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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is c w news law a bomb for alleged a blow has been struck against the so-called islamic state with the capture of the self-proclaimed capital of its supposed that caliphate the city of droste in syria the months long fight has left the city in ruins but how much damage has this done
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to the militant group itself. also coming up in neighboring iraq baghdad is pushing ahead with an offensive to read to take disputed kurdish held areas as the u.n. and the u.s. appealed for calm. and from great hope to great misery south sudan is one of the world's newest states but today millions of people there are reliant on food aid we have a special report on one woman's struggle to survive and to feed her family. plus calls for justice grow louder in malta following the murder of anticorruption journalist tough enough to leave. and following the harvey weinstein sex abuse allegations stories of sexual harassment sweep across social media using the hash tag me to.
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i'm sara kelly welcome thanks for joining us. u.s. backed fighters in syria have retaken rocca the city that the so-called islamic state considers its capital now troops fighting i say that they have captured one of the militants last holdouts that is of course the city's hospital but there are still pockets of resistance one of them reported to be a stadium complex and roc-a which was used by us as a prison and an arms dump dozens of fighters have made their last stand there once the seed of islamic states power the long fight for rocca has left the city in ruins. a five month battle is over for the syrian kurdish and arab fighters. backed by the united states they killed dozens of i asked militants in their final push rocka is now a shell of a city. there's nothing left we're near the end we haven't seen
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any i asked militants we haven't seen any of them near the stadium either i think the city will be fully clear of them in the next two days which is once all of the i asked militants are gone from syria i'll go home. i asked took control of rocca in early twenty fourteen and made it the company all of its self-styled kind of thought. the militants imposed a strict interpretation of islamic law and used extreme means such as beheadings and torture to quash those who oppose the rule it became home to thousands of jihadists from across the globe after a call by us leader. de to migrate to the syrian city however in recent months the so-called islamic state has steadily lost territory in syria and iraq. the fall of raka is a major blow to the militant group but the extremists still controlled territory in neighboring regions on the iraqi side of the border. a long road lies ahead to heal
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wounds and rebuild the ruined city of raka the spite these fighters celebrations. well let's get more now on this offensive i'm joined in the studio by daniel gary locke from zenith magazine and he is a middle east expert daniel thanks so much for being with us this afternoon and for having me now that rocca has been liberated what does this mean for the so-called islamic state the so-called islamic state has lost its both both of its symbolic and at the same same time structural capitals mosul in iraq and iraq and syria which was much more symbolic capital since it was the capital of the of the killing of an irishman and they've made this is storable references of course but they have a lot left and lost a stronghold in syria but this doesn't come unprepared for them they know it's a long time since months that rocket would fall and they have to place their you can say essential or non-essential staff their commanders and their families to the
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euphrates valley and there are still some pockets and there they are confronting the syrian regime and somehow we will see who is going to the city of rockets going to be handed over my guests you know later it's going to be the syrian regime to as they were preparing for this as you know you mentioned it seems as if they had a backup plan in fact for when this city would fall what does that mean now for the anti islamic state coalition going forward i'm for example what needs to be done politically to make sure that the military gains are in fact not lost or or that they're carried out what i see in syria at the moment is fear and particular from the side of those tribes that lived under the yoke of the so-called islamic state or some of them have been forced into this and alliance or negligence to the islamic state and they're now left to the mercy of several armed groups and militias around you have the syrian regime you have the kurdish so-called syrian
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democratic forces. you have iraqi militias who are coming in across the border from iraq and these tribes they are in danger because the islamic state forces are going to try to merge into them and they're going to try to hide into them and the alternative would be like a military clint's in these forces and many people would fall victim to that or they would be left to the mercy of shia militias that are coming from iraq and they're very much afraid of that so i think this area is very much in focus now at the moment and needs to be peddled wise so then looking forward for this group the so-called islamic state looking into the future say you had a crystal ball looking one year ahead perhaps even five years ahead how do you see it evolving over time. look i never i never thought that the territorial project of the so-called islamic state was something tangible insistent substantial. you could see if the opponents and if the states
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a week in the region then these jihadi groups can always reemerge and rebrand themselves and and have some kind of terror territorial gains or autonomy. in certain parts of the middle east but i don't think that there is ever going to be such a territorial territorial project again unless the main players which are the syrian regime and other powers in the middle east a letting it happen either voluntarily or out of carelessness and i think this is the danger of the ideology of jihadism the ideology that that that empowered or the so-called islamic state is still present globally it's still having a lot of attracting a lot of disciples and even though the territorial project might be dead jihadism a still alive and still very dangerous ok daniel fascinating stuff here and you're going to actually stick with us because we want to get your perspective on happenings elsewhere in the region we're actually going to head now to syria's neighbor iraq where government forces say that they have taken control of all major oil fields in the disputed northern province of care cook as follows fast on the
