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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2017 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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he's badly hit with half the country in a state of emergency. he's young he's always been a politician and he always wins yesterday voters in austria paved the way for sebastian courts to become their chancellor and the youngest leader in the world tonight the vote speaking the far rights language sounding like a millennia old man i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. like to get caught he said he's the one who shot the day it's a historic day it is our chance to take the leadership of our country and to carry out real changes there for thank you. to hear about so i just i'm convinced that the new chancellor if it turns out to be sebastian quotes will
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remember the great europeans from australia getting on their yes and i congratulate it's about seen clips nice night and i think i hope we will then be able to wet well together on the european stage that says i'm the nominee based on that i could be the president of the european commission reiterated in his letter the wish for the formation of a stable pull your opinion government well behalf of the hunger in government to be of course i congratulate us of us in court resolve is very honest straightforward to the point that we are happy that they candidate has won the pool has represented that in many cases similar position now regarding migration compared to be hungary on government. oh also coming up taking a knee across the atlantic first it was american football players using the gesture in protest now in german soccer players are doing it on the pitch. a show of
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solidarity or scoring a p.r. goal well less in about fifteen minutes. we begin the day with a very youthful shift to the right to the far right austrian voters went to the polls yesterday and gave a victory to a young attractive political player but also to an old ugly political force the head of the conservatives thirty one year olds a bustin courts is set to become austria's new chancellor he'll be the youngest head of government in the world but he'll have to climb into bed with the far right freedom party if he wants to have a working majority in parliament now you may think the far rights resurgence and the rise of a millennial to power would be two very different stories well not in austria and not in a europe that just two years later is still reeling from opening and closing its borders to more than a million might. sebastian could is set to be the world's youngest
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leader and he supporters can't get enough. the thirty one year old has led the center right people's party for just five months. has had the party rightward on key issues and to victory in austria as national elections. will have a big request for you used today to celebrate. what you've all learned through hard work and get occasions. it's. ok to have the same time i need to tell you that to morrow the work starts we didn't just run to win the elections we did it to bring austria back on top. so we're going to speak to the young we ran in this election to achieve real change. how could scoops to achieve this change is up for debate. the former foreign minister appeals to conservative and rightwing voters with pledges to reduce
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immigration shut down migrant routes kept benefits to refugees and bar immigrants from benefits for five years. could says party is still far short of the numbers needed to form a government he will have to form a coalition he's most likely partner. the far right freedom party that took an anti immigrant anti islam position during the campaign. despite could says pro e.u. pledge observers say our right wing alliance risks driving a wedge between vienna and brussels. well for more on this i'm joined by sylvia kritzinger she is a political scientist at the university of vienna and she is the country's leading elections analysts miss chris give me free should you taking the time to be on the day you know much of the world is alarmed or concerned with it reads the headlines about the far right freedom party probably being part of the next coalition
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government the freedom party is not new so national politics in austria at all i mean how much of a move to the right is this election really. well the election campaign was really about one issue it was the issue of migration and actually the commentators for pretty clear actually had the same opinion that. electional many of to to participate in party and people parties the topic of migration is pretty similar if not identical so if you ask whether the complaints moved to right into parties moved to the right when it comes to the issue of immigration it definitely did it and right in the middle of that talk comes the sebastian coe a young mover and shaker who takes what his critics say he takes the position of the far right dresses it up linguistically and then makes it appetizing to the
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center is that what he has done. well he's definitely different face i'm not so nice messages sent positions and he's a brilliant political in the sense that he's excellent in rhetoric and he definitely true by actually provided information on migration in a very nice way to the austin voters you can also say that he made it normal to talk about migration certain ways because it doesn't need to freedom party talking about it but it's not only also the people's party talking about the same ease use of migration as the freedom party did in the past just that now there is a different party stand behind the same issues that are there for a long time just proposing to trade a marquee we know that mr accords he has been compared with hungary's victor orbán he today was compared with him on wilma crawl into of france or mr trudeau
