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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is g.w. is coming to you live from berlin both can sure of the is elected as the new president of the bundestag joni's former finance minister has called for civil dialogue in parliament as it enters a new era with more factions and
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a new right wing party in parliament that could be some stormy debates on the way also coming up chinese president xi jinping is increasing influence over his country and delegates of the communist party's congress officially back him and his vision for the future of china we'll look at the implications. glass in the next sixty minutes the last russian zamost pursuit of forbidden love while putting his throne at risk the full matilda depicts zon nicholas a second affair with a ballerina we look at why the movie's already sparking a violent reaction. and in sport christiane rinaldo adds another trophy to his collection he's been named fief oz footballer of the.
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color of a warm welcome i'm under toci ma. the german loss of parliament has overwhelmingly elected outgoing finance minister bulls gunk choice as the new parliamentary president five hundred one of the seven hundred nine members of the newly elected blunder star voted for sure the veteran member of chancellor angela merkel's conservative democrats is the longest serving lawmaker in the country in his acceptance speech sure bill stressed the need for parliamentarians to lead by example and to work together you also encourage members of parliament to maintain a respectful tone. obviously your manner of the way in which we talk with one another here in parliament can be a role model for society obviously we shouldn't one another here rather we have seen that this has occasionally occurred in other parliaments because of me and we
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don't want to get verbally abusive either farm or we want to show that we're going to salute issues with out losing basic decency. that first of all skunk should be speaking a short while ago our correspondent from our political political desk it brady joins me now from the blunder star struck you about both can sure be as follows address as parliamentary president. well emerita they were really two words that stood out in wolfgang schauble speech today and they were respect closely followed by decency and this is a message that was clearly sent to the new members of the new parliament in germany especially those ninety two members of the f.d.a. parliamentary group he did however call he encouraged more discussion but also to reach compromise and of course this is new territory for the german parliament he had dressed up as well in his speech saying as of course this reflects a new aspect as well in german society and this is going to be
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a very interesting four years now in the in the coming four years of this german parliament to see exactly how by showing the other party's deal with the f.d.a. it's a far right alternative for germany who have just entered the parliament for the first time and can't give a full context what is the role of president in parliament in germany and what does scheuer bring to his new position. well the real idea behind his position is this idea of balance and he'll be direct in the debates once they get underway and he'll also be able to remind the m.p.'s of the rules he'll be able to say who is allowed to speak and of course at the same time he was not allowed to speak at that moment of course show you play he has decades of experience in german politics he is currently the longest serving german m.p. and he's a tough politician if we think back to join the euro zone crisis he did make many
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enemies but at the same time he has always managed to maintain his respect and that kind of tough stems might come in very good useful in this new german parliament which of course his own president did we have six parliamentary groups compared to four in the last one a record seven hundred nine m.p.'s and of course the arrival of the a.f.d. but each party in the german parliament gets to nominate a vice president the voters just taken place an hour and as expected it was controversial why. well dillard's no here is the nomination from the f.t. after the first round of vote he hasn't made it three of course each parliamentary group so each of the six party groups has nominated a figure and glassner has not made it through so now there is currently as we speak a second election in parliament taking place and that can go up to three parliament the elections will be three of those and then it will be up to the a.f.p.
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will have to see what happens and see if they will nominate a new candidate for the f.d.a. parliamentary group vice president for the bundestag still there where you are we look at a report on the f.d.a. and the far right party as we heard is in parliament it was almost thirteen percent of the vote and there's growing concern about it. there for us to really get into it it's. your. time. germany's politicians are adopting a new vocabulary words such as fatherland love identity country and pride the author carolyn and these politicians are copying germany's nationalist party was and charging them with the decisive factor is how strongly the f.t. can continue to influence public discussions and determine how certain topics are
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discussed in my opinion the a.f.p. have been surprisingly successful in doing this. for the car. if the politicians take their place in germany's bundestag for the first time today their influence seems to be bigger than the number of votes the party won in germany's recent elections. we will take back our country and our people. a sign of the times says callahan's finest man one of the internet's will fathers of germany's new right. the success of the f.t. isn't simply because it managed to unite nearly thirteen percent of voters behind it their success is linked to grab a trend a bigger movement the end of which we can't physically. and this trend is already changing the climate for those from a non german background people such as as roku joke who often speaks from was limbs
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in germany. mentioned i'm going to the experience of germans with an immigrant background is that attitudes are getting harsher and us. have heard but at the same time they're being told their needs are on the political agenda i think it's extremely dangerous just sixty but. a changing climate many politicians don't know how to react. to election victories in europe show two radically different approaches france's emmanuelle macross water fight the far right austria sebastien kurds poach the far rights topics don't let the right set the agenda ones catalin. they would or you can close off the right flank by becoming rightwing yourself that's an illusion you have to decide do i want to live in a secular open democracy if so then you have to defend these principles.
