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tv   Doc Film - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon Part 2  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2017 5:15pm-6:06pm CEST

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since late august because of violence in the home country here. if you get you can always get ready to leave he's only got just time and time from google play from the op will still give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. i sent you up to date i'll have more few of the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site that's if you don't have to get out the app the website is d. w. dot com one of the day. it's reformation day on d w. i have programs while the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremonies egypt back
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will be documentaries for magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion reformation day october thirty first g w. one and must have been the need for and. underneath it i give you poison in my eyes the if i am done. that's a by a given tartan in my eyes the stuff i never wish to think that i need this if i knew. what was in the best as it has been morning then of the by his guns a me the sun me on is against me as a business to buy. i guess i be because i was the so what is the fun about soy as
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a folded able movie woman kiki is going to town and if you can still be the most money. everybody have a dream and you don't need to step up your dreams. yeah some. of the time as a boy i did like this mom soon. enough me.
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yeah. but this is paul of it so we have the best minds like life you know let's listen to be filled by the way that the power of assess. my own. wealth because i got from all of them recently i was power was the fifth and op i mean it was common and is and i'm sure often said that if they still sensible can all be witnessed in. pam on and on then fine by me and you know i must be honest going and this is covered ski lifts i'm thinking of us. he pam on and this is a song ima be the answer from asked. i'm sure.
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many more. champions league sega best now want to ask you this is song of somalia as of and that's the thing it is. and it mentions when any make and this minute. as it does. become. a sort of new tune that's just on young bands if sister of this should be i can come up this. you all or your. oil or more. and more nancy if i have the funds for the o.r. . of a position. to say that i did not know that united. need the identify
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when joe was deemed. a minute tommy and the money i never never never. got the award. given only eleven of how they could never move as china. was here with. one opening shot of course in the end. the whole full blown war and no we win that game because we have one chance since we don't need to do if we were in control of the off law or you ought to all you if
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you will. ya all . is the. first. one text is from dot com day it was new folks who own who flew on. it's time. to think you can i think it's just you and i think it is nice to see. lots of enzymes and i don't want to give the number of his time as a guy i thought i'd come on he felt come on the stuff the so was and spoke.
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think i can i. let you know what since that day and i want to get. i decided not to watch the game . any time i watch the game my heart feels. as i'm a kind if you know i was a young mind if i had madam if made as she's. new in the know in sixth album and
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threw it on shock to some insight. from crimea north side. be up for five months off and i feel sore. conceive of an i was in the stars and. the whole in flight because it is a mantra of. noisy fear he says and the new i see now isn't phonology sudden of i like it out almost all about i'm happy in life and still a soul get here kind of from. the old we're a god was perceived as a. nation it does if you are in the car been in that movie and. not seeing any bad they're going to steal a. hundred or so and get shot. he had them. on non-confidence beck and.
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spike not because he cannot keep up it's good to be a does. he have it by the way it didn't take him. back in power but as you know kind of.
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june. i have learned. from a funny thanks again from. mine and i think about. some of supply and. demand the. chance for. people so they have.
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invested in the american. incensing is not. only any one for. the most special. shaft minus minus minus because. the wind. yes the speeding and they have been problem to get help they have. phones out this in. the to wreak. incident. if you. show just. sitting talking is for the speed. so you don't have the system give my dog your source try to student obvious trusts
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and then finale. done today. teatime can sing the samples like c.d.'s. he. was the one i want to have done my own song and i'm not cool. even for this i'm afraid of she's. it's a guy was a see it it was a way it's called copy tape work ok if you wish me luck then yet if it were. only the old. if back. yesterday was the sixty aston martin you know how far to go for good shit see you
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at fifty five. the if you know they can talk. to you or your car. or to see you if you see traffic see your thought or see the even this often you have this. get through one of them flats. you know. it's this. device for you being on side only but it's meant to last so long on one sea. of us they see it seem here sharp.
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normally the hardest thing here get on. a fence for media. thank you. so god only thing i know what he did endorse it and i don't. need. to take. passed so you i didn't cause. you to go there.
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when you. know you're not taking. this. putting. i get them all. i need to made me. they want all of them more because i need ties now as overdyes of. the day then by all but their team with a saudi all come with a mini me no. going on.
