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it's words and language it brought forth a ripples of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on to. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin and some elitist trying to put a positive spin on breakthrough talks but there's still little sign of progress but some written history's army is forced to admit she has fallen short of footings and germany's on the mechlin says they can be no moving on until the u.k.
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agrees to pay the money she says it owes to the e.u. also coming up new britches sure the extent of the devastation caused by months of fighting in the form of islamic state stronghold of dhaka what does the future hold for the city. and the willows along with india over the saving event kicks off this weekend with a new rule aimed at more gender equality that is shaking up the competition. hello and welcome a man with a good to have your company. elite isn't bustles are trying to work out how to speed up talks on bragg said today was supposed to be the day when the announced the negotiations would be moving on to the next stage but the process has been stored by a number of core issues britain's tourism he has appealed to e.u.
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leaders a meeting in brussels to inject more urgency into the discussions to resign me has held a news conference in brussels this is what she had to say. both sides have approached these talks with professionalism and a constructive spirit and we should recognise what has been achieved today. the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. . e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay. again we'll have more on that story later but turning now to syria where a u.s. backed forces are officially declared victory in the northern syrian city of raka after pushing out extremists from the so-called islamic state and this comes as new pictures taken by drones has revealed the extent of the devastation caused by weeks
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of fighting entire neighborhoods have been turned into rubble warplanes pounded the city for months during the four month operation to retake back the city from i can flow it. joining me now is ryan deliveries a colonel in the u.s. army and spokesperson for the u.s. led coalition operation against the so-called islamic state in iraq and syria he's currently based in baghdad welcome colonel dillon now we saw pictures of the extent of devastation caused in iraq are there also reports that there was a huge number of civilian deaths during this operation to to retake the city what do you feel about this high cost of liberating iraq or. well first we have to recognize that isis in iraq this is really their wellspring of the terror and the brutality that the launched from morocco throughout the world so many attacks throughout the rope were planned and plotted and resourced in finance
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and launched from rocka and so for them to have sanctuary in this location for so long the important in most underlying piece of this is that they are no longer there they no longer have say two or three and it was a long grueling four months and the toll that the part of the forces the syrian democratic forces made up of the arab incurred elements was a sacrifice but it was wonderful work on what it is i'm going to do i did just put that to you again what do you think about the criticism that the prize to liberate dhaka was spayed by civilians that had maybe it was too high a price to be paid how do you respond to that criticism well i would say that you know this coalition has gone through extensive measures and has a very deliberate and through process that whenever we conduct any strikes in support of our armed forces who deserve to be protected in their fight in their
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backs against these isis terrorists it is that it is always takes into account any human suffering or damage to infrastructure this is the most accurate and precise campaign in the history of warfare and you know we are doing everything that we possibly can to minimize civilians as a part of our campaign to defeat isis ok you say that of dhaka is free off i as extreme as could well have they gone and now because the cia is saying is that if it streams the fifty eight a bit of carrying out attacks even getting us. areas. and so the defeat of isis in iraq is necessary but it is not the end there still are locations in syria and in iraq where isis still holds territory and the coalition
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with our partners both in iraq and in syria are pursuing these isis militants in these locations over the course of the last three years of this campaign more than six and a half million people have been liberated by our partners and more than eighty six thousand square kilometers of area that is now no longer under their control that's about eighty seven percent of the area that isis once held and going to be a given that both the some of these iowa sixty miss may have joined splinter groups like the al qaida and they some of them may have also the moving to once in your view how much of what's said do i sixty miss to pose well there is no question about it that they still pose a threat globally but the one thing that the coalition is doing is and this is really an unprecedented coalition of seventy three international nations and international partners as partners include turkey and members throughout the european union and also interpol so the ability of the foreign fighters to move
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in amongst the world has now been hampered because of the efforts of the greater coalition and you know they still pose a threat there's there's no question about that but we will pursue them in not allow them sanctuary in iraq in syria to plan their attacks like a kind of drawn denial u.s. army spokesman for the u.s. led coalition operation against a simple islamic state thank you very much for talking to d.w. thank you george. now returning to the e.u. summit which is underway in a brussels correspond york matis is covering developments there and joins me now from there again you are terry's army has been speaking over the past two days some of the e.u. leaders are very impressed by what she said but they're still feel there's not enough to go on to start the second round of negotiations what do you feel about the situation. it took the e.u.
