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powell his at the end of the day the industry says of course they go where they get their problems solved and that's possible here on site i believe in the us i needed china before i'm french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i love it was my somebody. this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight germany's new parliament convenes the first item of business of keeping the political order and the political peace parliament today
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elected former finance minister votes on short lead to preside over what will likely be some of the stormy debate of right wing populist a if the party was elected to parliament on a promise to disrupt the establishment also coming up calls for an international investigation into the murder of the maltese journalist deafening believe she won praise and criticism for exposing government corruption today the european parliament held a minute of silence to remember her life and her work and at the last russian's ours and for a bit in love the new film matilda tells the story of tsar nicholas the second's affair with a ballerina and it's already sparking a violent reaction. i'm brink off it's good to have you with us germany's newly elected parliament has
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convened for the first time since last month's elections and it promises to be anything but business as usual with the right wing party now represented right there for the first time a one of parliament the boldest tog's first task today was to elect a new parliamentary president. it now falls to parliament's longest serving member to keep things under control with elected president of the understand the politician from chancellor merkel's party called for calm proceedings amid debate and to play by the rules the obvious way we speak to one another can set an example for discourse throughout society. we are not here to beat each other up the new parliament has more members than ever and forty percent of them are newcomers the business friendly f.t.p. is back and the far right a.f.p. is in for the first time under old rules a member of the a.f.p.
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would have opened the first session as the oldest m.p. but this time that role went to a veteran f.t.p. lawmaker the rules on the matter were recently changed which the a.f.d.c. as an affront. this rule student changed in one hundred fifty years of parliamentary history there's only one exception in one thousand nine hundred eighty three it was broken by him and gurgling because as a nazi he wanted to ostracize his political enemies. the first exchanges already proved fiery. if you are seriously comparing yourselves to victims of hermann goering then you've already done your own crudity. both the s.p.d. and the left party are rallying for more open confrontation with the chancellor. the parliament must resume its role as the main stage of political exchange and not t.v. talk shows or one on one interviews from reporters madam chancellor. i think that means that the parties especially the opposition parties can suggest topics here
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that the chancellor might find very unpleasant. but merkel's conservatives and her potential coalition partners rejected that suggestion. yes the right to question must remain an instrument of parliamentary control and not a weapon for the opposition. you want to make a show of us with a history lesson today and we won't allow it each party has a right to the post the far right a f.t. candidate has already been rejected after stating islam is a political ideology and not a religion. are with me now in the studio as our political correspondent kate great kate it's good to have you on the show here let's pick up with short but he really was the the the star of the hour today in this first session how was his speech received i mean why was it so important for him to get this position it was received by the other by the m.p.'s in the parliament today and of course he is one
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of germany's most experienced politicians he's been in politics for decades now and is currently germany's longest serving m.p. so with that kind of experience and all sorts here that's something that he will be able to bring to the role of the bundestag president in the coming months and over the next four years of parliament and of course the main message today i think that he was trying to get across was this idea of retaining respect and decency was two words what cheney repeated several times during that speech and that of course was directed as well at the f.d.a. the ninety two new members of parliament from the far right a day because if we think back to a month ago. which was election law it's right actually four weeks ago today we heard from alexander gowland the co-leader of the f.t. saying that the party was going to hound. parties in parliament and that behavior
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is just not going to be accepted here i mean people all around the world watching this and they may remember our coverage when we had mr gallon saying we were going to. take our country back saying that they wanted to hunt down the german chancellor they wanted to have her prosecuted for her refugee policy i mean these are fighting words that have been thrown into the political discourse now and going short has been elected to basically be the referee in parliament and do you think that his presence in parliament today was reassuring to most members i mean do they have faith that he can make all the parliamentarians behave could make a difference but of course the other n.p.c. the parties also have a role in dealing with it in how they deal with the after they've been there of course one of their concerns is that they don't want it to want parliament to turn into it in the f.t.