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from canada but i'd like to get your opinion what about these similarities between him and the u.s. president donald trump do you see any parallels here. i think that's a little bit exaggerated and also i know that quite a lot of people compare him but come but this comparison cannot be and we'd be made because the call comes from a different ideological perspective mean to from the social democratic perspective and courts is definitely a candidate of the christian democrats the conservative faction and those are there is a huge other difference between mcconnell and the courts mccall didn't have a party he had to establish create and his own party were escorts hence the peoples party that backed him not only money but also the incisional structure so
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comparing these two. comes to age and to sixty nine but nothing else yeah they differently of where different suits and different ties that is for sure what do you think that this young man is going to do to europe in terms of its refugee and migration policy and what does what does he mean for the german chancellor angela merkel is here the end to the system of moti merkel. i think can we still have to wait how he will behave as chancellor another supporting minister at this it chancellor . on the european as the. effects of well you also have to see that all the european partners are moving along to seem lines when it comes to changing the ravine union i just make an example for example the idea. for example to
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refuse to social benefits or even migrants to austria and whose family are living that code and that's an idea that probably some of the western states might take up as a good idea because it will save him also some money but on the other hand and states from central and eastern europe would not. sit us in courts and that policy because that means that there their families living still in their countries they lose a lot of money dead broke because from austria germany and we'll send back to the countries in italy and see entering a central and eastern europe so i don't think that all the ideas that sit chords have the to regard. that easily acceptable and will be implemented it recently at the european stage electable he's a young leader he's got a lot of time ahead of them all to see what he does so be it critical joining us tonight from vienna she's a political scientist at the university of vienna professor thank you very much we
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appreciate you being on the day. or the deadline is coming on spain's government last week gave the parliament in catalonia until today this monday to answer a simple question was last week's signed intention to be a republic also a declaration of independence from spain where you could call it kicking the cats along king and down the road just a little bit more madrid is now extended the deadline for this coming thursday. but or barcelona and all of catalonia for that matter will lose any and all tongue in. the government regrets that the catalan president has decided not to respond to its request of last week i don't think it's very difficult to say either yes or no to the question of whether he has declared independence or not. this is a question that cannot remain unanswered i don't think it's a complicated question with something as important as this we need clarity so art
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i'm joined now by correspondent guy hedgecoe he joins me from these bands capital madrid good evening to you guys so you know i said kicking the kettle on can down the road further but it looks like both sides are doing that let's let's start though with catalonia why is it finding it so hard basically to state his position and to tell madrid what it did last week. well there are a lot of pressures on the cattle and president colors push amount on the one hand. not to declare himself having declared independence if you like last week not of to have declared it because that would draw he thinks of very drastic response from the spanish government also there were financial pressures as well around five hundred companies have moved their legal base out of catalonia in the last couple of weeks alone just because of all the uncertainty that's going on and that would
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surely accelerate that trend if he did clearly declare independence but on the other hand he has to appease his own followers those who do want independence and there are many people in catalonia who want to see a very strident clear declaration of independence so there are these two pressures on pushed him on and what he's been doing is walking a very fine line between to trying to avoid annoying both sides too much and that's what we've seen so far and how do we understand in madrid today extending the deadline because last week a mr or i was very clear that he considers what happened in catalonia the referendum and also the declaration last week to be illegal so why give them more time. well that the deadline that was given until today was sort of a preliminary deadline until when the catalan government had to say clarify you
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know if it had declared independence or not and then the second deadline on thursday is to give it time to rectify if you like to change its mind and put a brake on its independence project so it has just a few more days until thursday i mean thursday is really the crunch today we always believed it was likely that we were going to get a fairly and ambiguous response from the catalan government and that's what's happened thursday is really the crunch time when it has the side if it's going to respond to these precious in the spanish government if it doesn't then things are probably going to escalate in this crisis and just briefly if you could guy has this become more of a personal battle now between the cattle on president and the spanish prime minister and to a certain extent yes although i mean i should point out that just a few moments ago two civic pro independence leaders were imprisoned. just this