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leaders here a mere ninety seconds apparently according to diplomats to establish that there is not sufficient progress to move the process of talks to round to invite the future relationship away from the divorce talks now the good news for to reach the may and all of this is that the head of the european council gave green light to at least start preparing internally for that second phase and that is sort of the gift if you want that she can take back home at the same time leaders were very clear in their final press statements that there is still quite a bit of a way to go anglo-american the german chancellor said she would like to move to face to and she is very optimistic that that will happen but the ball is in the u.k. scored they are now have to act particular on the brakes a bill in the same message from the french president a minimum i call who said there is we're still of far from what is needed particularly on the financial settlement so it seems tell the truth or the still
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play pretty far apart what do you see as the main stumbling block in these negotiations. something block clearly is that breaks that bill good news is that a reason may has reiterated also today and and yesterday over dinner in her speech that the u.k. firmly stands by its commitment to on the financial commitments that were made no member states until twenty twenty will have to pay more that is what she said now the interesting thing today and there might be room for compromise here is what she did not say she did not rule out that the u.k. would pay a bill up to sixty billion and she also did not rule out that she told or she did not dismiss the statement that she said to leaders here that the floor and speech was not her last word and you know the elephant in the room at this summit is the situation in spain and the catalonia crisis all this while we've been waiting to
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hear something from the prime minister he's finally spoken to the press let's have a listen to what the spanish prime minister body had to say. many of. the measures i will present tomorrow are agreed on by all parties with the popular party the socialists the citizens party and the government of course our objective is to restore lawful order it is impossible to have part of a country that is lawless and where rules are ignored. that was astonished prime minister tell us more about what a minor if i had to say and how it was received there. a marriage i just came back from that spanish press conference and he also accused the catalan separatists of going against basic e.u. a principle there and what he's referring to is basically the illegal status of that referendum and that is echoed by a lot of e.u. leaders here for instance a recent may who said that catalonia and spain of course should play by the rule of
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law stick to the rules that there are the e.u. very much. keeping this as an internal spanish affair right your argument is in brussels thank you very much. because setting out to hell in our business news and the developments in spain and catalonia also having an impact on the economy helena they certainly are they have been since that referendum vote and that result and today catalan separatists have been taking aim at the country's banks in a tweet to their two hundred seventy thousand followers cattle and national assembly supporters to take part in a bank run targeting the five main banks in catalonia now the results of that rallying cry were rather lackluster those in favor of independence from spain were meant to go to banks and a.t.m.'s and take out as much cash as possible but it wasn't the mass withdrawal hoped for the catalan national assembly said it wants to
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send a message of condemnation to the banks which have shifted their headquarters out of catalonia was also meant as a protest against the imprisonment of can't manage separatist leaders. well catalonia is not very region with ambitions of autonomy is sunday italians in the northern regions of long by the end venator will have their say on whether they want to remain part of a slave or not the referenda are not legally binding but economists are already counting the costs of the wealthy regions striking out on their own. first the cattle lands. then the northern italians including venice. as well as the flemish in belgium there are many regions in europe that are seeking independence and experts fear that it could erode the european union as good as a. few fading it could expand and could continue on and there is a fear it will catch on and then the community of twenty eight states will begin to
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crumble around the edges like a stale cake and fall apart that everything that the title of. the separation of these regions like flanders would be an economic catastrophe for the national government flanders contributes fifty eight percent of belgium's economy. the regions of venice and lumbered that are also striving for independence represent thirty one percent of italy's economy. that's into the sun to buy these nuts and the interesting thing about these nationalists like the cattle hands is that they are pro european nationalist and contrary to the likes of maria let's end in france they want their countries to remain in the european union i cannot stop. if one of these regions does gain independence it must first exit the view the date for the reentry would be uncertain. i think it would sooner be five
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years than five weeks or months if catalonia were to be accepted immediately as an independent state then all the region still applying for membership would have every right to complain optimistic stuff and talk as if to. venice and the rest would have to go to the back of the line none of the affected regions are willing to compromise the conflicts for independence will weigh down on europe for years to come. now a tweet from c.e.o. of investment bank goldman sachs lloyd blankfein is stock speculation that more jobs is set to move from london to frankfurt amid that briggs it uncertainty blankfein tweeted just left frankfurt great meetings great weather really enjoyed it good because i'll be spending a lot more time there breaks it britain is currently home to most of goldman's european operations where it has around six thousand employees frankfurt seen as the biggest beneficiary for wall street banks moving out of the british capital. so