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against the five palm and three groups and at the same time they'll be dealing with how much of the city the f.t. has a certain amount of time to voice their opinions in parliament but they'll be wanting to make sure that they're not using that to kind of push any far right ideas which of course ongoing to be aimed at the m.p.'s but the public especially on the line actually i mean there are a lot of new challenges in this new parliament that is for sure keep your political correspondent thank you very much. well the head of the european parliament is calling for an international investigation into the murder of maltese journalist stephanie cutter juana. today the parliament discussed the need to protect journalists and media freedom in malta. work focused on exposing government corruption her family accuses malta's prime minister of being complicit in her
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killing. family members of death need care wanna go in the public gallery of the european parliament. politicians turned and paid their respects. then the parliament observed a minute of silence for the murder journalist. for most parliamentarians though this is not enough. if you have to state that many people in malta no longer trust their government to investigate this murder and x.y. we're calling for an international investigation in malta cannot do this alone too much trust has been lost so we need to know who committed this murder and what that was you can't we hadn't been a stick to him time there is
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a lot to investigate behind the picture postcard setting of malta. that's exactly what daphne kerry wanted to did. her research into corruption letter straight to the top of the government. among others she linked maltese prime minister joseph who scott and his wife to offshore companies and payments from the government of azerbaijan putting was scott front and center in a huge corruption scandal. some european parliamentarians are now not only calling for an investigation they see the rule of law threatened by mafia style practices and one far reaching consequences. personally i'm. and their request of the family that. they say. too much adding to all the others.
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so far this has not been a resigning matter from scott but the murder of the investigative journalist won't be forgotten soon at least not here at the european parliament. because this press room right here where we journalists work and question politicians is now named in her honor daphne carolina. here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world turkey's justice ministry has rejected media reports saying washington denied a turkish delegation travel visas instead the ministry said that it canceled the planned trip to the united states amid a diplomatic spat between the two countries this month both have cut back on issuing visas to each other's citizens. france's president manuel micro-loan has hosted his egyptian counterpart. c.z.
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for talks in paris rights groups had urged the french president to address alleged human rights violations by egypt's security forces but at a joint press conference mr declined to criticize as he sees record saying he had no wish to hand out lessons without taking context into account. a government has shot and wounded a bodyguard to kenya's a deputy chief justice in nairobi the judge seen here philomena. was not in the car at the time police are treating the incident as a robbery but an investigation is ongoing the incident comes two days before kenya is due to hold a repeat presidential election. a u.s. senator has accused president de basing the country it is the latest round in a feud between the president and republican senator bob corker corker accused mr drum of bullying name calling and he said that donald trump would leave behind
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a legacy of division. the argument began when corker a lawmaker from the state of tennessee said on n.b.c.'s today program that the president should stay out of congress his way as it plans new tax reforms saying that was quote the best way to have success later on he was more direct accusing mr trump of spreading truths. let's take a listen to part of what senator bob corker had to say today i think. standing up in front of the american people and stating untruths that everybody knows to be untrue and just you know for young people to be watching not only here in our country but. around the world someone of this. mentality or wound he was and the present united states is something that is i think the basing to our country look i have seen no evolution and upward why am i
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use matter of fact i would say it appears to me that. it's almost the moment watch the evolving politics losing its prehensile. well trump has responded the president of course is not known for taking criticism lying down and he hit back on his favorite social media platform corker he tweeted couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee now he tweeted that before going on to criticize the senator's role in the iran nuclear deal which the u.s. recently threatened to withdrawal from senator corker he hit back describing president trump as utterly untruthful and using the hash tag the daycare staff to imply childishness on the president's part but mr trump one of the last word referring to the senator as little bob corker he said that other countries have taken advantage of the u.s. while corker served as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee.
