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tv   Close up - Myanmar - Atrocities Against the the Rohingya  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 3:15am-3:46am CEST

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sets out on paper what these thinkers are on both sides and makes a compromise on the bill it's much harder to run a border between an international trading vault and an outside country. with hundreds of little reds crossing it. which technology alone isn't able to do you know that's a very good point well i'm sure it will give us reason to talk again about breaks in the as we said earlier the never ending story david charter as always thank you and on the story for us tonight in brussels. here thank you as well. for the united nations says it is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of row hinge or muslims are facing persecution and violence in me and more in fleeing to neighboring bangladesh every day brings more refugees across the border and bangladesh says it needs help to. almost
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a million refugees from me in mars rock kind state are now in bangladesh more than half arrived in just the past three months so most of the refugees we know are children now monday's donor conference which was held in geneva brought the total amount raised to help the ranger to about three hundred forty million u.s. dollars but that is still short of the four hundred thirty million that aid agencies say is needed here is more now on the plight of the work and. thousands of people still flee leon maher every day nearly six hundred thousand have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. wanders through the refugee camp and cox's bazar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered. his soldiers thankfully i wasn't there.
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neighbors had hidden and then they brought me to bangladesh. is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes because most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital joe gong many refugees have been
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maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. we want support for them just like on drugs medical supports and most often only one that initial call me to a good patient the myanmar list of these type of inhuman was me and maher and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route into refugees but very few actually want to return. what today a un led donor conference as we said was held in geneva a call to the international community for help they were hinge a crisis is just the latest in many flashpoints that demand action in leadership in asia well that is not coming from china at least in the ways that we have come to expect the talk about that i'm joined tonight by eric gomes from washington he is a policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at the cato institute
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erika's good to have you on the day you just wrote a piece at cato on international relations at china's communist party congress which is taking place and that caught my attention i mean at that party china's president sounded very bow ready to be in charge of a new superpower but china has said that it will not get involved with me and more and there were hints of crisis that is not what we expect to hear from a superpower whenever refugee crisis is unfolding on its back doorstep is. no it isn't and i think that in terms of the party congress and like i said in that piece sitting in supporter remember that when she jinping is at the congress and when the communist party is having it it is primarily directed at internal issues within china especially economic development military reform those sorts of things so international relations doesn't really play heavily in general but i think in terms of xi jinping calling for a greater role for china to play internationally if china wants to come up in the
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sort of international order that the united states has. established then yes you would expect to see it do more so i'm not sure if this is just a matter of xi jinping sort of focusing his efforts or the chinese government in general focusing their efforts on internal issues during the party congress and we'll see more action later but in terms of global leadership this is the sort of thing that most countries have come to expect and it's something that china has had a lot of trouble actually doing i want to play a segment of the. speech at the party congress take a listen. to what. china will opponent the values of peace development cooperation and we progress. to its foreign policy of safeguarding peace and promoting common development. which seeks to develop friendly cooperation on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence and to establish
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a new type of international relations of mutual respect fanous and justice. he says they're a new type of international relations i mean what does he mean there is there is a code for something that we should understand. i think it's just a sort of blanket term for saying that there is a new maybe not rule maker is the right word but saying that with the rise of china there is a country that will behave on the international sphere in a manner that is different from how past ten months have behaved. but you know past great powers have behaved and this is where the rohingya crisis i think throws two issues of china's rise into stark contrast on the one hand you have china saying that it wants to play a greater leadership role and it wants to have a sort of new type of great power relations but on the other hand. when it comes to doing things like interfering in other country's internal affairs china has
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historically at least in their propaganda been very consistent out saying no we do not interfere in another country's affairs so you have this sort of contrast where china says it wants to play a more active role but then by doing so but then it also can't get involved in other country's internal affairs if it cares about its own internal propaganda so that it sort of exists in tension one or two with with she's an examining so bold in the speech last week how much of this is just sheer opportunism on the part of china considering that the u.s. under president trump appears to be pulling back from so many of its leadership positions around the world. i think there isn't aspect of opportunism but it's also a sort of long running theme i think in in chinese development especially since. it's using especially since two thousand and as and also especially since two thousand and eight when the financial crisis sort of showed the weakness of western
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liberal economic order so i think there is an element of opportunism but it's also important to recognize that this is something that goes back quite some time and even before she jinping himself. we're talking about new super powers rising and declining what do you make of the scandal surrounding the u.s. soldiers killed in the sherry the u.s. congress it seems knew very little about the soldiers even being there some call this mission creep you've got some people saying it's an example of congress being out to lunch is this the opposite of what we see with china are we seeing here a superpower that's overextended so much so that it doesn't even report what it's doing to congress. well i think a lot of a lot of what the u.s. does in terms of special forces soldiers stationed around the world is as is classified and i'm sure there are members of congress who are aware of the activities but not broadly speaking in terms of you know how the u.s.
