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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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the region of catalonia refusing to pull back from a declaration of independence catalonia as president today told the spanish government either you enter talks with us or we will secede from you tonight barcelona and madrid bracing for a saturday showdown i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. you and i didn't go. i want independence because spain doesn't love us fanny love our money they want our money so that means that you did most of the made up that make excellent you situations going too far it's unnecessary. why there's not a single coherent reason for them to separate from spain what fool but if. she of
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the international even you know she must be looking on with confusion mr a hole in this to put him on enough of let us sit at a table talk and solve it this is what the people in catalonia and the rest of the country want that all activity here is suspended it's closed the parliamentarians can't do their work thanks to the us alone a city hall is also out of action. nobody has a doubt that the government will use all resources available to restore as soon as possible the galaxy and constitutional order. nobody any good but what should happen is what the majority of citizens are waiting for and the photo of the two opposing sides sitting around a table and trying to solve this problem at the end of the world as a synthesis this is what a majority of people want and this is what the majority of the international community wants. us to know. also on the program the un says almost every woman in egypt has been sexually
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harassed most cases are never reported tonight an in-depth report from a society where sex remains the unspeakable taboo. cairo a thriving metropolis at times the city seems like a walking contradiction burkas and risque dresses are sold side by side talking about sex is strictly taboo as well you're suddenly married you don't know how you should expect when should you expect which if you do and all of your knowledge comes from a maybe point of view maybe just talks with your friends but not really knowledge. we begin the day on a collision course in spain between national sovereignty and identity politics tonight the spanish government is preparing to take full control of the similar autonomous region of catalonia for the first time ever spain's parliament on saturday will use article one fifty five of its constitution to prevent the country
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from breaking up a legal weapon launched into what is very much a political economic and emotional fight indeed feelings outnumber facts here the arguments for and against kettle on independence well they haven't been heard very much in the last week madrid has done little to hold the country together other than point to the letter of the wall and what about europe well the european union has been noticeably silent now as a key member of the e.u. struggles to hold itself together brussels message tonight this is not our fight our coverage begins in barcelona. the game of brinkmanship heats up cattle and puts them on at the regional parliament for the latest showdown cameras struggle to get a good glimpse of the man who is refusing to back down. in his latest letter to the spanish government pushed him on wand that the catalan parliament could vote to
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declare independence if madrid triggers article one fifty five allowing it to suspend catalonia regional government madrid's reaction to double down. the government will continue with the processing of article one hundred fifty five of the constitution with a goal to restore the law in catalonia. spain says it will hold a special cabinet meeting on saturday to activate article one fifty five this has never been used in modern spanish history so what does it mean in practice it would allow madrid to sack regional office holders dissolve the regional parliament and assume control of all regional authorities new elections would be held in catalonia until then madrid could feel key interest positions once the article is triggered it won't come into effect straight away it needs parliamentary approval spanish prime minister mariano rajoy needs an absolute majority for that and he only has
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a slim one in barcelona catalan residents are prepared for a standoff. the main doesn't love us they only love our money they want our money i'm not sure if i'm explaining myself clearly all the things they've done for catalonia are not really for catalonia they were let us go because the money is here. making people more pro independence but these guys are playing. it. as a political crisis deepens protesters in catalonia have taken to the streets with more demonstrations expected in the coming days. our own across now our correspondent in barcelona barbara visa she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you barbara i want to begin with what the european union is saying tonight which is basically nothing donald tosk saying that this is not an issue i mean you've covered many conflicts does it surprise you that europe is staying out
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of this crisis. no not at all because we have to keep in mind that the european union is a organization that's bayley space in the rule of law and that means the constitutions off the member states so it really has to respect those it possibly can not meddle in these cases plus if we look at the practical side apart from the legal side if they would take openly this side of the spanish government it would make the the crisis worse if they would decide was the independent east us here and say ok it's fine to have a secession in cuts alone you and the state should really take your quote inserted into account and they would double in size as the european union with the new year because then everybody else would want to go the scots the northern italians the variance maybe even so it is not doable they've better stay out of it yeah
