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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news a lot from birth len angle of merkel starts what could be the toughest coalition talks of her career three weeks after the election she is meeting parties from the left and the right to try and forge a new governing coalition but does she have the authority to seal the deal. also
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coming up kenya's chief election official calls the forthcoming election into doubt by saying that he cannot agree to a free guarantee a fear free and a fair vote. and china's president xi jinping heralds a new era for his country at the opening of the communist party congress in beijing . plus ten days that shook the world a new exhibition opens in berlin looking at russia's october revolution of one nine hundred seventy and an event that sent shock waves out around the globe one hundred years ago. and in football byron are back firing on all cylinders in the bundesliga under new coach bill pond tests and they do the same in europe we will look ahead to their champions league clash with celtic.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. nearly one month after germans went to the polls chancellor angela merkel is beginning the complex task of forming the next governing coalition now merkel's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. group is holding talks with two potential suitors the pro-business free democrats and the green party it's known here as a so-called jamaica coalition because the colors of the parties correspond to those of you guessed it the jamaican flag now workers first aim is to get those parties to agree to launch formal coalition talks but that could prove tricky her prospective partners have major ideological differences over a number of key issues including e.u. austerity migration and energy policy here's more. black yellow and green for now the colors of the jamaican flag are just hot air on
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the banks of the reverse the. bloody exploratory talks underway chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. in the sea as you first met with the business friendly f.t.p. party and later with the greens. the jamaica coalition would be an exotic combination that has never existed before at the national level if negotiations fail new elections could be called. this for france and we'll be professional about this we are aware of our responsibility we will be reasonable but until the actual negotiations have started it's hard to predict what will happen in deformed or in iraq and it fulfills the. members of four potential coalition parties are now trying to find common ground on several divisive topics such as immigration they could become the most complex negotiations in decades. we talked about all the issues that are important for us the subject of immigration is important to both sides but for different reasons. to have perspective on friday
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the exploratory talks will continue with all four parties meeting at the same time it may be weeks before a final agreement is reached. and for more let's cross over to our political correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by for us outside of the building where those talks took place today thomas welcome to you the first talks have on this potential coalition partnership fair to say that they made progress today. they made initial progress thus that way i would summarize the talks and i would say initial progress because they met they started discussing what possible topics they are interested in what proposals they have and also how the actual negotiations will take place in other words and what sort of format and what working groups there will be here and there but i wouldn't say that they have made substantial progress on the something that you could also read between the lines
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when some of the members of the participants came out and spoke to the press this often and this evening and to that something that's particularly clear one of the participants for example said that they all knew what they were looking for but they still didn't know what they would find out at the end another one for example said that's where i was that it was between germany and jamaica was more than a thousand kilometers up to now they had only managed to advance the first few meters of the dock just gives you an impression of how difficult this will be not only as far as the talks but most importantly about the content and about the different positions that each party in this possible coalition represent so still so much more work to be done there before any consensus can be reached thomas we know that these talks that they will likely go on for at least two more months what does that mean for europe and germany's other international partners. well there are some people who have said that germany is now looking inward that now german
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politicians are first and foremost focused on this coalition building frozen trying to have a working government as soon as possible. but at the same time it is clear the germany still has a government still has obviously officials are not only here but also around the world so although i think you can see a bit of both you can certainly say that germany is looking towards its own particular circumstances and at the same time i don't think much will change into an international arena at least until the new german government is formed once a new german government is formed we will start to see how it will changed in compare in comparison to what we saw for example the last four years. correspondent thomas farah thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world police have conducted dozens of raids across germany to gather evidence against the hell's angels biker gang they seized items including motorcycles and computers the