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vice man from the new right believes any attack is positive doesn't try to matters as mao said is that to be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing like doesn't often it's a good thing because it clearly shows we're on to something and the same is real competition fatherland love of country identity terms made popular by the. but who will now set the lead for how these terms are used a balancing act for germany's bundestag. and returning at a kid brady at the understand give me got some idea about the controversy about the party in a report but why is there so much concern about this far right party being in parliament. well of course first of all amrita you have the concern here that the discussion in the german parliament is now going to take a shift to the right and on top of that we also have the debate which has been ongoing since last month's elections of how do the other parties deal with the
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a.f.d. now being in parliament of course if you completely ignore the m.p.'s that are in there and that suggestions in parliament then you're also ignoring the twelve point six percent of german forces who voted for those m.p.'s and to the german parliament but give them too much time and that could use their profile on germany's political stage kid cudi at the bundesbank thank you very much for that assessment. this article look at some other stories making news around the world austria's newly elected conservative leader sebastian kurtz has announced he will try to form a coalition government with the country's rightwing freedom party a decision that was widely expected koertzen the freedom party had shown a way to bring about change in austria together. hong kong democracy protest leader nathan and joshua wong i have been released from prison on the pair were jailed in
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august for their roads in the anti china protests of two thousand and fourteen known as the umbrella revolution near the north bank to supporters and said he and one would you to appear in court back in november. in malaysia the two women accused of killing the heart brother of north korea's leader kim jong un have been taken back to the scene of the crime authorities brought them to the airport as part of a reenactment of the fatal attack along with prosecutors' lawyers and a trial charge the two women have pleaded not guilty. till now to china where the ruling communist party has confirmed to president xi jinping as its most powerful leader in decades but adding his name and ideology to the constitution at the end of the party's twice a decade congress delegates unanimously voted to include xi jinping ford as a guiding principle of this place is she at the same level of prominence as party
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founder dong. pulling ahead of the pack the chinese team leads the fleet at the world's most challenging ocean sailing event the volvo ocean raise that's also where chinese leader xi jinping wants to see his country as a global leader it's among the goals outlined in president xi cian pings a broad vision now enshrined in the country's constitution to get there she has pledged to navigate china into a new era of global power and influence. and now please submit your vote from those who agree raise your hand more than twenty three hundred delegates voted unanimously to add she's name and ideology to the party's charter cementing his grip on power. since the people's republic of china was founded in one thousand nine hundred forty nine only one
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leader founder mao zedong himself has been honored in such a way while still alive deng xiaoping the architect of china's economic opening is the only other leader to be included in the party charter but that was only after his death in one thousand nine hundred seven she sees himself as the country's third transformational leader and by attaining the same rank is mao and dang any act of opposing she becomes tantamount to an attack on the party itself after consolidating his own power she is now seeking to reinforce the authority of the communist party he's pledged to pull all aspects of the country's politics economy and society under the ruling communist party's control. we must lay a solid foundation for party building at the grassroots level as the saying goes without a solid foundation the earth will tremble and the mountains will sway outside of the party she enjoys wine support from ordinary chinese people in particular for
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his vast anti corruption campaign and for pushing a nationalist agenda broad but she is also known for his unprecedented crackdown on dissent targeting human rights activists the courts and restricting the free flow of information. to talk about this i'm joined now in the studio by lawrence for what is your correspondent for the german news the guest begin and he's also written two books about china and the chinese revolution and welcome to you know the ins. has got the same status as chairman mao how powerful is he in your view right now well he's extremely powerful in what must say but i wouldn't compare him to martha domo is it then was able to initiate devastating political campaigns. that is not ever to do that but he is now. in the last five years is no had of the
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party head of the state head of the he's leading a lot of leading groups within the party so he can decide to look and he at least has managed to get his name to initiate his name and find his name in the party constitution with his cheating thing thought that is extremely important for him why because now if someone wants to topple him or at least to criticize him he is in the constitution that means the constitution of the party is very important the party is china and who ever wants to criticize knows he didn't think is criticizing china and that is very that is a very significant changes then from what he's done the xi jinping is also declared the start of a new era for china what does he mean by that the other nuclear as we had the third era we had the knowledge the dome you know i think you're not in the country then came the ping saying everybody has become rich and now he wants to be the new