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heels of their capture of the kurdish held city of kirkuk have a lot of. celebrations as iraqi forces ruling. supporters of the iraqi central government could contain their joy. thousands of kurdish residents fled the city ahead of the advance. assumed you were heading to where bill because the situation is getting worse as the iraqi troops are ventured there's no way we could stay out of going up on was a no no our children are terrified we were afraid that there would be clashes and mortar rounds would have us that's what i'm worried about. can't cook an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and the iraqi government had been under kurdish control since iraqi forces fled when the slimy state militants swept through the region in twenty fourteen now it's back into the control of the iraqi government the advance comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region and also here
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in kids voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence in a controversial referendum. kurdish peshmerga leaders see the seizure of cuckoos amounts to a declaration of war. and we are to rejoins now by daniel gary locke to tell us a little bit more about you know how it is that you see this playing out in particular because i mean there are so many loose alliances and and disputes here as well i don't think that we will see a military confrontation between the quarter's first night of forces and the iraqi central states army and its militias i don't think this is going to happen was disputed for many years and the iraqi government announced such a step but they just did of course it's in the coke of was an embarrassment to both sides because it has oil and because it's so disputed and such a difficult like kind of iraq in
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a nutshell but i think both sides are reasonable enough to know that another full fledged war would cost many many lives and would totally said iraq ablaze so i don't think that's going to happen and of course this some wishful thinking and into daniel gary locke middle east expert journalist with the scene at the magazine we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to share your expertise on the region and the latest happenings today. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world philippine president. declared maral we've liberated from terrorists he visited the southern city one day after the last two islamist leaders there were killed but military leaders say that the battle is still ongoing as they search the ruins for remaining pockets of militants. and taliban militants in afghanistan have carried out a suicide bombing and gun attack on a provincial police headquarters an attack that killed at least thirty three people it was part of a series of attacks against police across the country that has left at least
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seventy eight people dead and hundreds wounded. portugal has declared three days of national mourning after at least forty one people died in forest fires in the country's north and center firefighters have now brought most of the five hundred blazes under control the government says that the fires the worst in more than a decade were caused by higher than average temperatures and drought. it watching news still to come on the program the regional government in catalonia delivers a defiant message to madrid by refusing to back down on its independence but we will hear from our correspondent in barcelona what this means for the struggle between the two sides. and the food crisis in south sudan four years of civil war of the millions malnourished we have a report from the site of an ongoing emergency in part two of our series hunger in africa. but first daniel enter as you can see he is here with us here in the studio
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and bombard a is apparently getting some help from an arch rival tell us more tenuous and if you've been stalling the story recently all know it is not boeing that's helping bomb body out european aviation giant buses bonbon body is ailing c. series jet business get this at no cost it would allow the canadian plane maker to use an assembly line in the u.s. possibly by possibly tough tariffs. celebrations in to lose after an unusual deal somebody a c. series had a bumpy start it almost forced the canadian aircraft maker into bankruptcy now body is teaming up with its competitor airbus to build an manage the mid range aircraft it's a perfect this is why we've done it and we think it's good news for airlines customers that already potential customers of shareholders on both sides that's why we call
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it win win i mean is that latest new newest innovative technology and a hundred two hundred fifty c. class so there is no other aircraft like that so when you combine this with the arab bus reach capability i mean it will only take the full value of the aircraft the european cooperation will only a little more than half the endeavor without having to pay in but then airbus will be responsible for the entire building in marketing of the c. series the deal is also a result of the ongoing trade dispute between bump r.t.a. and the us administration which is threatening the canadian company with hefty tariffs and fines if it sells planes in the u.s. the new partnership throws a monkey wrench in the trumpet ministrations trade plans because the canadian planes will be sold through the e.u. company air bus and air bus can only gain from helping its competitor it broadens the air bus product pallet and makes it more competitive internationally. now it's