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gang has been active in germany since the early one nine hundred seventy s. some members have been implicated in crimes including selling weapons extortion and murder. portugal's interior minister constanza. has resigned after wildfires killed more than one hundred people in the last few months her department has been widely criticized she said that she cannot continue in the job for political and personal reasons. amazon studios chief roy price has resigned following sexual harassment claims by a producer working on an amazon t.v. series the accusations come in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal rocking hollywood price has also been accused of ignoring rose mcgowan's claims that weinstein raped her. officials say that an italian priest kidnapped at gunpoint in nigeria has been released after five days this as
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a police report for british missionaries have been kidnapped in the southern delta state they are said to be a doctor his wife two preachers who provided free medical services militants are believed to be responsible. china's president xi jinping has declared a new era for his country and said that it's time for china to take center stage in the world at the first conference of the communist party congress in beijing she also pledged to open his country's economy further and pursue a policy of zero tolerance against corruption during the weeklong congress a new politburo to run china for the next five years will be selected. it's a meeting on the grandest of scales. nearly twenty three hundred delegates representing the eighty nine million members of china's communist party. and the focus of it all one man president xi jinping. she praised china's achievements during his
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stewardship but he said the country must not stand still. ok china has made major breakthroughs in its reform campaign where now in high gear and full steam with deepening comprehensive reforms and resolutely removing all systematic problems these reforms have been carried out in an in-depth them fundamental manner his speech may have been light on details but she promised to continue economic reforms fight corruption and open the door to more foreign investment as part of a new era of chinese development. she also set the tone for china's role on the international stage in the coming years. one focusing on economic development and environmental protection. but she also cautioned world powers against taking his war more as a sign of weakness. china pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and
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respects the rights of other countries to choose their own development road china while never pursued development at the expense of others interests and will never give up its legitimate rights and interests either no one should expect china to swallow anything that undermines its interests. she is widely seen as china's most powerful leader since miles they don't but he's still trying to rally support for a new term in office and his message to these embley was clear stay the course and clear the way for a new era of prosperity. so what will be agreed at this party congress to talk about this i'm joined now in the studio by stefan from the macarthur institute for china studies which provides independent information to decision makers thanks so much for joining us this afternoon and you know we know that this is most in closed door session but nevertheless i mean what should we be looking out for in terms of clues as to what's going on and what has to be out to
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you so far. well today the speech that was given was basically the political report it gives you like an assessment of what has been done in the last five years and also what they're going to do like in the future and the point that we've been looking for is what is actually deviating from what they've done in the past five years and so we can see that there are quite a number of really ambitious goals that have been spelled out that are going away from what they've done in the past that even go beyond that course of action one of the things is for example the role that the party will play in the upcoming five years that will actually move much more to the center stage and governing not only the party of course but also like to society and also like the economy so tell us a little bit more than about what china's role now is not only domestic labor but also in the world just generally speaking because you know if you turn to some alice they say that it's potential that she's in pain is actually the most powerful person in the world right now i mean china has infrastructure projects in africa
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throughout asia especially what's your assessment it's quite interesting like the strategy of the initiative that he has spelled out the bed and wrote initiative john is much more president all parts of the world at this point in time so we can see that they actually go down this pass and different from the european or like the u.s. they're going there were like the message you can develop with china has like a developmental model on offer that is very different from what you hear from the western countries you can stick to the own traditions to you and governance systems and we provide the input that you can develop so we will see much more of china in the world and we can also see now that trump is actually moving the u.s. out of the center stage that china will actually try to move in all of into all these voids that are left open by the u.s. you were telling me a little bit before the show that you were actually struck by how confident here it is that in this congress why do you why did you see that specifically as being significant we've seen like speeches of his before and also of his predecessors.