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area is disciplined society. and strong and disciplined society and a very strong china brought she declared at this particular visit as well that he is spies a super deal but status for china how close is he. reaching this super status of for his country well at least he's trying to reach a state as that nobody looks on sign up from above anymore he wants to have a very self-confident nation very self-confident kind of very confident citizen he is working on the very heart the me he wants to modernize is not yet comparable i would say to very many of the united states but he ones to to strengthen the influence of china in the international institutions like wrote on like i am and peace by himself or china himself is also creating international institutions just
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to to increase the influence of china in the world policy so these are very ambitious and lofty goals but how is he viewed by the people of china well he's you i respect that i like the idea that that china can become powerful again and they like that very much but of course we don't have to forget that there are a lot of people critical of the communist party critical of the way he's ruling the country and as i said this is very risky political dissidents or even lawyers who are defending political dissidents have no chance at all they're going into prison . lawrence an expert on china and chinese history thank you very much for the analysis thank you. you want to get any is coming up ahead christiane hernando is named football no three after the fall of oil we'll tell you who netted the other
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prizes. but first ben joins me for business news and germany's job boom continues ben it showed us that radio and there are lots of reasons why germany's economy so ways relied on highly specialized small and medium sized enterprises the famed german may have started now a study is conversion and the role they play in the country's economic health is more vital than ever. a new study from the german development bank has shown that sales from german s.-a m.-e. companies like this manufacturer of specialized palms rose steeply yet again in twenty sixteen they were up by nearly four percent to four and a half trillion euros that's the strongest growth for five years unlike in the past however much of that growth is being powered by domestic demand rather than exports and in a kind of feedback loop domestic demand is in turn being driven by excellent employment
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figures as the middle east and companies hire more staff to cope with rising orders at the end of august germany's federal employment agency announced that only around two point five million people were currently looking for work pushing the unemployment rate to the lowest level since german reunification more than twenty five years ago. today a study on germany sameas coincides with coalition talks in building a new government in berlin these businesses want to shore up their future let's talk about that with york so a chief economist of the k f w banking group is standing by for us in frankfurt thanks for coming on the show what do these firms have to fear do you think. well there actually really going through a period of strength so turnover grow with ease at the record high and the same the sector is the largest employer in the german economy particularly the services industries which helps further develop our as amy sector into new areas of business
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when you think of digitalisation for example in this will of course be one of the demands on the german industry to get ready for the digitalisation that is going on everywhere we also we need a higher level of investment in some of areas of the same me sector particularly the manufacturing sector where we see that the number of firms that are investing in future technologies is not as high as we would like it to be ok so investment has been slowed from the as a means what about the government and the time and money it's investing in digitalization how would you describe its track record. we have we know that in germany we have in an international comparison a relatively good digital infrastructure but there's always room for improvement in particular in terms of the speed of the of the internet in germany but the
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government is very well aware of this and everybody's aware of this and this will be one of the their policy areas i'm very sure about this and the semi sector is certainly ready to do more here this will be a step by step process like every innovation is companies are careful and slowly moving into these new technologies in particularly in the digital age there is more to it than investing in hardware there is a lot of sort of software there is a lot of knowledge a lot of education and this all has to move at the same speed and i'm optimistic that with these numbers that have come out for two thousand and sixteen in from the first half of two thousand and seventeen we will see a lot more in this area in the future but is good enough because digitalisation could wipe out millions of jobs in germany just today we've heard from the head of big common i.t. association saying that huff of all jobs could disappear in the next couple decades
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what's that going to mean for small and medium sized businesses. well we have. a need for march stronger productivity growth so i am quite confident that the digital technologies will actually improve productivity in the economic system in germany first of all secondly we have a population particularly a working age population that is retiring in large numbers over the next few years and in this context digital technologies and further modernization of our business process these interactions with clients all over the world will actually facilitate growth in germany rather than be a problem ok an optimistic yoke so on a chief economist of the k f w banking group thank you very much for your analysis according frankfurt has rejected a deal to drop charges against the head of deutsche of birds the company that runs
