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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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it brought forth a ripple said nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does freshest stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on the double. this is d w news live from berlin germany's new parliament has met for the first time today and all i was were on the populist a if deep part it's the first time in decades that a far right party has made it into the bowl in this dog and the atmosphere inside
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is already tense also coming up you know you would think he would aspire to to be the president united states in an act like a present united states but you know that's just not going to be the case apparently and a republican senator led solution on donald trump and the president fires back we'll have the latest on the latest spat on capitol hill and the last russian tsars of for business the new film matilda tells the story of czar nicholas of the seconds affair with a ballerina and it's already sparking a violent reaction. i bring it's good to have you with us germany's a newly elected parliament has convened for the first time since last month's elections and it promises to be anything but business as usual with the right wing
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party now represented right there for the first time there that they're not the only new faces in parliament take a look. a quick glance at the faces of germany's new parliament before twenty four year old philip torre set off for his very first session as an m.p. . this is a very exciting and moving moment the first session of the been this tiger something very special the overall situation today is great it's just a pity that this momentous event has been spoiled by small mindedness in certain quarters. he's referring to some actions by the opposition the far right populist party in the parliament for the first time has already tried to change some of the rules the s.p.d. has also vowed to be feisty in opposition. your politics to your way of doing politics ms merkel is one reason why we know have a right wing populist party in parliament. that party the a.f.d.
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was the focus of much attention a veteran lawmaker open to the parliamentary session with a call for mutual respect. i caution against creating any special rules against excluding or stigmatizing anyone we all have the same mandate the same rights and the same duties. the newly elected parliamentary president previously germany's finance minister said debate and dissent are central to parliamentary democracy. right we must debate according to the rules that involves a willingness to respect democratic procedures and not to denounce majority decisions resulting from such procedures as a legitimate or a some kind of betrayal. or. a large majority voted against the candidate for vice president of parliament who has faced criticism for remarks about islam some see the party's choice as
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a tactical ploy. i think the f.t. wants to play the victim here putting him forward as a candidate was just a pretext. the german parliament's opening session may well be a taste of more clashes to come. with me now in the studio as our political correspondent kate brady kate it's good to have you on the show here let's pick up with what's going short but he really was the the the star of the hour today in this first session. how was his speech received i mean why was it so important for him to get this position it was received very well by the by the m.p.'s in the parliament today and of course he is one of germany's most experienced politicians he's been in politics for decades now and he's currently germany's longest serving m.p. so with that kind of experience and all thora to that's something that he will be
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able to bring to the role of the bundestag president in the coming months and over the next four years of calm and and of course the main message today i think that he was trying to get across was this idea of retaining respect and decency was two words which he repeated several times during that speech and that of course was directed as well at the day the ninety two new members of parliament from the far right a day because if we think back to a month ago. which was election law it's right actually four weeks ago today we heard from alexander gowland the co-leader of the f.t. saying that the party was going to hound you know the parties in palm and that behavior is just not going to be accepted yeah i mean i think people around the world one thing this and they may remember our coverage when we had mr gallon saying we were going to take our country back saying that they wanted to hunt down the german chancellor they wanted to have
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a prosecuted for her refugee policy i mean these are fighting words that have been thrown into the political discourse now and both going short blood has been elected to basically be the referee in parliament and do you think that his presence in parliament today was. reassuring to most members i mean do they have faith that he can make all the parliamentarian's behave. could make a difference but of course the other n.p.c. of the parties also have a role in dealing with it in how they deal with the after. of course one of their concerns is that they don't want to touch want parliament to turn into the f.d.a. against the other five. and at the same time they'll be dealing with how much of the city the f.t. has a certain amount of time to voice their opinions in parliament but they'll be wanting to make sure that they're not using that to kind of push any far right ideas
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which of course ongoing to be aimed. at the public especially online and actually i mean there are a lot of new challenges in this new parliament that is for sure keep radio political correspondent thank you very much a u.s. senator has accused the president trumbull of the debasing the country it is the latest round in a feud between the president and republican senator bob corker accused mr trump of bullying name calling and he said that donald trump would leave behind a legacy of division the argument began when corker a lawmaker from the state of tennessee said on n.b.c.'s today program that the president should stay out of congress's way as it plans new tax reform saying that was the best way to have success later on he was more direct accusing mr trump of spreading untruths take a listen to what senator bob corker had to say. look i think the standing up in