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but it was not that we've seen such a leader who stood there was such a confidence like knowing these gentlemen and ladies were sitting here in this room like two thousand three hundred delegates are sitting there are following my course i can be sure of their support and i thought vision where i want to move china like domestically but also its position in the very world so that was really amazing and very different from what we've seen from his predecessors or him at previous occasions. at that. angle on that the chinese communist party congress now thing is at it again painting a beautiful picture of china which few outsiders recognize and certainly business terms in his opening speech on wednesday he promised to protect the rights of foreign investors saying all businesses would be treated equally but so far foreign firms in china complain of only realistic bureaucratic hurdles and say chinese
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subsidies give domestic companies the upper hand. foreign companies inside china prize their secure data connections with their headquarters that way they can keep sensitive information within the firm but now china is said to ban the technology that makes this easier many see it as yet another obstacle to doing business in china. i'm calling is a german company that provides data system consultancy to foreign firms with operations in china. the beijing government is now planning to block access to virtual private networks all v.p.n. . encrypted connections that tunnel data traffic to a proxy server. v.p.n. sconce just a few euros and it become a critical tool for secure communication between foreign based companies and their headquarters. they're also used by millions of individuals to circumvent china's censorship system. because. most of our clients are
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very concerned. if not horrified upon it. because of how dependent they come on v.v. ends. for been known for lawson and. the author of interfered with b.p.'s before especially in the run up to communist party congresses but the regime had appeared wary of enforcing a complete lockdown on v.p. ends probably out of consideration for the business world but in the new year beijing will order telecoms providers to close the data tells us if this is serious this time they mean it and they'll go through with it too. many details remain unclear. but for the european business community in beijing china's internet policy has always been troublesome. we see it as kind of sort of a tax on doing business in china and and that's not good for trying to you what
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we're looking at creating more productivity more efficiency in the economy certainly ensuring that companies have readily timely and stable access to information is important and it hurts foreign companies even more and there's more in store for those companies a new law on cyber security introduced even more rules to an already highly restricted technology regime certain data may now only be stored on the mainland for example for foreign companies in particular the assessments and adjustments involved will be a major burden. in the service ultimately the cyber security law means that you're not being compliant can get your company into serious trouble it could even mean the company being closed down or having to disclose all of its data and no company want to start this machine we're going to get to my. what is already clear is that the new law will make life difficult for smaller foreign based enterprises and prevent others from even starting up here. greece's prime
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minister alexis is defying followers of his country's financial fortunes saying he expects the economy to grow by up to two percent and twenty seventeen and that's despite new figures out today saying the economy actually contract it last year the thing is he is now starting to convince creditors with his optimism. and warm embrace for christine legarde the head of one of the institutions keeping his country of flows the greek prime minister and the i.m.f. chief both won greece to return to self-reliance as soon as possible with that in mind alexis tsipras presented an optimistic outlook for the future of the greek economy. after several years of economic depression. he's turning a page i q three six and those seventy have subsided.
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we cannot make recovery is gaining traction. in. the two thousand and seventeen expected growth rate of. approximately close to two percent have not been seen something like that seems two thousand and seven but is the outlook really that rosy let's take a look at the numbers one in five greeks are still lies of work figures released by the country statistic agency on tuesday showed that the economy actually contracted last year and g.d.p. at one hundred seventy six billion euros was down from the year before those figures have come as a surprise to lenders in expecting modest growth despite that the i.m.f. appears ready to support his desire for an imminent exit from its third bailout program i believe that a resolute implementation of this program together with an agreement with greece's european partners on that relief or essential to support greece
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return to sustainable growth under successful exit from any official financing assume this next year after three bailouts and years of a stereo greeks are keen to wave goodbye to their creditors but for that to happen the numbers will have to match the optimism. on ahead into east africa now with sarah absolute they were heading to kenya and facts because the head of the country's election commission has said that it will be difficult to guarantee that next week's presidential election will be free and fair and credible now he said that it was due to interference from politicians he spoke after an election commission member quit and left the country the individual had said that the vote would not be free and fair because the commission was under siege last week opposition leader while loading up called out of the presidential race citing irregularities. he called for
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a mass protest on election day raising the prospect of confrontations between protesters and voters let's get more on the story now we are joined from ryobi by d.w. correspondent catherine a one thousand catherine how big a blow is this for the government just one week before the election. for. the full force. of the village or the. front page of the. opposition. one hundred one. good long. before the election. is called in. the form one to. the one. who is.