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confirmed tons as among seven bidders for parts of alitalia italy's flag carrier has long been the sick man of european adeline's only making a profit twice in a seventy year history and to make the deal was that while lufthansa would reportedly start cutting immediately. there is a new order in the skies above europe. italian airline out italia which filed for bankruptcy last may recently received another line of credit from the italian government to help maintain operations until a new buyer is found. tons is offering half a billion euros for parts of the airline according to reports by italian media the german air giant is reportedly only interested in audi talia's aviation business and not its ground operations that means half of the employees of italy's largest airline could lose their jobs that's around six thousand people and that's similar
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to the current situation faced by the employees of insolvent airline air berlin the photon's is said to only be interested in the tally is long haul routes and not the short and medium ones whether anyone else is interested in those still remains to be seen as no other potential buyers have been reported to be lining up for pieces of al italia europe's largest budget airline ryanair has already withdrawn its bid for the airline the only welcome news for al italia may be the three hundred million euros of extra credit that it received from the italian government. catalonia has bid for independence will have an impact on economic growth across the country next year that's according to the spanish government and in catalonia itself tourism activity is down fifteen percent that's according to an industry lobby group in a statement today consumers and businesses alike i'm looking for a quick resolution but both sides of the political divide holding up. this was the
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scene outside the headquarters of the castle and government on monday night use protesters expressing their outrage over the arrest of two pro separatist leaders it's only the latest twist in a battle of wills between madrid and barcelona and the political turmoil is swiftly translating into economic uncertainty the crisis over catalonia his quest for independence has prompted the spanish government to lower its growth forecast for next year from two point six percent to two point three percent the move comes after economists raise concern over the potential for life of the crisis last week in the us that we're seeing agencies have warned that the uncertain political and economic situation could affect the catalan economy companies continue to leave the result could be a recession would undoubtedly affect the growth of g.d.p. . there for the article. though that built into the route of growth separatists have long maintained that catalonia would prosper without financial obligation to
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spain but since the crisis broke companies have been leaving the region in their droves the two biggest banks have already moved their headquarters elsewhere and hundreds of smaller companies have packed their bags to accounting for over a fifth of the national g.d.p. what happens to catalonia as economy happens to spain as a whole. and sarah is back now with more on the catalonia crisis absolutely jenin because there are so many facets to this crisis indeed in fact catalonia has refused madrid's demands that it we're now seeing a symbolic declaration of independence or face the threat of direct spanish role speaking at a news conference a catalan government spokesman said that the autonomous region will stand by its decision the announcement came as protesters gathered in barcelona to demand the release of two cattle and pro independence movement leaders the two have been provisionally jailed since monday night in a sedition probe. let's head now to barcelona where correspondent barbara vessel is
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standing by with the latest developments so so barbara i mean they arrest of the these two separatist leaders this has really inflamed tensions there hasn't it. this is the first figure demonstration we're seeing four days since we had sort of the high point to a week ago and it's just arriving behind us and people are trying to talk freedom we are in the center across the north of the french's school moxy out and people are sort of really protesting against these two independence leaders to be put in jail it is no question that this is really heating up emotions and of course the independence movement themselves they have done their best to sort of stirred them up really to look for it all day they have been in meetings all day and then they
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came out just an hour ago for press conference and they said we will carry on we will just carry on was independence that we will not back down yeah both sides indeed not backing down but madrid certainly giving you know the catalan prime minister b. the opportunity to do so you know they basically gave him another all to made them today fair to say that this is crunch time. it's crunch time on thursday ten o'clock and the so far no one is actually in doubt because they have really done themselves in here in talks alone yet the regional government as well is the two big independence movement and there is no way they could possibly turn back now and say ok we put this away if it was drawled the declaration and that sit down and talk to actually have been done like four weeks ago are four months ago at the moment it seems that the two sides are really racing sort of a head of each other and get it heading for crunch very soon. head on collision
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that is going to happen within two days barbara given that do you see any opportunities where both sides can save face and how high is the potential for civil unrest i mean what we're seeing something happening right behind you at the moment. it seems the face saving times are over i mean a compromise put in front. and back. to sides have really ticked there at their positions and sort of then said i mean the central government did the trid not the prime minister and the cups in the regional government they really said we will not bunch not from our positions as they cannot possibly turn away now and find compromise at the moment it is really not for seeable nobody here can sink officer who she could find so i was starting to really get to try and do it within
