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human power is the end of the day the industry says of course they go where they get their problems solved and that's possible here homesite i don't even see us so even china before french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i love it was my city and. this is the wus line from berlin in bangor vision and the un a calling for help six hundred thousand muslims will he go have fled to persecution and me and mom in two bombing of the they desperately need food medicine and
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shelter with a low give enough as a donor conference in geneva today also coming up japan's prime minister pledges to get tough with north korea after a landslide election victory he's expected to push for a constitutional reforms that would allow the military to flex its muscle beyond japanese borders and cut a long lead a signal defines to spain they've poured upon him entry session for the past day with a possible vote on declaring independence this off to spain moves to take direct control of the region's government. hello and welcome i'm under thought she might. the united nations has scored it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands. muslims facing persecution and violence moving out of me and ma now
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a steady stream of refugees cross the border every day and bombed out there is in dire need of help to cope with the situation a un donor conference is kicked off in geneva looking for pledges of financial aid that's a good look at the scale of this crisis nearly six hundred thousand rohingya have fled from me and mother of a kind state since all this was that half of them are children and. more on the refugees what the refugees are facing. thousands of people still flee me on our every day nearly six hundred thousand rwanda have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not big wanders through the refugee camp and caucuses bizarre clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered
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by me on mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't there neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me back to bangladesh. a lot of their lives. john not as now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open. more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital gong many refugees have been maimed by land
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mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. we want for them just like. medical support and most of. that. base at the myanmar these type of. me and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation row him to refugees but very few actually want to return. tony not to japan reply musicians are called are designed in victory after taking a gamble with snap elections his coalition government is said to retain its two thirds super majority in parliament that would give him a free hand to push through reforms and trying to persuade reluctant public to remove constitutional restrictions on japan's military. fresh from
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a nice time steve election victory japan's prime minister shinzo pledges to tackle what he's called the country's two main problems so it's an aging society a tense situation with north korea these are some of the national issues we face and i will do my utmost to lead this country as its prime minister out just. might have us. putting up a rose that for every state one conservative has many to paint he's ruling coalition retained its two thirds majority in the lower house. these two thirds majority is important he gives are the numbers needed to revise japan's pacifist constitution which restricts the military to self-defense but abas do need to convince the japanese who have to pass any constitutional changes in a referendum. after the constitutional commission has come up with a concrete plan will need to explain the amendments to the public i don't see my
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party's win as reflecting public opinion about changing the constitution it. was. called a snap election less than a month ago pushing elections forward was a masterstroke of politics. his rival. the governor of tokyo was rising in the polls but had little time to prepare the party only won a few dozen states. as a leader but is deeply unpopular the anxiety about north korea and the weakness of the opposition has now played in his favor. listen to look at some other stories making news around the world philippine defense secretary delfina lorenzana has declared an end to the battle against extremists in the southern city of marjah we fight are supporting the so-called islamic state seize control of the city five months ago sparking a security crisis in the mainly catholic country you're in zone a says philippine
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troops have not defeated the last group of militants. a coalition of argentina's president moderates your markley has emerged as the country's strongest political force in mid-term elections mark really had been expected to lose votes over his government's human rights record but he dealt a blow to the opposition especially in the province of bonus itis where former president cristina was defeated by the pro-government candidate. here in germany a fifty year old man has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a police officer wolfgang p. is allegedly a member of the extremist group which rejects illegitimacy of the german state huband fire on police last year when the raided his home in order to confiscate dozens of hunting weapons local authorities has said he was no longer fit to handle them. there's not cross over to our political correspondent thomas sparrow
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journalist a can you tell us more about this movement well this case that we're talking about now i'm ready to shed light on this movement that for some time had been mostly known to insiders to authorities here in germany they are loosely organized rather fragmented but they do share the belief that there's a conspiracy theory they believe in the conspiracy theory that says that the federal republic of germany are such does not legally exist because germany did not sign a peace treaty with the allies after world war two and are such they don't recognize the state apparatus and many of the state institutions if we talk about numbers there they also are very there but authorities have said that there are around fifteen thousand people attached in some way or another to this movement they've identified nine hundred of them as right wing extremists and they say that about a thousand of them can legally process arms so how did you receive is this your
