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and try the tremble and smile. magical images and emotions that now. go. as eat every weekend on d w s. this is deja vu news live from berlin the german parliament is holding its first sessions and selections last month it is the biggest and the most right wing in post-war history the new lawmakers include the far right alternative for germany it
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has promised to shake up the bonus stock we'll talk to our political correspondent about what we can expect also coming up. chinese president xi jinping makes his move and communist party delegates back his vision for the future will the she era be the one china becomes a global superpower. after the deadliest bomb attack in somalia's history a generation that's grown up with civil wars saying enough is enough they're organizing to demand peace. last russian tsar pursues from didn't love putting his throne at risk the film matilda the pixar nicholas the second's affair with a ballerina we'll tell you why there are fears that this movie could spark a violent reaction. and rinaldo adds yet another trophy to his collection he's been named the thugs footballer of the year.
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show while it has been a month now since germany voted in a new parliament and today. lawmakers will be coming together in this chamber for their first session we're still waiting for an american to form a new government coalition talks just started last week here in berlin on that but what can we expect today for the parliament first of all we're talking about the biggest parliament ever in germany the number of lawmakers rising now to seven hundred nine s. because of the country's electoral system and that makes it more than ten percent larger than the last parliament now the other big difference is the number of parliamentary groups last time there were just for this time around there are six s. because the free democrats down here in yellow are backed they failed to make the last
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parliament and the far right if the the alternative for germany they're there in the blue while they are in the bundestag for the very first time and they are the nation's third biggest party well this is the first time in post-war german history that a far right party is a serious force in the bundestag earlier i spoke with political correspondent thomas sparrow and ask him if this will divide this parliamentary session. i think so brian it does seem that that will be the case will have a divided parliament and we will have many of the debates shifted to the right that's something that most analysts agree on it's interesting to see how the f.t. will present its proposals how it will perform in the german parliament but it will also be interesting to see how the other parties react to those proposals they
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have a big dilemma because on the one hand they can't simply ignore what the a f t says after all that the third biggest party in parliament under twelve point six percent of the german electorate voted for the a.v. so other parties can just simply ignore them on the other hand they can't react to every single provocation because that could boost the profile of the a if he and precisely shift these debates to the right and that's something that most of the other parties want to avoid so when we look at what the next few years will be like it will be certainly interesting to see on the one hand how the a if he performs it on the other hand how the other parties also react to those proposals by the a.f.p. ok this new type of debate is going to be taking place in a parliament that's ten percent bigger the last time around some of our kids the biggest of any western democracy is this going to be a dysfunctional parliament considering simply the size well that's one possible
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view or divided parliament a rather dysfunctional parliament on the other hand there are those who say that the previous parliament where we only had the four parliamentary groups the two big groups that formed the grand coalition and the two parties in opposition well the debates there were rather dull because the grand coalition had a clear majority so there are some people here who are actually. saying well now we will have real debates in parliament real debates that will represent different views in society so you have the two sides of the call in there and we will just have to wait and see how things develop because there are a lot of new elements in this german parliament ok and there's also an agenda out for today for for the first day what can we expect to see in parliament does it as it gets underway this will be the framework today if you will of the new parliament
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the new president of the parliament will be elected most probably will be involved on choice for the current finance minister they will also elect his vice presidents an interesting enough it will be to see today whether the conduct proposed by the f.t. will be elected that's something that the other parties have criticised ok tom sparrow following for this for this forest let's remind our viewers we have this live today at noon central european time the opening of the new session of the german parliament thanks thomas now for some of the other stories making the news u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has paid a visit to iraq where he met with prime minister hyder all of body the to discuss reconstruction projects after the removal of so-called islamic state from major urban areas they also discussed the kurdish independence movement in the country's north earlier tillerson visited afghanistan to discuss discuss afghanistan and washington rather's new strategy for that country. in malaysia the two
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women accused of killing kim jong nam the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un have visited the crime scene authorities brought them to the airport as part of a reenactment of the fatal attack along with prosecutors lawyers in the trial judge the two women have pled not guilty. hong kong's democracy protest leaders nathan law and joshua long have been released from prison on bail the two were jailed in august for their roles in the anti china protests of twenty fourteen known as the umbrella revolution made in law thing to supporters and said he and wong were due to appear back in court on november the seventh. the chinese communist party has officially boosted the status of president paying by adding his name to the country's constitution. came on the closing day of the party's twice a decade national conference to move make she one of the most powerful chinese
