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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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a prolonged spell on the sidelines. for his mom but i haven't yet decided whether he'll starts will be on the bench the important thing is he's injury free. but he needs some time to get back to his best after such a long break from training. new opponents porto op top of the portuguese league but just two points ahead of light second the group a first european win could see the german side of it take hold so i'm claim second spot. you're up to date on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin.
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take a trip to a world of boundless ambition. meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges. join flip just that's not a german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. big trial big he we are passionate about because you're going to stick to this for a long time and it's something you don't we like and it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founders valley starting october twenty third on the d w. it is. a double whammy for us plane make a boeing europe's air bus teams out with canada's bomb. it could also have trump tweeting with fury. countries around the globe or why fight uses of pack
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attacks following the discovery of a security flaw. and with the robot revolution underway in factories around the world german scientists want to make the technology easy to use and affordable. bed for all and that's the business european aviation giant air bus is buying bomb but is ailing c. series passenger jet business at no cost it allowed the canadian plane make its use an airbus assembly line in the us possibly by passing tough tariffs. celebrations in toulouse after an unusual deal somebody a c. series had a bumpy start it almost forced the canadian aircraft maker into bankruptcy now body is teaming up with its competitor air bus to build an manage the mid range aircraft it's a perfect this is why we've done it and we think it's good news for airlines customers
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that already potential customers shareholders on both sides that's why we call it a win win i mean is the latest new newest innovative technology and one hundred twenty p.c. class so there is no other aircraft like that so when you combine this with the arab. reach capability i mean it will only use the full value of the aircraft the european cooperation will only a little more than half the endeavor without having to pay in but then airbus will be responsible for the entire building in marketing of the c. series the deal is also a result of the ongoing trade dispute between bum party in the us administration which is threatening the canadian company with hefty tariffs and vines if it sells planes in the u.s. . the new partnership throws a monkey wrench in the trumpet ministrations trade plans because the canadian
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planes will be sold through the e.u. company airbus. and airbus can only gain from helping its competitor it broadens the airbus product pallet and makes it more competitive internationally. to colorado's enough financial correspondent in frankfurt is following this story for us comrade is it more about saving bumba davis still all more about. having the states against boeing. well then of course it's both but i think it's a bit more about saving bombard you the company was in deep financial trouble up until now up until this deal it was unclear and unlikely that bombard you would have the stamina to stand through this conflict with the u.s. department of commerce but now combined with the two companies of course do have the money the resources the lawyers to really negotiate this with the americans the boeing calls this a questionable deal is it. well what would you say if
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you missed out on an opportunity to get rid of one of your competitors whether or not this was a questionable deal whether or not the subsidies that the canadian government paid bombard you when it developed this airplane remains to be negotiated and according to the rules of the international institutions where we have for international trade nafta for example the north american trade agreement or the world trade organization provide rules for cases like this and just explain to us how the deal could get bombard you around trump's tough tariffs. well it's unlikely that the government of donald trump will impose tariffs on planes made in america especially made in the state like alabama where mr trump has a lot of friends jobs in america are at stake here rebels in the frankfurt stock exchange thank you. now have
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a listen to what's going on on wall street. a lot of excitement there not long after trading got underway the dow jones industrial average broke through the twenty three thousand mark for the first time a strong earnings reports helping extend a wall street rally but the excitement is coupled with hesitation this is the second longest bull rally in history no one knows how much longer to last and if there's a correction around the corner europe's major stock markets are also holding close to record highs. if you use a wife i.e. internet connection you could be hit by hackers or searches have discovered a major floor in wife i connections dubbed crack which could allow data being transmitted between the internet access point to your computer or mobile phone to be intercepted in some cases the hacker could then use the vulnerability to reject
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malware experts say it could leave the majority of connections of risk until they are patched protect your devices and update your devices as soon as an update is available. it's all about this with mark buckman from the german i.t. association big com mark tell me how this all tame about how it was actually discovered by the researchers the researchers from belgium from the couple of church of logan investigating that there is so on a certain stage of an exchange of information between the clients the wise and the access point the key could. be used twice which is not just not supposed to be but this meant from what i've read that the hack is involved would have to be extremely close that they would be extremely close actually they should they have would have to back this man in the middle so in between declined the vice and the access point and simulating that they already explained. who could be affected
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but to actually. theoretically everybody who's using the wife i everybody of course this is a standard protocol for all wife and devices all right to us but as i sat on the laboratory conditions it's a weakness which is a problem so it should be fixed but into practical well it's very i think it's very hard to see that happen and it didn't happen until now considering the range you were talking about could it open the door to international cyber crime or not not to international celebrity i'm not the chris you have to be really close so you have to identify a target close close to the target hope that the person would do something sensitive on their device and then you could might manipulate it so it's very ifs in the sentence is need a lot of hackers out there right so no panic but what should people be doing to ensure that that doughtery say yeah of course no panic important is that your
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devices are are up to date so on your smartphone secured up tops that your router has up to date so all major robert roger suppliers are investigating this case and they will supply treacherous and people should download these patches and update their routers and of course use secure internet connections like for online banking or you can resupply cations says h.t.t.p. s. protocol and the main line the should be standard and then you're safe. from the german id association become thank you very much for coming in thank you. mechanical engineers have gathered in berlin to talk digitize ation over the next couple days industry is a huge task ahead of it more and more robots are infiltrating our workplaces and scientists addressed in school of technology have noticed a market in asia while robots are getting cheaper they're extremely pricey to program they want to bring down costs and make sure our workmates of the future are
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easy to get along with. this robot is a quick learner. software developer is teaching it. the robot understands the directions quite well but its own the scientists jacket actually. didn't perceive this jacket as different sensors let's take a look of course they're mostly in the sleeves and here in the neck area the sensors register the orientation of our body and that's translated into the robot's motion and that's how we steer and. after that you just need a few clicks on the computer and the robot can carry out the moves independently the scientists address in school of technology noticed a market need robots are getting cheaper but it still costs a pretty penny to program them. because there are so robots that only
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cost let's say ten thousand euros but in relation to the software the cost of programming the robot is still very high that's where companies need to save money so we can find solutions for anyone not familiar with programming. just a few kilometers away business students are attending a special lecture. after a short theoretical section it's all about practical knowledge this is where professor showed demonstrates all the possibilities available to industry four point zero today. this is an experiment in learning platform and research platform we want to make industry four point zero excessive build to companies using company trainings so that they can test processes and innovations and of course it's meant to give our students the possibility of experiencing modern digitization concepts. in large fully automated companies it's been normal for
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a long time but for many small companies this is still new territory later the young business students will be taking their knowledge of industry four point zero with them into the business world. in any case the management will face new challenges as will colleagues in operational processes. is it to keep the operational information systems will i think expand and have more and more a role in everyday life. personal steam is about to make a break with the university the scientists want to form their own company so that they can sell their invention to various businesses. and talk to me to take a break i'll let the robots gladly take over all the work.
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for. the most easy going animals. setting off alarm bells. the rescue center in surrey and. the habitat is
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