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and this story is getting longer legs by the hour we want to go down to our washington correspondent i really need two more good evening to you carlino another republican senator has joined in the criticism of trump tell us about that. exactly brand we are already seeing some of the consequences upon the for donald trump and now another republican senate are deflate has announced that he's not going to run again for senate in the midterm elections in november next year that means he has nothing to lose just like corker was also retiring from senate also flake from very clear and hard warts against the president of the united states and he said one must be unafraid to speak out loud because the future of the country depends on it and donald trump's a conduct is a dangerous to the country as we know also senator john mccain will retire from senate because of health reasons and in the past he also has criticized the
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president donald trump mccain say donald trump is poorly informed and impulsive also i asked yesterday on a way of or there was a relationship between him and cain and the president mccain answered almost known so with flake friends and this is very important and mccain uncork are there already three senators of the republican party have found very clear words against a whole tribe attacking the president also personally as for seeing peak of the starting of a rebellion in the republican party is interesting the republican senators feel that they can speak freely when they're not up for reelection earlier. this is before it's in a deflate spoke i asked you if donald trump would be able to just brush this all what do you think now. well this shows again that the republican party is a very divided probably more deep right isn't ever it is not only
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a war of war but it is becoming a civil war within the republican party on the one side we see the nationalist populist movement that supported donald trump during his campaign because of his promises and on the other hand we can see the traditional conservative republicans who might not be hundred percent trump supporters but they were hoping to get their agenda through with donald trump as president and these are the ones who are starting to get loud with their critics against arnold tram experts have also come in and hear that there might be other senators and other congressman who think this way about donald trump but they would not dare to speak out or corresponding to religion in washington we're going to be speaking with you again on the day about this developing story so really you think you are. well after much anticipation and protest a controversial film about the last russian tsar is due for release this week the
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movie tells the true story of tsar nicholas the second and his affair with a polish ballerina called matilda but it's angered hard why nationalists and russian orthodox christians who view this are as a saint as the love story makes its debut a series of violent incidents targeting filmmakers has russia on edge. tension was high at the premiere one hundred police officers guarded a select audience implementing security measures more typical of an airport many feared an attack since the film's director alexis had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. yeah i'm not afraid i hope good sense triumphs and the up bro subsides. the uproar mainly has to do with a few sex scenes that depict a week down troops are who's about to lose his job over a premarital affair with matilda the teenage ballerina. but that's too much for
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russia's powerful orthodox church which canonized sir nicholas the second in two thousand. portraying him this way offends the religious sensibilities of the faithful the court into russia's parliament the duma. natalya sky and the duma lawmaker who started the campaign against matilda. and is insult saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship our family values. news in the order not to cause offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious feelings. some of the offended citizens have seemed inspired by his campaign here in the city of you can't i remembered one octave. drove a minibus loaded with cans of gasoline into a cinema and two cars outside the offices of the director's lawyer were set on fire
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in moscow fears of further violence have prompted several cinemas and russia to cancel scheduled screenings of the film regardless of whether matilda will be a financial success it has prompted a discussion about the limits of art and censorship. you're watching e.w. news live from berlin still to come the olympic torch for the eighteenth winter games has been lit we'll take a look at the traditional ceremony in olympia in greece the birthplace of the olympics. all right we're going to go to greece where we're going to go over here to the other death grip tell it all for business news we're going to take a look at who is riding high on wall street any season has just opened brad let's take a look at some of the big numbers then the big winners with general motors shares of the call make a surge to a record high off to post a two and a half billion dollar pretax profit and reaffirmed an upbeat full year earnings
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forecast when g.m. reported a net accounting also to charges related to the sale of its european operations cost cutting effet and a shift to higher margin trucks and s.u.v.s have boosted the company's performance . and we can check in with what else is moving on wall street now with our financial correspondent yes court against caterpillar or so reporting today is a company that's often seen as a bellwether for global business so how's it looking. well it looks like caterpillar and for your drop of revenue and in the past quarter they easily wall street expectations and the good news so to speak as they see growth all over the globe for example construction in china helped quite a bit but also here in the u.s. and also in canada where there was energy prices coming back the gas and oil