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germany's biggest stock exchange in frankfurt custom can get is facing charges of insider trading of the buying millions of euros worth of deutsche oppose the shares that was before merger plans with the london stock exchange were publicly announced sending those shares up in value the settlement would have seen can get and the company paid a combined eleven million euro fine but it now seems that trial will go away it. will business to come including cuba's questionable efforts to open up the information superhighway to the island's people first some sport. thank you been to football the portuguese for what christiane zero nada has been named best male player in the wild for a second year in a row if i was the best awards take fan voting into account as well as votes from coaches players and the media. it was supposed to be hollywood on the thames for the likes of ronaldo neymar. and
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messi all in their finery and hoping to be named the best in their business it's not the fabled ballon d'or awards but the fire has spent the money to make sure it's a close second. and they were in names. coronato there was no close second for one although after leading reality champions league and lower league on titles i'm really glad this is a great moment from a. schiffer give opportunity to the fans i know our fans are over the world so thank you a lot for the support. there was asked later in his native portuguese how we does it moon a lot of work a lot of time on the pitch a lot of time in the gym a lot of time with the physical trainers a lot of cold water a lot of hot water lots of massages lots of eating many years of dedication because so. many of these either. were no those coach also made his way to the podium for
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helping to make real madrid the premier club in the world but missing from the ceremony because she's preparing for international competition. bleecker martin received her award with her dutch teammates together this summer they won the giro twenty seventeen title. finally thirty nine year old john luigi buffon was named best goalkeeper joining people's best eleven squad the team was dominated by players from spain and italy is domestically. so one of these awards well deserved to be moody from a sports desk is here to tell us more and that was i guess inevitable after real madrid success is the last season yeah absolutely he is he's been the king of the pitch again and last year and last season just give you a quick roll call of his achievements forty two goals he scored all compositions last season and they drive rail on to success as well so he won the spanish league title with him on his second league title since joining madrid and also of course
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the champions league again and he scored really crucial goals in not drive to the champions league if you remember the quarter final with byan last season by munich he scored five goals across two games than another hat trick in the semifinal against athletico and then two goals in the final against either big goals in big games for the biggest try face that is why we're now though is unbeatable on the pitch again if you see what i'm what about the women's best player. when i was lucky enough to see a lot of leaking mountains in the summer when i was cover. in the women's european championship in the netherlands and i have to say the performances really did push the netherlands to victory and not she scored three goals during the tournament but she was a constant throughout the life when she's very quick very tricky and product is excellent as well her crosses and her finishing and i can say with absolute certainty that she has fully deserved this award as she was named the player of the tournament in the summer as well of the european championship ok and what part of the other of voices are handed out well this is coach serena wiegman the
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netherlands coach she was named the best women's coach of the year the men's award so that was one as we saw in it in sudan who really has achieved a lot in his first season and a half around with two champions league titles and wales first spanish title for five years as well and just a quick word or two for alleviate your of the arsenal striker who was awarded the best goal of the year prize for his scorpion kick strike against crystal palace never start of the year if you haven't seen it yet you should definitely check it out so all of the windows pass muster with you all of a. plea agreement one of the when it was first says thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. finally to libya greece and there the torch has been list for the eighteen the winter olympics in chung south korea thousands attended the ceremony under cloudy skies in what was once the home of ancient greece is games on the flames will play and will begin is journey east later today if need to be handed over to korean organizers at the end of the month one hundred days before
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the games begin. you're watching the devaney's coming up ahead a save portrayed as a sin now we take a look at why this love story about russia's last czar has sparked a violent backlash and in football round two of the german cup gets underway on tuesday night we have a look ahead at minnows going up against a mighty dark mine. all that in. coming up in the next thirty minutes on a forward to seeing you in off the show break. being and facing an uncertain future. the new mohammad family have left everything behind in myanmar like more than half
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a million of them into this muslim minority group is increasingly coming under threat in their home. a film crew accompany the family as they fled meum are atrocities against the wrong hands up. close up in minutes long d.w. . when cities are in gulf by the sea. then all that comes walls and costly protective measures with. nothing. challenging our future starting november nights on. progress but where they start to divide the country i do need to deal with where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for close. to.