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goldman sachs looks set to be settling into frankfurt let's go over to our financial correspondent planet in frankfurt and ask him conrad can we call it yet is the city becoming the financial capital of europe. well helena in a sense it already is we have the european central bank based here in frankfurt and this works like a magnet especially for those large commercial banks which one to be close to the central rule maker goldman sachs is not the only one several other big banks already have chosen to build up capacities here in frankfurt but whether or not this is going to be final remains to be seen big banks like goldman sachs also deutsche bank for example are currently building parallel structures double structures in both london and frankfurt because the supervisors want to make sure
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that the financial services sector is getting prepared for heartbreaks it so no one no matter what the negotiation outcome will be of brick said the banks are. should be set in the position to cater to their clients march twenty ninth teen in or directions they are supposed to be able to do business whatever the outcome of breaks it will be whether or not this will last and whether or not after breaks in frankfurt we'll really be able to snatch international business from london well i said it remains to be seen right candidate who is in for us in frankfurt thank you now men might have the monopoly on big positions in hollywood but they also occupy a lot of positions in the tech world and allegations of rape and sexual assaults against director harvey weinstein led to the meaty social media campaign which in
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turn has highlighted that no matter the industry women are frequently the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace and that's got a debate going in the world of german business as well. women power in berlin the ada lovelace conference offers women in i.t. the opportunity to link up and manages founders and programmers are in attendance there aim to support each other and strengthen female networks the tech world is male dominated women have to be assertive they sometimes witness comments that a downright crass. isn't here and i don't want this is a business context and in such a context it's ok to make jokes but they shouldn't cross the line we must keep fighting this and say that we don't want pub conversations in a business context doesn't so on and. but what happens if the fact she was comments give way to sexual harassment what can women do to fight something like that.
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discuss it with someone and be confident that you will be heard there is a responsibility of us all to make sure that we take conversations like this very seriously we can all help we could all listen to someone who's going through it all been through it and we can all be a role model and a listening support machine courage as women not to be afraid to make it clear when a boundary has been crossed it's the only way true co-operation can work. if people don't do that you can't move this process forward it's essential that we right now really bring about a change of culture or rather a change to this lack of culture of the. and such change could well see more women to move into the tech sector. well warnings now from former u.s. presidents over the state of politics in the country emerita that's right hena this of course comes as protests have shouted down white nationalist leader richard
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spencer at a university in florida and force him to leave the stage without delivering his planned speech now the issue of hate speech versus free speech has taken center stage in the u.s. of late not least since president trump refused to condemn a white supremacist march in charlottesville virginia last month not two former presidents are also weighing into the debate. we don't want no nazi hate their target and inside this florida university a leading figure in america's white supremacist movement calling for a white as snow state and state he was hunted down amid heated exchanges. fearing deadly violence like that recently seen in other american cities the governor declared a state of emergency in the end it was more bear hugs than bruises the critics say
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president trumps tacit support has encouraged the far right rise his attitude provoked an extraordinary scolding from not one but two former presidents. we would go out folks who were deliberately trying to make folks able. to demonize people where they're from out there. to get the base all riled up the because it provides a short term tactical advantage. george w. bush also avoided naming trump but it was clear who was on his mind. bigotry seems emboldened. our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication we've seen nationalism distorted in the nativism forgotten the dynamism that immigration is always brought to america it
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began with the mexican border wall these prototypes no wonder consideration the then trump said some neo nazis in charlottesville were fine people. the. last month he slammed black football players for taking a knee in protest of police brutality. thank you less week the hatred lies and division swirl around the trump era of politics which the where do of a day to us servicemen. conflicting accounts of what trump dead or did not say to her brought political point scoring into one woman's personal grief. listen take a look at some of the stories making news around the was more than half the ringer muslims who fled violence in myanmar are children that's according to the latest and estimates a unicef report says that its three hundred forty thousand troops are living in
