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tv   Reporter - Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2017 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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these nine hundred sixty three assassination the trove is expected to include more than thirty thousand classified documents that were previously redacted and three thousand that have never been seen by the public. it's all happening. to video i think and. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and welcome to news africa program tonight from funny to me from the news at these eaves i would say de deputed comes to africa join us on facebook at t w africa. elba carles life has changed forever hurricane maria swept away practically everything she had her houses are ruined. her fellow residents in salinas have
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likewise been left largely to their own devices it's here in the south of puerto rico that the hurricane hit hardest but hell but is determined to keep her spirits up and she's already looking toward the future. thanks. the first thing that elva does after she gets up is to check that she has enough diesel fuel for the day. this generator is her sole source of electricity and it's vital for pumping water up to the second story. elba's house is right by the sea to view a spectacular until recently. the house is in an upscale neighborhood but the stylish motor boats that used to adorn the bay of plato were hit just as hard as the fancy beach houses. elba faces an ongoing
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battle against the water pouring into her home through the roof. we have to get rid of the will to say the top three thing can dry out. all the tries to rescue the parquet floor by pushing the water through the cracks when it's giving them. a little. hard to rebuilt my brain so at least i don't have to sleep on the balcony anymore. game day right. now but takes another look around the living room to see what else has gotten wet feet. she stored all the possessions that she managed to salvage in the living room it's one of the few rooms that are secure thanks to the concrete walls the other
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rooms were built with elegant looking wood. held by inherited the house from her parents. she spent the happiest years of her life growing up here. the damage to the house amounts to several hundred thousand dollars. is from a well to do family but most of that wealth has been destroyed by the hurricane. here the wooden floor has buckled the house had survived a series of hurricanes over decades but maria was just too strong to lower section of the houses made from concrete as protection against flooding. you know. some of the elders relatives have come by today to help out this is now the makeshift kitchen and living room. you're. this
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hammock is now where help is brother ramon sleeps he's recently divorced and he's coping with the devastation in his own way. he's using a car battery to power up his music stereo which will hopefully lighten the mood. this us one i had not seen her cousin elba sense the disaster she lost her mother in the aftermath of the hurricane. remember i just feel my mother died we have suffered genuine losses in addition to material damage my mother is the person i loved more than anything i have to believe she's in a better place now and that we have to survive this is not my fright now you know
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it's about just staying alive even though i think. you know and certainly say we have to look to the future life must go on. the mother how did your mother die. before my photographs i never knew if it was a natural death but they can't say for sure because the hospital has been crippled by the power outages that we've figured out so you know you have a park right in front of the destroyed facade and she's shocked by what she sees. on the way i mean i'm lost for words the facade is gone out of this house belonged to my father's twin brother they loved each other very much it's as if after losing them we've now lost our memories of them but the most important thing is to stick together and stay strong. nobody but something is better when you're
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there. and out applies to the rest of the population of salinas indeed all residents of puerto rico there are lines everywhere especially outside banks the power failures mean credit cards normally a popular method of payment cannot currently be accepted cash is now the only option and banks cannot cope with the demand. puerto ricans are u.s. citizens but aid from washington has been slow to arrive. elba finally returns from her shopping expedition which was as she reports chaotic . outside. it's difficult to find food the ques a horrendous plus we went to three banks but none of them had any cash. you need health care we took whatever was available. thank you very much her priority when shopping is items for the immediate future not luxury goods. elbow
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but mostly nonperishable canned food there's practically no fresh produce on sale and the supermarkets refrigerators and freezers have no power. help a managed to buy some diesel fuel to get the generator up and running again. her cousin does what she can to help. coco's it's rained so much today. when you're on the air you're in the bathroom and that's where i hid. my face like all of us all four dogs roam on i'm cooking. we were all here in the bathroom heat and then i was alone with the dogs for over ten hours. and you know. i didn't know whether to sing or pray.
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with my baby and by the time i came out i didn't know what day it was or what the time was. so any of us single ok in the end it took me five days to return to reality you know the way that they are going that route. i couldn't sleep although i try it was just so that i also used it as a wardrobe. this was my shelter from the hurricane so they. chose. the noise started at four thirty in the morning. and the reason why it was really loud what. would you. like to do is scream because i thought the house was going to collapse on me. and run said run take the dogs and then we all came inside here. and i think. he knew what was going to happen so you know yes i thought the entire house was
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going to fall down. eventually i wanted to see what was going on outside. i kind here took a look and and they found a piece of metal smashed against this window. but the clothes didn't break i just stood there it was a whole section of the roof. you know i'm not the one telling the truth yeah. but. that's what you can see down there is clean now it was a total mess at the neighbor's place to you everywhere. that you. have you been a moment. here but i can't do it the only thing you haven't seen it come with me you'll need a drink. but not. me that i get older shellshock cousin around the wooden section of her home her brother ramon had been living in
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what used to be her parents' room. money. money you know. but i get that knowing i was never going to tell you what. take a look know i can go out i have to to understand. it. it's all gone. the shows are still
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up. so it's the picture of the saints above the bed where doc died. yeah my. family scattered her father's ashes into the sea opposite like when she came out of her shelter and saw the roads so i leave i i immediately noticed that the winds were still going strong. i thought oh my god when is it finally going to end this is you know the yellow that you know well that when i turned around and saw the house well what can i say there you gave me i told myself that everything could be replaced there's no more i can do here now i didn't know my baby yet but the earliest. elbel was scared for her life while she was hiding from the storm but she also had time to reflect about how to move on. obama has a dream of having a brand new home here a year from now. that is my
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future i don't know. tomorrow after i have a cup of coffee i'm going to start thinking about where i want to have my new kitchen. and bedroom to get on and then i'll be able to start working on it once the old one has gone. away. and the second. big things have small beginning for people like elba there is only a new beginning. when you can buy us. or can it. german
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