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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help regional airline find out what you can do today at regional the lines. this is d.w. news live from berlin calling a snap election pays off big for japan's prime minister reports are coming in
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showing that the shins off his ruling coalition has won a super majority does he now have a mandate to change the country's pacifist constitution that is public to mainz a deeply divided over the issue also coming up. cattle on leaders debate their next steps after spain moves to dismiss the region's government will talk to people on both sides of the divide who want an end to political uncertainty. and some six hundred thousand muslim or hinge or have fled persecution in me and more now in bangladesh but they need food water medicine and shelter will the world given off of today's donor conference in geneva to help them. plus two underperforming teams go head to head in the bunda slagle cologne and braman where both looking for their first win of the season we'll bring you all the highlights. of.
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all. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show. japan's prime minister shinzo has swept to a resoundingly victory after taking a gamble with snap elections his coalition government is set to retain its two thirds super majority in the lower house of parliament now that could pave the way to make changes to the country's pacifist constitution while the latest from tokyo after this report a coronation for every seat one a tradition in japanese politics prime minister shinzo abbe had quite a few carnations to pin thanks to his coalition's big landslide retaining a super majority of two thirds in parliament was one of the conservatives goals they want to reform japan's pacifist constitution which restricts the military to self defense they point to the threat from north korea as proof that the
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constitution is outdated. calling snap elections was a risk but the gamble paid off handsomely when i made the call he was facing low approval ratings after a string of government scandals pushing elections forward was a master stroke of politics his rival eery koori the governor of tokyo was rising in the polls but had little time to prepare. her take on the issues should have appealed to the voters but it clearly wasn't a winning electoral strategy because it isn't about this much japan's opposition didn't have the time or perhaps the inclination to unify the left liberals candidate former chief cabinet secretary yukio edano came in a distant second. prime minister was able to convince voters he was better on security and turnout may have been affected by heavy rains not a good sign for new beginnings and joining us now from tokyo is journalist michael
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pan michael obvious just given a press conference what were some of his main points there. well he is going to you know. talk about that he's going to offer stability and good leadership for the government going forward and essentially he's going to make his case that he that he now has the mandate to continue his leadership for several years into the future ok you know now retains a two thirds majority in parliament does he now have the political mandate to oversee as he's campaigned on changing the country's pacifist constitution and what would be the time frame on that well in terms of his intentions there's no doubt that he will move forward and the time frame. still take a couple more years because he needs to line up support even within his own party
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in his own coalition although i do think we're going to see a lot of movement on it next year in terms of the issue of mandate well that's kind of a little bit more tricky because you know the voter turnout was quite low and really the super majority this thumping victory which he won was done with probably less than twenty five percent of the votes of the total adult population of japan so there's a lot of. structure of the electoral system which kind exaggerates the size of the victory so in many ways mandate is a tricky question and at the end of the day it will be the japanese people themselves who will have a referendum to be able to decide whether or not to go forward to revise and constitution ave will do it but whether the people are behind him or not on that issue remains an open question ok the background to this is of course the rising tensions with north korea could we see any new political moves in that direction during his new administration. well of course we don't know what exactly is going
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to happen in the future but prime minister inclination is very clear he will continue to back the trumpet ministration he's against any kinds of talks he's in favor of economic pressure and sanctions against north korea basically you know abbate in the japanese context is pretty much a serious hard liner and i think that that kind of hard line we don't talk pressure pressure that will be his approach going forward as well i would expect ok and going forward as well what are going to be some of the main political challenges he's going to be facing. where you see interesting thing one of the exit polls showed that fifty one percent of the japanese public doesn't trust so even though his party just won this huge majority he's not so well liked and he's not trusted by the japanese public so he's going to even though he will have the