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independent bavaria can you imagine that all right let's move to saturday and let's look at what is expected to happen and that is suspending catalonia is regional government and madrid taking over what does that mean do we know what it's going to look like. this there are two options there is a soft option and a hard option the soft option is that madrid just takes over the key elements of self government here in catalonia and that would be particularly finance and supposedly police maybe even the regional broadcaster and then they would let leave the rest of the administration to sort of model along. under their own steam the hard option would be that they really sort of behead politically completely the regional government that they send ministre to from madrid and that is just they take over everything including the schools including the whole system and all the other parts of the relative autonomy that comes alone you're already has so those
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are the two options and we don't know yet which one the cabinet in madrid will choose that will make up their mind on saturday and then immediately the senate will come together and sort of sanctify the legal side of this so things are moving quickly and settle on leaders they keep saying that they want dialogue with madrid but what are they prepared to talk about short of complete independence. indeed that's the best question brant because dialogue about ouat dialogue about money that's what people onto you if you ask them here what do you mean the one from madrid what is all this opera or about they set out to cheating us on money they're taking so much more from rich cuts alone yes than they're paying back to us bought really consider anomaly if regional state federal state thinks it's get suma to what to let's not enough money from the central coffers then what you do is you
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go to your capital you complain and say you're treating us unfairly please we need more as so usually these these things are at the negotiate dealt was at the negotiating table but that point has passed now it's all about independence and all about independence and as you say a lot of this is a bell money. and we hear time and time again from the kettle on president that he represents the will of the people of catalonia does he represent the majority of the people we know that less than fifty percent voted in that independence referendum. nobody knows this because we've seen just about ten days ago he a huge demonstration against independence as you know every populist movement will always say we the people we represent the will of the people the last poll that has any credibility it's quite a while ago and it did not show a majority for independence however of course the interference of the government in
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madrid the ugly scenes we saw on t.v. with the state police beating up would be voters for the referendum on october first those really heated up feelings so it may have grown in the the camp of the independents but we still don't know whether they really have majority yeah and we still don't know really what will happen on saturday i mean i guess these anticipation and the concerns the worries are growing by the hour our correspondent barbara veins along the story for us tonight in barcelona barbara as always thank you very much. well still ahead on the day many young egyptians say everything they know about sex they learned from porn tonight an in-depth report on the urgent need for sex education in a society where it's still considered shameful to talk about what practically everyone done.
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all the standoff in spain is just one of the challenges facing the european union even if the european union isn't talking much about staying tonight e.u. leaders are in brussels tonight for a two day summit topping the agenda are bricks and negotiations which are practically stall the two sides cannot seem to agree on the terms of the separation or british prime minister to resign may she called for renewed urgency in moving the brakes in talks along but european union leaders say britain is simply not providing enough concrete details so that those talks can move. on we have made some progress but not enough to start the second phase of negotiations by the father to begin also looking ahead to how we can tackle the challenges that we all share across europe that means officials continue corporation cooperation which must be at the heart of the strong future partnership . well we want to go now to our brussels bureau chief max hoffman he is following
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that summit for us tonight good evening to you max i want to ask you about catalonia and we've been talking about this crisis in spain and the fact that the european union is basically saying this is not our problem are you hearing anything other than that tonight. well so the prime minister of spain met with the president of france and manu in my call for forty five minutes and afterwards we as journalists got a readout of that so you wouldn't expect that that's something that readout would have indicated would indicate or indicated that they talked about what was happening in catalonia but no nothing in there and that's the way they're treating it here more or less the silent treatment of morse some leaders said they're worried about the situation but all insisted that this is a domestic affair and the only person they were talking to is the prime minister of spain no representatives from catalonia ok so mum's the word when it comes to spain