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going. to work with the international. on the. stronghold. of the commission. one. catherine i want to go with the very latest there from nairobi and just a quick apology to our viewers the quality of the line wasn't terribly good there but we tried to hear you as best as we could catherine and we thank you so much for your reporting now this week is inviting international journalists who have been given refuge in germany to speak their minds about their host country today we hear from pakistani journalists we've protected his identity from due to security concerns of lissa. dear gentleman three
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years i don't own the corner since i came to do many and it still seems too difficult. what will happen to my feet so no raking combination of mind boggling we . and gluteus of not knowing whether this country will allow me to stay here or not this is driving me crazy i'm a journalist from pakistan i had to leave my country because i face persecution from taliban and militant groups. regularly i deceived death threats. i won't say my name because i want to protect my family back home and i'm also afraid that my playing course would affect my asylum case. and real not only talking about my asylum case you have talking about my identity who i am where i belong to. i don't know how to describe the good and awful situation happening with
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me by saying that i was lucky to save my life but the next moment i have found myself in yet another battle to retain my identity i was an influential writer back in pakistan for this job i just everything. i even have a master's degree in journalism and mass communication. but i feel like i'm losing my abilities my skills because i'm not working in my profession anymore but. that one's brought me here now i have two on my money and a fast food restaurant i'm proud that i'm not dependent on steve's money but although i got my own job. i'm still at. any rate i can see many among us who want to contribute to this country in many ways but they have halted. not given
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a proper term. and sports news we're heading to the champions league and byron kick off their game against celtic in just over twenty minutes the bavarians seemed to be in a crisis a few weeks ago but the return of club legend. has studied the ship i'm now they are looking to push on with a win against the scottish champions. you know pint this has only been back at buy in for one game but already it feels like things have returned to normal the team trained ahead of the celtic match fresh from thrashing freiburg at the weekend. five goals including this cheeky back heel from you're sure kimmey and should have successful starts a hind is his latest spell in munich now the coach is urging his players to keep up the good work. you should be you know the message said the players put on
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a very good performance because i like them more i hope that we can now build on our performance on saturday is the same but we know that celtic are a very strong and aggressive team and i can see them on shift is the mood among the players seems to have improved but the pressure is still on for buying in the champions league after a heavy defeat to p.s.g. on the last match they left them trailing the french powerhouse in group b. . parish llobet i think the pressure is always there for us of course tomorrow is an important match after a defeat in the champions league you obviously want to follow it up with a victory. and a win against celtic is a must if the high and his honeymoon is to continue. and last night defending champions were on the dread played out a one all draw at home to tottenham the guest check the lead in the twenty minute rafael five am turn to the mole and to his own left under pressure from harry king
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madrid were awarded the penalty just before half time and christian a renowned stepped up to equalize from the spot the dread pushed on to the winner but found spurs goalkeeper who will loris in fine form the game ended one one. and in women's soccer an unresolved pay dispute involving the danish women's national team has forced the country's essay to cancel a world cup qualifying match against sweden. now risks disciplinary action fines or even a world cup expulsion by fifa the national team players are demanding the same pay rights as their male counterparts the danish f.a. says that it is willing to double the annual payments to the team to some six hundred eighteen thousand euros a similar dispute in norway was recently resolved their payments to female players were increased as were bonuses similar to those made to the men's chain
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and the owners of the american football league the n.f.l. have met with players in new york the talks took place against the heated backdrop of the take the knee protests and focused on ways that players can voice their opinion on social issues some n.f.l. owners have opposed the protesters which involve players kneeling during the u.s. national anthem to draw attention to racial injustice and i felt quarterback colin kaepernick has filed a lawsuit against the owners for colluding to keep him out of the league he has been kneeling during the anthem for over a year and has been without a club since march. you're watching news still to come on the program crisis provoked by years of is a missed insurgency and i geria to report on the humanitarian catastrophe developing in areas plagued by boko parag. and a killing that scared an entire country we look back on the terror group the red army faction and how it challenged and lost to the german government.
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all that morning just a few minutes time you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin we'll see you again soon. he searched his home for a place to call home. the jewish poet. he documented dong times. traumas of the holocaust. challenge the reader i.
