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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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the one thousand nine hundred twelve is being auctioned in the u.k. the also of the letter was an american businessman all of us on who votes to his mother on how police show the ship wasn't how he looked forward to new york after the holiday also up for grabs is a suitcase belonging to the youngest survival of the tragedy who was just two months old when the titanic sank. you're watching the news come to you live from berlin helena humphrey was up next with the business news so do stay with us if your cat and. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to. news. stream books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get
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a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers on the guardian. what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution of people. to the russian art revolution. nineteen seventeen the reluctant starting october twenty fifth on d w. counting the cost of going it alone catalonia is not the only european region with ambitions of autonomy this weekend italians in the wealthy northern regions of nobody and then it'll cost never gets a non-binding independence referendum. also coming. not how to make it in
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industry is drawing big checks on a response puts. and and and all the near it down on there is the lost cause we made in australia rolls off the production line. this is your business update on helen on free in berlin good to have you with us the latest twist in the catalan crisis is seen separatists take aim at the country's banks in a tweet to their two hundred seventy thousand followers the catalan national assembly osha porters to take part in a bank run targeting the five main banks in catalonia now the results of that rallying cry were rather lackluster those in favor of independence from spain were meant to go to banks and a.t.m. and take out as much cash as possible but it wasn't the mass withdrawal hoped for the catalan national assembly said it wanted to send a message of condemnation to the banks which have shifted their headquarters out of catalonia it was also meant as a message of protest against the imprisonment of catamount separatist leaders.
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well let's talk to our financial correspondent now colorado who is in frank forest conrad murray what is this is a dangerous escalation of the business in catalonia do you think well i think it's not immediately dangerous for the banks in catalonia as it looks more like a creative form of protest than a dangerous attack on the ability of the banks in catalonia to do business and i think this protest brings about an aspect of this conflict in catalonia that often gets forgotten in the destructor discussion the separatist movement in catalonia for decades has also had at least in parts of very anti capitalist touch to it which means that the idea of getting rid of madrid in barcelona not only has to do you know with the coziness of nation building it also has to do with protest against the people up stairs that don't listen enough to what hardworking people
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need now the european union has said it has no mandate to moderate in this conflict but in light of some of that economic uncertainty should it change its mind perhaps well i think at least the european union and you know the heads of state meeting in brussels there today should attentively listen to what's going on they desperately need to make everyone understand in europe that they're not detached from what people want and so i think it's not enough for the european union to say what's going on in catalonia is none of our business can i had a bruise in a first in frankfurt thank you. well catalonia is not the only region with ambitions of autonomy this sunday and tally ends in the northern regions of nobody and beneteau well have this say on whether they want to remain part of italy the
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referendum or not binding but economists are already counting the costs of the wealthy regions striking it out on their own. first the cattle lands. then the northern italians including venice. as well as the flemish in belgium there are many regions in europe that are seeking independence and experts fear that it could erode the european union as good as a. few fifty eight and could expand and could continue and there's a fear it will catch on and then the community of twenty eight states will begin to crumble around the edges like a stale cake and to fall apart. everything without a title of. the separation of these regions like flanders would be an economic catastrophe for the national government flanders contributes fifty eight percent of belgium's economy. the regions of venice and lumbered that are also striving for
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independence represent thirty one percent of italy's economy. that's into some to buy does not the interesting thing about these nationalists like the cattle hands is that they are pro european nationalist contrary to the likes of maria let's handle france they want their countries to remain in the european union i can not stop. if one of these regions does gain independence it must first exit the e.u. the date for the reentry would be uncertain. if a few from i think it would sooner be five years then five weeks or months if in catalonia would be accepted immediately as an independent state then all the region still applying for membership would have every right to complaining of optimistic stuff and talk as if. venice and the rest would have to go to the back of the line none of the affected regions are willing to compromise the conflicts for
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independence will weigh down on europe for years to come. well the czech republic has been known as in the wage country bit salaries that all on the rise sixty insect is like industry almost half of the population work in the sector and wages are expected to rise thirteen percent this year alone. mouthpieces for breathing equipment are assembled here at the check branch of a german medical manufacturing company the branch employs seven hundred people salaries here are low compared to germany but business is good the branch could employ hundreds of new employees if there were any takers the employment market in the region of pilsen has run dry. the manager is looking at new ways to keep the operation thriving machines. out a much easier don't insult imation is the thing a top plant right now and it will be even more prevalent in the future. while it's
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getting more and more difficult to find new stuff and we know the situation won't improve in the next two to three years to write. while in one hall everything still done by hand others are already kitted out with ultra modern technology. a mouthpiece that takes ten skilled workers to put together can be done by just a few machines. what's needed herr a computer specialist to handle the machine software. gave us time and has set up its own training center on site where employees are taught to operate the special machines. to check education system doesn't keep up with the needs of the industry sector that's why many companies take education into their own hands. the younger generation is interested in computers and
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digitized. we strive to make the training interesting and diverse so they have fun at work and want to stay on long term. near. forty percent of the czech population works in industry. that's the highest proportion in the e.u. . in many regions virtually everyone works in industry but it's no longer a low wage countries says power from the czech german chamber of commerce automation in factories is a key aspect. of taman. it's all about digitization and industry four point zero the czech republic is investing more in research and development in the near future it wants to invest three percent of its g.d.p. in research and development fortunately. salaries at check industrial companies are likely to rise by thirteen percent this year that will give automation
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a new boost because with higher stuff wages the machines will pay for themselves after just a few years. from an industry only up to one that has sadly come to the end off the line in australia the last call has rolled off the production line off to seventy years of operations the closure of the last call plant was a means some one thousand employees have lost their jobs this is the very last car to roll off the production line in australia it's a holden at its height the popular brand employing twenty four thousand people now the one thousand staff left at its adelaide plant often lose their jobs. it's very sad day for me for holden and perceptually but we walk out of here for the heads held high. they're all full of fraud and passion for the company and knowing we've helped build
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a world class written off coffee. outside the factory dozens of motoring enthusiastic gathered to honor the historic moment. of the comic has including food toyota and nissan and chrysler have already stopped producing down on. it's more of a sort of action of the market that's you know coming to an end you know as a sort of action on the workers actually build these fabulous guys. as it's really sad it has all in the hold and brands will live on but from now the famous australian cars will be largely produced in asia. extreme weather unto earthquakes have cost the insurance industry an estimated ninety five billion dollars this year that's according to an assessment by the swiss re re insurance company hurricanes harvey and mario destroyed property and infrastructure
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across the caribbean in the southern united states and last month two major earthquakes flattened entire towns in mexico leaving thousands of people homeless swiss re itself is facing a payout fail of three point six billion dollars. want to be taken seriously at work sick of being confused for the interne well shop dressing business and. has tips for you in his award winning show dress code you can find it on facebook at d w underscore business and on our website d w dot com forward slash made in germany . that's it you're up to date with the latest from the world of business from more head to our web site on the school business on home free and then thanks for joining me and see for more business news in the next hour right.
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take off like. take football personally. i do at. this time we meet our role model. a president. a titan. and a brazilian. will tell us what it's like to be part of by and munich. next
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on the w. one tree god the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week with right wing politics in europe has a new face s├ębastien courts one austria's recent election by taking the bendable people's party to the right what does that mean for your or find out quadriga. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. when cities are ingolf by the sea. all the dams walls and costly protective measures would have been. nothing.
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what's. starting november night on d w. y r forty million people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of this situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. this huge journalistic project tries to find the answers white africa goes green our topic this week on d w on line. you are going to meet the ball. yeah not you know. thank. you thank you. who will be germany's football in bassett or for.


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