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tv   Doc Film - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon Part 2  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2017 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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german online dating websites turnover two hundred fourteen million year is a year. thirty percent of germans now find their partners on line. dating business our special focus on made in germany starting october twenty fourth on d w. rationalists are on the rise with hard to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking your trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. to share your story join the conversation here on to w. on twitter on the facebook. welcome to quadriga what is it that he said about maybe i can tell you about is this a women's talk w. more women. more talks with. your station to find out what it's like w.
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. this. hour. or you must have been in it for and the. other said i give you poison in my eyes that if i am done. by giving toward animals the stuff i never want to spit think that i think is good i mean. what was my best escape to space momentum of the by his guns a new sun media is against me as a business to buy. the so what is the fun about soy as a folded paper merchant normal people just begin to tolerate in difficult. make the
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most money and. everybody have a dream and you don't need to sell your dreams. no sign. yet. that was what i did was why i'm super. fast no me. i've. got.
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the base of paul of and so we have my baseline supply of life you know let's listen for people by the way that the power of the system. i have on. both because i got from all of them with me i was power one was the fifth and off by me it was common and isn't a mission on the set it's got to face the science of work and obviously we're going to stay in. one pam on and on then fine by me i must be honest going and this is covered ski funny thing about us. you pam and this is all imma be done so taping foremast. it in i'm sure. many will. follow champions league sega best now i want to ask you this is song off somalia as
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of an playing it is. an admission than any make and this minute. as it does. become. a sort of new tool and that's just one young man's obsession over the should be i can come up this. you all or your. oil or one man from hamas. and morons if i have the funds for the o.r. a lot of as you just want to say that i did not know that united. did the identical when joe was dean and the minute tom ain't no money eleven avenue. on the side it's
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. a one model of a. given only eleven of how they could let them have a time. machine with a. one opening shot of course in the end. the whole full blown war and no we didn't win that game because we have one chance we don't need to do if we were in control of the ots law or you ought to or you will know how
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all . this week. has been. one text is from dot com day it was new for us the boots want it to or. it's time. to think if you can i think it's not just united i think it's nice to see. lots of enzymes and i don't want to get the number this time doesn't come out i thought i'd come on the couch come on the stuff this wasn't a book. thing i can read i .
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let you know what since that day and i want the game. i decided not to watch the game. anytime i was the game by how i feel. as a mike i mean if you know i was a young mind if i had madam if meet as she's. new in the know in sixth amendment good or shocked us some insight. from cairo i mean would.
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be up for five months of i foresaw. conceive of and i was in the stars and. the whole in flight because it is a mantra of. noisy fear. isn't phonology sudden of i like it out almost all about i'm happy in life and still a soul get here kind of an. old we're a god was perceived as a. nation it does if you are in the car been in that. thing and the dead are going to steal a. hundred or so under shout. he had them. on one confidence back in my.
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spine not god not deep down it's good to be a does he have it by the way because my family didn't take him. back in power but as you kind of.
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speed. from a funny thanks again from. mine and i'll think about. some of supply and. demand the. chance for. people so they haven't. invested in the american. fencing is not.
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only any one for. the most special. but nice and i'm a shaft minus minus minus because. the wind. yes the speeding in how they have been problem can you get how they have machine phones out this in. the when the incidence. show just. sitting talking is for the speed. so you don't have the system give my dog your sources cited you talking for us and some names.
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teatime can sing the samples like cd. he. thought it was the one i wanted him on my own. song of when i was a kid. even for this movie to she's having. it's a guy was a see it it was a way it's called copy tape oath if you wish me luck then yet if it were john i think the only if back. yesterday was the sixty erstad mark you know how far to go for good shit see you at fifty five to
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a lake and you don't get caught. her own. to you or your car. or to see you use it to preach your thought or see the even this often you have this often for freud i saw you. get through one of them plots. you know. it's this. device for you being on side only but it's meant to last so long see. that's the of us they see it seems via sharp. normally the hardest thing here get on. a fence for media.
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thank you. so god. know why he did endorse it and i don't. want to know. the. past so you i didn't cause. you to go there almost cussed out. what i think of the. concept.
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you know that. this. might get them all. that they need to make. they want to more because any ties now is over the eyes of. the dead then by all. they're seeing with a sort of all come of the many in the me now are. going on. by king ike yeah it's a thought. it doesn't yes see you are going out there and show up there they don't
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know that they're looking over any how did they fit the symbiote all on show me go or convert you know on this one that they're here. washing by this. twenty. i mean i don't i mean. let's see. now they're not jewish study they didn't like it and i got to see when they see me as having a good likeness and i mean no i mean my understanding. from. very important us that yes he's very not to move again.