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parliamentary numbers to ram through a lot of things he has a lot of work to do in terms of regaining the faith of the people and try to you know get acceptance of his policies even though he has the power to push many of them through ok michael penn for us journalists in tokyo thanks very much for that and markets are seeing a real boost from the news from japan more on that coming up in the show first let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour this of the last philippine defense secretary delfina lorenzana has declared an end to the battle against islamist rebels in the southern city of mirali fighters supporting so-called islamic state seized control of the city five months ago sparking the country's biggest security crisis in years burns on us as philippine troops have now defeated the last group of holdouts. the coalition of argentina's president
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resale machree has emerged as the country's strongest political force in the term elections bakri had been expected to lose votes over his government's human rights record but dealt a blow to the opposition especially in the province of buenos aires where former president cristina carrick was defeated by the pro-government count it. two of italy's richest regions and voted in favor of greater autonomy from the central government in rome the non-binding ballots took place in the nato and lumbered the which are home to about a quarter of italy's population a regional leaders are likely to use the votes to demand more powers and catalonia is regional government is due to meet later today to decide its next steps in the push for independence this comes after spanish prime minister marianna roy moved to trigger article one fifty five which could lead to the dismissal of separatist leaders from colonias government all with both madrid and barcelona digging in their heels people on both sides are hoping for
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a political solution to the uncertainty. dancing towards independence while hundreds of thousands of pro independent supporters protested in barcelona over the weekend others took to the city's streets with a different expression of regional solidarity. the traditional sadhana dance was suppressed by the fascist dictatorship of francisco franco who saw our regional culture as a threat to its authority the people of god in government no have the same frame of mind. the franco people who go for their songs and going on sunday as we were in this what the i mean i think i can tell you what you do when you view these years you five years from now you can hear from now you know what we will be but. catalonia as newest battle for independence has pushed spain into uncharted territory modern spain has never reasserted control over any of its regions which
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it may do if the senate triggers article one fifty five of its constitution later this week some catalogs are on edge we can then all do get us out of on that side of this equation is the pain i think that we are now if we are not being together in times now we have to be a lot finding speak we the other fires to be explained by we've got that on fire and we have to rise to. solutions. catalonia is not spain's only region with autonomous aspirations in madrid some worry about a slippery slope you know if we are not all in agreement with the constitution they should sit down and talk and see how it can be amended we're starting to take spain as part of it at the end we'll end up with twenty five different countries and we're going to think oh by uses neither madrid nor barcelona has shown much sign of backing down for now spaniards can do little but wait and in barcelona dance.
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ok if it's very low this let's go to barbara vai's all standing by for us in a barcelona barbara the spanish prime minister a whole he's unveiled a sweeping plan to take control of catalonia hardly in a dancing mood himself what would that plan entails. that plan would entail in fact that the ministries the key ministries in madrid would take over the key ministries here in barcelona so autonomy would be in no way suspended even though that might be on or hard tries to hide this fact and tries to find different phrases to to sort of not show how how really decisive this mood is move is however people here know about this and it would just be to friday still barcelona can sort of do what it wants a politically and then from friday on there will be the administrators from the
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hated central government who take over whether they will meddle in the intimate details or just sort of try to watch over saying that is yet to be seen margaret will certainly favor the latter ok well the cattle on regional parliament even allow that to happen it's due to meet today will it except madrid's demands will it essentially dissolve itself parliament has not yet shown its hand their meeting today only in order to say we will meet maybe on wednesday maybe on sure thursday shortly before the senate will sign off these measures on friday morning in any case and of course there still rumors going around that they will use the occasion to redeclare independence and sort of to go down in flames you know show a rory gas gesture and sort of make their supporters happy but it's not quite clear because the government for the last days has really tried to hedge its bets move