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am moving a piece of german history. the voice of humanity forty five minutes on d w. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and coltrane joining. us american music takes a look at german idiosyncrasies at their traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of my lungs are so i'm. good. looking. the trick of d.w. dot com makes the german. progress the way they start to divide the country but do you feel where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for close. to maintaining
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the soviet union just part. of. the members of the bush administration would have to find their own way politically and economically closer to it was an incredibly difficult task to not move. to move this democracy was a lot easier to lectures where fraud sense of privatization was robbery. the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth to. welcome back here with g w news in berlin i'm sara telling our top stories nearly one month after the german election akhil amar cole has started difficult talks to try and form a new government to succeed she will have to bridge the divide between parties from the left and the right. and kenya's chief alexion official says that it will be
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difficult to guarantee a free and fair vote and next week's scheduled presidential election. president xi jinping has set out his vision for china at the communist party congress which has begun in beijing he says that his dream is to turn the country into a global superpower. well turning now to northeastern nigeria were eight years of islamist insurgency has left tens of thousands dead and more than two million people displaced the nigerian army has claimed a series of victories against the militants of boko haram but security is poor care . yes on the humanitarian situation remains dire as part of ice our special series on hunger and africa our correspondent adrian krishna traveled to the city of wrong in borno state it's one of the region's most severely affected by the ongoing crisis. it's the rainy season here in northeastern
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nigeria former goni has come out to sprays fields in preparation for planting the new seed crop. going and. going he has to be careful not to stray too far out. he always stays within sight of the town of run. we've had to abandon our out of fields because of course it's safer here but there's not enough land. it's been a while since going has been able to plant anything at all. last year he lost count of how many days his family had nothing to eat. and he's not optimistic about the coming year either. you know. this will be a poultry harvest i have two wives and nine children to feed normally i need at least forty sacks of millet to make ends meet and i look at this country now i was
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lucky that my grandfather left me this land my own fields are too far away and. i don't know. militias keep watch over a roughly five kilometer span around iran. but the poorly equipped local troops can only provide limited protection for farmers like goni. where. we patrolled the area day and night. but. when we run into boko haram we fight. either we kill them or they'll kill us. to build so i'm not afraid of them even at night if we see lights will go out to inspect. a bit and. the consequences afoul of fields are visible across the area. malnourishment.
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people dying from diseases that could normally be treated quite easily. and in the rainy season. washed out roads limiting the amount of help aid organizations can provide. this is a protection crisis which has gradually turned into a food security and a nutrition crisis so very fragile situation we are at the very peak of the lean season waiting and hoping that their livelihood inputs and the agriculture support providing farmers with seeds and tools and fertilizers starting in june is going to lead to a harvest that is going to have an impact on the overall situation on the ground. but not everyone is optimistic agricultural expert gumbos critical of the government's inadequate response he's calling for more support for farmers as well
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as sustainable food supplies. you might give the people does seed but then if you do not give them food the seed you are given to them will ultimately be used for food because when you give the hungry money for example ten kilograms of millet able to go to your farm lands and then in the house he has two wives are now about seven thousand rand and that's a crime for honda. tell me the man that will have the hot not to give that ten kilograms of milit to be grounded immediately to be made into a board to give to the boys and then he for goes the farm. as long as the fighting continues farmer goni alba is certain food scarcity will continue. most of his neighbors don't have the means to prepare their fields during the rainy season this means yet another year of being dependent on food donations. goni is lucky to at
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least have enough money for fertilizer all he wants is to be able to provide for his family again. to syria now and the cleanup of raka is underway just a day after u.s. backed forces said that they had taken full control of what was called the capital of the self-styled caliphate of the so-called islamic state the troops made up of syrian kurds and arabs have been clearing roads on land mines small pockets of i.a.s. militants are still thought to be holed up in the city the u.n. says that there has already been staggering loss of civilian life and rocca well over well over a thousand people were killed in the four month long battle for the city. and for more i'm joined now from hamburg by sea now mohamed she is a foreign representative of the democratic federation of northern syria a defacto autonomous region of syria just north of iraq i thank you so much for joining us this afternoon and. what do you think of the defeat of