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in catalonia but there's a lot of talk about brecht six and theresa may the prime minister of the u.k. she going to get what she wants and she wants to move things forward and to do that quickly. we might have not instant gratification but delayed gratification so it appears that she will get what she wants but not now if she wanted it now in october and that was originally the plan to start talking about the future relationship between the u.k. and the european union so mainly talking about a trade agreement but you still considers that not enough progress has been made in this so-called divorce issues so the border between northern ireland ireland the status of you citizens in the u.k. and also the so-called brags it bill how much the u.k. will have to pay to the e.u. when they leave the european union and after that the e.u. with the talk about trade now they're going to employ. and as we understand it the
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promise or more or less a promise in the conclusions here at the summit that yes they will enter the second phase officially at the next summit in december but still some progress will have to be made on the issues i just talked about and before we let you go max what about migration policy refugee policy that has been the policy that has threatened to break the back of the e.u. if you will. absolutely and brand this is the example for how do you want to change things because what we effectively have on migration is a deadlock and that's not about to change because eastern european countries are against relocation of refugees not going to reset the whole catalogue of problems here but what the council president wants to do now is accelerating the decision making process for those things and if there's no agreement on things just move ahead with the countries that want to move ahead with it and hope that the others will follow so he's released the so-called leaders agenda that's supposed to speed
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things up where the leaders meet more often at summits all across the european union and that's something they will talk about on friday and then they will have to figure out if it really does speed things up all right and we're bustles bureau chief max hoffman at the e.u. leaders summit tonight in brussels max as always thank you very much. all right let's talk about sex and let's imagine we're in cairo egypt are the game's over cairo is one of the most dangerous places in the world for women in public the u.n. says it is the worst city for sexual harassment against women but the egyptian capital remains one of the most silent places when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality seven years ago the government removed from school curricula and as a result. of that ban many young egyptians are growing up without any guidance on sexual relations birth control or how to prevent sexually transmitted disease sex is such
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a taboo even dating is hidden. a tender touch. sunset. just the two of them. mohammad are in love but even though the young couple is married gazing into each other's eyes is the limit to physical contact. at least in public. oh. it took its head off also from the wolf little guy in front of others we're not used to the need to face also the common that's you just feel strange yes even if your guys are married what where would you do this and thinking when you have your home just act whatever you want at your home. or.
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before they got married last year and mohamed could only see each other in secret. they were afraid boss miss family would find out. cairo a thriving metropolis that times the city seems like a walking contradiction burkas and risque dresses are sold side by side talking about sex is strictly taboo as well and yet women often find themselves fending off sexual predators. you're wearing so much revealing clothes and revealing a tree death or some a person to another if you were too loud in the street if you were putting too much makeup when there is an instant of sex would have us men too would find people just pointing fingers about the woman look at houses just look at how she walks look at how she was dealing with them she's asking for it it's a problem aha med is all too aware of but one that's difficult to address most
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people here prefer to just ignore the problem. mohammad is the head of a private school in egypt such schools are considered progressive but even here sex education is not part of the curriculum public schools stopped teaching it a long time ago sex they tell the kids is something best kept secret. however being in an eastern country doing that proactively unstored thing about initiating that phenomenon biological aspect would be uncomfortable for most of the patients so most of our work that's not biological we do that but we actively more than through. this means kids won't get answers unless they ask but they almost never do that would be embarrassing. as much as waiting for
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a taxi to bring her to work she used to take a minibus but the constant harassment from her male passengers was too much after a while. it could start with this. came out about your body or about your look and then with a complete description of the sex with. the sex tape was definitely related to sex with her husband because i think when people feel pressured about something and when they feel that there is a certain topic that is you're not allowed to express anything about it you start to be really occupied with a. sexual therapist about cot believes this penned up frustration is making people sick treatment is a luxury reserved only for the well off that's hurting egyptian society as a whole she says and young people in particular a bit believes they need clear answers. it's part of our life so. until when we're going to deny it. to why we're going to protect our kids if