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and china go about their business on the world stage china is actually increasing its overseas basing presence most only most notably with djibouti and there is some discussion about the port quater pakistan being having a heavier chinese presence there as well and i think it's something that when you know when the united states and people in the in the west sort of worry about chinese growing interest it's important to remember that you know the united states has a lot of global interests and just because you have the ability to have sort of global reach doesn't mean that you will exercise that power wisely it doesn't mean that getting involved everywhere is a good idea and it can rapidly increase the problems you have to deal with in addition to maybe bringing some benefits so as china sort of finds its footing and becomes a little more active in foreign affairs i don't think it's all going to be good for them i think they're going to have to run into the same sorts of problems that the united states has faced as it has tried to have
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a global reach and in terms of you know china's ability to control events and it's near abroad that might be a relatively good thing for the united states of china's distracted elsewhere than maybe it can't make more trouble in the south china sea or in the taiwan strait all right eric gomez with the cato institute in washington eric we appreciate your insights that you for being on the day tonight. well the widow of a soldier killed in newsier earlier this month has criticized president trump for the condolence call that she received from him my you should johnson told a.b.c. news that trump could not remember her husband's name david johnson now johnson was one of four u.s. soldiers killed in these air while fighting islam ist extreme. i was very angry at the way the tone of his voice and how he thought he could remember my hoods when they only way he remember my husband name because he told me he had my
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hood poor and funny and that's when he actually thing led a. hurry him down lean on trying to remain in law is winning. and that will hurt me the most because if my home's when he's out here fi into our country and he raised his life for our country why can't you remember his name. and that will make me a fan cry even more because my hood was awesome so i would say. well u.s. president drum it was quick to respond and cast doubt on the version of events related there by my you should johnson in a tweet fired off shortly after that interview aired trump claimed he quote had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant well david johnson insisting that he quote spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation meanwhile political commentators are pleading with the president to stop the tragedy from becoming a complete train wreck ana navarro tweeting sergeant johnson's widow mother and
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congresswoman who all this into the call disagree if trump had any damn sense he just dropped this former chief white house ethics lawyer richard painter tweeting some advice he is president her husband is dead just say i'm sorry it's a hard call to make and i messed up and let it go. well the day is nearly done the conversation of course continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me a print off t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day before we leave you tonight we want to finish with one of the great songs from the musical here which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this week we're going to leave you now with aquarius and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that.
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a treat for eyes and ears. or a full frontal man one of the most high profile photographers of his generation in hamburg he's presenting artwork created over thirty years it's a striking solo show. to the city which helped launch the tillman's career bureaucrats next on d w. and facing an uncertain future. the normal homage family have left everything behind in myanmar like more than half a million of them into this muslim minority group is increasingly coming under threat in their home. a film crew accompany the family as they fled meum are
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on. everyone and welcome to today's edition of your own max i'm max merrill thanks for joining me on my first show today we've got plenty to look forward to here's a selection of what's coming up in the next half hour. dream cuisine tade took no has stirred up by lynn's restaurant see. how an austrian culture bakes chez in this forest and. coasting along tripping by bike along slovenia's mediterranean show.
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now germany's capital berlin is known for its wide range of restaurants setting up color in every day lights from all over the world for the last twenty years the organization. has been crowning the best cooks in the region among twenty seven teams whenas know who came to the city as a refugee from vietnam when he was just five years old now he's the proud owner of eleven restaurants in the city and given his appetite for cross cultural it's unlikely that. the berlin master chef scale a dinner in. most exciting names in the german capital's restaurant scene are honored here. among this year's winners from master chef twenty seventeen he's garnered two michelin stars for his restaurant. is still working on his first michelin star he said no formal training
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as a chef yet he runs some of the most popular restaurants and for that he's been named the city's innovator. my restaurants always add something new and the way we can see. this. is what i see myself as a colin area innovator it's a go toward me for. his latest innovation is funky fish a portuguese fish restaurant with a japanese twist it's a typical no restaurant with a clear concept in both cuisine and design. yet when planning a new restaurant the concept isn't always set in stone. often he's inspired by the space itself. most of us from our first funky fish was supposed to be a chicken and beer place. but when we started cleaning the walls we discovered that
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we had a really nice room here. and suddenly the paneled ceiling stood out and this glass came at the forefront. for the way it looked almost like an aquarium sitting inside here. so we said ok if you're going to be or is out there and we need to get a bit more money together and make it into a nice fish restaurant. to duke know was born in vietnam in one thousand nine hundred eighty four five years later his family fled to germany after finishing school he worked in a sushi restaurant and found his calling he opened his own sushi bar in one thousand nine hundred nine after that he created eight nine three at rio tape which serves up japanese peruvian fusion food and modern know a french vietnamese establishment spare.


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