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the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and to covent garden just what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution the people of. nineteen seventeen a real october started tobar twenty fifth t.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin bangladesh and the u.n. according forehead six hundred thousand muslim rohingya have fled persecution in me and ma in to bung of these they desperately need food medicine and shelter will the
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world would keep enough at a donor conference in geneva today also coming up japan's prime minister pledges to get tough with north korea after a landslide election victory he's expected to reform the country's because the fist constitution japan's military take on a more muscular road in the region. and catalan leader a signal defines to spain they've poured upon a mentee session for thursday with the possible vote on declaring independence this off to spain was to take direct control of the region's government. hello and welcome i'm a touchy. we begin with what the united nations is scored a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands approaching
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a muslim facing both violence in myanmar have fled into neighboring bangladesh a steady stream of refugees has been crossing the border daily and bombed out there is in dire need of help to cope or un doing a conference is kicked off in geneva looking for pledges of financially it's a good look at the scale of this crisis now nearly six hundred thousand have fled to bangladesh from me and mas but a kind state since august more than half of them are children the u.n. says more than four hundred million u.s. dollars is needed to help provide clean water food and shelter for the refugees but so far only a quarter of that amount has been collected i talked to the director of human rights germany in just a moment but fullest this report. thousands of people still flee me on our every day nearly six hundred thousand have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all
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of them have experienced great suffering. not being home wanders through the refugee camp and caucuses bizarre clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered by me and mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't their neighbors had hidden and then they brought me to bangladesh. a lot of their lives. janet is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open. more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and
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the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital. many refugees have been maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. like. this. and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route into refugees but very few actually want to return. and you talk about the doing a crisis i have with me and then said he's a director of human rights watch here in germany welcome mr macaskill the situation
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as we saw for there he is dying let me first begin with this donor conference which is taking place in geneva how hopeful are you that they'll be enough funding given for the displaced. well we have seen many pleasures the number of the amount of money that should be raised is very high but the experience say so far only a few dollars really being donated compared to what is needed but for now the most important question is how does the aid that's already there get to the people who need it because we have seen how these people are crammed their tramp on this very tight strip of land thousands of them and it's very difficult to get any food or medical help there not the u.n. has described what they are doing or are going through in a me and as a campaign of ethnic cleansing is that how you see it as well yes we see it as well because we have for many years already reported. departs.
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against the rohingya who are not recognized as a people or as burma citizens in burma and now what we've seen in the last two months is proper ethnic cleansing the people are driven out in mass and others mainly men are being killed women are being raped but me in my government insists it's not getting out any human rights violations it says it's dealing with a terrorist threat the some elements within the rohingya community who have good regular radicalize in the past years sure there are some elements there where some attacks but it's you know. it comes without saying if you are bullying persecuting killing a minority for many many years then there is all. with some retaliation but it is not a terrorist threat as much as the burmese government claims are saw rebels
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all groups have set that they will have a cease fire unilateral cease fire and they don't have connections for example to isis or al-qaeda so it's very small group now you said the burmese do not recognize the citizens of their country but the rega have been living in me and my for generations it's just absolutely gobsmacked that they're still denied any citizenship and when we talk now about the possible return resettlement of these people of the rohingya back to their country the question is to where because the villages and the land where there were for generations has been taking away already the crop has been sold and they would probably have to expect a life in prison so as you mentioned more than six hundred thousand rohingya refugees have fled to bangladesh can the country cope with the scale of new
