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it was addressed to the local farmer. gave her a chance to explain to her and he couldn't see. where it's very much the same constitutional. referendum. so our resources. could still take. the risk. but to actually reach some sort of a great. barrier described as the nuclear option right martin garbus in madrid thank you very much for your perspective on that story. now the crisis in catalonia is also likely to be a hot topic in brussels as leaders gather for a two day summit the spanish standoff adds to a laundry list of challenges facing the union topping that list of brigs that necklace this is all but stored as the two sides continue to lock corns over the terms of the separation arriving at the you had what is british prime minister is
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a major call for renewed urgency in a moving the break the talks along with european council president aren't just has ruled out a breakthrough ahead of the summit and the packed agenda will also include migration policies and tougher sanctions against north korea. now brussels correspondent got mattis is covering that summit for us and joins me now. and get over that all readers have begun arriving there for their two day summit what have they been saying. i'm richard tourism a you've already mentioned was one of the first leaders to meet the press here what is clear message for her twenty seven counterparts her allies here in the european union that she wants to cooperate awards she reiterated four times in just under a minute so her message clearly she's reaching out the charm offensive if you want is something that continues here and she said she had very clear and ambitious
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plans for the weeks ahead hoping to reach the second phase of talks so that the trade talks that something is rather unlikely today but you may see a gesture at the end of the summit maybe tomorrow. in that direction all she has today is fifteen minutes to talk about practice and then she mentions a whole lot of other topics she wants to participate as long as she is and so is the u.k. a full member of the european union in fact she said earlier that the e.u. agricole are very close within touching distance to use their words on a deal on citizens a right it is a very controversial issue to european leaders feel the same way. i would say that is that is the case at least that is the least controversial of the three key topics of face number one the divorce talks so northern ireland the practice of bill and citizen rights and citizen rights is easy because it is very close to the
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heart of all the e.u. countries everybody wants the u.k. citizens to stay in europe and vice versa because they are part of a crucial workforce it will make things easier the really sticky point is the money but compared to the what is at stake if you reach no deal unless as michel barnier the chief directive negotiator put it once if there is no deal that would be a very bad deal not just for the u.k. but also for europe and so if you compare the fifty billion euros that are at stake to the kind of money that would be lost if britain drops precious out of the e.u. without a deal it's twelve that amounts some would say close to peanuts breaks it aside gil there's another crisis brewing in an e.u. country spain do you think the issue of cotton on his desire for independence will be discussed at any length it is of course on a summit like this one where there's a lot of room for informal talks on the minds of all the leaders here although the
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spanish prime minister my money on overhaul arrived here and passed the whole of the spanish press asking questions of course without a single comment and it is likely to be treated by all the other e.u. member states in a similar way europe is not very keen to interfere with the internal affairs of a member state government is in lawson's at the e.u. summit there which is due to start thank you very much. this article look at some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least fifty eight people have been killed in a wave of attacks across the country one a source nearly wiped out an entire army camp in the southern kandahar province over the past few days it has claimed responsibility for multiple suicide and gun attacks targeting security forces. civilians have been fleeing the syrian city of rock after it was taken from so-called islamic state the u.n. says some forty thousand people have poured into displacement camps in the past few
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days u.s. backed fighters are removing land mines and booby traps and rooting out a few remaining extremists pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has been indicted on corruption charges the charges stem from leaked documents known as the panama papers investigators say the documents show the sharif family held under-reported assets overseas the family has denied any wrongdoing. in german news nearly a month after the country's election chancellor angle america is now holding talks with potential coalition partners the parties from across the political spectrum see their first meetings have gone off where but they are warnings it will be a difficult it will be difficult to bridge their differences. black yellow and green for now the colors of the jamaican flag are just hot air on the banks of the river. but exploratory talks are under way chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u.
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and see as you first met with the business friendly f.t.p. party and later with the environmentalist greens the jamaica coalition would be an exotic combination that has never existed before at the national level. as the talks were reasonable there was no tension but we all know how hard it will be and how different our political cultures are equal to and here to some and the c.d.u. and c s u's prospective partners have major differences over a number of key issues including the european union and austerity policy migration and energy. this could become the most complex series of negotiations in decades. before the talks were shaped with the intention of looking for solutions about how to reach a cohesive society but it is also clear that there is a long way ahead of us. this vegas the munging was on friday the
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exploratory talks will continue with teams from the potential coalition parties meeting together it may be weeks before a possible jamaica coalition becomes reality. is inviting international journalists who've been given refugee germany to speak their minds about the host country today ugandan journalist this is a vocal right shares his thoughts with us. yeah germany i have a few words to say to you why it's about immigration love disappointment and hope. i am thankful that living in this country means i have the peace and security that i once like my name is more this will give me a book write a journalist from uganda where i once worked as an investigative journalist and paid a high price for the truth eight years ago i came to germany where i now have
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a rest and state i was lucky to have realized that just basic human rights such as freedom of speech exemplary in europe and while over. understandably the or the a few minutes of this great nation i clearly due to hard work and sacrifice. however in my observation and experience the question of social progress we're all especially in regards to much less groups such as immigrants remains largely unsolved. integration is not as successful as outwardly does anyone ever wonder why even educated immigrants find it so difficult to continue with their career even after top rating well as a journalist with immigrant by brown i feel so disappointed that i still can't find a job as a journalist. in my experience it's in the best interest of migrants to rebuild
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a shot of life while contributing to their devotion to his great nation peace and security is not everything i believe proper incorporation of migrants into germans law course is the best solution to the so called here for you crisis. all that this is your war this book right. you're watching the news coming up ahead stand living in droves companies' feet catalonia as spain's political crisis escalates with madrid threatening boycotts can the region afford to go it alone. then we'll have the story for you need to have a don't forget you can always get indeed every news on the go is done to the app from google play all from the apple still does it give you access to all the latest news from around the wild as well as pushed out of occasions for any breaking news you can also use the d.d.l. the app to send us photos and videos. then fizzling is up next the
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business you're watching the news to stay with us if you can. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers on guard ists. what did it feel like to live in times of revolution and the people.