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the soviet union is bringing part. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically well so it was an incredibly difficult task not me. this democracy was a lie this is your delectation is where frauds that's the privatization was robbed . the soviet union's which were just russia stand today and moscow's empire were syrians starting over for. the city of uni is coming to live from berlin i'm under thirty man great to have your company our top story german a former german finance minister of all function is elected as the new president of
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the bundestag he's called on the new parliament to engage in vigorous but civil debate. now that corn comes after an election campaign that focused heavily on germany's immigration policies since two thousand and fifteen or well over a million immigrants arrived in germany many fleeing war and terror but others lured by false promises of disparity from people smugglers the prize for feeling full and for such myths can be fatal as people risk their lives to come here now the german government has launched a new campaign aimed at dispelling with misinformation about moving to the country elizabeth shoaf from a social media team has been tracking that story and joins me now this is not about this new campaign. well the german foreign office has launched a website a new website it is called rumors about germany and of course the aim is not to
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continue spreading those rumors but actually provide facts for my gran so there is information about people who want to leave their countries come to germany for people who are already on their way to germany and also for refugees who are in the country and want to go back to their home countries their website is available in english french and arabic everything is kept in a very simple language they have very clear messages i can just show you one category that they have there for example they have seven big lies that these are human traffickers are these the people smugglers tell of the refugees so one of my favorites is number five so they say that every refugee receives the welcome payment of two thousand euros and now the government here on the website the banks that myth saying that germany does not provide and wellcome a payment to people who come to the country and other lies that are being told are that for example germany grants a house to every refugee so the aim of this website is really to show the false
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information that is out there and to tell the truth about what awaits the people who will be coming to germany they also have information for example about how they can apply for asylum when they're here in germany and this is not the fullest efforts at debunking such myths isnt it. that's absolutely right there was a similar campaign it was on a much smaller scale and it was targeting people who are in afghanistan because afghans are one of the largest groups of my grandson here in germany so it had the same name and that campaign it was also rumors about germany and here for example you have a tweet from the german embassy in afghanistan saying come in from afghanistan gives you a right to asylum wrong only people who've been persecuted will be granted asylum so really trying to tell people whether they will be allowed to apply for asylum once they get to germany and this campaign was also conducted offline the so in
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different towns in afghanistan there where messages painted on buses here as you see for example and also there were billboards with these rumors and the german government really trying to tell people the truth about what's right for example they have if they wanted to come to germany as refugees and now right now many people are questioning how effective this campaign will be because they say if somebody is really determined to come to germany then maybe such messages will not be enough to deter them from coming to this country is the choice of social media desk thank you. turning now to mortar the model last week of an investigative journalist in the country has drawn international attention to politics on the tiny mediterranean nation daphne caruana. focused on investigating government corruption and politicians apparent links to the end to organized crime later today the european parliament easy to discuss press freedom
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and the protection of journalists in light of. the area where daphne koller want to go with killed has been cordoned off so forensic experts can comb the scene f.b.i. agents have come from the u.s. to help. a car bomb killed the investigative journalist just one hundred metres from her home. she made a number of enemies with her relentless reporting and received many threats her family's lawyer has angry words for the prime minister of malta and others in high positions. is joseph or scott depresses prime minister he himself referred to there for the as a hate blogger as a person who lied as a person who disseminated fake news he was the person who led a vicious character assassination on difficult when they got it's a for more than twenty years for no to come as if shedding crocodile tears
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it's too late you should have acted much before they conducted her research as part of the journalist group working on leaked documents known as the panama papers her findings suggest that the prime minister's wife under stake in a shell company registered in panama that engaged in large scale money laundering the leaches said her claim was based on papers discovered by a bank employee shot found documents in the safe two paper two documents both of them declarations of trust. by individuals the norm. in these who has a says an egg renting in the name of mrs mission in the sky. references to this company a grant appeared in the panama papers. earlier this year during a session of the european parliament in strasbourg m.p.'s asked how mata could maintain the rule of law amid allegations of corruption. for the prime minister