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squalid conditions in camps in bangladesh and after twenty five thousand more arrive every week unicef says that many on malnourished and traumatized by the atrocities they've witnessed. iraqi forces have retaken control of the last kurdish hands area of kirkuk province i mean clashes with fresh medica troops this comes after baghdad rejected a referendum on kurdish independence using the region in northern iraq has got oil production by hoffer in kurdish controlled territory making independence even less likely. you know what you need of news coming up ahead the valvo ocean race is the longest enduring sailing event in the was now a new changes to the race a refreshingly revamped. again out of europe soccer league and it was a mixed night for german teams have lost two one at
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a ukrainian side of the aisle while hoffenheim beat istanbul by shock she had three one in their first ever european win and there appears to be no end in sight to colones a red foot start to the season peter sterger side went down one minute too but i bought a soft in better roos colognes hopes of picking up their first win in any competition in the eleven games were dashed when alexei every os on the back of the net in the second half very really wiring times for cologne indeed. and the bundesliga tonight shark attack on mines with the well supported club hoping to jump into the top four it's been a typically inconsistent starts to the season for the gals in cation side but they are signs of notable improvement for shall cause sporting director the home game with mines is particularly important. shall coach the medical to desk open
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sporting director christian hydel a feeling upbeat before the match with titles explode mines title move from eyes to shout to last year but his first season was a flop with shock of failing to reach europe this term things may be looking up if last weekend's to no will it has a bilin becomes the norm shelter in good form as they look to down heigl's old side . certifiably have an acquittal it always feels weird to even if personally i wanted nothing else than a shark away and even if it is against mines of course i wish mines all the best but only shell cans now so it's. hydel took a risk in appointing thirty two year old to disco as coach for the season to discard only coached eleven games in the german second division with the hour before getting the call but another win against mines will push out into the champions league places. as we were trying to focus just on minds that is one hundred percent i'm sure there are
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a team who will test and thinking about anything else would be stupid to listen. to disco is right to be wary of the mines moved up to tenth last weekend with a three two win over hamburg game on. away from the longest enduring sailing event in the world the volatile ocean race begins this weekend in the spanish port city of an account there the competition is held every three years and will finish in eight months time in the dutch city of the hague and this year the race is all about equal opportunities let's find out more. this year's volvo ocean race has a new look following rule changes and encouraging more women to participate in the once male dominated competition welcomes eighteen female sailors this year for the seventeen's racing around the world under the new regulations mixed crews can be made up of ten sailors while. all male crews are restricted to seven members among
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the women taking part is british skipper deek a far cry. brings out the best of the girls it makes them. and. the testosterone of the boys that little so ends up being a very nice environment to ferry took part in an old female crew team and cia in twenty fourteen it was the first time in twelve years that women had participated. the rule changes were made with skepticism from some male sailors claiming they were not being allowed to freely choose their own kreutz. but with this year's competition about to begin in the spanish port of alicante it appears the inclusion of women is being welcomed with open arms. everywhere you may have heard that the spirit is from and you know that that memo that no we are very happy that they have to look at it. thrilling forty five thousand nautical miles away to teams across
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eleven legs and six continents no matter the winner a new era and the race is about to begin. and it's about time too and talking about time it's time to get your credit card out a letter written on the titanic a day before the ship sank in april one thousand nine hundred twelve is being auctioned in the u.k. on the also was an american businessman all skull hudson who wrote to his mother on how police the ship was and how he looked forward to new york after his holiday now also up for grabs is a suitcase belonging to the youngest survivor of the tragedy and she was millvina dean she was just two months old when the titanic sank. he was indeed i mean he is coming to you live from berlin i'll have more news for the top of the al meanwhile and you can always go to our website for more that's the w dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook i'll see you in thirty
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minutes looking forward to it. laundry done international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week right wing politics in europe because a new face s├ębastien courts one austria's recent election by taking the bendable
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people's party to the right what does that mean for europe to find out quadriga. quadriga next on d w. feeble den go to exhibitions. and then you have to take the exhibitions to the people. in spain they feed it and move on to gallery. beneath the canvas when you have a truck to paint on the. bureau back in sixty minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free stuff for d w z learning course nikos
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german made easy. life be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as apply mcinnis who are you sure. that the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of collaboration and. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from mines. hello and welcome to quadriga he's young he's charismatic and he refers to his base as a movement rather than a party no it's not emanuel mccaw i'm referring to but the even younger.


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