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a few days you will see even bigger and more demonstrations barbara vessel in barcelona thank you. well this week t w news is broadcasting a series of reports on the causes of hunger and malnutrition in africa today we're focusing on south sudan civil war has tormented the country since two thousand and thirteen following decades of conflict which led to independence from sudan no more than a million children are malnourished in this country large areas are inaccessible to international aid groups our correspondents yon's young philip schultz and creation report on a famine catastrophe fueled by war and conflict. honey has been waiting for this moment for six weeks. she's walked four hours from her village to the refugee camp inventive to get food to feed her
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family. i'm very grateful now i've got some beans next comes the children's food and the grain and oil to. the ngo that hunger hits from germany together with the u.n. world food program provides food for more than two hundred thousand people here every month one of the most difficult circumstances. there are frequent attacks which require u.n. soldiers to protect the camp. if it weren't for them we couldn't do our work here it would be too dangerous and it would be too dangerous for the people here to. the one hundred sixty thousand people who live in this camp are here mainly because of the united nations protection. in these now. but hanna doesn't live in the camp for the mother of four the most dangerous part
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of her journey is just about to begin. transporting the food to the village is very difficult but i have no choice my family has starving who are women but if i take everything at once armed men will take it all away from me so i have to make several trips. if i have only a little bit on me then they can only take part of the food away. the u.n. troops have almost no control over what happens outside the camps. government troops and rebels have been fighting here for years but what started as a political conflict between the president and his vice president. quickly took on ethnic dimensions pitting the two largest ethnic groups the dinka and the nor against each other. even though
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there's been a low in skirmishes around the bend to region looting and raping occur almost daily . most of the people here in the north of the country are farmers but with rebels repeatedly stealing their harvests very few of them continue to tend their fields. observers from the capital juba say that many of the government's own troops don't conduct themselves professionally either. pirate much is one of the few local journalists who dares criticize the government. and a situation that's worsened since the government ran out of money with which to pay salaries. and of salary then are paid and when. he actually did we saw in the tank so. killing all repping it has nothing to do with not being paid but it has something to do it bring down a station fabric that you know able to differentiate between an innocent civilian
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and saudia. with the failure of several peace agreements there's no resolution inside instead the government to flex responsibility putting the blame on the opposition and the united nations. the minister for humanitarian affairs is seen as one of the few balanced voices inside the government he admits mistakes have been made. people into their own hands even within the government that i'm some individuals what i'm truly that in wherever they are sometimes they misbehave. but this is not the policy of the government decided individuals and that's why. i don't know whether you heard that some people were arrested and being taken to court because d. and d. and d. and some of the vehicles so they end us and the un agencies and these people were
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caught on brought along. but people like qana now already have little access to the courts and justice before embarking on the treacherous hike back to where home village kind of visits her mother in the camp. hannah says she feels abandoned by her husband who has gone underground to fight with a rebel group by the international community because of the continual difficulty to keep food on her table and above all by her own government who soldiers she lives in fear of as she makes her way back home. and sports news we are heading to soccer and the champions league tonight's action briana drive take on tottenham both teams go into a group clash with perfect records madrid's attack will of course be spearheaded by
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christiane over naldo the reigning world player of the year already has four goals in this season's champions league but tottenham have their own in the form striker in harry king he has scored five goals in europe and will be desperate to prove himself against the current title holders. and german side rb leipzig will be hoping to claim their first ever champions league victory tonight last season the team storm to a second place finish in their debut have been going to seek a campaign but so far they have struggled to find success in europe. so far the red bulls haven't really had their head in europe and are bottom of their group after two games playing multiple matches a week requires squad depth and coach god is confident he can get the best out of his team under this gui is the coaching staff have to ensure we have the fittest players in the starting eleven and those players play the leipsic way if we manage
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that some of them are uncomfortable opponent for every team. on the back of an impressive win against dormant lights are in good nick even better star striker team of vanna could return after a prolonged spell on the sidelines. you're watching news still to come on the program kenya is heading toward a hotly disputed election scheduled for next week the government says it's now prepared to accept opposition to mans for reform of the electoral system. all that and more we are back in a few minutes about. finding this kidnapping terrorism. list and many in the autumn of nine hundred seventy seven. three members of the red army faction had been sentenced to nine behind. the judge's ruling in shanghai prison treated
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away the finest time dummy faction on trial in forty five minutes on t.w. . why are forty million people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of the situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. this huge journalistic project tries to find the answers why africa goes hungry our topic this week. on d w news online. it's all about the moments that right before. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram or others that d.w.