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the so-called islamic state will mean for northern syria is this a good thing or a bad thing for the prospect of peace. of course if we think about it that they that ice is that control of the city it is in january two thousand and fourteen and they think the message there is isis they enter this whole the whole city the entire city and they even paused the blare on the city and they actually lifted the last few lists. i mean in the city for the women for the people for their children. their day to day the one hundred thirty four days the belief that the city is the brave which is that they call it the capital city of it it is falling now it is the liberty that it is under the quotes all of the. courses
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of course it is a very happy the it is exceptional day for all the people for all of the syrian people not only for this union people for all the people in the world because these two groups and they used to think that the whole entire world in europe we witnessed what happened in bali what happened in brussels what happened in paris many attacks from. that i didn't poll groups happen so in defeating the isis in this city and holding it by its people and that means we will be creating a new city a new life in the city that we are feeling the injustice we are the few things the terrorism it's only the exceptional and they for all the people in the world i congratulate all the fighters the if i enter the scene in the course of. my own actually also hear from all of the people also in the room and amid that optimism they are very clearly expressing there that i mean there is still
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a lot of work to be done because for example a lot of the i asked fighters they had fled prior to that final offensive in the city and many people have also been displaced by the fighting what are you seeing what can be done to help cope with those challenges. yes of course due to the fine thing in the city another one hundred thirty four days of fighting we'll see if i think up there with the with the up in the the city is can't think you know it's destroyed so all the people displaced people they flew away from that isis from their territories and they come to the places which is for profit by the sea and the look at the process and i think these people now they are in the camps now we don't have enough camps rules in the camp for the people we have to get the other people. so we need know of support
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for all these displaced people in. places you know people they need shelter they need food they need to have again to to recreate the lave in the city we need to have some services like electricity within the quarter and so on while we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about what you see as necessary and also on the enthusiasm that you have expressed here cinema hammad foreign representative of the democratic federation of northern syria a de facto autonomous region of syria just north of rocca we appreciate it. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program the nineteen seventeen russian revolution did not only lead to the formation of the soviet union it also influenced the entire twentieth century a new exhibition opening today in berlin explores the revolutionary events and their impact we will have the very latest on all of that from karen homestar from
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our culture desk in just a few moments. but first it is back to business with daniel winter who is here and daniel and we understand that the island nation of fiji has come up with an innovative way to prepare for the effects of climate change has destroyed the particularly vulnerable to rising water levels and now they're pleading for help ahead of next month's climate change summit in bonn but they're also taking direct action creating debt that institutions can then buy with that money fiji hopes to invest in green initiatives and stem the tide at least for now. they arrived by canoe. the island's residents precious documents in hand desperate pleas for help in paper form fiji is on the brink of being completely destroyed by climate change and this is the man their prime minister who will deliver their pleas to the un climate summit in bonn. and he's brought along some ideas of his
8:42 pm
own to. you. of course. and on it were put in the work. green bonds to save fiji such ecological securities are a way of financing environmental and climate protection projects of encouraging investment in things like renewable energies so far they only exist in from us and japan. we must make a connection between what is happening in the strong and the level of the people. countries like fiji need investment and to be taken seriously by industrial nations
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after all developing and emerging economies on the ones with high global c o two emissions yet they're the ones suffering the most from the resulting climate change . and you don't need to head out to the middle of the south pacific to feel the effects of climate change insurance companies are paying out hand over fist as destructive storms become more common the wild over. in early october storm javier left a swathe of devastation in northern and eastern germany at least seven people died in berlin alone more than twenty thousand trees were toppled as a result of the storm severe weather is becoming increasingly common and extreme experts say. in the one nine hundred eighty s. storms in germany caused damage of around two hundred million euro was a year today the figure is around one point five billion euros that's already more than seven times as many after factoring in inflation. germany's ten worst storms
