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yes. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight bangladesh asking the world for help as the road in just muslim exodus from myanmar approaches
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a million people refugees desperately need food medicine and shelter a u.n. donor conference has raised more money for aid but it has fallen short of its target also coming up a prominent russian journalist stamped at her office in moscow tatyana fell didn't go worked works for a radio station that's often critical of the kremlin her suspected attacker says that he had a telepathic connection with her and britain's prime minister to resign may delivers a positive report to parliament about the progress of breaks in talks we'll take you to one town in the u.k. where people say they just can't wait to leave the european union. i bring it off it's good to have you with us. the nation says it is
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a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of muslims facing persecution and violence in me in mar and fully two neighboring bangladesh every day brings more refugees across the border and bangladesh says it needs urgent help to cope almost a million refugees from me in mars rockline state are now in bangladesh more than half arrived in the past three months alone most of the refugees we know are children mondays donor conference in geneva brought the total amount that's raised to help the region just to about three hundred forty million dollars but that is still short of the four hundred thirty million that aid agencies say is needed our coverage begins tonight with this report on the plight of the world henge. thousands of people still flee leon maher every day six hundred thousand rwanda have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great
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suffering. not begum wanders through the refugee camp and cox's bazaar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in man maher. my father was murdered by me and mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't their neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me to bangladesh. mines all of that. janet is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh jannat doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open. more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. with
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a problem when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes because most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital just gone many refugees have been maimed by landmines were carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers and patel if . we want support for them just like drugs medical support and most of what we won that initial call me doing it based at the myanmar list of these type of inhuman walks me and maher and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route into refugees but very few actually want to return but we are joined now from our washington studio by sky wheeler who was a monterrey human rights watch sky good evening to you thank you for taking the
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time to be on the program i understand you just returned from a visit to bangladesh tell us you know how you witnessed the the situation of the injured there. yeah i got back about a week ago from a trip to cox bizarre where i interviewed up about fifty women who had recently fled my and while. it was absolutely heartbreaking both the absolutely horrific stories that they were telling us about why they fled and also the really of visible humanitarian conditions they found themselves in now that they were in bangladesh. what did the women i understand also that you spoke with the other hinge of women what did they tell you about the things that they've gone through since basically since becoming refugees. well i was interviewing women who had survived sexual assault and rape when they
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were still in me and ma. there were many of them it appears that rape has clearly been one of the tools that the me that i use to conduct ethnic cleansing in these villages when i interviewed them many of them were still suffering terrible injuries because of their rates not only were these women often gang raped sometimes by as many as seven ten different soldiers but the very end they were forced to walk for many days on very serious injuries. the result being that even though they're now in relative safety security and safety in bangladesh often they are still suffering from infections. in other words the genital areas it's a really very sad situation for them and you know you say that they're in relative safety. these refugee camps in bangladesh but the truth is bangladesh
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while that allows them to come to these camps it will not allow the injured to become citizens of of bangladesh so you've got a situation where me and more will not recognize them bangladesh will not recognize them these are stateless people what needs to change before these refugees can become normal people like you and me. not only are they stateless are also some of the most persecuted people on the planet the stories i heard were horrific but of course there is a long background to all of these terrible stories that have taken place and in the last months. pretty much every woman i interviewed you know is desperate to be able to have the option to stay and. they want that security they want to be able to sleep at night they want their children to be relatively safe and the world needs to do it for them it can to make sure that they get the safety that they desperately does do you have confidence in the bangladesh authorities of