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that. you wouldn't you know get out and. leave. them ended up in a cave is going to. sit in a mosque in a funny little guessing that makes them a good idea to them or needs and they will tell you a little google. wanted those qualities to be going to you know get out of the mrs penhallow we're going to if you happen to be in the yeah. but don't call them what. it was or not feel. bad i'm just going by you know they don't know about
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. that i can see a lot of them now. a little funny that's about the only that monday i was about it up and i got my for a while and i was on a something. and i was ten and i love what. the families. are going to say about you. i said you do know a lot better than we started out of the news doesn't end this by now but it's the only way to do it kind of can be done there that i'm by and they've been. there siegel coming in and i'm speakin much live on. this and i'm here combing through. the marker. promises. to people
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i'm reminded see if. on point i stand in the middle. as a deaf. i mean his. life has three all possible to pay said he could ask. to be done in time i just have to. stick it. to. the head that i'm ahead i didn't come from them but a father. and it's not been something.
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i'm bored with him by a reporter anyway and wanted to ask right one and they're going to be run and run the show off. nominee in this area but it's a million dollars to buy and they're going to have i'm down i know all of you who would get mad at the girl and if i let them i let the theater next moneta suspiciousness e s n n as i've been the butt of c.s.i. and went into the one hundred seat a woman stopped and oh i get a hoodie i mean you know you had you know the saudi like that a good name could be all of them is why your moment of you. might that in the in the make when you buy and messy and yet the. nicolet and i'm a middle look in the left now or in the gun in the top off my chest yes i'm. not mom's not in the stomach and my last. and i'll be.
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followed oh my gosh i'm on the end of the lucky thing i'm in it but you have nothing. book spoke to fiction sure it's a road trip through the border to the us. the only man. in the limo service to. be going home on his own assad will sing the muslim one zero. bombs does miss someone of the physics that was left in the good sense of the slightly less than one of the bees not so but this left the mob on by a bit just as a moderate amount of three of. the
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but. isn't the load to everybody at the bottom of the country to the bottom of. the beer so i was thinking stimulus funding just below. the tubes even if the best the best still.
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running this fall. was a. little. low. oh i want. to throw out all these biases. that. i think now because you cannot lie. oh yeah i know you feel that it was. she hit him if you get in the. game a little bit you all. there should go straight stiff i studied history i.
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was going to have every day of notes at least. i. i'd see many children but i was most of them i had to do more than two months to kind of exhaust some obviously the most of this is to balance the beginning of the need. to be helpful. so far and i'm concerned i know if i won't go to them once again with god's existence even sponsor that i see a big announcement from it so it also mr. minister good walking out there from with me on a mug with such good muscle enough among some of us what's it to find. you i mean you get these new minds you do them for shopping i.
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yap and obvious funds if you don't buy the discussed the locks and horses we have all been within cause of this of it this one the most when i see the you know. look so i can. hard to mohammed basics when the president himself from then on to so i know you simpleton those were gets hama just i wasn't either as of scepticism is in bad times and i said i was. my. does he need. to hide no. need for a fall for her brother so got me first. i want my i want. i i i i.
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really am and. i am. i know this is god about i mentioned it is. i think if. it. was being used and if you would meet them on as gannett's which wound up by and is would be her illness when you look good as if to buy a. system feed the following. and i'm in the council.
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success is a very polarizing thing you know if you don't have it you're jealous of other people who have it. and it's not that you hate the person or that you hate the team you want what they have you know that's a very human emotion to want what you don't have got about a mile yes yes yes yes you both the client and by own. it i got a lot of wood and gave up and with the committee in the chef you had him and a bit of the not the man but what is your initiative symptom and that's it for today so help me. just as always also i mean conference on a historian help me i'm also confident that when you go by them far. you look she will think what and i know my family come to. my dominican we don't we.
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just have an awful lot i actually do go of the home of my studies and i will admit i'm willing to have. a home i. mean my immediate. has been sentenced to freedom he's in jail for tax evasion there you might get if you don't fund by and you know such i hope i get paid well if you can find a very deep in your family. you know here's somebody who is flawed and who. and i am flawed as well and that's just how it is you know i see somebody like that and i cannot judge somebody like that. up there was born and look at. what was i know but i'm nobody almost summer yourself i was getting.