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on record all struck in the last five years a significant and worrying development says the meteorologists at munich re the world's largest reinsurer they say climate change is responsible as the oceans get warmer more water evaporates the resulting moisture fuels the storms and hurricanes says music reis weather experts costs are being incurred by climate change due to higher preventative measures and losses due to lack of preparation munich re issued a profit warning for twenty seventeen following major hurricanes in the usa hurricane irma alone reportedly cost ninety billion euros in damage according to current estimates the majority was not covered by insurance. the hopes and dreams in. now all the young football players have absolutely we're talking about a recent study from the paris based charity foot solitaire which has revealed that of thousands of young men who are leaving africa every year with the dream of
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playing professional football in europe for many it's a way out of poverty not only for them but for their whole family but the road to riches and fame is tough and often ends in disappointment. these kids grow up in the slums of sierra leone with from dream. to follow in the footsteps of their heroes from got guns pm eric obama young. so the ivory coast's salamone kalu. african players have made their name in europe and germany's bundesliga but it's not an easy journey thousands try each year if you have aboard a plane yourself is one of the lucky ones he secured a six month trial with danish club venice a soul in the summer but he still has a long way to go to the. bottom of this but this is about his life and
8:46 pm
his future everything can change for him. come our is one of three sierra leone players at fences so he has until christmas to prove he can make the grade i'm so happy to be here at the clinic would be. this is my life. back home comers family also dream he sends money back each week and is his family's best hope of escaping poverty. i was able to get to europe but now my youngest son is there he went to provide my family we have a very poor. the next few months a make or break for kamar and his family's dream of a better future. the president of germany from five to steinmeyer has called on the country to do more to fight extremism he was speaking on the fortieth anniversary of the murder of a prominent german businessman by the left wing radical group the red army faction
8:47 pm
or better mind health gang as it was also known that killing was part of a series of events that had a deep impact on german society. in september one thousand nine hundred seventy seven west germany was shocked by the full force of its homegrown terrorism the left wing terror group red army faction kidnapped a business executive. in exchange it wanted eleven of its members freed from prison . after weeks of standoff the r.a.f. raised the stakes palestinian accomplishes hijacked a live tons of passenger plane during a stop in yemen they killed the pilot. still german chancellor helmut schmidt refused to negotiate something he later described as the most difficult decision of his career after the copilot had flown the plane to the somalian capital mogadishu chancellor schmidt ordered a special unit to storm the plane eighty six hostages survived.
8:48 pm
when the imprisoned terrorists heard the news three of them including their leaders andrea and good drone enslin committed suicide. the r.a.s defeat also sealed the fate of the man the group that held hostage for forty four days one day later. body was found in the trunk of a car. you know this president of the employers' association hans became a target of their hatred a representative of the capital a system. to fight against. the copilot of the hijacked plane feels a strong connection with flyers fate. we are freed mr shier had to die. just six weeks after his ordeal you're going feet was back piloting the very same plane. i want to fly i want to continue my life as if the
8:49 pm
hostage taking never happened and it worked out. west germany would never be the same again the question of how to handle terrorism was here to stay. and probably the most important question is how do we continue to find the right balance between freedom and security under these changing circumstances that's a discussion that looks set to remain on the agenda in germany as in many other parts of the world. it is time now for culture news with our very own karen stott and today we're looking at the german history museum here in berlin because it has a new exhibition on the events of the one nine hundred seventeen russian revolution which led to the formation of the soviet union of course those events at the time they had a profound influence actually there after all throughout the twentieth century and you know that of course then begs the question karen how did they fit all of that
8:50 pm
into this one exhibition a very tumultuous time when no exhibition could possibly be exhaustive on this subject sara so and as you know an extremely sensitive subject as well so one can also say almost say that they're incredibly brave to take it on this museum that the exhibition looks at the one nine hundred seventeen revolution so the february revolution that actually led to the overthrow of the czar in the russian empire and then of course the the october revolution that was led by the boys to fix and then in himself and they of course consider themselves to be you know the champions of the revolutionary working class so it's an incredibly dense compact exhibition but it tries to take a very very realistic and differentiated stance on a topic that's that's tough to understand on a good day so let's let's have a quick look. this revolutionary turned the world upside down once again flooding may take center stage at berlin's german historic museum.