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providing an area for these refugees to do to be safe because we're what we're talking about right now is a crisis that is in an acute phase but if this goes on for more than a year let's say two years three years the situation on the ground can change do you have confidence that the bangladeshi authorities will remain the benign guardians that they are i hope so and all of the humanitarians including bangladeshi humanitarians who are working around the clock to try and save lives keep people safe capable fed keep people in contact with health services they all hope so the bangladeshi government has been grappling with a humanitarian crisis of enormous scale these people have arrived incredibly quickly they've arrived in horrific condition often being you know treated with absolutely abysmally by the military in myanmar so you know they've been doing an
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incredible job but yes over the next months and you know we and everyone else hope that these people are allowed to save to stay in a way that is dignified and safe and where you know for the first time in many of their lives they can access health and education services and they would deny back home in manama you know that's definitely an important point to bring out in this tragedy is gone we are with human rights watch guy thank you very much for being on the show and for sharing the stories that you encountered in bangladesh we appreciate it. a prominent russian journalists is in the hospital tonight after being stabbed at her office in moscow tatyana philbin go works for a radio station that's often critical of the russian government her attacker who is now in police custody claims that he had a telepathic connection with her. a news room on
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high alert the attacker shown here being let off by police reportedly sprayed gas at a security guard in order to enter the offices of independent radio station at home with glee armed with a knife. after being arrested he told investigators he has a telepathic connection with touch on the falcon got word that she has been harassing him. what is the deputy editor in chief of the station and anchors a daily political talk show for both of them it is everything is back to normal though everyone is deeply saddened so i want to point out that the attacker knew exactly where he was going he went through to touch on his office and stabbed her in the neck that's what we know she has a stab wound it was a lot of blood. is critical of the russian government and is often referred to as one of the last independent media outlets in the country just under two weeks ago russian state television showed
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a report accusing the station of receiving foreign funding including from germany france and the us an accusation which editor in chief has denied. the t.v. report specifically mentioned touch on the fellow. according to preliminary information the reason for the assault was personal and maybe we will review all the versions of what took place. several people have been staging one man protests outside in support of felt the only form of protest that doesn't need to be officially authorized in advance here the demonstrators point out that case is not the first of its kind in russia. both these. journalists are beaten up a summer stabbed some are killed it's a dangerous and brave and in some ways a thankless profession. so i came to support and express my position that this is absolutely insane and then you go. with journalism is one of the most
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important professions for our modern society and unfortunately it's still one of the most dangerous professions. fisi russia's journalists union has called the attack a blow to freedom of speech the country's investigative committee has opened a criminal case for attempted murder against the suspected attacker. well here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the government of the philippines says it has defeated an extremist group allied with so-called islamic state it happened in the southern city of marois which extremists seized five months ago more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced heavy shelling has left much of merari center as you see in ruins he was secretary of state rex tillerson has paid a surprise visit to afghanistan to discuss washington's new strategy for the country in talks with president. mr jealous and reiterated america's commitment to
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work with kabul to bring peace the meeting took place and barbara airfield the u.s. is the largest base in afghanistan. syrian activists are reporting that the bodies of at least sixty five civilians have been discovered in a town in central syria now this after government forces regain control of a ton in homes province from so-called islamic state on saturday most of the dead are believed to have been killed by us. within touching distance of a deal that is how britain's prime minister to resign may describe the bright sit negotiations with the european union today she spoke before parliament her tone was upbeat despite the fact that last week's round of negotiations ended without progress on a deal for britain to leave the e.u. we haven't reached a final agreement but it's going to happen. to have
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a degree of confidence i don't have a degree of confidence that we'll be able to get to the point of sufficient progress by december off of the from a speech that is a new momentum the florence speech was a step forward on that should be a positive response to the willingness to work on the interim period and that has been established a momentum. that was a british prime minister there theresa may well i'm joined now by our correspondent charlotte shells and pill she is on the story for us from boston brussels good evening to you charlotte so i have to ask you what do european leaders what do they think do they share to recent days impression that important progress has been made . hi brant well a number of e.u. leaders have echoed tentatively to reason may's remarks that there has been some progress made to reason may even name checked a few as if to prove her point in her speech earlier they included german chancellor angela merkel but the fact remains that if there really was so much