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stories new topics each week on instagram. on the vast steps of central asia an expedition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and for those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find on more in our interactive internet documentary t w dot com site goes. welcome back you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories for us back syrian forces have retaken rocka a city that i as militants had considered their capital local military leaders say that an operation is underway to clear out dozens of bias fighters who have refused
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to surrender. iraqi forces are celebrating the capture of the northern city of kirkuk from the kurds but as thousands of civilians flee both the u.n. and the u.s. have expressed fears that tensions between the two sides could escalate into conflict. kenya's deputy president says as long as a rerun presidential vote goes ahead as scheduled next week the country's election board will agree to the demands of the opposition the opposition leader raul has been leading a protests. the campaign against kenya's election body and last week of dentist said that he would skip the rerun insisting that the board cannot guarantee fairness kenya's supreme court overturned the august presidential election due to irregularities and the deputy president william ruto said that odinga is steering clear of a repeat vote because he will lose. we all know about.
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being or does not want. but disappeared in the village. because he knows that his old. let's get more now on kenya's elections are bright let's bring in our correspondent catherine on one throw who is standing by with the very latest from nairobi hi to you catherine so we just heard there the kenyan deputy president saying that oh dang affairs that you know this repeated vote that he could actually lose it is the right. it's very possible right now as it stands what we do know although we're not sure if the election will actually take place on the twenty sixth of october but given the fact that we have the election will take place and what we have is at least seven people on the ballot paper and so whether raila odinga does participate in campaigns or participates in the election his name will be on the ballot paper whether he likes
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it or not. whether his dim those who say that he has not campaigned ever since the first of september when the supreme court gave its ruling he says that his campaigns were the demos that took place and though be mixing the demonstrations with campaigns well you've seen that the ruling party has really hit the ground running and they're campaigning and they're really ready for the elections but there are those who argue that in as much as. the opposition seems to be on the losing streak they do have a point in trying to ensure that reforms happen within the electoral commission and i want to talk a little bit more about those reforms because one other thing the deputy president said was that the election board is free to agree to all of those demands can those demands though realistically be met before this repeat election on october twenty sixth. not with just eight days to the elections maybe if this
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happened on the first of september when the nullification took place maybe but now it's too late the electoral commission does say that it has responded to some of the demands by the opposition by firing you know level officers who are involved in election irregularities and by giving a new team that is does not have the chief executive officer in that team and this team is the one that's going to be handling the election but the opposition says that these demands have not been met they want a new printing press or a new company to print out the ballot papers and this compact in because the electoral commission has. is in a contract a two year contract and can't get out of it without guerrero which is the dubai based printing company and also the provision of election tronic of voters system machines they want a new company to supply that but then again this is
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a contractor a tender that's lasted for that will last at least two years so there's some things that cannot be metal some demands that cannot be met with in the next eight eight days a very challenging situation there catherine on one with the very latest from nairobi reporting on the kenyan elections thank you. mourners and demonstrators have hit the streets in baltar after an anti corruption journalist was murdered daphne. has accused multiple top politicians of corruption and had helped expose money laundering she was killed in a car bomb blast after leaving her home on monday. a day after the killing of want to buy a car bomb hundreds of marti's gather to show their outrage of the journalists murder they want to know exactly why she was killed some point a finger at the state authorities. we are here today to ask the state to
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protect us the state did not defend daphne it didn't do anything everyone who said she's going too far she's homing in on personal issues they're all guilty we expect everyone to do everything for us but these days we have to look after ourselves. two weeks ago daphne got a wanted had told police that she was receiving death threats on monday the car she was driving exploded not far from her home in the north of the island the prime minister of malta promised an investigation into death but it's been all work i condemn without reservation the barbaric attack as one against freedom of speech in our country. everyone knows that. it was a harsh critic of mine both politically and personally but nobody can justify this barbaric act in any way which is against all dignity and civility. marta has long
8:37 pm
