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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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it was like the ship i should say and how it's looking forward to new york after a holiday also up for grabs is a suitcase belonging to the youngest survivor of the tragedy millvina dean who was just two months old when the titanic sank. this is d w news my from about it still to come catalogs use cash withdrawals a form of protest bank so moving their headquarters to other regions of spank. them for the bohai five out story on the rest of the days of business news in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the hour on itself a good day. rationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you know the answer is to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what that nation mean to
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you. to share your story join the conversation here on to w unto itself and on facebook. why are people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of the situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. these huge journalistic project tries to find the answers why africa goes green our topic this week on d w news online. catching up cattle and separatists called on supporters for a run on the banks in protest at spain's threat to suspend the region's autonomy. breaking away but at what cost catalonia is not the only european region with
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ambitions of autonomy to wealthy parts of italy vote this weekend. and making faces at the central bank governors facial expressions move. let's do business catalan leaders say if the banks can shift their headquarters out of the region they can simply withdraw their savings independence supporters have been storming. the correspondent. the response to the rallying cry has been left lost withdrawing money has become a form of protest in catalonia separatists are determined to show their discontent with banks like unsober dell which have moved their headquarters away from the region financial institutions are worried the current instability could take a toll on their business. maybe we appreciates a way of exerting pressure after peaceful protesters were arrested and put in
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prison but if there's another way to put pressure on the spanish state but it's a. list of us but. some protesters withdrew one hundred fifty five euros in reference to article one hundred fifty five off a spanish constitution which madrid employs to impose direct rule over the region others opted for different. music i withdrew one thousand seven hundred fourteen euro's which coincides with the year seven hundred forty one that we celebrate on september eleventh and the end the withdrawals are a form of protest not for money but they say that as a result some a.t.m.'s had a ready run i just caught by friday morning. to our reporter visa who's in barcelona for us and standing outside a.t.m. where there's a bit of business going on people withdrawing cash barbara tell us what the mood is like. we have done some spots checks
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here in the center of proselyte looking at banks for instance like we have one right behind us and we couldn't really detect any lines i mean somebody steps up to the bank draw some money and goes off so it seems still to work just like normal also talking to the press office office about dell bank the second bank that is being hit by this protest they said they didn't really notice anything unusual this is a friday people take a bit more money out than normal to go shopping but it didn't really have an impact so this is one of those stories that comes right out of the pop propaganda ministry off the independence does here in catalonia they're very smart was that they make you create great stories but if you look at it on the ground you can really find so much evidence ok so more spaniards out shopping than demonstrating it was a good idea does anyone think that. even the local
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government the regional government. who is which is of course as we know strongly for independence said this was sort of a stupid idea you know what did they want to achieve with this you know creating a bank run and damage the economics and the financial basis of the region we have to damage it further because of course there's so many firms in companies have been decided to move already that they really have to fear for their future economically here so you at the end of the day briefly it's another case of you know the banks losing our business losing up at catalonia really. the banks are really the two banks the two big banks have been moving out and twelve hundred business have so far decided or in nouns that they would move their headquarters that's a bad news for the for the tax base of the catalonia region because part of the money goes into their coffers and so they really would have to look at this was
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this quiet however we asked them and they said oh this is all propaganda of madrid and this is all the negative negativity off the spanish media so they are in total denial ok we can see some protesters there against the spanish media puffing smoke in your face looks for nice barbara thank you very much for putting up with that and giving us the latest from barcelona. catalonia isn't the only region with ambitions of autonomy this sunday italians in the northern regions of the body and benito will have their say on whether they want to remain part of italy referenda not binding but economists are already counting the costs of the wealthy region striking out on their oil. first the cattle lands. then the northern italians including venice. as well as the flemish in belgium
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there are many regions in europe that are seeking independence and experts fear that it could erode the european union as good as. a few fifty eight and could expand and could continue on and there's a fear it will catch on and then the community of twenty eight states will begin to crumble around the edges like a stale cake and fall apart. of a whole lot of title of. the separation of these regions like flanders would be an economic catastrophe for the national government flanders contributes fifty eight percent of belgium's economy. the regions of venice in numbers that are also striving for independence represent thirty one percent of italy's economy. that's into. the interesting thing about these nationalists like the cattle hans is that they are pro european nationalist contrary to the likes of maria let's end in
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france they want their countries to remain in the european union stopped. if one of these regions does gain independence it must first exit the view the date for the reentry would be uncertain. i think it would sooner be five years than five weeks or months if catalonia were to be accepted immediately as an independent state then the region still applying for membership would have every right to complain. and talk to. venice and the rest would have to go to the back of the line none of the affected regions are willing to compromise the conflicts for independence will weigh down on europe for years to come. and used having been raids by the e.u. at b.m.w. headquarters in munich this week we're just getting the news now though conrad who is and is standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange to tell us more and to give
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us the reaction from markets on this. than the official of. the official wording is that you commission investigated at headquarters in munich which is of course something that could be expected since it's been out while already that your commission suspects that the german comic has formed some sort of illegal cartel b.m.w. says no comment but well that's something perfectly understandable no company wants to talk about stuff like that i guess b.m.w. shares are obviously down today although it does seem to have some. squeaky clean reputation otherwise. yes the shares of b.m.w. are down but all car makers have lost today and that has to do with news from germany's largest leasing companies six leasing where it's reported that the resale of diesel cars is so bad the prices have dropped so much that it really has
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problems the shares in six leasing lost eleven percent today and of course that's a bad omen for the sale of cars in general so that had an impact on the share prices of the car makers today now comrade you have a lot of experience reporting from frankfurt on the central bank the european central bank its chief mario draghi before i come to our next story could you just give me your typical friday face my typical friday face this. friday. one of excess one of excitement and one of relief i think thank you very much conrad who is and that brings me to the next topic every move you make every word you speak even what you wear in some cases it's all monitored obsessive li if your a central bank governor like these guys behind me it's the case the world over especially
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in the run up to major policy announcements investors are intent on jumping on anything that could give them the faintest of clues about an upcoming interest rate rise or policy shift but can a face move a market research as in japan think so. the many faces of bank of japan governor how he koku road but what's he thinking and more importantly what's he about to say that's the question researchers believe they'll soon be able to answer . but we've proven the correlation between the governor's facial expressions and the decisions he makes on fiscal policy i believe we can use this method to predict his next move on monetary policy. central bank chiefs are used to close scrutiny take e.c.v. head mario draghi some people believe his choice of type presents a clue about his fiscal plan. others think the way federal reserve chair janet
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yellen construct her sentences can be revealing. the federal reserve chair woman janet yellen and e.c.b. head mario draghi are readily available so i want the research to cover them too. from facial expressions to fiscal intentions. this image of the bank of japan governor has been assigned one hundred percent happiness racing but what exactly that says about his next policy decision remains unclear after all looks can be deceiving. business with you i'll see you again very soon. and just once more my friday faced boy.
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