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progress you leaders would have been allowed talks to progress to the next stage to the next stage on on trade and on the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. as it was though they opted not to the summit last week saying there haven't been sufficient progress yet particularly on that very tricky point of britain's divorce bill how much money the u.k. owes the e.u. once it's left the blog and i think it's making a lot of people very nervous that we aren't on that second stage as as expected because time is running out the clock is ticking to when the u.k. is meant to leave the uncertainty isn't doing anyone any good own the u.k. side or the e.u. side and certainly doesn't help and rumors and gossip don't help either case in point today's german newspaper the front for the other mine and so i tuned reporting that theresa may and i'm quoting here begged the e.u. commission chief sean called younger for help last week over dinner what do we know
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about their. yes brand this really set the room mohair in brussels ally this morning i'm just going to read a couple more extracts just to complete the picture there of what this newspaper article was suggesting it was saying that to reason may in a dinner with young monday looked anxious and tormented that she did it desperate and despondent and that she had deep rings on to her eyes suggesting that she hadn't slept so controversial with these comments that even sparked a twitter spat with a reason may's former chief of staff suggesting that these remarks were leaked to the press by youngest chief of staff that was a very controversial debate the youngest chief of staff denies the allegations as have younger himself he has denied ever having said it but i think what this shows is how easy it is for discord to arise between both sides and also the extent to which people are really feeling like there's something going on behind the scenes
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that we're not quite sure about yeah there's plenty of rumors out there that is for sure our correspondent charles until on the story for us tonight in brussels charlie thank you very much well the most recent poll suggests that britain is still split down the middle over breaks but despite any downsides it seems in some places britain's cannot wait to leave the european union is it all about history we visited hastings in southeast england to find out. history is everywhere and hastings and tour guide erica barrett knows all about it from up here there is a good view of the english channel this is where the normans came over from france and ten sixty six the last time england was invaded the french have historically been britain's biggest enemy when the wind blew that. too for all. the men of hastings went to do it for all and when the wind blew this way the
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french came and took it back again with the result. but what does this animosity mean for the vote for breck's it the british people have a famously stubborn streak can this be explained by their history and isn't this quest for any pendants why they voted to leave the e.u. erica barrow does not regret having voted for breakfast and haws any influence from brussels it is regarded as an invasion of our liberties if you like what englishman consider is the right tradition and by right the very feel has been eroded if you miles further inland is where the actual battle against the normans took place people here don't follow the bricks of negotiations closely but most think that the u.k. is on the right track i think we'll be out to show the world that we continue their us and maybe yes go it alone and i think we'll succeed which is
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a small island off the coasts of fear and we're not really like europeans and i think it's better that way to manage their own affairs. even though it might hurt them financially people seem convinced that it will be worth it in the long run it's all about realigning britain with the image it has of itself strong and without too many ties to the continent returning the country back to. the british people feel was the better way should be independent trading yes friendly yes but independent shaking off too much influence from the continent the people of hastings are prepared to start a new chapter in the history books. all right from old history to new history foreign firms have complained of work of access to that burgeoning chinese market cell and so is beijing willing to loosen things up
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a little bit is the tide turning that's the question an interesting development i don't think it is that big looming question that we've seen in beijing but tesla at least is set to get a stronger foothold in the chinese market is a major coup for the electric car making pioneer and a factory like this one will soon grace shanghai's free trade zone now tess has reportedly reached a deal with the chinese government to build a one of a kind production facility on the chinese mainland and the details are still being worked out with tesla reckons that the factory could help cut production costs by a third and it could could help the american company avoid those tariffs levied on foreign vehicles sold in china now the country's one of the biggest immobility markets wold white tesla sold almost a billion euros worth of cars there in twenty sixteen and has been capitalizing on china's push to adopt electric cars throughout the country.