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forward side with spec words and trying to. remain and keep some political wiggle room so we'll still waiting for the next days ok that lack of direction is of course being chalked up to. the catalog president carlos pushed him on what are his options right now why is he so indecisive. he has pretty much run out of options and he can't make up his mind and what he now wants to do does he want to be america or for the great cause of independence or does he want to remain a politician even though he then only could work from the background because he is going to lose his job on friday in any case and that he simply couldn't make up his mind the problem is that put him on is not a politician by profession he came relatively late he was a journalist in his early life he came relatively late to this he is
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a functionary of off the independence movement and that sort of explains his a way to not really figure out the right political steps and the right gestures in order to be effective so it looks as he seems to be doing like a little dion sonos just going around and around in circles and people sort of are really wait now he needs to make up his mind in the next two or three days barbara faisal with the latest for us from barcelona thank you very much bob. this is did every news live from berlin still to come on the show muslim rohingya as flame persecution in me and maher for bangladesh based desperate conditions one hundred million dollars is needed to provide food water shelter can aid organizations raise enough money to meet those needs. but will take a look at all of the goals and drama from the weekend's honestly the actual. launch is here now four more years of shinzo audience of in nomics how's it going
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down the business world it suddenly goes down well on the trading floor brian because his election victory is going so well down with investors japanese stocks hit their highest level since nine hundred ninety six the nikkei climbed daily one percent extending its longest winning streak in nearly seventy years so it seems the markets are celebrating the continuation of no makes three arrows policy of monetary easing fiscal stimulus and structural reform now since the start of japan's nikkei index of loot chip stocks has soared by one hundred and five percent in mid october that was shortly before the snap election the nikkei jumped to twenty thousand eight hundred eighty one points its highest level in twenty years but pumping billions of yen into the system has also boosted japan's sovereign debt and the third and possibly the most important arrow off makes namely structural reforms has not yet been tackled unemployment is down but salaries aren't moving
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much weighing on consumer spending and the international monetary fund warns that japan's growth could slow to north point seven percent next year but earlier i asked analyst of hell maya from agreement on this bank how the japanese economy is fairing. japanese economy is doing pretty well at the moment if you look at the last quarter it was in any allies growth but enough to a percent which is extremely high for japanese standards but there is a big but the question is is it ended jina strength or exit jeana strengths and its rather exiguus strength stemming from the world economy is just stemming from the silk road one bed one boat initiative of china and we see that in the export business we've had an increase over the last three months on the average in and your comparison by fifteen percent and china plays a major role thus the and the genius trends which are in the economy can rely on is
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not as strong as the numbers might implicate and that mistake there are plenty of reasons i don't have the view of the i.m.f. that exactly that probably also has to do with the fact that and that's what a lot of analysts say that he hasn't tackled structural reforms why is it difficult to do that i think it's difficult in japan because it's a very traditional country and if you look at the government party it is very much entrenched in the holes complexity of the system and then. getting structural reforms on its way is very very difficult so at the moment they still like the way that the b.o.j. eases the way out that we run big budget deficits in order to keep the economy on track but this is not a recipe to last and what about sovereign debt i mean why is it important to tackle that. he has to tackle it because a stands shy of the number of two hundred fifty percent of g.d.p.
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and going for it was the demography of japan you need to do something about that and nothing can be really seen here on the horizon of the foreseeable future so we look into the stability of the economy that's what markets do like but we have a lack of structural measures in order to win the future over a longer period of time and just briefly four more years of in power makes what's that mean for the global economy it means that in the first dance on the short term if you have the next twenty four months two years that means stability that's what markets like but it doesn't mean that japan is out of the woods of problems going forward into a long term future right there chief analyst agreement on the spot thank you so much for this ok japanese markets got a real boost from a landslide victory while the yen hit a three month low against the dollar but not everyone shares a japanese investors enthusiasm. it was big news for the big board.