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arrivals or never bangladesh is one of the most poorest countries in the world they have problems for themselves when their flights we are donating constantly money to bangladesh so to help six hundred thousand people came with and two months. on their own it's not possible so they need international help they need international although there is great empathy in bangladesh for the refugees do you see a negotiated settlement emerging out of this crisis at some point. i'm quite pessimistic but you know there's a long way to go and on the same time there is no time anymore no time to lose so there has to be a political settlement and only works if the international community if the other countries are putting real pressure on the military in burma to change what's going on right now fundamentally change benson mikulski the director of human rights watch here in germany thank you very much for talking to us less article
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look at some other stories making news around the world philippine defense secretary delfin lorenzana has declared an end to the battle against extremists in the southern city of mazar e fighters supporting the so-called islamic state seize control of the city five months ago sparking a security crisis in the mainly catholic country there in santa says philippine troops have now defeated the last group of extremists. of fifty four german man has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a police officer he is allegedly a member of the berger extremist group which rejects the legitimacy of the german state he opened fire on police last year when they raided his home in order to confiscate dozens of hunting weapons two of italy's richest regions have voted in favor of greater autonomy from the central government in rome the
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non-binding ballots took place in the nato and long body which are home to about a quarter of italy's population in regional leaders are likely to use the votes to demand more powers. turning now to japan where prime minister shinzo army has scored a resoundingly big tree after taking a gamble with snap elections his coalition government is set to retain its two thirds super majority in parliament that would give him a free hand to push through reforms and time to persuade reluctant public to change japan's pacific constitution. carnation for every seat one a tradition in japanese politics prime minister shinzo has many carnations to pin for the resoundingly victory of his ruling coalition he pledged to tackle what he called japan's two national crises the military threat from north korea and japan's aging population. i believe their selection was about firstly the north korean
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threat you can even say the north korean threat is the biggest threat ever it was also about the declining birthrate if we don't do something now it will be too late this is a national crisis that cannot wait but how. does all of the lower house less than a month ago forcing a snap election he's moved looks like it's paying off his ruling coalition has easily retained its two thirds majority in japan's lower house this majority is important it means that the has the two thirds of votes needed to amend japan's constitution that piece clause in the constitution bans japan from having a military japan has so-called self-defense troops who are unable to fight something out there wants to change in his third term. in face of the tension over north korea i aim to discuss whether the presence of the self-defense forces troops who are working hard twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days
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a year is constitutional or not. once passed by parliament however constitutional changes would have to go into a referendum which could prove difficult as a leader is deeply unpopular and his victory is being seen as a reflection of a lack of alternatives rather than support for his push to change the constitution . joining me now from tokyo is journalist unlike append michael as we heard obvious is this election was about the military threat from north korea with this resoundingly victory water is likely more is going to be. the obvious particular diplomatic approach to north korea is pretty well set and essentially what he was saying is i want you to endorse what i've already been doing so he hasn't been promising to be doing anything differently he's business saying that we'll be moving on as we have and what that has been is been to refuse talks and to rely on economic sanctions in order to eventually bring some sort of
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change of behavior to the to the north korean regime and also he's endorsed donald trump's idea that all options are on the table in dealing with north korea which is something that some of the opposition parties have criticized he's also expected to go ahead and change the country's specific constitution which would be a hugely controversial move but now that he has this to this majority can he just go ahead and do it well in fact he's had the two thirds majority since two thousand and fourteen so what he has done is he's maintained it which allows him to to still have that option he has been moving slowly on it it's clearly been his main goal for a long time but he's tried to take things step by step and now that you know his own time is clearly and there's you know less time ahead of him and there is behind him i think we're going to see him move more authoritatively in that direction so yes he will be doing it and even if it's at his own political expense i think it's
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something he strongly believes in so we should look for it to happen so when this happens and michael how do more aggressive japan be perceived in the region and how would this constitute change affect our relations with countries like china. right well within the region of asia i guess you could say there are some who will welcome more militarized and possibly aggressive japan and others who will be against it so for example countries like the philippines and some of the other southeast asian countries don't seem to be greatly alarmed or and would actually welcome probably a more muscular japan and of course the united states has been pushing for it for decades. but in korea not only just north korea south korea as well and in china there's quite a bit. trepidation about what japan might do if its military
