alleged corruption among her targets was prime minister
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jones of moscow whom she leaped to secret offshore bank accounts he has denounced or killing as an attack on press freedom. the weinstein company says it's entered talks to sell the bulk of his assets to the private equity firm colony capital the film studio is in damage control after firing co-founder harvey weinstein amid numerous accusations of sexual assault colony capital says it will provide an immediate cash infusion to ensure current productions continue. now politics here in europe austria is on the verge of getting a conservative nationalist government with some far right policies the conservative leaders of austrian chords came out the winner in sunday's election which saw him adopt the anti immigration policies of his extreme right opponents it coalition has yet to be to go she added but it's likely that courts will need the far right freedom party to former governor. one day after the elections conservative party
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members a basking in their success their latest sebastien curt's has become a star after the party won thirty percent of the vote making them the clear election win is. i think it's a fantastic austrian needs change the of in which we will most likely get a terrible government. there be a restart now in austria but no party won an absolute majority so the country will once again need a coalition government as the largest party the conservatives say they're ready to head up a coalition the white picket talk today we've seen a strong push for change in this country i thank you all that you've all made it possible. the conservatives most likely coalition partner is the far right freedom party which is expected to come in third party leader. is already eyeing up a cabinet post. we are now
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a political force in the domestic austrian political landscape my friend. the incumbent chancellor christian can and the social democrats saw the support slip putting them and likely second place still current says he's ready to enter a possible coalition government if you have been in the end and at the little we've created a set of criteria and developed a value compass this will be our benchmark and the basis on which we negotiate and with three different coalition options possible observers are expecting some complicated talks ahead it is being called the most intensely observed astronomical event to date and then you were in astronomy scientists around the world so they say they witnessed the collision i should say of two ultra dense stars for the first time the collision of the two dead stars which are called neutron stars caused a ripple in the fabric of space scientists say that collisions like this are responsible for much of the gold in the platinum that exists in the universe. the sensational
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discovery was made back in august by scientists in france and the us using gravitational wave detectors for the first time researchers were able to observe two ultra dense stuns so-called neutron stars as they caused ripples in the fabric of space some one hundred thirty million light years away from earth the massive neutron stars eventually collided with a massive flash of light. just two seconds later observatories across the earth and in all of it detected a burst of light in the form of gamma rays. scientists monitored the skies for weeks afterwards to see how radiation spread in various spectrums of light. telescopes on the earth and in space made this landmark observation possible. neutron stars affirmed when stars die with massive explosions what remains are
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extremely dense smaller more compact pieces of matter. these pieces can have twice the mass of our own sun but they're only ten to twenty kilometers in diameter. that material is extremely dense. just a small teaspoon could weigh as much as ten million tons on earth. by using gravitational waves researchers can learn more about what these objects are made of and what materials are dispersed when they collide. you're watching the w. news live from berlin more news at the top of the. w.'s program guide to the highlights. the whole. dot com highlights. taken.


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