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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2017 5:02am-5:15am CEST

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more than one hundred people died in two separate blazes over the summer and on wednesday portugal's interior minister resigned over the government's handling of the crisis. celebrations until it was off to an unusual deal. c. series had a bumpy start its almost forced the canadian air craft to make it into bankruptcy is now a is teaming up with compared to to add to build the mid-range acro ft it's a perfect this is why we've done it and we think it's good news for the airlines customers already potential customers of shareholders on both sides that's why we call it win win i mean is the latest your newest innovative technology in the hundreds hundreds price so there is no other aircraft like that so when you combine
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this with the air bus scale range capability i mean it will only the full value of the aircraft. bus will end a little more than half the project without having to pay and it will be responsible for the entire building and marketing of the c. series the deal is also a result of an ongoing trade dispute between the us administration which is threatening the canadian company with hefty tariffs some fines if it sells planes in the u.s. . the new partnership throws a spanner in the trump administration's trade plans because the canadian planes would be sold through the e.u. company apis. can only gain from helping its competitor it broadens the product palette and it makes it more competitive internationally. years of being in the red that's where talent telia and len have in common and now
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up for grabs and love to answer an easy jet to waiting in the wings they want the takings from the planes themselves to the salt off the routes and the prized landing slots. that aim is growth expansion as a means of survival in an industry where competition can be cutthroat but competition authorities could be well against having fewer larger operators their stock islands we all want strong airlines we all want innovative aligns economically viable airlines good lines but not at the cost of competition of course if we in germany have to pay monopoly prices to create a strong ally and it's simply not a good business model. passengers won't be the only ones losing out in the consolidation process thousands of. employees will lose their jobs that much is already clear. however can expect
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a far softer landing he took over the airlines top position in february his salary of four and a half million euros is secured by fixed bank guarantee until his contract ends in two thousand and twenty one and that comes into play even in the case of insolvency . it started with the banks. now more and more medium sized companies are calling in the removal trucks hundreds of families have either left or a considering it including the one company for asian and. with spain their most important market they favor catalan decoration of independence could lead to the country boycotting catalan products catalonia would also lose its e.u. membership with devastating consequences says. he's a baker and president of the council and entrepreneurs association of. independence would have consequences for all cattle on companies. we're losing market.
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to twenty seven e.u. member states. and we'd have real problems with terrorists and we wouldn't be competitive anymore. explosion from the e.u. may be problematic for bakers but even more so for bankers. one of the four big financial institutions in spain has decided to make a quick exit to put their customers at ease into the best i must thank you i still feel safe at the moment but if i see any instability i'll take my money out. she's able to work the system and the situation in catalonia i don't really inspire trust i've already withdrawn my savings. spain's economics minister claims the catalan regional government for the insecurity in the population he's not afraid of a brown on the banks story of the. two big banks in catalonia protected by the safety mechanisms of the european central bank the spanish guarantee fund and the
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federal government. that's why we don't think there'll be any limits on the money that customers can withdraw. from the. independence for catalonia could have a detrimental effect on the ailing spanish economy to catalonia is the industrial heartland of spain the region generates a fifth of the country's economic output. chinese growth slowed slightly last quarter but at six point eight percent the world's second biggest economy remains on track to meet its annual target. this project typifies the extent and speed of china's growth in just two years time this building site in beijing will house what could be the world's largest airport a twelve billion dollar investment that comes as chinese president xi jinping hails a new economic era all about looking outward. if you.
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will push forward a new situation of complete openness openness bros progress closing yourself off will inevitably lead to falling behind china's open door will never climbs it will only be opened. but critics say the door is far from open many foreign companies complain about the difficulty of accessing the chinese market and accuse the government of failing to implement necessary reforms. one big issue the government is trying to tackle however is soaring debt the sum total of what china is now valued at nearly two hundred fifty percent of its g.d.p. . that sparked fears of a financial collapse for the world's second largest economy the true cost of debt fuelled growth has yet to be revealed. the inspection scandal is one of the biggest in japanese car making history nissen announced on thursday that
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it would suspend production for the japanese market for a provisional two weeks the company has admitted that stuff without proper qualifications conducted final inspections on vehicles this comes after the company was already forced to recall one point two million cars over the scandal. comic a diamond wants to get in shape for the future it's planning to restructure and split into three divisions one for cars one for trucks and one for services this would enable a comicon division to work more flexibly with innovative companies and drive forward with email and digitization the board of directors still has to get the green light for the final plums. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has resigned from the board of the weinstein company a film studio he founded in two thousand and five with his brother he'd already been ousted as c.e.o. following numerous sexual assault and harassment allegations.
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roy price the head of amazon studios has quit over claims he harassed a producer and ignored an actress when she complained about weinstein. hurricanes the back to the caribbean and us and the devastating earthquake in mexico just some of the recent extreme weather. and this trend is keeping insurance companies busy. insure a swiss rate estimates the industry's payouts at ninety five billion dollars recent storms in germany have also been severe in early october storm xavier left a swathe of devastation in northern and. in germany at least seven people died and more than twenty thousand trees were toppled as a result of the storm severe weather is becoming increasingly common and extreme experts say in the one nine hundred eighty storms in germany caused damage of around two hundred million euros yeah today it's around one point five billion
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that's forty more than seven times as many off to factoring in inflation. germany's ten worst storms on record all struck in the last five years a significant and worrying development say the meteorologist at munich re the world's largest reinsurer they say climate change is responsible. as the oceans get warmer more water evaporates the resulting moisture fuels the storms and hurricanes same unit creates weather ex-pats. this robot is a quick learner. software developer. now. the robot appears to understand the directions but it's all in the scientist jack it really. has different senses. in them mostly in the sleeves and hair in the neck area. but it isn't the senses
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register the orientation of the body and that's translated into the right. that's how we stare it. so that you just need a few clicks on the computer and the robot can carry out moves independently the scientists at justin's university of technology noticed a nishan the market robots are getting cheaper but it still costs a lot of programming. because there are some robots that i need cost let's say ten thousand euros but in relation to the software the cost of programming the right vote is still very high. that's why companies need to save money so we can find solutions for anyone not familiar with the programming. just a few kilometers away the students are attending a special lecture. after a short theoretical section it's all about practical knowledge this is where professor reich it demonstrates the potential of industrial automation today.
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explain what is an experiment i'm learning platform under research we want to make industry four point zero accessible to companies as an extra training opportunity it's for companies that want to try out processes and innovations how can they make their own processes better and of course it's meant to give us treatments the chance to experience multan digitise ation concepts in large fully automated companies has been normal for a long time but for many small companies it's still new territory later the young business students will be taking that knowledge of industry four point zero with them into the business world. up in public it's the management will definitely face new challenges. from company processes with change. is a key so i think the company information systems will expand and will have a bigger role in day to day life. peugeot's team is about to break away from the university the scientists want to form their own company so that they can sell
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innovation to various businesses and that was all we can review. the. story so that people world over information provide. the fenians they want to express d w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time.
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