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becomes a little bit less on the leash they have still very fresh and often and memories which they which they keep alive about world war two and the pre world war two era so clearly there's japan you know still has a reputation from the old days which they haven't entirely lived down michael pan in tokyo thank you very much thank you and money cannot joins me from a with business use and what does the business was a make of another four years of shinzo abbey investors. they really do since the obvious election victories and japanese stocks to the highest level since one thousand nine hundred ninety six the nikkei climbed nearly one percent extending its longest winning streak in nearly seventy years while the japanese yen hit a three month low against the u.s. dollar which is good for japan's export oriented economy and in
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a moment we'll go to frankfurt for an update on trading here in europe but first a look to asia. it was big news for the big board. japan's benchmark stock index has marked up its longest winning streak in its almost seventy year history. helping drive the market rally victoria's prime minister shinzo rbs economic policies. well we make an effort for economic growth and make necessary investments i hope to recover japan's primary balance. and promises like that are helping drive down the yen against the dollar giving japanese exports a welcome boost car makers like nissan and honda saw their stocks jump around one percent on the news other export dependent corporations like electronics giants panasonic and canon also gained ground. but markets elsewhere in the region shrugged off the news of his victory. the hong kong and shanghai stock
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exchanges were flat in monday trading. well let's find out how the markets are doing here in europe over now to our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange doesn't go cold hi danielle how's frank with handling since his election victory. well they're taking a very positive monica and this view is that we're seeing this morning with us twenty one a record high at the tokyo stock exchange also is reflecting on the trading day here today and frankfurt the blue chip index stocks already went up over the psychology mark of thirteen thousand point investors a lot of the politics off the prime minister off tokyo they even calling it the have been no makes affects the makes if they now are looking for a different kind of effect the rest of the week here in europe i mean we're looking at a very busy week ahead actually the european central bank is going to meet this week
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and of course we can look forward to tons of earnings reports what exactly is the market focusing on. yes three topics everybody here on the trading floor is mostly focusing on the one hand the catalonia crisis you can really feel that investors here do have some fears that the situation could and into not peaceful situation that's why they are not really doing big investment at the moment then the e.c.b. meeting at taking place on thursday investors will be watching very closely what mario draghi is going to say about the monetary policy analysts are telling me that they're expecting that he might reduce the bond purchasing program from right now sixty billion euros a month through thirty billion euros a month not really changing the zero percent interest rate policy of zero on the other hand big earning reports such as b s f a daughter birds and also volkswagen coming in this week that could give the blue chip index tax here and frankfurt
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another post all right daniel cope in frankfurt thank you so much for this if you labor and social affairs minister meeting today to discuss the so-called posted workers directive posted worker is an employee who is sent by his employer to carry out this in another state on a temporary basis but the directive has come under fire critics say it promotes wage dumping. equal pay for the same work in the same country the ruling pertains to all employees in the european union being sent from one country to another for example if a construction worker from warsaw is sent by his polish company to germany he has the right to earn at least german minimum wage in the future he'll receive the same money as his german colleagues including the usual benefits and that's according to the european commission legal initiative the previous so-called poster workers act
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was from the year one nine hundred ninety six when the e.u. only had fifteen member states there was a pay gap of one to three the law was meant to bring payment parity then eastern european countries became member states now the e.u. is much larger the pay gap to its now at one to ten that means workers in luxemburg earn ten times more than those in bulgaria no wonder the posting of workers is increasing in twenty ten it was already one point three million people twenty fourteen already one point nine million an increase of almost forty five percent germany france and belgium other countries which have the most foreign workers from other e.u. countries most of them come from eastern europe most workers that came to germany in twenty fourteen were from poland at thirty six point five percent slovenia at twelve point one percent and hungary at eight point nine percent one in three works
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in construction one in five in industry and one in ten in the health care or senior care branch their working conditions should now improve. evelyn's bankruptcy has left more than just a few passengers stranded but it's not just the airlines customers that aren't going anywhere one of its planes isn't it has been impounded add to keflavik which is iceland's last airport the airport authority there claims the beleaguered airline has failed to pay its. bill so after declaring bankruptcy evelyn says it's paid its most recent top but claims it's protected from all the bill since it entered bankruptcy protection meanwhile the aircraft remains grounded on iceland until further notice. all right we're already heard that the crisis in catalonia as markets are nerve but it's not the end of the story just yet amrita it isn't one again fact the showdown has been postponed for another few days the