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are financially correspondent yens quarter is on wall street we can talk to him now and how important is this news for tesla. well it could be a game changer because overall if you look at it one of the details of the potential deal would be that this production facility would be wholly owned by tesla so far all the foreign car companies they need a chinese partner that deal probably would not have that included and it would bring costs down quite a bit for tesla and china is the biggest market for electronic vehicles this year alone probably. more than double electric vehicles will be sold in china in comparison to the u.s. and if you look at tesla specifically about fifteen percent of their sales were generated in china so far china is not the big market for tesla but that could
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change even if the stock traded a bit lower here in the monday session now as a big week for the markets with earnings season open one hundred eighty nine companies on the s. and p. five hundred sets report and. it's the busiest week of the earnings season by far and one reason that the stock market has risen so much in the past couple of months was due to the expectations that corporate earnings actually will come in a better than expected and we've just seen that recently that we had some misses and that actually could put some pressure on the market here on monday for instance the stock of general electric lost more than six percent in value after that company mr earnings expectations on for right it was the first earnings missed in about two and a half years specially the focus will be on thursday when the big tech companies will be out with earnings amazon google microsoft intel but then also on tuesday we
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will have general motors for instance or mcdonald's out was numbers so a lot depends on those earnings if there's a rally that we've seen recently can continue all right plenty to look forward to this weekend's quarter in new york for us thank you. now the clouds continue to gather over germany's coal industry european commission has announced even more raids on offices of call make it saying it was looking for evidence they might have violated e.u. anti trust her diamond b.w. have confirmed they were targeted by the raid investigators visited b.m.w. offices on friday the rates are aimed at uncovering evidence of a secret cartel that might have illegally discussed industry in mission control standards since the one nine hundred ninety s. . it's getting around busy central london is already testing but now for drivers of older more pollutant vehicles it just got more expensive as well now in
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a bid to tackle c o two emissions the british capital has joined the ranks of other european cities making it harder for those vehicles to take to the roads unveiling a new tax on. drivers in central london are used to paying extra to be on these worlds now another fee may be added for the teach arch toxic charge will be an additional eleven euros on top of the ten year old congestion levy they already pay . and the idea is to encourage those for the most pollution vehicles to stop driving into the heart of london and if they do drive into home london they've got to pay an additional t. charge with these the cost of driving into london the whole of that is twenty one pounds fifty but not everyone will come to the new levy some business leaders feel that it could affect small businesses especially those in london and near the british capital so the big impact on business in london the southeast that effectively by extension the rest of the country so everyone's affected by this
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whether the new fee will indeed reduce traffic remains to be seen but what is clear is that london like many other cities is taking steps to lower the vehicle in the shins. like i would have right now to get you caught up with some german football actions exactly right how in reversing soccer news for you now in sunday's bonus league action vosburgh entertain hoffenheim both berg have struggled to get going this seizing managing only four straight draws under new coach martin schmidt of a high meanwhile were looking to stake a claim in the title race. hoffenheim were aiming to stay in the mix at the top of the table as they paid a visit to the hungry wolves but the home team blew a big early chance when maximilian arnold saw his penalty stopped by. managed to get a boot on it. the encounter could charitably be called a slow burner until the seventy second minute that's when. brought down benyamin
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who have now in the box. no doubt about the decision penalty for hoffenheim. did the honors and showed how it's done. one nil. moving the wrong way on this one. but sprang to life and out it time a corner. and. powered it in with his head won. an athletic effort from the german defender and that's how it ended the snatch victory away from not goes months team dropping off and time further away from the league's top three far this next one is not for the faint hearted a group of two hundred forty five people have broken the world record for jumping in brazil the daredevils plunge from watch this a thirty meter bridge in. the stunt involved twenty kilometers of rope and hundreds
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of harnesses strong nerves as well the new record still has to be officially confirmed but the previous biggest match just took place last year and it involved the one hundred forty nine. every year. here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you the u.n. is appealing for more than four hundred million dollars in aid for road hinge of muslim refugees so far the international community has only pledged three quarters of them more than six hundred thousand were hinge i have fled to bangladesh since late august because of violence in their home country me and mark. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day to stick around for that will be right back.
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the dream of legal and safe passage to europe. and being welcomed with open arms.
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a dream that has come true for some syrian refugees in italy. church groups have set up a humanitarian corridor using a thousand special visas. initiatives that may also inspire other countries. three thousand and sixty minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i looked in the. recent germany to learn german. business just why not with. its simple online on euro mile and for a. new stuff. d w z learning course because week german made easy. because
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that where they start to divide the country to meet the ceiling where they start to divide the language blood will flow for. ninety nine days the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. with the most and it was an incredibly difficult task. to fix this democracy was a lie because the elections were a fraud say privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. rumors gossip and no agreement yet after five rounds of negotiations there's a little progress and.


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