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group for germany. well members of the opposition i've criticized the underestimated the problem of the spurs are your thought is here say that there is a potential for danger in particular because they don't recognize the states more not poly on the legitimacy use of force so there is concern they are being surveyed by authorities and there is a potential for danger that something at authorities here are trying to consider and they've also increased police raids to try and prevent anything from happening and as part of those raids they have found firearms for example so it is certainly a movement that authorities are keeping an eye on thomas of our our political correspondent thank you very much the catalan parliament is set to hold a session on thursday in response to spain's proposal to temporarily impose direct
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rule on the region if the country's senate approves the move later this week catalan leader child's future more will have to leave office the spanish central government says it may choose a single representative to replace him meanwhile a senior catalan fissions said barcelona will not follow orders from madrid if it moves to reassert control over the region now for more on this story our correspondent barbara visit joins me now from barcelona she is keeping track of that story barbara cartland visual government is meeting on thursday to discuss discuss this response to madrid what options do catalan leaders have apparently they could even declare independence at this meeting. that is true and particularly parliament is called for a plenary session on thursday and there are really only two options left at this point in time on the table one is back down and the others go ahead go down in
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flames three declare independence and then take the consequences that madrid is going to meet out which we know already at this point is going to be that will the central government depots the whole government here the autonomous semi autonomous government in counter lonia so those are the two things and what we see here in barcelona at the moment is sort of if i'd behind closed doors between the two wings of the independence movement there is one wing of the people who say let's be careful let's step back a bit wait to play for a time see how this plays out and the other of course very strong the hardliners say let's go ahead let's do it now the time is never going to get better so we'll see on thursday which way the dice fall and there are reports at least one gutted one party wants to mount a legal challenge against the spanish government which will that challenge have a chance at all. it doesn't really because which
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court if they want to try to go to the european court of justice they will just take one look at the spanish constitution that explicitly allows this cory's that madrid is now searing and will say what are you going from us i mean this is not a question for us if they're trying their luck in the spanish courts they have already said several times that particularly the referendum on october first was illegal at the cuttle and government was in breach of the constitution they are threatened by a charge of sedition that means could mean thirty years in jail if things are really being played hard from madrid is so it's not really to be seen where they could find legal redress at this moment never this standoff has been going on for a while half madrid's decision to create an article one fifty five hardened positions on both sides of course it has hardened
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positions sure we see the two sides now being you know digging their trenches ever deeper and sort of really sort of digging their heels in and saying we're not going to budge from now however on the other side you have to consider what could madrid do after this ill fated referendum attempt on october first madrid really was in a bind they finally had to react they have for about two years now watch this catalan government create this sort of power out parra state structure like in whole infrastructure was diplomatic representations of foreign minister and all that pretending to be a state already they have watched this they have a sort of let them spend public money for pro independence propaganda and now they finally just have to put the stick in and stop all this otherwise catalonia will really go away and leave the spanish state and madrid absolutely opposes that
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bobber of israel in buffalo now think you very much. moving on to some sport on the city's driver lewis hamilton went into sunday's us grand prix with a chance to seal the championship but he faced a stern challenge from closest rival sebastian fettle on the boston track. a fourth world title was just fifty six laps away for lewis hamilton if only he could manage to hold on to pope position. but ferrari driver sebastien fattal who would also have to finish outside the top five for hamilton to lift the title took the lead on the first corner. but it was short lived for the german driver hamilton managed to regain the top spot on lap six. the mercedes driver who is battling for his fifth win in six years at aston never looked back he held a clear speed advantage before winning the race ahead of fettle hamilton who was awarded the us grand prix by former president bill clinton will have to wait until
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this weekend in mexico to try and win this year's championship. and finally for me a french t.v. crew captured the moment present money and mccraw was rudely interrupted during a ministerial meeting by his dog the pair to his name is the most sorted into the room and shall we say he relieved himself into a fireplace instead of hounding the proper junior ministers in macross somewhat embarrassed laugh the incident off it's not known if the president's office is now looking for a new dog trainer that's it for me but monica jones is coming up a tell you what business is after a short break for the state of that. progress study where they start to divide the country to meet zealand where they.


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