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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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we see this sort of ignorance about climate change not only in the u.s. but also in germany former chancellor helmut schmidt for example the debate over climate change is pure hysteria and schmidt knew something about science is climate research a legitimate form of science. research is one of the physical sciences. climate models are based on physical base equations expressed through mathematics but. i meant helmut schmidt shortly before he died. did me to talk to him about this very subject but. i didn't manage to change his mind but i hope that i was at least able to make it clear to him climate change is something that must be taken seriously. because this is capitalism i have had something to do with the fact that our
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weather data is just a snapshot moment in time geologically speaking. is it really possible for humans to have such an influence on earth's climate. science leave the point this snapshot the earth has experienced ice ages and that these developed over many thousands of years. saying right now is unprecedented temperatures have risen one full degree in one hundred years and that's a lot. is not a natural occurrence they have also been rapid changes in the atmosphere because greenhouse gases. we haven't seen levels like for at least one million years. and we explain to people like president trump climate change is all about. simply means that the earth is warming up. i think all of us at least older folks
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like you and i notice that it is getting warmer we can also detect rising sea levels. this is happening right now those levels have risen by an average of twenty centimeters worldwide. in the arctic the northern polar region the ice is melting at a remarkable speed. extreme weather is occurring more and more around the world. and that includes here in germany. despite all this the u.s. still wants to pull out of the paris climate agreement. what's the impact will it have on climate change. after all the us creates a lot of air pollution. we're at a standstill right now on climate protection. i hope the president just one time and he will not have had much influence on this. but president obama could then
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come back into play by default worldwide emissions are. the largest producers of c o two in china and the u.s. . china alone creates nearly thirty percent of the total. role in the same boat when it comes to climate. but regardless of where the c o two is produced it has a global effect because it stays in the atmosphere for a long time. you know you mentioned china it is moving away from fossil fuels and is now a global leader in solar energy so why does china have such an impact on climate change. the question is whether china will follow the path that we have taken in europe. will they carry out their
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industrialization program by using fossil fuels. or will they skip a phase of that program directly from coal fired plants to renewable sources of energy oh i think this is far and i certainly hope that this will happen not only in china but worldwide also off well as they can he help us yet when identified. germany still needs to do some work on the transition we reduce our role as leaders and international climate production but we still produce fifty two percent of our energy from fossil fuels like coal and gas. are we just deceiving ourselves yeah absolutely absolutely we are deceiving ourselves germany is claiming to be a leader in international climate protection and that was the case. to reunification we were fortunate to be able to replace outdated eastern technology with modern technology but over the last decade we really haven't made much
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progress. in the first half of two thousand and seventeen greenhouse gas emissions in germany actually rose so we're not much of a leader anymore. i think it's important for the government to play a more active role in developing climate protection policy and it didn't happen yeah i think so because business and proper climate and environmental policy go hand in hand. they believe more and more people have come to this conclusion but we still have a way to go. but we are making progress even in the u.s. . but i believe that at some point no one knows exactly when there's going to be a boom in alternative energy and things will start moving quickly. that no one predicted the rise of the smart family and look where we are today.
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even if we do take a stronger international stand against climate change we're still going to have to live with the damage that's been done. to this. specific threats to we face and how can we protect ourselves. you know. there's nothing we can do the climate will continue to react to the greenhouse gases that we've produced over. last few decades will see some improvement in the decades to come that the earth will keep getting warmer sea levels will continue to rise and there will be more examples of extreme weather. where will the sea levels right here be in twenty years would we be sitting in the water. yet we've seen a rise of about twenty centimeters since the start of the twentieth century. right now the levels are rising at the rate of about three millimeters per year. so over ten years that would be three centimeters more. but it could also happen.