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dismissed these concerns along with allegations some people in this house have referred to a story a totally outright lie that has been directed against me my wife and my family and i marveled at the idea that some extremely knowledgeable members of this house have taken this thing. and repeated it here just like that four months later daphne cardona was dead. a green party member of the european parliament is calling for action from brussels. the o.p.'s who knew when the european union can carry out infringement proceedings against malta or inquiries from the european commission have gone unanswered perform months that it's high time this process is initiated
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a lot of. back in malta many unanswered questions to what extent are the island's leaders engaged in organized crime how credible are the allegations against the government and why was daphne caught a monica leach a killed. at a makeshift memorial outside the courthouse in the capital one of the people paying his respects is. a conservative politician. he was among those who came under heavy criticism by the journalist. she didn't have to die she needn't have died and all of this could have been avoided if the rule of law in our country did not collapse in the way to has such that even scandals as big as panama papers that took people to justice from countries in countries from germany to brazil. where ignored in our country just
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because they involved the top most politicians in our country well definitely exposed for this and she died for it. the allegations are numerous corruption tax havens a refuge for the mafia and seventy thousand offshore companies and the sale of maltese passports many citizens believe the rule of law is on shaky ground along with press freedom back jacob org an investigative journalist worked with for a few years including the panama papers he's still shaken by her death. this is obviously it's going to be like you said it's going to remain at the back of our minds but we can't let it's intimate a person stop us from doing our jobs. these media we need to. people of faith thank you for it in the stories of snow to the best testament. it's unclear whether her killer ever be found many have their doubts but they hope the european union will
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be jolted into action as a consequence of the murder of daphne i don't want to delete you. french president a man who is hosting his egyptian counterpart in paris abdel fattah el-sisi visit has sort of micro under pressure from some human rights groups they've made calls for france to suspend arms exports to egypt over alleged human rights violations by the country's security forces egypt has cracked down on dissent since the ouster of the country's islamist president mohamed morsi in two thousand and thirteen. our correspondent elise a louis is in paris keeping track of the presidential visit he's a human rights was in egypt was on the agenda was that issue raised at the talks between the two presidents. yes it was but it rather like a footnote really the french president my macaw first talked about the strategic
4:41 pm
cooperation between the two countries that he talked about the fight against terrorism and then he said that obviously the fight against terrorism was only would only be effective if there was a stable human rights situation in the country that will not satisfy and geos that have been asking for the country to make an improvement in the human human rights situation at the absolute condition for cooperation between the two countries obviously and the fight on terror was also up for discussion what kind of cooperation is there between france and egypt on this issue. what france has sold more than six billion euros worth of military equipment to egypt over the past few years they sold several rafal fighter jets and mystra warships and then the two governments have carried out joint military exercises earlier this year and a monarch or he said that france would continue to help egypt in the fight against
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terrorism egypt is facing an insurgency specially in the scene i where the local branch of so-called islamic state is fighting against the government so the my my corps has largely talked about this issue and said you know that that that that the government that sounds really needed egypt in this it's actually seen egypt is seen as the last line of defense against terrorism really by many in europe and he's a listen both thank you. and now for business with the van and the importance of r. and d. spending in the world of business thank you and reader i'll start with an example tesla found it on musk is the king of electric cars but the pay pal found it didn't get there by playing it safe he's willing to bet big on research projects and has made a fortune doing so and he's not alone companies across the board upped their spending on new research projects to the tune of seven hundred two billion dollars last year
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leading the pack companies like amazon google parent company alphabet and. they're hoping their moon shot research basically into unproven new technologies might just be the next game changing product and research projects are becoming an ever more important part of company budgets corporations like intel spend as much as a fifth of their entire budgets on research and development. let's talk about this with that from our business desk laws spending on research and development at a record high but is it a gamble for companies or is it a must where does it gamble definitely they are all gambling then but they have to it's what you have to do because we don't know what the future holds no company knows that so as a company they have to just try out new things whether that's technologies whether that is products and some of these things of course might work and others might not but they have to be out there gambling because if they don't do you know what happens when you're not playing you won't win obviously and even when it comes to