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japan's benchmark stock index has marked up its longest winning streak in its almost seventy year history. helping drive the market rally victoria's prime minister shinzo bay's economic policies is there was hit with us while we make an effort for economic growth and if necessary investments i hope to recover japan's primary balance today. and promises like that are helping drive down the yen against the dollar giving japanese exports a welcome boost car makers like nissan and honda saw their stocks jump around one percent on the news other export dependent corporations like electronics giants panasonic and canon also gained ground. but markets elsewhere in the region shrugged off the news of his victory. the hong kong and shanghai stock exchanges were flat in monday trading. all right brian has more
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now on the plight of the united nations' maka is calling it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of muslims facing persecution and violence and men maher have fled to neighboring bangladesh now a steady stream of refugees crosses the border delhi and bangladesh with all these people arriving is and dire need of help just to cope a un donor conference was kicked off in geneva looking for pledges of financial aid let's take a look now at the scale of this crisis about six hundred thousand have fled to bangladesh from me in mars' racking state since august now more than half of them are children the u.n. says some four hundred million dollars is needed to help provide clean water food shelter for those refugees but so far only about a quarter of that amount has been collected. thousands of people still flee me on
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our every day nearly six hundred thousand rwanda have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not a big home wanders through the refugee camp in cox's bazaar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered by me on mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't there. neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me to bangladesh. is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one
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hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital gong many refugees have been maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. just like. this. and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route injure refugees but very few actually want to return. all thousands of people have gathered in the
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maltese capital of. the murdered investigative journalist. and to call for those behind her death to be brought to justice she died in a car bombing last week that shocked the mediterranean island police it was uncovering a government corruption scandal. this was not a vigil it was an act of collective anger protesters upset over the assassination of journalist daphne khurana galicia called for the resignation of the island nations police commissioner. they threw coins at a banner of lawrence could tell ya chanting shame on you and no change no justice. galicia was an investigative journalist who specialized in corruption cases just before her death she posted a message saying that in multan there were crooks everywhere she died when a bomb planted in her car exploded. at another rally close by the capital letter
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people remembered her passion. i would say she was at the mired and resent it in equal measure there were a lot of people who couldn't stand the way she wrote the gossip element of it especially but in reality she was is one of the ones who really on earth that some of the biggest scandals in recent years. those in the crown say they want a new malta. we're here because we want to show that the next generation and believe in freedom of speech that we will not be silenced and that's we'll always speak out against injustice when we see it disappear freedom of speech as it's being attacked in the country i know. the leaders of not his main political parties were not in attendance and i the rally one said he knew his family did not want him there. and that this logan no change no justice thousands
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have gathered here to demand justice in the ongoing investigations in the case of the murder of panama papers journalist stuff nick ironically thea some say it's the biggest protests that malta has ever seen. but it's a good time now in cologne and better brain then to have had mediocre starts to the season both are winless the occupy the last two spots on the table and they face off on sunday with desperation in the air we'll see what up. clear support for under pressure cologne coach peter. but he suffered a blow before kick off with braman strike a cloudy opie's out zero ruled out after an injury in the wall mope. with john cold about also out he's out or was replaced by reserve strikers seventy that see the frenchman must have an eventful day in the basement battle his first half misses with then for all to see. but nothing came close to what happened after the
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break the twenty one year old somehow failing to hit the target here it will go down as one of the misses of the season. bizarro school dozens of those over the years and his old side braman almost snatched it at the death constantine of i was shocking thomas delaney's head off the line. a goalless draw was of little use to either coach to decide it's groundhog day every day seems like we want sympathy or self-pity is not what we need. but after his raft of misses it certainly felt like groundhog day for hapless. also in the bundesliga sunday freiburg locked horns with berlin both sides of an average start to the campaign home side freiburg went on through this penalty from young to convert the start of the second half. missing from the spot after seventy seven
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minutes but yet another chats just four minutes later made no mistake there were no finish a lucky point for the blues frustrating one. as reminder now of our top story this hour japanese media reporting a landslide victory for prime minister shinzo aves conservatives in snap elections the win could see him move to reform the country's pacifist constitution which prohibits the use of force to settle international disputes. and cattle on leaders are due to meet today to discuss their next steps in the push for independence of this comes after spanish prime minister move to trigger article one fifty five which would allow him to dismiss separatist leaders from catalonia regional government. oh don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google player from the apple store and that gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any
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breaking news with the sack you can also use it to send us photos and videos that's all we have time for i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. this man is a card carrying son and stepson until. he came to russia from germany as an
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intent today he's one of the country's most powerful agri business and. he's championed independence from european food imports and been rewarded with russian citizenship to sing the song and stefan dear and his russian empire next. to. the top stories followed across social media to share your comments and content welcome to. news. for chrysler you know where they start to divide the country to deal with where they start to divide the language. blood will flow for cool. ninety nine the soviet union is breaking up toward the night of that night but everyone knew the decision would seal everyone's face or get us there and get my side of.
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the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically would love something that was an incredibly difficult task for you not me is it that you get it right this democracy was a license for the elections were a fraud privatization was robbery kooris instead of cultivating it's culture it's roots in language it's brought forth the recalls of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on t.w. . two events made. famous.


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