been considered a tax haven and it was the focus of. investigative reporting as part of the consortium of journalists who revealed millions of documents known as the panama papers she wrote many reports alleging government corruption her accusations included the prime minister's family joseph a wife is suspected of owning a farm in panama that has funneled funds to her through the leader of azerbaijan both the prime minister and his wife deny this. one of the journalists three sons matthew took to social media to blame god and his government for his mother's death saying you were all complicit he said she was targeted because she was the only journalist exposing ties between organized crime and the government. multis investigators will work with forensic experts from the u.s. and the e.u. to determine the extent to which daphne koller wanna work was linked to her death. here watching d.w. news still to come on the program the abuse allegations surrounding movie producer
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harvey weinstein have sparked a social media trend stories of sexual harassment are being told under the hash tag need to we will find out how big of an impact this is having. now have a listen to what's going on on wall street. opening bell on the new york stock exchange may as well be reading out in celebration not long after trading got underway the dow jones industrial average briefly broke through the twenty three thousand mark for the first time trauma earnings reports are helping extend the wall street rally but the excitement is coupled with hesitation this is the second longest bull rally in history no one knows how much longer to last and if there's a correction around the corner europe's major stock markets are also holding close to record highs. mechanical engineers are gathering in berlin to talk
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digital transformation over the next two days industry has a huge task ahead of it more and more robots are infiltrating our workplaces and scientists at dresden school of technology have noticed a market niche while robots are getting cheaper they're becoming pricey to program . this robot is a quick learner software developer is teaching it. the robot understands the directions quite well but its own the scientists jacket actually. going for humans and this jacket has different sensors let's take a look of course they're mostly in the sleeves and here in the neck area the sensors register the orientation of our body and that's translated into the robot's motion and that's how we steer and. after that you just need
8:40 pm
a few clicks on the computer and the robot can carry out the moves independently the scientists at dresden school of technology noticed a market need robots are getting cheaper but it still costs a pretty penny to program them. because there are so robots that only cost let's say ten thousand euros but in relation to the software the cost of programming the robot is still very high that's where companies need to save money so we can find solutions for anyone not familiar with programming in. just a few kilometers away business students are attending a special lecture. after a short theoretical section it's all about practical knowledge this is where professor showed demonstrates all the possibilities available to industry four point zero today. this is an experiment in learning platform and research platform we want to make industry four point zero excess
8:41 pm
a bill to companies using company trainings so that they can test processes and innovations and of course it's meant to give our students the possibility of experiencing modern digitization concepts. in large fully automated companies it's been normal for a long time but for many small companies this is still new territory later the young business students will be taking their knowledge of industry four point zero with them into the business world. in any case the management will face new challenges as well colleagues in operational processes. the operational information systems will i think expand and have more and more of a role in everyday life. personal steam is about to make a break with the university the scientists want to form their own company so that they can sell their invention to various businesses. on the back of a sarah now donald trump courting controversy again absolutely we're going to turn
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to iran in fact because u.s. president says that the total term a nation of the iran nuclear deal is still a real possibility trump has left the fate of the agreement in the hands of congress the european union is sending its foreign policy chief frederick up to washington next month to try and persuade u.s. lawmakers not to ditch the deal which mogul raney says is working. the european union considers president trump's decision not to certify iran's compliance with the joint comprehensive plan of action as being in the context of an internal us process the european union encourages the united states to maintain its commitment to the disappear way and to consider the implications for the security of the united states its partners and the region before taking further steps. and germany's ambassador to the united states peter of it spoke to washington
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correspondent carson for naaman about the iran deal is the best president trump has disavowed the iran nuclear deal here is called for new sanctions against iran he wants the deal renegotiated and he has even threatened to walk away from the deal if you doesn't get his way is that you're now in imminent danger of unraveling while our three european leaders have clearly said they take note of what the president has decided not to certify iran's complain of compliance but they're also concerned about its implications and they have also made clear that we will stick to the deal this is part of our national security interest it enhances our security in enhances the regional security it blocked iran's path to a nuclear weapon for the foreseeable future but they've also said that we are ready
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to address common grievances than if areas iran plays in the region iran as a state sponsor of terrorism the missile program that concerns us etc so we want to address those issues as well and we will do it in the future together with the u.s. . now president trump has criticized the dia an existing form as a bad idea why is germany sticking with it in its present form this was the best deal we could have gotten it was a multilateral negotiation not only the u.s. not only the europeans but with russia with china and with iran and we got a good deal out of this and this is our opinion that it would be a mistake to walk away from the deal a mistake to try to renegotiate it no we should stick to that deal if you unravel