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someone like iran musk and trying to get to mars absolutely a lot of people are still laughing at elon musk and his ideas and many of these ideas that iran must has been working on for years many might not lead to anything but some will and those are going to be the important ideas the technologies that lead into the future and people laughed at the i phone and you might even remember people laughed at the idea that at some point everyone will have a computer in their home these were mind boggling ideas way back when and of course it was worth all the spending and all the effort they put in what about g.w. did back in fifth place is is that a good thing for german companies well not really they use only the pac they were a couple spots higher now i got to say it's really difficult here to compare r. and d. spending between let's say high tech companies and bangan auto maker and a pharmaceutical companies that's a little bit comparing apples and oranges but what you can certainly compare is a company's culture when it comes to r. and d. and it seems a little bit that germany has been losing in that particular way
4:45 pm
a lot of the american companies seem to be a lot more out there if you look at specifically volkswagen they think the diesel is still a great technology and of course that's a ludicrous there was a winning strategy for decades but this is not going to be helping them in the future they are now being taken over not only by the car makers but by companies like apple or. that i'm not even in the car business the germans aren't really out there people how can they change that and become winners in r. and d. but i personally think it's two factors that need to work together here you need the companies obviously really to get off the couch they cannot longer rest on their laurels they have to really bring in new ideas and they have to do these investments but you also have the government part they really have to set the infrastructure that even enables r. and d. they have to bring coding to schools new technologies and such things to just get kids ready to work for this company and do the research and development sounds like
4:46 pm
you've done your research labs thanks for coming it's always a pleasure the road to internet access in cuba has been slow and expensive two years ago the socialist government hooked up a tiny share of private households in havana to the world wide web mostly academics scientists and journalists the rest resort to wife i pox public areas that offer internet access there of a four hundred of them on the island but many cubans and happy about that. writing messages and sending photos making phone calls or skype in with friends and relatives in all corners of the globe all of this is now possible in cuba is why five parks prices have dropped from two us dollars to one fifty per hour but that still represents five percent of the average monthly income of just thirty dollars but it's not just the high prices that disturb many cubans. i talk on the phone by
4:47 pm
internet with people about private things and all around people can listen in that it would be nice if privacy could be protected but as long as it's not like that we have to live with what we have but i mean like everything on cuba a little surreal you can really experience the intimate lives of people someone pleading like when are you finally going to send me an invitation or another i miss you my son the whole of cuban life is being played out in this park the exodus of those far away that have left and those that stayed here the whole thing makes me say that you thought i'm going yeah. two years ago the first private broadband network was laid in havana and promises have been made to hook up the entire island by the end of the year but repeated problems mean such a plan is something of a utopia and one many for now at least can still only dream of.
4:48 pm
controversial friend. the last russian zaz affair with a ballerina. in st petersburg last night but the film has angered many russians most of for the orthodox church there which views on nicholas as a saint. now to talk about this is robin merritt from today they have been some a violent protest against his friend did the premier go ahead as planned it did and there was no evidence that it did took place at the magnificent mother in. st petersburg which is the home of the kirov ballet which is where the ballerina matilda actually she was in the care of ballet actually there was no film trade
4:49 pm
there's no posters no indication of a pram it was all private imitation i mean by the way are what's interesting about all this controversy that is nicholas is held in such a steamy even as a saint nowadays but back in ninety nine hundred eighteen as we know from history he and his entire family were brutally murdered by his own countrymen anyway let's find out more about this controversy about the premiere and about the film matilda . tension was high at the premiere one hundred police officers guarded a select audience implementing security measures more typical of an airport many feared an attack since the film's director alexis had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. not affright i hope good sense triumphs and the uproar subsides. the uproar mainly has to do with
4:50 pm
a few sexy that depict a week troops are who's about to lose his turn over a premarital affair with matilda a teenage ballerina. but that's too much for russia's powerful orthodox church which canonized sir nicholas the second in two thousand and. portraying him this way offends the religious sensibilities of the faithful according to russia's parliament the duma. natalia. the duma lawmaker who started the campaign against. it is insults saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship in our family values. used in the order not to cause offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious be willing. some of the offended citizens have seemed inspired by pecans guy his campaign here in the city of you catherine berg one activist drove
