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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2017 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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it would be privatization was robbery has decreased instead of cultivating its culture its roots and language it brought forth the ripples of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on jane doe. this is d w news live from berlin spain cracks down on catalonia is independence bid the central government in madrid is meeting at this hour to discuss stripping
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the region of its autonomy all king felipe it says catalonia will remain an essential part of spain and the crisis intensifies we'll go live to barcelona also coming up the czech republic is poised to elect a populist prime minister and look at the mandate down the check of donald trump and ask why the country is so critical of the european union do you think you can then i don't even know can german rap make it in america we follow the bavarian band sax as they take their foreign language flow to the home of hip hop. welcome to the program i'm marrying evanston it's good to have you with us. the crisis over catalonia as independence bit is at another crucial juncture today prime minister mariano rajoy is holding an emergency cabinet meeting to pave the
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way for establishing central control in the region this comes after a catalan leader karla's pushed them out refused to abandon his threat to declare a breakaway state a brief run on cats and on banks a symbolic protest to put pressure on madrid yet some financial institutions a so worried they've moved the headquarters out of catalonia. spanish king felipe again he towns of the region and offend the unity of the country it's spaniard to get that from. spain needs to face up to an unacceptable secession attempt on its national territory you're actually without which it will resolve using legitimate democratic institutions. respecting your constitution dering to the values and principles of the parliamentary democracy in which we have lived for thirty nine years. the king spoke as by signes price for imposition of direct rule
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prime minister mariano rajoy is now taking steps to activate article one hundred fifty five of the spanish constitution this would allow the central government in madrid to intervene in catalonia and strip the region of some. of its autonomy. let's go now to the spanish capital madrid where journalist martin roberts is standing by martin thanks for joining us so just what can we expect from the cabinet meeting today. well mariano rajoy is set to make a speech to the media just after the meeting and we're expecting that to prosecutor hours what we'll be looking out for is limited and temporary intervention which the government promised they don't need to take back our permanently won't he moves we're expecting. our which opposition parties are being asked in return for their support for this intervention is to dissolve the council and parliaments i call her
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a collection a lot of who are expecting the senate to meet in a couple of hours time because they are the party that has to actually approve these measures and they're expected to call upon the well to get pushed amongst the prime minister president a hearing on monday are also expected to have a vote on this whole in front of well again the key thing roy speaks to the media and exactly what measures he will assess and to interact. well once he announces his these measures you say that it still needs to be approved by the senate so just what kind of a timeline are we looking at until something actually will happen on the ground in catalonia. well in theory if they manage to hold it in nice and take approach which is probably going to be central to next friday will ease matters will take effect on saturday in the meanwhile. and if it could happen
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. maybe what we last minute emergency talks of the house and harm can be reconvened in which they may attempt to make some sort of an outright declaration of independence they could also appearance of the. constitutional court to suspend the senate and i think it happened but most likely think. the book go ahead on trying to. the measures will take place and what we're going to have next after the. and what would you say this crisis has done for the spanish government of varian or a hallway. well the big question mark that's been raised is you know to what extent this can actually be implemented immediately street protests are already being called in but there are. like today here are just protests at the arrest of two city park. well they could also be protesting against the president.