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it doesn't yes see you are going out there and show up there they don't know that they're looking over any how did they stare the symbiote off on me or. on the phone that they hear got the russian by this. so. twenty. i mean i don't mean. let's see. now they're not jewish study they didn't like it and i got to going to see him was even a good likeness and i mean no i mean money was going. for a. very important
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us that yes he's very not doing this again. that. would mean sure they would get out of. them ended up in a cave it's going to. sit in a mosque if he needed. to do that and more needs and they will google. one of those qualities to go to the and i get to feel mrs penhallow we're going to if
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you happen to be in the yeah. it was are not. bad on this i'm going by you know. they don't know about. that i can still go out of them now. that's about the only that monday i was without it up. for a while and i was going to something. and i was down and i lowered. it has been you know the family's. going to do. you do know a. lot of police doesn't this by now but it's all you gotta do it kind of can't be done there that i'm by and they've been through both of us and you know say there's been no coming in and i'm speakin mental it. isn't done you're coming through
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you're one. marko. responded to. one of to. my mind deceived. on the stand in the middle. as a deaf. i mentioned about. like has three almost made up a seven you can ask. to be done in time knights just have to. stay the. course.
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that had that i might have got to meet someone from them but a father. in the budget not being something. i'm bored with to buy a book one anyway and one in the ass right one and they're going to be running the show off. how many in this area but it's a million years to buy and they're going to find down the look of horror in my mind the girl in the if i look to my left the theater next my medicine specialist and c s n n as i've been the butt of c.s.i. and wind into one hundred seats a woman stopped and oh i get a hoodie i mean oh yeah you know the saudi like that a good name could see all of them is where your moment of of the of. might that in the in the make when you buy on the messy and yet the should be c.s.u. napoleon i'm a middle of the left and the all know how in the got in the couple of months best
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yes and. mom stuff in the stomach in me in my office. and i'll be. followed oh my gosh i'm on the end of the leg been coming in plenty of movies. she took a picture to go through. to the. do . not. want to. think about it it wasn't until i. saw one of them in the presence. of good says mr that the piece. just.
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feel. cool. oh thank you for everybody if you're. going to be federal. law. and i. wanted.
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to feel bad if you happen to be in the yeah. it was. bad. a little funny that's about the only that monday i was without a doubt. for a while and i gobbled a lot of labels on to something. that has been you know the families. are going to do. you do know a. lot of that is that and it's by now but they were kind of happy down there that i'm by and the principle of the. cereal coming in and i'm speaking in middle it
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on. your common few young one. america. spanish is. one of to. i'm reminded sift. as a deaf. i mention the. lighthouse three almost made up a seventy. seven feet down time nights just have to. stay. nice to see.
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it happen i'm afraid i didn't stumble upon them but of other issues in the budget not being something. i'm bored with to buy on week one and one and one in the ass right one and they're going to be running one show off. nominee in the air and that is the million dollars to buy and instead i'm down i know all of you who would get my head out there girl and if i looked and i left the theater next my medicine specialist and c s n n as i've been the butt of c s i and went into the one hundred seat a woman stopped and oh i get a hoodie i mean you know you hate it you know what that account name could be all of them is why your moment of you. might that in the in the make when you buy on the messy and yet the should be c.s.u. nicolette amid a live look from the left and the all know how in the gun in the couple of this
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mess yes i'm. a mom stuck in a stump in the in my office. and i'm being. followed oh my gosh i'm on the end of the leg been coming in plenty of movies. so folks should think should sure it's a road trip through the border to the us. the only. number you will know most of the homeland. going home one is you a son will think it was but it wasn't until. bombs does miss someone of the foot so that was left of them says
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a slightly less than one of the business of the business the mob on i'll buy a bit of this that's a moderate amount of the three of. the but . you. know money isn't the goal here everybody at the bottom of the country got the benefit of the. spot the balance on it was making a statement and it was failing to the below. the bold obscene. the best
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the best. money was full of the futurist this was a way to get a. little bit. low in the face. oh i want. to throw out all these but. that. man i doubt i'll see him alive. i think yeah i know what you feel when it was . him if you get him out of our family.
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there should go straight stiff i studied history i. was going to have every day i don't say at least i. i'd see many children but i was most of them i had to do more than to be kind and so some obviously the most of this is to balance the beginning of the name. in hell. so finding can see i know if i won't go to the minds of the gods existence even spawns it i'm going to be the nice gentleman from it so he also mr. minister the walking dogs have to find it's with me on a mug with such good muscle enough among some of us what's it to find.
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you i knew you'd listen to my mind so you didn't push on me not. you i pulled up as far as if you don't by the disgust of oxen cause a speed of all within cause and is of it this one the most when i see tell you no respond look so i i can. it might have been a six when the president said from then on to so i know you simpleton those were gets hama just i was in it i want. you to listen bad times and i said i was. my. does he need. the kind of on. our part right no wonder how much. of a fall for her brother so got me first. i
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want my own. i. i i i i. truly. i am. i know this is god. see i think if. it. was being used and if you would meet them on as gannett's which wound up by and is would be her illness one only has if to buy a. system foetus going. to ban i'm in the hands of.