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and if when we did. does it come she really did side. with dot. in many. months a beautiful one how on the how is it my says just. who died from those days names often on. tuesday from us. her own eagerness to speed up president to skeptical but it governs how present notice courtship is by the card my staff photographs now that i had gathered outside with me i think number one says portentous goodman and i'm thirty three i am currently.
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the superband it was my my the this did you know it's going to. choice you. know now you want. and i only hope that she can look at. my body and face your fear and know my mother out all. that you are and i'm going to get a lot. more that i'm a bit by on my going to be comfortable. couplings
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a good listener about the you have to buy the kid off the if the failure to them doesn't get him to get his way and then tribune hubby isn't here for get on and visit the base they don't have phones looking but no mail hyperbolas in the you know i'm just surprised because if it is all the doing here my user can see it's a bit. long. and i just. need some home.
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law site to take me off my feet gets with that if that is all just a funny one of the things i didn't love like the she was one thought on the way i want to be just she. did it cause i got that sense that the chosen. was a bunch on supposes a ninety six i did long by it him on the to shit got him ball boy she was almost awful so what did you want to say she needed. similar way. i don't want.
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them in our. economy. the. economy. as i think. that ski thing from. the type.
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of a for all of them to. the. the. the. the. the. hundred.
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it. is just. it is the. champions league. and your. family has some political will only commit to spend it on which. you can't the focal much the japanese see what you want to say this is you. can really sense i think it's take some risks you know from the start and i just went through a lot of opportunities to score that and we go. live
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on a bio. and if you look at it this is not what has been known to let. me know. if it made a film was. number seven. being a little i don't know but this will keep going to keep. you going. to the ones too . i am
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and. i have i have. to know that i want you back here but as you took over part of below zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero and had a huge.
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almost. her own. i am. somehow broken you know broken game we're going to go into extra time most pressing thing about this is i'm not going to be able to see you next time not to go back to work you know so before we get on my phone or my apple walks you know you're hoping the fund from going to school to go or take it to him didn't. go over. this way. let's just be in a good music hall sales don't mind using the. was
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. the. jewish deal. with the ordeal. a was the lead. was. there. he said. it was. that.
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this was the. most extreme of my salon he says and so play on him and so it's all kind of this tube of the abuses and submissively island with agendas differences and. through the whole investment of aspects of his to blood and this was fans of the movie because of the. oh my that like as a part of the end of the. key. moment for my boss accounting. if that was not a farce if she. feels i know it's a buy and hold it's
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a mini system and. a whole bunch of the demi. people in new york you see people in brazil using people and you know kind of the australia all part of this phenomena or part of this community they see the same things i think. i see in the club they see a club that bigger than just soccer the money goes to. the money buy on the saddle and a few in the horn but i did take that up and that's the way i'm a father not and it was a journey into it into the unit into. a spin and has given me the last time we don't mind if what i have sitting out of my. make it's feel like i was perfect and that's the stuff was and by a. period of time it's a crime when he should be feisty and. it's keep me i'm in a moment i do some fine woman she can play and.
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you look. a little b.w. . the young. man. isn't taking. time to buy on the science i misunderstood which a nice to think. that i'm a forty year old was studying in the night and i'm the biggest problem but mine is always been a complete team in the good. order which no one knows that. i have seen enough from the police and i look and see if i am.
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there's been a bill that i should receive government job well you have got me on me right now i'm looking for gracious one sort of weirdness of them get on my list and by it i mean the last time by you. my life. i love. with or by a minute but does not do numbers infinity. my name is along that i look back. and a mexican conductor. come with me and meet great musicians and friends from all over the world. a pretty normal guy canadian star pianist.
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unlist jet ski back stage and zurich reveals his dreams and future plans. and fifteen minutes to. the heart's mountains may hear this. or this. or this. by. many voices many colors and many faces. germany's highest opens region the hearts mountains. thirty nine w. w's program guide to the highlights. the holy month. dot com highlights. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to
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date on the latest news and events. and e.w. make snap part of traveling easy that's because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. or have you found a domain sign send us a picture that or have you found a domain sign send us a picture that shows d w in your room you could win a great prize go to d w dot com travel quiz. japanese prime minister shinzo abi and his ruling coalition have won snap elections according to unofficial results abby has vowed to amend the country's pacifist
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constitution which restricts japan's military to sell.


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