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futures like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. to double major. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin wolfgang show idea is elected as the new president of the bundestag he's going to the new monument to engage in vigorous but civil debate as it represents a changing german society but it will be alternative for germany he does advice the
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far right party has vowed to take on anglo-american in bonn and also coming up. chinese president xi jinping makes his move and communist party delegates back his vision for the future when the sheikh era see china become a global superpower. sandow a saint to trade as a signal we tell you why this long story about russia's last saw has sparked a violent backlash. i don't welcome i'm on the touchy ma the german lower house of parliament is overwhelmingly elected outgoing finance minister wolfgang schauble as the new parliamentary president five hundred one out of seven hundred nine members of the newly elected boon to star voted for sure the veteran member of chancellor angela
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merkel's conservative democrats is the longest serving lawmaker in the country in his acceptance speech short to stress the need for parliamentarians to lead by example and work together in his acceptance speech stressed that parliamentarians had to lead by example and maintain a respectful tone. way in which we talk with one another here in parliament can be a role model for society obviously we shouldn't one another here although we have seen that this has occasionally occurred in other parliaments because of me and we don't want to get verbally abusive either farm or we want to show that we're going to salute issues with out losing basic decency. let me now drawing up political correspondent thomas perry who's been to start a tour was we just heard what choice i had to see what you make of his key message
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as the president of the german parliament. both countries will be referred to a debate that we've heard on many occasions here the german parliament since the alternative for germany the f.t. entered the parliament on september twenty fourth and that's how to react to this party and in particular to what some people consider these parties provocations he mentioned that dilemma between obviously respecting different opinions even encouraging different opinions and yet at the same time trying to find compromise and doing so i'm retired by respecting the rules doesn't mean that evolve control of distressed during his speech today the first speech as the new president of the german parliament and that's something that he indeed hopes that will be the case in the next four years right here where we are standing but obviously it is still unclear how that will play out when the real debates start and how
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the traditional parties will react to the a.f.d. when we consider the f.d.a. does seem certain that they could shift the tone of the debate to the right but it is also clear that they do not count with the necessary majority to try and move forward some of the proposals that they could bring to the table here so the next vote in the german parliament will be for the post of vice president that each party in and the under side gets to nominate a vice president and this vote is expected to be controversial why. well and this is a clear example of what we're talking about this dilemma that different parties find themselves in because each party obviously as you say has a right to nominate a vice presidential candidate the a.f.d. has done so. but the other parties have said outright that they are against the
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nomination of a glass and they will vote against it they're not obviously a. having of vice president i was a presidential candidate but they are against albert x. so this just shows the level of the debate here in the german decide on it if you will something that we will also see in the months and years to come of this debate between the alternative for germany and the other parties why there's so much concern about the f.t. in parliament or was it one thirteen percent of the national vote it's represented in many of the recent parliaments as well. it's precisely because of this of this dilemma because it is an absolutely new phenomenon here in the german parliament in many many decades the first time that such a party enters the german parliament on the traditional parties are obviously confronted with the need to respond to them if they ignore what the a.f.d. says they're ignoring twelve point six percent of the electorate if on the other
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hand they respond to every single provocation of the f.t. they could also boost the profile of this party so these are obviously debates that we will see in the next few months and years here in the german parliament thomas founder of the understand thank you very much for that. less of a look at look at some other stories making news around the world austria's newly elected conservative leaders about kurtz has announced he'll try on government with the country's right wing freedom party a decision that was widely expected go it said the freedom party had shown a real to bring about change in austria together. hong kong a democracy protest leaders and nathan law and joshua wong have been released from prison on bail the pair were jailed in august for their rows in the anti china protests of two thousand and fourteen known as the umbrella revolution nice in-laws trying to supporters and said he and one were due to appear back in court in
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november. in malaysia the two women accused of killing the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un have been taken back to the scene of the crime authorities brought them to the airport as part of a reenactment of the fatal attack along with prosecutors lawyers and a trial john the two women have pleaded not guilty. china's ruling communist party has confirmed president xi jinping as its more past most powerful leader in decades by adding his name and ideology to the constitution at the end of the party's twice a decade congress delegates voted unanimously to include xi jinping thought as a guiding principle this place is she at the same level of prominence as party founder dong. pulling ahead of the pack the chinese team lead to the fleet at the world's most challenging ocean sailing event the volvo ocean race that's