8:45 pm
that deal it would have very negative consequences for the region it would start a nuclear arms race probably in the region it would weaken the global nonproliferation regime and also let's not forget what kind of signal would this send to north korea if we although iran has complied with a deal walk away from it that would be the wrong message to the world what can you do together with your european colleagues now to convince the americans of the german perspective the european perspective on this well as you have said the president has not decided to reimpose the nuclear sanctions against iran so he has not yet. unraveled the agreement and we will be in touch with the united states with the administration but also with congress because the ball now
8:46 pm
here in the u.s. is in the court of congress we will discuss with them how to move forward and we will. be very strong on our point of view that we stick to the deal but we will explore common ground how to move forward and that's our assignment right now. on now at arts and culture we are talking about a big trend on social media that. are joining us here in the studio to tell us a little bit more about because if you have logged on to facebook or twitter recently there is one hash tag that you simply could not have missed it is neat to hundreds of thousands of women have used it to acknowledge that they too have been victims of sexual assault or harassment and federico i will turn to you first because you're from our social media team you've been monitoring this very closely
8:47 pm
on various platforms we have to say it is not just on one platform in particular what sorts of messages are people posting under this hashtag so women are coming forward and they're sharing their stories some of these stories are absolutely disturbing i'm going to start straightaway by showing you an example this is by a young woman from florida and this tweet was shared thousands of times and she says she was molested by a family member she was raped she became a drug addict that overcame that and she's saying don't ever give up i'm here me too now of course this is an expanding stream scenario if you want but we've also seen other women simply retreating this has dragged me to to indicate without going into detail but to indicate that they also have been victim of some kind of harassment and this is exactly the point this is what is about it's about showing how widespread this issue is we also have a map to show you better how widespread the hash tag has been and you can see here
8:48 pm
the dots indicate where the hash tag is in use and you can see it has really spread all over the world it has also been translated into different languages so for instance in france need to is mirrored by the has dug but which literally means reveal your pig and we have a friend intrapreneur here. or who treated a university professor sending pictures of his genitals to female students on facebook he's on twitter he will know what i'm talking we will know i'm talking about him and in italy were from for instance women are speaking out with a slightly different hash tag. k which means the time when so different countries different languages but one same message that this has and the reason why this has caught on so much is of course it's coming in the way karan of these allegations against harvey weinstein basically across decades that you know he was sexually assaulting sexually harassing women you know who might have been involved with his
8:49 pm
production company right absolutely obviously the hollywood mogul with the midas touch i mean this story broke back on october fifth if you'll remember with the new york times investigative article that did detail exactly up to up to three decades almost of many many many allegations of sexual harassment against mr weinstein so that was on thursday by sunday his company had already fired him the new yorker followed up with a note with an article as well and since then of course more and more actresses have been coming forward to share their stories of casting couch abuses and mr weinstein is hollywood's number one person and i'm caught. he was hollywood's golden producer and a lister who mixed with america's top celebrities membership of the oscars academy is a seal of approval from the hollywood elite so it came as a surprise when the academy expelled harvey weinstein last saturday. for the people recognize this is an extremely important decision on the part of the
8:50 pm
academy and i think they made the right choice there are far more women. throughout this industry as we're seeing tonight and. that means a light is going to be shown very specifically in areas that we. meet for a long for a long time have been negligent about. the allegations against weinstein a serious actress ashley judd accused him of sexual harassment then others like rose mcgowan broke their silence she accused him of rape. now to boost been broken more and more female actors are supporting those who speak out against sleazy hottie what process and you know what i mean for the woman to stand up and say no honey that's not the way it's very beautiful because all those young girls who would have thought that's the way are now instead of like walking into that room thinking it's the only way about to sell their souls to the devil they can stand up
8:51 pm
and say no loser weinstein denies all and a geisha is of non consensual sex and says he's checked into rehab the producer has not only fallen from grace in hollywood his story has also sparked a long needed debate about sexual harassment and abuse. so we saw lots of comments there from the stars from the celebrities many people in the industry who know what's going on and it's interesting that that many articles are crediting the actress alyssa milano with having started this this need to. action because of course she invited other women to share their stories with but actually if you want to be accurate it is another woman. and that's the american activist who run a burke who started this movement it's a movement that has been going on since then called me to about a decade ago and primarily to encourage. and and sort of a saw young women from underprivileged backgrounds that they are not alone as victims of sexual abuse and i think there is a definitely
8:52 pm