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evening and so that reflects you know how how that this problem goes beyond just mr mr push them on mr roy i think it's affecting many catalans and on the other hand it's affecting many spaniards outside catalonia so what you can say is this is probably the deepest political crisis spain has had for decades all right journalist going to go joining us tonight from madrid guy thank you very much. somalia is still in shock over the deadliest single attack in the country's history last friday's truck bombing in the capital mogadishu killed more than three hundred people and wounded hundreds of years the islamist al shabaab extremists have been blamed for the carnage but today on world food day we are reminded of a far more deadly threat to somalia hunger more than three million of its people
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barely have enough to eat four hundred thousand children are malnourished d.w. journalists zandra painters mon and young philips old traveled to somalia before the bomb attack they met with people called up in a major food crisis just fighting to survive. this baby's on for arm is less than eleven centimeters in circumference the red on the measuring tape means she's dangerously undernourished. these eight children brought by their mothers from refugee camps to this clinic in the somali capital mogadishu or all in the so-called red zone. nine month old ways half of what she should for her age and she's also suffering from an umbilical hernia which requires surgery. for dr mari and muhammad severe cases like this are quite common. sometimes see you see it laying on a new three minute but you're sometimes going to. combine with other bases like you
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know they understood me when yeah. doctor my home with the team feeds faria a highly nutritious peanut butter paste. her mother father says this is the first time her daughter has received medical treatment. their home in southern somalia which has been suffering from severe drought for more than a year has no medical clinics. and the islamist militia al-shabaab has forbidden residents from accepting any form of aid. to escape with her daughter in secret. a group of us left together we traveled on foot for eight days. six hundred thousand people like i have come to the capital it's one of the few places where they can get aid and protection. but even in mogadishu provisions are
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meager after more than two decades of civil war state agencies lie in ruins. hospital one of the largest state clinics in the country lacks medicine and the personnel to provide necessary care undernourished children. as bad as it seems the u.n. aid coordinator says the international community has learned from earlier crises instead of simply handing out food he stresses the need to transfer money directly to victims we are using much more innovative ways of assistance and in particular the local governmental organizations very important role in being. between the local communities ourselves and the authorities. but critics say that even in the case of national organizations and state agencies it's nearly impossible to control whether aid is getting through secretly filmed images like these show international
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aid deliveries often end up being sold at mobile market places. anticorruption advocates mohamed mubarak says administrative abuses like these won't end until somalia's fundamental problems are addressed. if there was unchecked power and when they would be and it's because we don't have the checks and balances that's the main reason so we should be independent and best is to constituent building. the new government in mogadishu in power since february claims it's addressing these abuses. it has solicited direct grants for the reconstruction of state structures the president and the prime minister very keen and trying to stop and any sort of corruption but this is where we need the internet impotence to trust us that trust has to start somewhere. dr mohamad
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about his pain. well it began on a us football field as a simple protest against racism and social injustice it has since spread across the country inferi age the u.s. president and his now found supporters on this side of the atlantic here in the german capital the city's buddhist league soccer team heads a billion took in the end just before their match in this began to action was a show of solidarity with american football players in the n.f.l. who have also been kneeling or locking arms during the u.s. national anthem. ahead to released a statement after saturday's game aired b.s.e. stands for diversity and against violence so that's why we're joining the american athletes protest and sending a strong signal to fight discrimination we are for a brylin that stays open to the world in the future the move has also attracted
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attention in the us black lives matter activists shaun king tweeted wow the players from head to berlin took in the in solidarity with american athletes protesting injustice but it was not all praise some call the action a p r stunt the team and trainers it should focus on sport not politics taking and he is very it's a very complex subject. yes complex and emotional there really is a presence here from our sports desk i mean one of the first things first we were talking about this earlier i would venture that a lot of people on both sides of the atlantic when even talk about this they don't even know exactly what they're talking about because in the u.s. if this story is a lot longer then just right of the orders the tweets of donald trump yeah of course you know in terms of what they did it just says that hanson berlin is listening and i think it speaks volumes that as you mentioned this is happening