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we can see the i mean keeping the sexuality inside who is a protection for the kids until when but hey biased. determined to break the taboo she's launched a youtube channel which openly tackles issues such as love relationship and sexuality and first many egyptians were outraged today she is regarded as one of the country's leading sex experts but the controversies haven't gone away well hey ba is considered progressive at home many in the west see her as deeply homophobic because of videos like this where she describes homosexuality as a disease that can and must be treated. in private and mohamed try to speak openly about sex and their relationship but it's not always easy when most young egyptians marry they know very little about either. they learn about sex from porn videos provided by their parents who also don't know how to talk to their kids
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about sex. that suddenly you're suddenly married to you don't know how you should expect when should you expect which would you do and all of your knowledge comes from maybe point of view maybe just talks with your friends but not really knowledge. and mohammad have promised each other to do things differently when they have children of their own they want their kids to be curious and ask questions love and sexuality may go back as far as the first humans but for many here in egypt it remains a big mystery. all the attack on the media house and continues to be part of donald trump's political d.n.a. earlier this month the u.s. president lashed out at the american t.v. network n.b.c. for its quote partners and distorted news reporting and he called for revoking licenses as punishment now that's punishment for reporting stories that may not be
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to his liking or free press watchdogs have been on high alert and they were warm again this week when attorney general jeff sessions told a u.s. senator that putting journalists in jail for doing their job is something that he cannot rule well let's take a listen. you commit to not putting reporters in jail for doing their jobs well i don't know that i can make a blanket commitment to that a fact. but i would say this we have not taken any aggressive action. against the made at this point but we have matters that involve the most serious national security issues that put our country at risk and we will utilize the authorities that we have legally and constitutionally if we have to ok we always try to find an alternative way as you probably know senator right.
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to directly confronting a media person but that's not total blanket protection nearly a month after germany's election and the chancellor i'm going to marry is now holding talks with potential coalition partners the parties from across the political spectrum say their first meetings have gone well one likely combination is known as a jamaica coalition yes jamaica coalition because the part the political parties colors here in germany are black green and yellow which happen to be the colors you guessed it of the jamaican flak but those parties are mourning it will take a while to bridge their differences. all eyes on two parties that don't really fit together but are now working together on day two of exploratory talks the business friendly f.t.p. met the green party and try to find common ground.
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i and. my whole car mot talks were lively we listened to each other carefully and managed to see things from the other party's point of view yes i am lassen it's on this on the jamaican collar still appear exotic in german politics never before have the business friendly f.t.p. and the environmentalist green party negotiated to form a federal government together it's a challenge as their positions couldn't be more different. for instance on the european union the green party is calling for an end to austerity measures and wants a collective pact on texas and investments the free market liberal f.d.p. on the other hand to strictly against any kind of death mutualization within the e.u. and on clean energy the environmental greens have very clear goals they want one hundred percent renewable energy by two thousand and fifty they also want to ban
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combustion engines in automobiles by two thousand and thirty a no go for the business friendly free democrats. migration could be the one issue on which the f.t.p. and green party could find common ground both parties have been calling for germany's first immigration law. it's claws on both parties realize that we have a long way to go but we also understand that if we want a common government then we need to find common interests and not follow the conservative party's well worn path when you went forward. on friday the conservative see the un c.s.u. parties will join the talks behind these walls all for potential coalition partners will negotiate together for the first time. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me at brant goff t.v. and don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens
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between now and then tomorrow is another day was he then everybody. to go off line. take football personally. i do it. this time we meet our role model. president.
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and the brazilian. will tell us what it's like to be part of modern munich. next on. european stars deliver rousing performances. for stylish all around. the norwegian folklore quartet cuts among. your concert in forty five minutes. nationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again. is their slogan the focus put your nation first i am taking a trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. the cia's story join the conversation on to
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w. unto itself on the facebook. why are forty million people in east africa threatened by starvation and what are the causes of the situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. as human journalistic project tries to find answers why africa goes green our topic this week long d.w. online. is bashing. shabby this is shabby but edge of the premier petro back to nato.


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