a new narrative developing there yeah i mean turn to burke has she's been complaining against sexual harassment ever since and now she has of course welcome that her campaign has been picked up again on her instagram account she writes it made me it made my heart swell to see women using this idea one that we call empowerment through empathy so she is the one holding the credits for a national campaign need to campaign and she's now happy that it's gaining new momentum momentum indeed it is gaining frederica in the end but just tell us i mean what what sort of impact do you think that this is going to have what from from a social media perspective what we can say is that compared to other campaigns similar campaigns we've seen in the past this is just becoming a huge we can also say that i mean we've seen i mean men obviously a big role in this and we've we've seen men starting to come to like get to social
8:53 pm
media and show support towards me women sometimes they use the same hashtag me too sometimes they use the hashtag i will this is a new one we've seen recently and he it's to say you know i will not tolerate this any longer and a lot of them also are saying you know are asking the question what can we do now to change this and i think it's small step perhaps but it's a question in the right direction and it's been so interesting to see so many men and women people who are using this hashtag sometimes they just simply post the hash tag and sometimes they post a story right karen i mean right given that. what sort of impact do you think that this is having well the optimistic part of me hopes that it is actually going to make some kind of real change i mean you know it but it raises the question of what kind of what kind of. sort of staying power house tags like this have because we have obviously seen cases in the past that have been petered out so we're talking about momentum it is huge i look at this definitely from the perspective of
8:54 pm
a mother with a daughter and you obviously want to know that she's going to go out there and in ten to fifteen to twenty years and possibly have a few things be different and that it is clear that with the postings i mean we mustn't forget that if people haven't if women haven't posted a me too it certainly doesn't mean they don't have a story. joining in to this action has really required women to to to compromise their own sense of privacy in a way so it's been a really really big step and hopefully what what this will really change is that it'll drive home the message that until now so many victims of had very very good reasons to stay quiet and obviously you know for the men to get i mean we've seen some some interesting things happening all over eighty in france i mean they're setting up new plans for legislation to fight sexual harassment that's a thorny issue in itself but in the heat of that debate french president mike hall has stood up to to speak out against sexual harassment and also to literally condemn the silence that has surrounded this issue. for so many years he's also
8:55 pm
started proceedings to actually repeal and remove the. war that was bestowed upon harvey weinstein many years ago so these are concrete concrete measures that you know there's going to be a spinoff effect obviously for men of the ilk of harvey weinstein and obviously if the men are stepping up to the plate the women have broken the silence and it's now time for the men to step to the incredible to see how much words can have consequences you know both on the positive and the negative side frederica just very very briefly i mean you track social media trends what's the typical timeline that they follow and do you see this as having staying power. well i think it's early to say but as i said earlier it's this is really compared to previous campaigns this is really it's so what like only takes it's just log on to your facebook or twitter it's just everywhere like i'm seeing is from my italian friends back home and twitter is not like they don't it's hard for things to do to trend
8:56 pm
the law in italy on social media it's especially on twitter and this is really different like i'm seeing friends acquaintances everyone using this this hashtag it's like it's really bigger so so many people just have a story to tell and the goal of the song you know this was to make people feel as if they have a space safe space in order to share it and it seems as if it has had that desired result so want to thank you very much for the week about you and karen because i think you are about it hash tag me too you can check it out online you're up to date on the news i'm sorry kelly.
8:57 pm
biden is kidnapping terrorism. list germany in the autumn of nine hundred seventy seven. three members of the red army faction had been sentenced to not behind bars the judge's ruling and stunning
8:58 pm
prison trickett a wave of biased stunning high and red army faction on trial in fifteen minutes long d.w. . progress thirty where they start to divide the country do we deal with where they start to divide the language using blood will flow over to the. one nine hundred ninety s. the soviet union is breaking up part. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. some of it was an incredibly difficult task not most of them. because democracy was a lie but if the elections were a fraud it would his rivals is a sin was robbery just because instead of cultivating its culture its words and language it brought forth a rookie pulse of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand
8:59 pm
today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g w. but i'm wondering if you know i mean in your monotonous he. goes oh no there's cynical media. us all up with that about our. vision of getting. it on wood. this you know i mean in your mind not in the scene. in a moment and i mean. what i'm focused on in the scene of what i'm with what in what can i see the end of what is a time. it's you know i mean in your mind not a single one you are getting in when you cry i don't want. me nobody and unanimously the show could go because i see videos have said. i shouldn't use
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when i've only said that i thought going on with her being funded. by mackenzie it gets us into. this is g.w. news why but from berlin tonight the biggest defeat in the war against so-called islamic state the city is claimed as its capital rocket that city has fault the announcement came today after a four month campaigns are.


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