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across the pond and they still can relate and they show their support because we all know that the world of football be high fever has had many campaigns to fight racism and if you look at the initial reasoning behind at least what the players have put forward to say what the protesting was about it's rooted in racism and social injustice so this is nice to see and fitting in berlin the capital city germany it's nice i applaud the effort do you do you think that it was a reaction to the tweets and the to the derogatory comments that have been coming from dollar drop now i think definitely donald trump has stoked the fire added fuel that his own right you know because when he goes to twitter the world's response was he probably would even be a story over here had he not tweeted about it right of course of course you not think it would have had the legs that you know it's been showing you know that it carries at this point but yet of course when he makes those tweets the world responds and we can't forget the but as the economy goes to the united states so it
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there is that connection you know they train because you can argue that florida california and such as better weather to offer than seventy eight times a year i want to take a look at the latest trump tweet about the n.f.l. if we can pull that up and show our viewers from tweeted why it is the n.f.l. getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem flag and country change the tax wall now he is through. rolling in so many things right there with that tweet but he's trying to throw patriotism into sports right where you've already got people exercising their right to protest and he's just he what is he doing well i think for those that don't know are that are unaware trump has a bone to pick with the n.f.l. he has an ugly history with the n.f.l. he was once an owner in a competitive league try to overtake the n.f.l. that was a failed situation then a few years ago before he became president trump well before he was
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a nominee as well candidate as well he tried to buy it in f.l. franchise team that was a failed bid so he had some issues there i think he was locked out of that good old boy network that the owners you know i believe haven't yet exist and then he says the u.s. president has the n.f.l. against him i mean i don't think there's any time in history where we've seen that and we've never had a president in history do that uses twitter you know on a regular basis either and you know a person who i think is so divisive you know you could argue not think a lot of people do believe that his comments are intended to divide and i do support that because he controls the narrative the narrative initially was about one issue and it's become something else what about the narrative here in germany i mean you've got to do these players here who are taking in the and it goes back to my first question their audience to do they get the message here i mean are there
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similarities just talk about social injustice and racism are they speaking to the same things that african-american athletes are speaking to will you know. in a specific way no because we're talking about you know some could argue the unlawful killing of a lot of unarmed african americans this is been making you know headlines over the last few years and that was the reasoning behind the purchase in the united states with the idea of racism and it's all related to the sense of racism as i mentioned before fifa has had these campaigns going we've seen the ugly side of racism right here in germany too right right right of course of course and chance and things like this you know you see this it does exist you know and i think that it's important athletes being role models at the end of the day as well people follow their examples and i think it's wonderful that they set this example because if you can look on the wall you see salamanca lou yeah. you know he has african roots right if he's walking down you know
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a street the united states no one could distinguish him from an african-american so and he was one of the people i think that that fueled this initiative and because afterwards a lot of the players kind of patted him on the back you know and then he came out to twitter you know sports friday more messages such as the heart is too tiny to carry hate things like this which is a good way to end this talk as well as always good to have you on the day good talking with you if we had more time we'd fill it up easily with way ok all right thanks very much the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online your friends on twitter or write to me first off easy to forgive use the hash tag today whatever happened. more is another day see that.
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to go. to sleep the highlights. is that the new hire does affect russia's fribourg then suddenly falls well again and munich. but well it. was just suffered its worst defeat this season against drugs and at home.
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the tradition says they belong in the home. that dreams say they need to be free. women in egypt. many feel confined by their old gender roles. but to having the life they choose is haunted than ever . fighting back women in egypt in forty five minutes long doubly. nationalists are on the rise with a large contract greater than that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. to share your story join the conversation on to w. unto itself on the facebook. why are people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of the situation. we
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focus on five specific problem areas. as human journalistic project tries to find the answers. white africa goes green and we're talking this week on the dylan song mine. is bashing. shabby this is shabby smallwood edge of the premier petro.


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