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i don't even see us so i need to china before french but doesn't he's a very good place to raise a family. and i know between my somebody and. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin china's new role in the world president xi jinping sets out his vision for his country at the start of the communist party congress and he says his dream is to turn china into a global superpower also coming up the ruins of raka it was the epicenter of islamic states brutal regime now the city is ball into us but syria militias but
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does the loss of brock i mean i guess is finished. hello i'm terry barton good to have you with us. chinese president xi jinping says his country is facing a bright future but also severe challenges his comments came as he opened the communist party congress in beijing he also said china would welcome a strong power would become a strong power and a leader on the world stage by twenty fifty a meeting brings together nearly twenty three hundred delegates in the coming days they'll agree on policies to guide the country over the next five years. or more now let's bring in our beijing correspondent much he is betting on what's expected to happen during this closed door session what should be be looking out for
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well as you said he's going to strengthen his position and what we should be looking out for is probably to what extent which means we should see who gets them you can see a hockey stick close is eating sort of how many of them would see loyalists and we should also see how you met with managed to get his name his ideas into the pot you constitution it will also give us that in how you read. the president she said in his speech earlier that china has zero tolerance for corruption within the ruling communist party how successful has she been in his anti corruption campaign in recent years. while it has definitely been the strongest anti-corruption campaign in the office within decades it has been quite successful if you know if
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you look at the numbers one point three million members or socialist urged it has been even more successful in strengthening seize power as he has a tool to fight against anybody who opposes and in this party and that means. there is no official that is close to him in urged and the anti-corruption campaign is not leading towards an independent body but it's rather something that he has in his hands but stay with us we'll come back to you in just a minute we're just going to take a closer look now at chinese president xi jinping come as party congress is expected to cement his power he has been at the helm of the country since two thousand and twelve and is about to begin a second pioneer term now many believe she will go down in history as one of modern
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china's most assertive and influential leaders and our next report we look at his unlikely ascent to the top of chinese politics. his rise to power in the party was a long time in the making. at the end of two thousand and twelve the still relatively unknown season playing was elected general secretary of china's communist party and in a unanimous votes. a few months later in early twenty thirteen he succeeded shushan tao as china's president. his election was a compromise solution she emerged from political infighting and intrigue as the victor he was barely enough this before he announced his fight against corruption billions of un disappear from public coffers each year. but
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this historian john lee from notes doesn't win him only friends. how the chair way corruption is very widespread in the system every official has to fear being caught and punished and the she is therefore feared but not loved. she likes to portray himself as a man of the people and she arguably is although he grew up privileged his father a high ranking party official fell into disgrace in the one nine hundred sixty s. during the cultural revolution this or she banished to the countryside in shan she province where he lives in this simple cave dwelling. as a teen he became party secretary in the village and was eventually allowed to study in beijing. we had a very high opinion of his father and we were all therefore under the illusion that the son of a reform must also be
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a reformer. she. she has improved relations with russia and let china to increasingly take on the role of the superpower he is sticking by its ally north korea but now adopt a more critical tone about its dictator. the usa wants china to exercise more pressure on north korea but she is cautious for the west china's human rights violations remain a big problem under siege critics even more harshly persecuted than before the most recent example despite suffering from advanced terminal cancer this isn't a nobel prize winner. was forced to remain in jail until shortly before his death. she obviously enjoys being on the world stage especially with his wife the famous singer penley un with she at the helm china appears to be more modern but that's only partly true ultimately she stands above all for one thing the survival of the
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party that puts him where he is. our correspondent is still with us in beijing in his speech president xi listed china's recent achievements saying that socialism with chinese characteristics meant china have become a great power in the world what exactly is he referring to there. it was an interesting sentence in his speech where he said china off. the stage of standing up which refers to the ma era and the stage of becoming rich or or wealthy or which refers to the reform years since things helping is no entering the stage of becoming powerful and that's clearly his vision he wants china to be an assertive power in the world and we have seen this thought the last five years have seen more conflicts around china have been ostracised the south china sea the standoff with