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front of the american people and stating untruths that everybody knows to be untrue and just you know for young people to be watching not only here in our country but . around the world someone of this. mentality or. present united states is something that is i think the basing to our country look i have seen no evolution an upward way i mean he's matter of fact i would say it appears to me that. it's almost the moment devolving truck responded in the president is not known for taking a criticism wind down he hit back on his favorite social media platform tweeting that corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee the president went on to tweet before going on to criticize the senator's role in the iran nuclear deal
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which the u.s. recently as you may know threatened to withdraw from senator corker hit back at that describing president trump as utterly untruthful and using the hash tag award the day care staff to imply childishness on the president's part but mr trump he wanted the last word in referring to the senator as little bob corker he said that other countries had taken advantage of the u.s. while corker served as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. and this story is getting a longer legs by the hour we're going to go down to our washington correspondent for more good evening to you carlino another republican senator has joined in the criticism of trump tell us about that. exactly brant we are already seeing some of the consequences apparently for donald trump and now another republican senate are deflate has announced that he's not going to run again for senate in the midterm elections in november next year that means he
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has nothing to lose just like corker was also retiring from senate also flake from very clear and hard words against the president of the united states he said one must be unafraid to speak out loud because the future of the country depends on it and donald trump's conduct is a dangerous to the country as we know also senator john mccain will retire from senate because of health reasons and in the past he also has criticized the president donald trump mccain say donald trump is poorly informed and impulsive also i asked yesterday on a waiver there was a relationship between him and cain and the president mccain answered almost known so with flake friends and this is very important and mccain uncork are there already three senators of the republican party have found very clear words against a whole tribe attacking the president also personally as for seeing peak of the
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starting of a rebellion in the republican party is interesting the republican senators feel they can speak freely when they're not up for reelection earlier. this is the fortunate deflate spoke i asked you if donald trump would be able to just brush this all what do you think now. well this shows again that the republican party is a very divided probably more deep right isn't ever it is not only a war of war but it is becoming a civil war within the republican party on the one side we see the nationalist populist movement that supported donald trump during his campaign because of his promises and on the other hand we can see the traditional conservative republicans who might not be hundred percent trump supporters but they were hoping to get their agenda through with donald trump as president and these are the ones who are starting to get louder with their critics against arnold tram experts have also
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come in and hear that there might be other senators and other congressman who think this way about donald trump but they would not dare to speak a lot over the corresponding to really mitchell in washington we're going to be speaking with you again on the day about this developing story so really you you think. well after much anticipation and protest a controversial film about the last russian tsar is due for release this week the movie tells the true story of tsar nicholas the second in his affair with a polish ballerina called matilda but it's angered a hardline nationalist and russian orthodox christians who view the czar as a saint as the love story makes its debut a series of violent incidents targeting filmmakers has russia on edge. tension was high at the premiere one hundred police officers guarded a select audience implementing security measures more typical of an airport many
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feared an attack since the film's director alexis had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. yeah i'm not afraid i hope good sense triumphs and the process of sides. the uproar mainly has to do with a few sex scenes that depict a week down troops are who's about to lose his turn over a premarital affair with matilda a teenage ballerina. but that's too much for russia's powerful orthodox church which canonized sir nicholas the second in two thousand. portraying him this way offends the religious sensibilities of the faithful according to russia's parliament the duma. natalia. the duma lawmaker who started the campaign against matilda. and is insult saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship our family values. news in the order not to cause
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offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious feelings. some of the offended citizens have seemed inspired by his campaign here in the city of you can to remember one activist drove a mini bus loaded with. of gasoline into a cinema and two cars outside the offices of the director's lawyers were set on fire in moscow fears of further violence have prompted several cinemas and russia to cancel scheduled screenings of the film regardless of whether mattel that will be a financial success it has prompted a discussion about the limits of art and censorship. football now and in the second round of the german cup there were no up said so on tuesday night as all six top flight teams won their games and mocked a book dortmund cruised a big three thanks to
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a goal from gonzalo castro in the forty first minute the midfielder with a half volley from close range after alexander knocked the ball down to his feet and two minutes after the restart got one of his adult men went on to score if the room or on their way to a five nil success there you go you're up to date with the news live from berlin or back at the top of the hour with more in the sea of the. gulf by the sea. all the dams wally's and cost.


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