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industry is investing heavier than in the past and that's also an area where caterpillar is profiting from sort of bottom line as the numbers of caterpillar grows not just in the usa but old saw all over the globe rather interesting me. not the tech sector moving the markets so much for once explain that development to us. you know we see a certain sector rotation here on wall street for most of the year we had those big tech names like emin's and. facebook netflix actually driving stocks higher but now we see this rotation into financial stocks and also into some industrial heavyweights the like caterpillar as we've just talked about or also three m. three m. and caterpillar alone here on tuesday were responsible for got good one hundred
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points to drive the dow jones industrial average to new records but now the focus will be again on technology companies we will get earnings results from microsoft from intel from google and also from amazon all on thursday after hours and it probably will also depend on those numbers if we can continue this breast taking a really new high here on wall street the dow jones industrial average almost twenty states twenty three thousand five hundred forty absolutely incredible and our man on wall street yang scotia thank you very much. in poland young doctors in the southern province of man want to us set to go on strike tomorrow over their working conditions unless it's an emergency they'll be taking part in a so-called doctor free day calling for better conditions and wages. these young doctors are hungry and tired they haven't eaten in days in protest of the working
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conditions in polish hospitals they say the country doesn't spend enough on health care with just under five percent of g.d.p. going to health care poland lags behind the world health organizations recommendation of six percent now for one day doctors in poland model polska province only offering emergency services. were grateful that the patients will not be harmed every doctor will be able to choose how to support the protests but we're seeing a reaction among the public. earlier this month doctors demonstrated outside government buildings in warsaw they believe the government's plan to raise health care spending to six percent of g.d.p. by twenty twenty five isn't enough but a calling for an increase to almost seven percent if we only wanted to fight for our wages we wouldn't be here but many polish doctors have left the country for better wages and working conditions more than two thousand now work in germany so
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the polish government's response could have a major effect on the future of medical care in poland. now the european parliament has called for the controversial weed kid i'd like to say to be phased out in the next five years and that prompted the european commission to drop its proposal for a ten year license extension of life is it's most frequently used as the most frequently used heaviside on the continent while you authorities have deemed it safe for humans to consume the world health organization says it could cause cancer a special committee is set to discuss the issue on wednesday. laura negations of massive drug taking now brant that's exactly right telling the the world anti-doping agency will investigate allegations of systematic doping in chinese sport during the one nine hundred eighty s. in the one nine hundred ninety s. it comes after the former china olympic dr shu a un xiang told german media that more than ten thousand chinese athletes had used
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banned substances the seventy nine year old who was seeking asylum here in germany claimed athletes as young as eleven were introduced to the alleged compulsory doping scheme all right in baseball these sports biggest showpiece the world series is about to start the l.a. dodgers and houston astros lock horns with both aiming to end long droughts in the major leagues fabled best of seven slugfest. that bats are ready for the fall classic the astros are seeking their first championship in franchise history while the dodgers are hoping to end a twenty nine year drought fans are psyched after and a seven in one record in the playoffs. and either way twenty nine who. i was twelve when they won it in eighty eight so it's been a while can't wait for the dodgers will be relying on pitcher click in kershaw
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who's determined to claim his first world series ring. good to say we're going to the world series a pretty special thing and we've had a few days now to let that sink in and now we're you know we're not satisfied with that now we've got to celebrate and got to enjoy it and now. now it's real you know now you've got it we have an opponent we have four more games to win astro's manager a.j. pinches wary of kershaw but knows his team has what it takes to win the best of seven series there's a lot of things tilted in his favor but we're not going to back down we're not afraid of them we're not going to we're not going to concede anything because we've we got a pretty good team on our own side fans may want to put on their latest gear with temperatures of thirty seven degrees celsius expected for tuesday's opening game it will be hot all right down to olympia greece there the torch has been lit for the eighteenth winter games in young ching south korea thousands attended the ceremony under cloudy skies in what was once the home of ancient greece is games the flame
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will begin its journey east later today and it's due to be handed over to korean organizers on november first one hundred days before the games begin. and here's a reminder the top story we're following for you germany's new parliament has opened with a new president on shore blood is a likely to oversee some stormy debates in the new assembly with a right wing populist party joining proceedings for the first time in decades. you're watching the news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day.
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are brought to life. maybe the stories there will get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers. what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution and the people. not to the russian or revolutionary. to. the real starting october twenty fifth d. w. . two houses of the people on different sides of the atlantic both political sure is threatened by eroding respect for truth compromise and civility tonight the u.s. congress and the german batista leading democracies are they still leading the.


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