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leader in its history placing him on par with mao and dang she is expected to use his new status to influence of foreign policy and push for further military expansion. will he be a success in those efforts to talk about that we're joined now by bernard barge asian affairs expert of the barrels month and thanks so much for being with us this morning let's start off with looking at she having the same title in the constitution as ma just how powerful is it right now well he didn't ping is definitely as powerful as he could wish to be in a system where his pretty says his ruling as first among equals him ping is not first among equals he is first ok no he's also signaled a new push to make china first to make china a super power do you think he's going to succeed does he have the backing to do
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that i think he has the backing at home but claiming superpower status and actually gaining superpower status the two very different things. china's neighbors are very very very suspicious of china's intentions of course china is trying to push back u.s. influence in its neighborhood. i would guess that it's going to have some success is there in the next coming and in the next couple of years but it's far from gaining a global superpower status ok she has been working very closely with america spratly south china sea conflict has been toned down there is cooperation on north korea will china be cooperating with america moving forward or will it be more of a contender i think china is a contender but china doesn't want any big conflict right now china one stability because he didn't things main battles other battles that he fights at home it's the
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economy it's consolidating his power at home so he doesn't want any external conflicts and i think that's what he's doing in the north korea. affair he wants to to contain this crisis and that's how far he is going to work with the u.s. ok now at home he's been fighting corruption that's been his banner cause has been he's been effective there as the rain then china's endemic corruption well he's definitely been very successful at using this anti-corruption campaign as a means to consolidate his own power and push out all his his rivals what the anti-corruption campaign has not done is to promote the rule of law and build a more transparent system that actually we've seen a lot of. return to to previous much more authoritarian
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areas ok so you have concerns about transparency in china right now definitely ok bernard barge asian affairs expert is barrels of invalidation thanks very much for that thank you. to somalia now and it was the deadliest bombing in somalia's history the blast in mogadishu left over three hundred fifty people dead hundreds more wounded this drone footage shows the scale of the destruction the attack was also a watershed moment for a generation of somalis who've grown up with civil war they say this was a call for somalis everywhere to work for peace. help your brothers that's the message printed on these red headbands. the red symbolizes blood we demand an end to somalian bloodshed it hurts us so much. these young somalis now live in the kenyan capital nairobi but they still feel close ties to their homeland their parents left to escape the civil war that's been
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raging for almost three decades. the young people here are collecting money for the victims of the massive truck attack over the years they've grown far too familiar with tactics. but their actions make people flee they're destroying their own country and they're making it ungovernable that's our problem. remember. the attack in mogadishu on october fourteenth was the deadliest yet in somalia al-shabaab is widely believed to be behind it the terrorist group has been active for ten years most of their attacks are directed at security forces or the government so far has not claimed this attack. and this is a must see been president a number of people have died i think it would be foolish to comment on claimed responsibility for these a tug knowing whether that almost one hundred percent of the casualties was civilian. and again there's
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a huge huge. on the somali street the group's name translates to the youth but now somalia is real youth are channeling their anger into public protests in defiance of government orders. these young somalis are volunteering to coordinate care for people wounded by the bombing they also counsel victims' relatives and continue the search for those still missing. we're not all terrorists we're not the ones who kill people we're not indoctrinated some take hope from the fact that so many are helping and protesting. i hope this tragedy will finally unites us. but somalia is far from united and peace seems a distant dream it's a failed state where clans and warlords hold much of the power african union troops are supposed to guarantee security but that's hardly the case recently elected
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president mohammed abdul are you mohamed is largely powerless it's still unclear if he can bring peace to a country that's riven by corruption and tribal conflicts this is did every news still to come on the show a saint portrayed as a center will tell you why this love story about russia's last czar has sparked a violent backlash. and all those named footballer of the year at the depot wards will tell you who netted the other prizes. also an issue that's been around for a while now and european union labor ministers of come out they've agreed to under new rule regimen to prevent so-called wage dumping across the e.u. yes yes that's an unwelcome unwanted side effect to brine off the so-called posted workers directive which allows member states to send workers to other e.u. countries for a limited period of time not under this new compromise which was threshed out to