8:51 pm
the exhibition one thousand nine hundred seventeen revolution reconstruct the historic events leading up to the dom fall of czarist russia and ultimately to the formation of the soviet union. curators cristiana yarmulke and who ya franco didn't have to look hard the october revolution has left its mark everywhere. communism's most iconic figure expect that the revolution to occur in germany or england not in feudal russia. the russian revolution was of great historical significance and turned russia or the soviet union into a world power and. it laid the ground for the major polarization in the twentieth century and also caused major changes and many other european states. the exhibition explores the romanticism as well as the reality of the revolution and brings history to life original bullet holes and a potemkin tank. for
8:52 pm
a little while the cultural life began to thrive until repressed by the yoke of realism the persecution of dissidents that followed spared no one little bit sooner than the russian revolution was always intrinsically linked to repression and tara the first big show here in moscow in one thousand twenty two was held against social revolution aries. that is even though it's one of them. a giant painting of the communist international congress their goal a product ariane a world revolution but it remains nothing but a dream. and these events of course they had a big influence on the course of history in the twentieth century and on so many areas of our lives also. that's right sara the october revolution really led to absolutely radical changes in social and political thought i mean it gave rise to new forms of economy education certainly new forms of culture and in the arts i
8:53 pm
mean we wouldn't have seen the russian of on guard or even constructivism if it hadn't been for that period it was really very much like a like a huge experiment if you will in sort of new ways of expressing social freedom new ways of artistic expression the are a lot of really really amazing imaginations at work during that time and many of those ideas are still very very alive and public and political discourse today of course and it's so interesting actually to see how now this is remembered in putin's russia for example i'm you did quite a lot of research on this tell us more this is interesting because obviously this is a very difficult anniversary from putin's perspective he has an extremely contradictory stance if you will because on the one hand he reviewer's the soviet union and makes a show of that but on the other hand he absolutely doesn't want to glorify any concept of revolution or popular protests in fact after the color revolutions that we saw in ukraine the orange revolution there in the rose revolution in georgia he has massively tightened down to protest laws in the country in the past few years
8:54 pm
he's resurrected religion you know he's he's also very. very autocratic leadership style and i spoke to our correspondents in studio moscow and we really are not sure how this anniversary is going to be marked if a tall and the really interesting point that i learned from them is that you know the actual date is november seventh according to the gregorian calendar back in the days of when it happened it was actually the julian which is why it was october but since two thousand and five the russians have celebrated unity day on november fourth so this is really interesting because it's putin's way of kind of sweeping that other anniversary sort of pretty much under the rug so i mean but is there no style go for it in the country if you say well i think i think there is definitely a very strong and putin's russia there's that definitely a strong strong sense of nostalgia for the old. soviet era putin doesn't want any commemorations happening that don't look at victoria's events obviously they keep that issue of that image of mother russia as a big major world power very much alive and one of the colleagues actually put it
8:55 pm
this way it was sort of that they said he looks like history as if it's pieces of lego that he can just kind of rearrange and he creates the picture that he wants and so you know this is a story i mean we will follow that into november and i'll hopefully be able to tell you what happened and absolute fascinating way of putting it all into contacts there we thank you so much karen home shop for those from our culture desk for telling us a little bit more about it as we mentioned those events back in russia and one nine hundred seventy people can go and check it out at the german historic museum care in berlin. well finally tonight there's some good news for police dogs here in berlin with the announcement that they will receive a pension once they retire from duty crime fighting canines in the german capital now join a growing list of colleagues in other parts of germany their owners will receive a monthly allowance when the dogs leave active service the cost of looking after purchase for tired from the military is already covered by the state.
8:56 pm
you're up to date now and before we go we want to tell you that a spanish paraglider made his dream of flying like a bird come true by joining thousands of starlings in southern denmark in flight we will leave you now with this stunning footage i'm sara kelly thanks for watching enjoy the sun .
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