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catalan parliament is set to hold a session on thursday in response to spain's proposal to temporarily impose direct rule on the region if the country's senate approves the move later this week catalan leader carlists regime or will have to leave office the spanish central government says it may choose a single representative to replace him meanwhile a senior government official has said barcelona will not afford orders from madrid if it moves to reassert control over the region now for more on the story our correspondent barbara visit joins me now from barcelona she's keeping track of that story barbara cartland regional government is meeting on thursday to disperse discuss its response to madrid what options do catalan leaders have apparently they could even declare independence at this meeting. that is true and particularly parliament is called for a plenary session on thursday and there are really only two options left at this
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point in time on the table one is back down and the others go ahead go down in flames three declare independence and then take the consequences that madrid is going to mete out which we know already at this point is going to be that will the central government depots the whole government here the autonomous semi autonomous government in council lonia so those are the two things and what we see here in barcelona at the moment is sort of if light behind closed doors between the two wings of the independence movement there is one wing of the people who say let's be careful let's step back a bit wait to play for a time see how this plays out and the other of course very strong the hardliners say let's go ahead let's do it now the time is never going to get better so we'll see on thursday which way the dice fall and there are reports at least one gutted one party wants to mount
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a legal challenge against the spanish government which will that challenge have a chance at all. it doesn't really because which court if they want to try to go to the european court of justice they will just take one look at the spanish constitution that explicitly allows this cory's that madrid is now searing and will say what are you going from us i mean this is not a question for us if they're trying their luck in the spanish courts they have already said several times that particularly the referendum on october first was illegal at the cuttle and government was in breach of the constitution they are threatened by a charge of sedition that means could mean thirty years in jail if things are really being played hard from madrid is so it's not really to be seen where they could find legal redress at this moment none of this standoff has been going on for a while has madrid's decision to create an article one fifty five hardened
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positions on both sides of course it has hardened positions sure we see the two sides now being you know digging their trenches ever deeper and sort of really sort of digging their heels in and saying we're not going to budge from there however on the other side you have to consider what could madrid do after this ill fated referendum attempt on october first madrid really was in a bind they finally had to react they have for about two years now watch this catalan government create this sort of power out parra state structure like in whole infrastructure was diplomatic representations of foreign minister and all that pretending to be a state already they have watched this they have a sort of let them spend public money for pro independence propaganda and now they finally just have to put the stick in and stop all this otherwise catalonia will
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really go away and leave the spanish state and madrid absolutely opposes that bobber of israel in buffalo now thank you very much. moving on to some sport nine i'm a city's driver lewis hamilton went into sunday's us grand prix with a chance to see the championship but he faced a stern challenge from his skills as driver sebastian fettle on the often track. a fourth world title was just fifty six laps away for lewis hamilton if only he could manage to hold on to pope position. but ferrari driver sebastien fattal who would also have to finish outside the top five for hamilton to lift the title took the lead on the first corner. but it was short lived for the german driver hamilton managed to regain the top spot on lap six. the mercedes driver who is battling for his fifth win in six years at aston never looked back he held
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a clear speed advantage before winning the race ahead of fettle hamilton who was awarded the us grand prix by former president bill clinton will have to wait until this weekend in mexico to try and win this year's championship. and finally a french t.v. crew captured the moment present money was rudely interrupted during a ministerial meeting by his dog the patters name is name o. sauntered into the room and you're an aged into a fireplace instead of hunting the pump junior ministers and mccraw laughed off the incident it's not known if the president's office is looking for a new dog trainer. here's a story that they're following for you the u.n. has made an appeal to don't miss the more than four hundred million dollars in aid for. that money would fund relief efforts and in february more than six hundred thousand looking a have fled violence in myanmar for neighboring bob in addition since nato oldest.
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of money is three and a half an hour look over to see a bank of i. want to elephants. does a plastic model turn into a paving stone why do algae make clean your. good idea can work
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