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during twelve hours of negotiations the e.u. plans to impose a twelve month limit on the posting of e.u. foreign workers and introduce the principle off equal pay for equal work. european lawmakers have long argued over labor rules in the block. especially when it comes to jobs like those in construction on the assembly line and in health care . the current rules are contentious because they permit workers from poor e.u. countries to work in wealthier ones for far more than they would earn at home but far less than their counterparts who are citizens of the wealthier countries. a new proposal agreed on last night by the labor ministers from the twenty eight european union members would put an end to that. i believe we have found a balance compromise that stakes into account the interests of the workers and the
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employers of the posting and host countries of different sectors and professions soon companies sending their employees to work in wealthier countries could be required to pay the normal social contributions required by the host country they would also limit the duration of such postings to twelve months but not everyone is happy about the deal poor member states reject the proposal even so council members are confident the deal will level the playing field. and this offers a unique opportunity to prove that the european union its twenty eight member states the fence together common social values it is a clear sign that we deliver on a fairer and more social europe with equal opportunities. where equal opportunities are possible for everybody and all of life in the deal must now be ratified by member states. and for more on that deal with joined now by
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a band to get our correspondent in brussels band is this deal or compromise go in to make everyone happy. the short answer is no the workers themselves not and call them much effects because the average posting is only six or seven months so that twelve months cap would not apply for them and also the member countries who send these workers basically poland and hungary where voted down on the monday night so they are there's also a split between east and west now the only one happy should be mr cohn the french president his fight against social dumping so so-called social dumping was one of his election campaign promises and he made good on that but we have to see if it comes out this because it's not over yet so i said over yet so if there is still friction what are the next steps going to be whether the vote does that it was only
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a step in the long process that is now in negotiations to be followed by the parliament and the ministers again and then we have a legislative process which would take months or even a year and only after that this new legislations lives they should be passed and then we can talk about a new directive but the effect is still to be seen i began to get there from brussels thank you so much for this. now here in germany a court in frankfurt has rejected a deal to drop charges against the head over doj of belzec the company running germany's biggest stock exchange in france that cost ten kanga is facing charges of insider trading after he bought millions of euros of georgia but the shares before merger plans with the london stock exchange were publicly announced the settlement would have seen both king into the company pay
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a combined eleven million euro fine but it now seems that the trial will go ahead. let's go straight to frankfurt and the frankfurt stock exchange where daniel cope is standing by for us daniel what's this decision mean for casting torchbearers it yeah hi monica from chile frankly where the atmosphere inside of the stock exchange is even colder because i can tell you that this settlement cases that is a very unusual case in of ten cases when a settlement is actually in the discussion a chord usually agrees on this in this case the court is saying that the case has such a high importance so they really want to see this trial to happen of course at the end with an open result we could see in this case or of course the next fertile as well what does this mean for can get or what is contra is actually due in march two thousand and eighteen and with an open trial still going on it's not very likely
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that we're going to see a new contract for him all right daniel and just briefly i mean the financial world bids farewell to a giant german finance minister today while country of leaves office to become the new president of the german parliament or people where you are sad or glad to see him leave well mr grampy that's how many of the investors here actually called him a very high respect of course among investors his biggest victory was of course during the financial crisis when he was the voice basically of europe but on the other hand he didn't get everything through but i think in general investors will be sad that he's going to leave right down your throat there in frankfurt thank you so much. it's time to go to the russian movies again but it's not great fun as i understand it grinding up a lot of emotions market you could say that i certainly can't wait to see it looks
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like a blockbuster in the making after much anticipation and protest a controversy or film about the last russian's ours for release this week now the movie tells the story of tsar nicholas the second and his affair with a polish ballerina named matilda but the tale has angered hardline russian nationalists and orthodox christians who view sorry nicholas as a saint a series of violent incidents targeting filmmakers as russia on edge as this love story makes its debut. on romanov family secret a story of forbidden passion when son nicholas the second fell in love with a ballerina a film premiere that's made many russians nervous. good news is the premiere of matilda was held peacefully here at the very famous. spring and these despite the fact that this film a lot of controversy in the russian. tension was high on opening night one hundred
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police officers got of the select audience security measures more typical of an airport were in place many feared an attack director alexy should tell had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. yeah i'm not afraid i hope good sense triumphs and the uproar subsides. the uproar mainly has to do with a few sex scenes that depict a week. who's about to lose his throne over matilda a simple dancer. that was too much for russia's powerful orthodox church which canonized son nicholas the second after his murder a nine hundred seventeen betraying him this way is an offense to the religious sensibilities of the. faithful that's according to russia's parliament the duma. natalia parkland schuyler a g m a lawmaker started the campaign against matilda.