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again it remains to be saying. the government can actually enter that they swear that resists resistance. but basically they're short of the whole parties across the government to shut our international says well again as i said this could make the street. so we're in uncharted territory all right martin roberts reporting from madrid many thanks indeed now to some of the other stories making news around the world and police in the german city of new nick are searching for a man who attacked people with a knife this morning four victims were lightly wounded in different locations in the east of the city police have asked people in the area to stay off the streets until the perpetrator is located. egyptian authorities say at least fifty two soldiers and police officers have been killed in clashes with islamist fighters in the bihari air oasis in the country's western desert the casualties reportedly
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occurred during a raid on a suspected militant hideout brazilian police have arrested more than ninety people connected to an internet paedophile ring the raids followed a six month investigation involving u.s. authorities more than a thousand agents took part in the operation which police say is the biggest ever conducted in latin america. well here in germany a first round of talks on forging a new governing coalition have been called constructive chancellor angela merkel's conservatives the pro-business free democrats and the greens must reconcile divergent views on immigration energy and the environment the parties are seen as the only option available to miracle the social democrats have ruled out returning to government. the second and last day of voting is underway in the czech republic's parliamentary election voters look set to hand power to a populist billionaire andre bobbish and his on
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a movement the front runner has pledged to stamp out corruption boost investment and keep out migrants despite a lead in the polls it still looks unlikely that ana will secure an outright majority in parliament well joining me now is you repay he's the director of new york university's academic center in prague thank you so much for joining us now under a bomb it is often called the czech donald trump is this a fair comparison just how much do they have in common. well they have something some common because they are what billionaire stable came into politics from the outside which promises to do crean the politics before the the situation they are with and i. would have meant by negation agenda and certainly mr publisher would also like if he quits
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a two to isolate the czech republic slightly more and this now from from the outside world but i would say that mr publishes at the same time more similar to. syria has conan because when he went into politics he bought said two major dailies in the czech republic plus the radio station so he's got the. media machinery behind the suit to promote his interests well what we do know also about andre bobbish is that he's quite critical of the e.u. if he is elected prime minister what will this mean for relations with brussels. well it we don't know at this point because we still publish this businessman is that he's a pretty modest who really assess certain things now during the electoral campaign . to impress his electorate which consists mainly of older less educated people and those people are not happy with the european union but at the
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same time he's going to its own interests which are your stateroom your public to germany and france aren't and lance us companies in all of those countries and so it is not in his personal interest to create any kind of deep divide between the czech republic and the european union i personally expect that if he becomes the prime minister he would modify the entire european rhetoric and would become much more. not maybe pro european but certainly a much less combative with regard to the european union. while it is clear that voters are dissatisfied with the establishment parties and that's despite the fact that the country's economy is day in quite well why is that. well i think that water starts to reacting to
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a situation that's actually. brought mr published to politics because he runs in two thousand and thirteen on the very strong and by corruption. and in the search of politics was really our read of the corruption there were a lot of corruption scandals and original parties to some extent discredited themselves but i think that he has actually and himself been. surrounded by allegations that he might have thought committed fraud was in european money so we have to retool and corruption is still. our topics but not the strongest in the past year repave the director of new york university's academic center in prague thank you so much for your analysis some soccer news now and shall have made a move up to fourth in the bundesliga with the win over minds on friday. finish
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this attack with a knife like touch getting the best of minds goalkeeper rene ardler carets goes fourth goal this season gave shelter an early lead in the second hand for tito burke stronger added another in front of goal with fast footwork shall be mindful to know. the bavarian band whole sex has made a big impact here in germany with its fusion of rap with classical music well now as part of a d.-w. back initiative is taking its unique brand of hip hop on the road to the place where it all started the united states. doodoo doodoo doodoo. doodoo. real hip hop straight out of germany and into the hearts of. these rappers from munich a touring the united states. they'll be on the road for a month. was. the step. every band's
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dream to go into in the usa. come to believe how amazing this is. they're not only bringing german hip hop to america they're also packing the language the tourist part of a d w a project to help local learn german. the band mixes hip hop's you might expect. with a couple of surprises. hip hop. hip hop means i can really let loose that means having fun being in the moment when i'm performing on stage.
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they're winning fans around the world and now we have them in the us the home of hip hop. and the dancing and the. other really energetic i mean what a difference tremendous lot of on years one instrument so you don't hear in hip hop very often. i like you know i like the combination. i kind of like a lot of. i really like. crossover of styles crossing the atlantic and even the language design i. was. quick reminder now. the top stories we're following for you spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is holding an emergency cabinet meeting to pave the way for suspending catalonia is autonomy this comes after the region's leader refused to abandon an independence bid spain's king philippe called it an unacceptable secession attempt people in the czech republic are voting in parliamentary
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elections and they're expected to hand power to a populist billionaire andre walvis he's campaigned on you're a skeptic anti migration anti corruption platform critics warn his election could plunge the country into chaos don't forget you can always get d w news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the detail you app to send us your photos and videos. you're up to date now on d w news on marion evans dean thanks to our. beats reformation day and w. we have programs around the clock marking its five.


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