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in twenty years we could see an increase of perhaps ten centimeters. he said and some might say the three millimeters here is just a small amount that's not that bad a lot of people don't seem to be bothered by these kinds of predictions you know if so what then yeah this is a big problem you can't always see the effects of these threats people who live in coastal areas or on some islands can see. take those low lying islands in the south pacific or areas like bangladesh or even miami and florida. are rising sea levels are causing a lot of trouble in miami spending millions to protect their property. and bought a lot of them still don't want to mention the words climate change that. is
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widespread ignorance on this topic and some interest groups may be dragging their feet. you mentioned the indian sub continent that's where your family is from your parents moved from pakistan to help her get nine hundred fifty for your father wasn't a mom and built a mosque there. when you were growing up and were thinking about a career was climate research your first choice. you. know i did want to do something that involves science but after i graduated high school my parents said i should choose a career that would pay well so i studied economics and i soon discovered that i was not content to be an economist so i switched to studying science. and that such decision that i've never regretted. that we have some siegel's. i'm sure that just delighted to see us. but like i said i've never regretted my
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choice of career. i'm passionate about this kind of research is my hobby so it doesn't seem like work to me at all. but it seems that internationally speaking many people are ignorant about the effects of climate change as you've described them it's just a victory for us. if you could stand on the moon and watch the earth rise would you be concerned about what you'd see the dust and i think home. you know there's still a beautiful place it's a blue jewel in space and it will always be. if you look at the from the moon it will always be beautiful so the question is not want going to happen to the earth. it wants going to happen to people because their living conditions will worsen dramatically but is used to dealing with catastrophes and it will deal with this
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one too that. really doesn't care whether we humans survive on not. yet. and that if the professor to round off our interview we ask our guest to complete three sentences here's number one. despite the threats posed by climate change i'm still optimistic because. value. be cars i have experienced things in my life that i never would have thought possible i. mention and then sometimes people have to be forced to change their behavior i think that's. the unfortunate but that's how people love them and. i think the chances of seeing palm trees here on the coast in twenty years time are . zero climate doesn't change that finalist or d.g. i look tif thank you my pleasure.
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we want to welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week here's a look at what's coming up. all at sea women take at the helm for the volvo ocean race. on the road track art is an eye catching mobile installation and fame. and cheers some useful tips from the world's number one beer somebody. we start off the show with one of the toughest sailing we're got as in the world the u. volvo ocean right now since nine hundred seventy three the most experienced sailors have taken to the high seas for a true test of endurance this year the race will take the team's forty five
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thousand and not all miles around the world across four oceans and the most notable aspect of this addition is that women are taking a leading role now we talked to some of the female crew members ahead of the start . racing across the sea at breakneck speeds. even in training the volvo ocean race is teams take things to the limit. among the sailors battling to shave off seconds in heavy seas is british skipper deacon fahri. could be out of here and i feel. very privileged place to be seeing foreign men and then trying to harness the power of nature to make it work for you i like the lack of distractions and the focus
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there is on actually setting the boat. for you was the first woman to sail solo and nonstop around the world in both directions and she's not the only female participant in this year's race eighteen women will be taking part thanks to the introduction of a new rule the more women on board the bigger the size of the team allowed. the idea is to open more doors to women at the sport's highest level. the level of the female side has not been allowed to get to the top level because they've not been able to so with the best teams and i wanted to. help the sport and help the best female sailors go to the very top. all seven teams taking part in the volvo ocean race have decided to include women so this year there will be mixed crews fighting to win what is billed as the toughest sailing race in the world. some of the guys who have never sowed with women before i realizing that it. can be
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a very nice environment to silane i think a mix tape brings out the best of the girls it makes them raise their game and it kind of calms the testosterone of the boys a little so ends up. in a very nice environment the subtlety that women maybe have because they have less strength they have a little bit more subtlety and more finesse in a way is sometimes an advantage for women. most of the women participating in mixed teams this year sailed in the last of all the ocean race but the all female team had the odds stacked against them. and the sport of sailing and the volvo ocean race in particular is an experience sport the more hours you sail the more hours you spend on the ocean the better you will become as a sailor only. at first the big names in men sailing were reluctant to take female
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crew members on board they were all waiting to see how the women performed in the preliminary import race and on the continent before the crew's put to sea proper next sunday. afterwards the male sailors congratulated their female counterparts. and it everywhere that they have referred to the spirit is from you know that call them out we are very happy that they're there are to look at it how about some some girls that i've got a lot of experience and you know i really got a daughter that really got a bit old son. you know we fill up with your pretty lucky with the girls we've got . this year everything's changed at the ball the ocean race for both the women and the men. for. their team work improves with every hour that they sail together. as soon as we step on the boat or when we are together as
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a team there are no differences and we are one group of sailors and we just want to say it make the boat go really fast so we have the same goal to dig a trophy and to do that. and if. i want to do. when and so i'm hoping that now this is kind of been a watershed moment if this race can show you that makes teams work and in the future say to us we'll get picked on ability not just gender. like you did now the crews have some forty five thousand exciting but grueling nautical miles ahead of them whichever boat crosses the line first one thing's already decided for the first time women will be among the winners of the fall though ocean race. the voyage manuscript is one of the most mysterious books in the world now it's around six hundred years old and consists of two hundred pages written in secret code and even to this day no one has been able to get to the bottom of what is
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written on the pages but one man in spain has made it his mission to finally solve this age old riddle. dive into the past with a book that's one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. for more than two years one plus a garcia from blue cross in northern spain has been studying the voyage manuscript thought to have been written some six hundred years ago its author is unknown and the writing remains on deciphered the images sparked the imagination but no one's sure what they mean there's some of them sneer at theories that the book.


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