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success is a very polarizing thing you know if you don't have it you're jealous of other people who have it. and it's not that you hate the person or that you hate the team you want what they have you know that's a very human emotion to want what you don't have got about a mile yes yes yes yes even though the client did biome. it got a lot of wood and gave up and with the comedian in the chef you had him and a bit of a look at the not the man because she's humanistic the symptom and that's it for today so help me. just as always also coming home from so on i suppose so he won't see me i'm also confident that when you go by them far. you look she will think
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what and i know my family coming to me. news on all my dominican we're doing. just an awful lot he might actually go have a home of my just a bit and i will admit i'm willing to. go from him i. mean. he's been sentenced to three and he's in jail for tax evasion there you might get if you didn't fund by and you know sometimes i get paid well if you can find a very good family. you know here's somebody who is flawed and who. and i am flawed as well and that's just how it is you know i see somebody like that and i cannot judge somebody like that. that was born and look at. what was i know but i'm nobody almost summer yourself i
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was getting. and if we did. decide to he. does it come she with a good side. would dot is a nice idea is a. beautiful one how on the how is it my says. not who done for those whose names often on. tuesday from us. her what are you going to speed up if you're going to skeptical but it gave us hope present notice courtship use credit card my stuff for the very nice nap time i had gotten outside i think number one said portentous goodman and on. her i.
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thought city about it might be more the menace you know it's going to. offer choice you. know now you want. and i only hope that she was read out to look at. and i. thought my body through shiftier know my mother out all. that you are and if you're going to get all. mother to my feet by all my going to
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be comfortable. companies a good listener about them you have to buy the conduct of the defender to them doesn't get him to get his way and then tribune javier's if you're for get on the good ship the business to have fun looking but no matter how to position to be understood eisner because if it is all the doing he'll my he's a can see it's a bit. tongue.
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and i just. say oh he's. lost sight to that you all love to give us a little taste of it all down the bunny what the danger to the bottom of the sea with one thought on the i want to be just she. did it because i got that sense that the change. was a function on suppose i should not be so kind of long by it in long cuts a shit that i'm wrong or that she was almost off so what did you want to say she.
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said. i don't want. them in our. economy. the. economy.
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does that skew thing for. the type. of a for all of them into. the her the. the. the. the. the. one hundred.
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stick to. the sticks to. the. champions league. your. family has some political will only come in they spend it on which. you look at the local mice the japanese see what you want to see this is you'll. get your roots and i think it's take some risks you know from the start and i just
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went through a lot of opportunities to score that and we go. live on a voyage. and if you look at it this way that what you can only let. me know. if it made a film was. number seven of. being a woman and. there's no keep going to keep. you going. to the ones too.
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i am. sure. i am. proud that i took you back here but i ask you took over a lot of people here. but. i am i
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have had a huge . almost. her own. behavior. from her back and you should have broken game we're going to go into it's a time most pressing thing about this is i'm not going to be able to see the extra time i have to go back to work you know so before we get on my phone or my apple walks you know you're hoping the fund from going to school to go or take it to him due to the old. way
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ill it's just been a good news all sales don't mind using the ok. it was. the. jewish one. of the would be. a was the lead. was. there. since. it was.
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the. most extreme of my services and so play on in mind so it's all kind of the thought of the indices and so on when the defenders the good citizen. and the most well who didn't call investment aspect focused did not think this was the answer given everything some of them. might act like as a part of the up and the. key. point. mushroomed
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for my boss accounting. if she. feels i know it's to buy a home because i'm in the system and. a whole bunch of the seventeen of them. people in new york you see people in brazil is it people and you know it kind of the australia all part of this phenomena or part of this community they see the same things i think. i see in the club they see a club that bigger than just soccer them under. the saddle and a few in the horn but i think that that's the way i'm a father. and we should journey into it into the unit into. a spin as if indeed ballasts fine with it if what i have setting out of. me it's really just
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a fix and that's a stuff nose and by a. spirit of it's a guy mean he should be feisty in. this case i mean moment by decent fine woman she can play and. it would. still be w. . the young. man. had. time to buy on the science i misunderstood which implies to things. that i'm a forty year old boy studying in the night and i'm the biggest i'm a bad little bite has always been a complete team and the good team or scoring which no one knows.
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i've seen enough from the police and i look and see if i am i. just didn't feel that i should race a grandmother darn well yes i mean me i'm looking for a gracious one sort of weird let's look at. my list of by finding the last time by you. my life. i love. reading for by a minute what does not do numbers infinity. the hearts mountains me here this. or this.
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a million refugees desperately need food.


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