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india caught conflicts with south korea over it was thought missile system he has invested in infrastructure projects or he's in pollock to invest in a big infrastructure project that will link china closer to the world that has an economic purpose but it has also a strategic earth is implementing chinese stand in other countries so what we clearly can expect is that china is going to be more assertive about what it perceives as its own interests and it wants to play the game by its rules not by the rules of someone that wants to yes thank you very much for that analysis t w news correspondent mathias building of that in beijing. still it's now a couple of other stories making headlines around the world today i was on the studio's chief roy price has resigned following sexual harassment claims by
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a producer working on an amazon t.v. series accusations com in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal rocking hollywood price has also been accused of ignoring rose mcgowan's claims that weinstein great term. had a top ten in election official has quit and fled the country just days before the rerun of the presidential vote there rosalyn a calm day said that next week's election would not be free and fair last week opposition leader right hold out of the presidential runoff citing the legality means. u.s. backed forces in iraq are are carrying out mopping up operations one day after they took the syrian city from the so-called islamic state they're removing landmines and clearing main roads they're expected to announce the formal liberation of iraq later today syrian forces captured the former stronghold on tuesday after an
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intense campaign after an assault lasting for months they finally taste victory syrian fighters raised their flag in reckons main square. at the little maid stay with me at the main roundabout and we haven't seen any i asked. we haven't seen any near the stadium either i think the city will be fully cleared in the next two days. how do i feel i'm flying look at me i'm flying and i'm so happy. jubilation on the spot known as the roundabout of how over the past three years my ass used for public beheadings and crucifixions suring the terror the characterize the militants right. in twenty fourteen it was here that i celebrated its push into the city rocca was declared the defacto capital of its self styled kali foot it became home to thousands of jihadists from around the
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world after a call by the i asked leader. to migrate to the syrian city it's not rock or was where they plan terror attacks across the globe this is rockers municipal stadium the militant sets up a prison here torturing people who oppose their rule it's where many of the foreign jihadists were killed making a last stand after refusing an offer of safe passage. small pockets of i asked militants still thought to be holed up in the city but there's another danger to be faced in these ruins booby traps and mines the u.n. says that has already been staggering loss of civilian life in russia well over a thousand were killed in the battle for the city with hundreds more bodies fear buried in the rubble for more now let's cross over to journalist but amir fun
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villian dog who joins us from the syrian city of kut bani that's about one hundred kilometers north of rock. now let me have the talk is that rocket is nearly liberated what still needs to be done there are there still exchanges fighters in the city well it's possible there are still so isis fighters. there. mostly the problem is the land was there all the land mines that's. why the u.s. coalition. should still say. ok where are the civilians from rock and will they have anything to return to after all the destruction. there's going to several likely somebody five thousand civilians were brought out of this if you don't rock there most likely and i do. believe the biggest problem is the land mines so it's not easy productive because
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it's very dangerous and also because. there are strikes a lot of this houses have been destroyed so it will take time to rebuilt restored electricity and water now let's look at the strategically for a minute what does the situation in iraq mean for the so-called islamic state in syria well it's a symbolic victory over isis because i've spoken to isis wives. husbands who are in jail that they're saying oh god was with isis they would have won that so symbolic victory over isis but it doesn't mean that isis is completely finished in the region by the reason syria happiness are very weak and also there are a symbolic appeal has weakened iraq as you say as a very important symbolic victory for forces fighting isis is likely to take over in the area around iraq when all the fighting is done while there is going to say or don't credit forces which is that coalition are to kurdish fighters saudi arabia
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snobbish iraq of police which is going to take over the city the city and there's going to be a council which is now based outside of iraq ah but it will be inside iraq and a gun and books are components of the friend and it's used there are strong currents in this new council so this is what it's going to look like i think going to focus on internal security answers this journalist plenty of fun talking us talking to us from co bonnie in northern syria thank you. and just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news president xi jinping sets out his vision for china at the start of the communist party congress he says his dream is to turn the country into a global superpower. don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store and give
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