4:51 pm
a mini bus loaded with cans of gasoline into a cinema and two cars outside the offices of the director's noir were set on fire in moscow fears of further violence have prompted several cinemas and russia to cancel scheduled screenings of the film regardless of whether matilda will be a financial success it has prompted a discussion about the limits of art and censorship. and he does seem a very interesting film not a german actor. plays nicholas the second he didn't attend the premier did he no he didn't i mean are they is an extraordinary act who throws everything into a performance he's the type of actor who opens himself up completely risks anything very much has the courage of his own convictions but he's known mainly as a stage actor and he's done some problem menacing and full throttle performances to say the least well etree anything he's known perhaps the international audience has
4:52 pm
played a nazi in a baby big b.b.c. series last year and more recently this year in the movie personal shock when i played opposite christensen jewett. anyway he wrote a long letter to the director of the movie and he also sent a video to the premier to say that having received death threats and also being defamed in russia as being and i quote a gay porn actor he decided he wouldn't travel to st petersburg. bruiser. so you're with the two of us. ok but it seems like the film might have trouble finding a big audience involved but what is there well it's going to be released next week here in germany and i think it will find an audience here i think people are interested in the story they're interested in the controversy and of course laws are being as i said he's quite
4:53 pm
a big name here in germany there are no indications at the moment that it's going to be released in english but we'll wait and see. incidentally i wonder actually i think it might well find an audience in russia because of the controversy i'm sure a lot of people want to see it. the problem is there's been as we saw there in that report there's been sort of violence towards cinemas that are saying they're going to show it wait and see but. i think it's a fascinating film it's a fascinating story more on our website of course dot com slash culture and you're definitely going to go see it so my. thank you very much john moe for marketed us for coming in. ok football now and jill incompetence and i think minnows mon devoted are looking to upset as dortmund magdeburg had huge success in decades gone by becoming the only
4:54 pm
east german team to win a european trophy in one thousand nine hundred seventy four but more recently they have dropped down the leagues their current day of recovering in third division but the visit of door one is a chance for them to relive the glory days. faces the game of his career his team welcomes dortmund and while the current legal lead is a clear favorites for the match battle hopes the club can use their underdog status to spring a surprise he went over the first one and nobody expects anything from us we can enjoy this game this is it sold out the floodlights will be a little bit loud in the stadium and the fans will push us on and we've got to take that energy and use it some. mag about it was a footballing powerhouse back in the east german league but those days are long gone now the state of saxony and how it has no teams in the top two legs the game against dortmund is a red chance of footballing glory for the region the tradition started sensational that we've managed to get ourselves
4:55 pm
a game against dortmund we're really excited and there are plenty of other people in saxony and helped her excited. there are last year's opponents aren't in the best of form dormant of taking just one point from their last two league games and continue to disappoint in europe. coach peter bush is frustrated but sees the mark to bear game as a potential turning point and from button hole at the start of the season we scored every half chance now even obama is missing big chances the little things like that decide games. but i'm certain that if we can be back to back tomorrow it will help us in the bundesliga two from. a win from active would be their biggest since their victory over byron in the cup in two thousand and provide the great underdog story of the season. the anti doping agency will investigate allegations of systematic doping in chinese sport during the one nine hundred eighty s. and one thousand ninety's vada responded after former china olympic dr shushan chan
4:56 pm
german media that more than ten thousand chinese athletes have used banned substances the seventy nine year old who seeking asylum in germany claimed athletes as young as eleven were introduced to the english compulsory doping scheme. he was in need of a news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you former german finance minister will function of the is elected as the new president of the bundestag he called on the new parliament to engage in vigorous but civil debate. more news coming up in a few minutes my bad. living
4:57 pm
and facing an uncertain future. the norm ahamed family have left everything behind in myanmar like more than half
4:58 pm
a million on the run into this muslim minority group is increasingly coming under threat in their home by the film crew accompany the family as they fled meum are atrocities against the wrong hands up. close up his genius long d.w. and. the fast pace of life in the digital world. shift as the lowdown on the web that it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. prisons the latest finds. looks over the shoulders of makers and users. forty five minutes. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories there it will get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers
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