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also where chinese leader xi jinping wants to see his country as a global leader it's among the goals outlined in president xi cian pings a broad vision now enshrined in the country's constitution to get there she has pledged to navigate china into a new era of global power and influence. and now please submit your vote from those who agree raise your hand more than twenty three hundred delegates voted unanimously to add she's name and ideology to the party's charter cementing his grip on power since the people's republic of china was founded in one thousand nine hundred forty nine only one leader founder mao zedong himself has been honored in such a way while still alive deng xiaoping the architect of china's economic opening is the only other leader to be included in the party charter but that was only after
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his death in one thousand nine hundred seven she sees himself as the country's third transformational leader and by attaining the same rank as mao and doing any active opposing she becomes tantamount to an attack on the party itself. after consolidating his own power she is now seeking to reinforce the authority of the communist party he's pledged to pull all aspects of the country's politics economy and society under the ruling communist party's control. we must lay a solid foundation for party building at the grassroots level as the saying goes without a solid foundation the earth will tremble and the mountains will sway. outside of the party she enjoys wine support from ordinary chinese people in particular for his vast anti corruption campaign and for pushing a nationalist agenda broad but she is also known for his unprecedented crackdown on
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dissent targeting human rights activists the courts and restricting the free flow of information. after much anticipation and some protest a controversial film about the last russian tsar is set for release this week the movie tells the true story of son nicholas the second and his affair with a polish ballerina named matilda but the story has angered hardline nationalists and russian orthodox christians who view the saw as a st a series of violent incidents targeting filmmakers has russia on edge as the love story makes his debut on the silver screen. a roman of family secret a story a forbidden passion when son nicholas the second fell in love with a ballerina a film premiere that's made many russians nervous. the good news is the premiere of matilda was held peacefully here at the very family marines can operate in san
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petersburg and this is despite the fact that this film a lot of controversy in the russian. tension was high on opening night one hundred police officers got at the select audience security measures more typical of an airport where a place many feared an attack director alexy should tell had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. yeah i'm not afraid i hope good sense triumphs and the process of sides. the opera mainly has to do with a few sex scenes that depict a week. was about to lose his throne over matilda a simple dancer. that was too much for russia's powerful orthodox church which canonized nicholas the second after his murder nine hundred seventeen to trying him this way is an offense to the religious sensibilities of the faithful that's according to russia's parliament the duma.
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natalya parklands skier a duma lawmaker started the campaign against matilda. so what do you have against this film. and his insults saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship our family values. news in the order not to cause offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious feelings. some of these offended citizens seem to take inspiration from his campaign they torched movie theaters like here in the city of you catherine virg a car belonging to the director's lawyer was set on fire in moscow. initially the church didn't comment on the violence. german actor. who plays nicholas the second avoided the premiere after a hate campaign by religious extremists. he sent this video message instead.
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of inside a. group. so you're allowed. to watch. the film success remains to be seen but it's already gained plenty of notoriety from politicians and the church critics of the mighty russian orthodox church say the church is trying to act as a moral sense and is further infringing on social life in russia a life in a beach bland theater productions sometimes disappear from the program and entire exhibitions are closed they say it's almost impossible to stage cultural events without cries from people claiming to be insulted and enraged. news from the world of sport and football's world governing body fi far has held
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its annual awards ceremony in london portuguese star christiana ronaldo was named pair of the year after winning the spanish league the champions league and the club was to come up with madrid dutch striker leka martens received the women's player of the year after leading holland's to victory at the euro two thousand and seventeen and real madrid's as it is didn't the done was chosen as the best coach after a trophy laden and his first full season for the tournament and you ventas a legend jan luigi before one picked up best goalkeeper after an incredible twenty five clean sheets for club and country last season. finally to olympia greece and then the torch has been lit for the eighteenth winter olympics in pyongyang chung south korea thousands attended the same many under cloudy skies in which was once home to ancient greece is games the flame will travel around greece for the
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next week is due to be handed over to korean organizers at the end of this month one hundred days before the games begin. lovely you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin that's it for me but stay with d.w. ben presume we'll be here shortly with the latest business news you can of course also check out our website. dot com also follow us on twitter on facebook i'll see you at the top of the hour but by.


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