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what do you have against the film. and his insults saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship in our family values. news in the order not to cause offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious feelings. some of these offended citizens seem to take inspiration from his campaign they torched movie theaters like here in the city of you catherine berg a car belonging to the director's lawyer was set on fire in moscow. initially the church didn't comment on the violence german actor who plays nicholas the second avoided the premiere after a hate campaign by religious extremists. he sent this video message and stirred. inside a. group. so you're. sure
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to watch. the film success remains to be seen but it's already gained plenty of notoriety from politicians and the church critics of the mighty russian orthodox church say the church is trying to act as a moral sense and is further infringing on social life in russia a life in a beach bland theater productions sometimes disappear from the program and entire exhibitions are closed as they say it's almost impossible to stage cultural events without cries from people claiming to be insulted and enraged. lots of parties in the british capital last night that's where football's world governing body feet held its annual awards ceremony in london the portuguese star rinaldo named player of the year after winning the spanish league the champions
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league and the club world cup with real madrid does striker league martens receiving women's player of the year after leading holland to victory at euro two thousand and seventeen real madrid's indians of dan chosen his best coach after a trophy laden campaign and event his legend john luigi befall picking up best goalkeeper afternoon credible twenty five clean sheets for club and country last season here's what all though had to say about his ambitions for the coming campaign. again try to win the league. and terms of individual. charge to the my best like all boys and let's see what's going to happen. well for more on those people awards we're here with a comic and from the sports desk morning kyle morning i can you explain for us the difference to begin with between the thief a player of the year and the ball indoor. i don't want to be cynical but there's money involved here ballon d'or has been around since one thousand nine hundred six
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i'm going to be cynical actually has been around as well for quite a while offering its own awards but in two thousand and ten they went together in two thousand and sixteen feet started creating this spectacle and you can see it's a spectacle this time in london and they put on their own award show they wine and dine the players and it's now on par maybe just a little less than the ballon d'or as far as its significance but the players love it the fans love it because they have a vote up the least a little bit where nothing about this award is eleanor's just media and so who cares about the media right and you have twenty five percent of the fans voting and what about ronaldo winning the prize again we think that i'd love to make fun of him as a guy who loves to love himself but. you love your work right a lot of your words to you and he's got that pensive look in his face but he's a team player as well he's a great individual but he brays brings the level of his his cold players of the players on his up and that's very significant they've won two champions league
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trophies in a row now the light love the champions league thing twice in a row is unheard of ok what about the best women's player leader mark martins a spectacular player on her own thirty twenty four years old as opposed to thirty two years old for rinaldo a great player for another when she raised the level of her colleagues as well and helped them to win the euro twenty seventeen as you suggested and is a great player for barcelona the bahamas well ok thanks very much rose up to date on those people words there. and violates just about a week to go down to hollow in that orange and black spooky holiday for turks treats and of course pumpkins many of us love carving them like a tree to ferment of new york he said his mind is smashing the world record for chopping up the most pumpkins in one minute he managed thirty one that's more than twice the previous record of fifteen he said it was a great workout in that the key was to hit the pumpkin at just the right angle.
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this is david is live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget to follow us a dot com for our twitter and facebook feeds for now thanks for being with us. the dream of legal and safe passage to europe. and being welcomed with open arms.
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a dream that has come true for some syrian refugees in italy. church groups have set up a humanitarian corridor using a thousand special visas. initiatives that may also inspire other countries. three thousand next. they promote health but seven b.c. diabetes. multinational food companies conquering new markets bringing convenience food to poor countries. they are believed to be staying to school. but are sinking used. the business of profit in forty five minutes long d.w. . progress but where they start to divide the country i do a good deal where they start to divide the language blood will flow for growth.
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the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation have to find their own way politically and economically of the local was an incredibly difficult time for. this democracy was a lie because the elections were for all answer privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. of. this week global three thousand heads to india to visit
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a school which is helping grandmothers.


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