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and to the russian art revolutionaries. nineteen seventeen the reluctant starting october twenty fifth on d w. two to. the power struggle in spain intensifies madrid says it will move to see. some of the cattle and regional governments of powers investors are again on edge. a game of chinese checkers chinese growth keeps pace with expectations of a leg up for president xi in his ambition to consolidate power of the communist party congress but is he just fudging the figures again. and is this slippery suck as you either love him or hate him but did you know eating some sorts of oysters that actually be a good thing for the environment. i'm in physical and let's do business the crisis
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in catalonia is reaching boiling point spain central government in madrid has announced it is to begin stripping boss alone his control of the semi autonomous region that's off the cattle an official's failed to meet a deadline to withdraw this is. a trade had given the separatist government until thursday morning to change its plans all risk losing control of the region at line leda calas budget more on as threatened a full declaration of independence if spain asserts control over the region apparently got alone here is the wealthiest part of the country for how long all this political uncertainty means companies are leaving in droves. it started with the banks now more and more medium sized companies are calling in the moving vans a total of seven hundred firms have left since the independence referendum they include financial institutions like bongo somebody utilities company gas not around and sparkling wine maker fresh in it. spain's economics minister blames the cattle
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on regional government for the exodus but he says it's not yet too late to turn things around. less if the politics that have caused these companies to leave are changed and if the regional government does everything in its power to prevent further damage the companies that have left kabul lonia will return. the firms pulling out site turnover as their main reason for departure with spain their most important market they fear a catalan declaration of independence could lead to the country boycotting catalan products independence for catalonia could have a detrimental effect on the ailing spanish economy to catalonia is the industrial heartland of spain the region generates a fifth of the country's economic output. chinese economic growth slowed marginally in the third quarter six point eight percent isn't all that bad slightly down from
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the previous quarters but on target for the year as a whole despite that indicating stability the national statistics agency was of volatility it says the economy is at a crucial stage of restructuring and china's central bank is warning about a sudden collapse in asset prices after so much growth. maybe opening the economy could help that's all the talk at this week's communist party congress but critics say they've heard that before. it's a project that typifies the extent and speed of china's growth in just two years time this building site in beijing will highlight what could be the world's largest airports at twelve billion dollar investment that comes as chinese president xi jinping hailed a new economic era it's all about looking outward. if you will push forward a new situation of complete openness openness brings progress closing yourself off
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will inevitably lead to falling behind china's open door will never close it will only be opened further. but critics say the door is far from open many foreign companies complained about the difficulty of accessing the chinese markets and accuse the government of failing to implement necessary reforms. one big issue the government is trying to tackle however is soaring desks the sum total of what china owes is now valued at two hundred forty six percent of its g.d.p. that sparked fears of a financial collapse for the world's second largest economy the true cost of debt fuelled growth has yet to be revealed let's analyze this with the european perspective from frankfurt conrad joins us now financial correspondent how justified are the fears of financial collapse remembering of course. it would be an even more worrying situation if china were the world's top economy which it could
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be. well economists find a lot of reasons why those fears should not be exaggerated we're talking mostly about domestic debt the chinese are great savers so the fundamentals of the economy look quite resist quite resistant and resilient and there are a few more reasons ben but i know this is a platitude but the markets are driven by psychology and it's very difficult to read and predict the undercurrents of the common mind of investors remember how last year at the beginning of twenty sixteen the markets the i could see markets in china slumped and everyone in the world became nervous because of that so i guess it's really worth taking a very close look at what's going on in beijing well investors the moment are taking a very close look at what's going on in beijing could you describe what's going on
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as being akin to perform. well. the talk about reform in beijing of course like everything coming out of china should be taken with a great grain of salt everyone knows that the president of china talks about a more open economy the reality in business looks quite different that's the same with the growth numbers coming out of china china has a long story of history of doctoring its economic data but the mere fact that for example this that more or less comes in line with what had been predicted by the government in beijing is reassuring for markets and we have to live with that i guess who come on let's have a listen into one investor he's based in beijing and had some very interesting things to say about as far as access goes for foreign firms in china.
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well we've heard these these talks and i think all those who are holding the speeches especially the governor of the central bank are probably convinced that that's the way to go but what we see on the ground is that reform state owned enterprise reform is not happening actually at the contrary we're creating more and more gigantic monopolies like you can see in a railway or in shipping. there is increased pressure to repatriate date therefore foreign companies in order to have them all in china you have issues about the car market where you have non protection i mean you have more or less protectionist measures were going to be implemented so all this is very worrying and the mood of our foreign businesses has turned from eldorado to a more much more complicated situation so conrad are we going to be left with
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a much more complicated global financial structure if china's in control. that was tough talk from the man on the ground in beijing and i guess that we should rather see corporation with the chinese of course nobody wants to china to be in control nobody wants a state like george orwell's one thousand nine hundred eighty four governing the rest of the word but what choice do we have we have to see corporation and talk carbo's in there in frankfurt thank you very much but one thing we can say for sure is that there's a lot more wealth in china it now tops the list of global billionaires with six hundred.


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