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they exist around the world to. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global i.d.s. . canst living in the digital age. coming up the best cities for startups and unconventional sales up and museums with virtual art but first.
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winning votes on the internet these days election campaigning also happens online political parties use social media to try and sway voters but are people's decisions actually influenced this way. germany's green party coordinated strategies for their most recent election campaign here at the headquarters in berlin in the final weeks before the election the party. line advertising about half of their total advertising budget went towards online promotion. led the digital election campaign the last forecasts before the vote predicted a huge loss for his party. in the week before the election we managed to achieve considerable exposure and presence for the greens on social media and on the net in general so that's all and i think this last minute swing. the difference between
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the last polls before the election and the actual election results definitely had something to do with increased exposure. to. the green party won slightly more votes than they did in twenty thirteen they're now poised to be potential coalition partners is this success the result of online campaigning political consultant johan is here yet is skeptical. that's what. we have so far about the effect of digital campaigning is that it's very disappointing for political parties invest a lot of money in it but the impact is dubious minnes and survival after. supporting that opinion a study from the us reports that only one out of two hundred fifty facebook users is influenced by election advertisements the direct interaction is much more successful one out of every fourteen voters can apparently be convinced so knocking on doors may still be necessary but for this election it was given a modern day twist. this year parties used the old fashioned method of door to door
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canvassing much more effectively and inevitably. in the data analysis we used to find out where they had to go which towns and which neighborhoods to reach the right people. to do that the c.d.u. the party of chancellor angela merkel used an app the public's responses were digitally recorded to create a general profile the green party also created a voting map to show the past results according to constituency. this is a tool for internal mobilization door to door canvassing people who hang out posters could use it to see exactly where the greatest potential was. it's a way to round up votes on the street and on social media the right wing populist party is especially popular on facebook its official fan page has more than three hundred eighty thousand followers. much more than any other party. leader of the
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liberal f.d.p. party also has a considerable online presence he seeks to engage directly with his followers the campaign to are also featured plenty of selfies and videos. but can young voters really be reached on line. stuff from facebook didn't influence may have this i already have an idea about who i want to vote for and who i don't. even know online campaigning has never significantly influenced an election year how does he thinks political parties won't be able to escape social media. the longer social media as long as social media remains an important method of communication and still influences daily interaction it will also be important for political communication you have to take your message where the people are. currently that's on the big social networks like facebook twitter and instagram facebook or twitter
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instagram. all of the parties still have a lot to learn before they can thrive in the digital age. shift as better strategy is needed. and now it's time for the share to ranking the most attractive cities for startups. in fifth place the swedish capital the viking era is long gone today ideas are forged here the study comes from nest pick an aggregator website for apartment rentals they investigated the startup ability of hundreds of cities the criteria included income social services and quality of life. for its high pace of cash for an extra portion of meatballs. is goes to. sitting in a cafe and working away on projects that typical startup picture the german capital is a cheap city to. and it gives every business idea
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a chance. coming into san francisco not just for hippies but also a huge number of startups that make sense not only are silicon valley nearby networking can be this much fun everywhere. second place helsinki for small finnish capital has around five hundred startups maybe that's because employees here get so many vacation days it gives them time to glance up at the northern lights much nicer than working. and taking the top spot singapore the asian metropolis the start ups are rising like skyscrapers and there must be no lack of staff if they stop the training this young. ranking are now. telling shopping for smartphones online shoppers can choose from a wide array of platforms but a business woman in berlin is trying to jazz things up with
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a new app work has been praised as colorful loud and outrageous. in the film no this is not a music video that you're dancing guys are trying to sell something and this time it's that stylish pink t. shirt. by that you. may be a little bit to this video it's really funny. you press ahead. fortunately it's sold out so it's a very funny video to. mine teachers. from berlin offers second hand clothes and original creation plus it tells a story in the process melanie moore created the app and twenty sixteen as a mix of a snap chat and you tube. we saw how she. and
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teenagers in particular use their mobile phones how they create videos on snap chat instagram and so on and then i thought this is how telly shopping should look before shopping all seem. like this eighteen year old who calls himself the prince of passion targets the age group fourteen to twenty two. years from now i think as you see i still have one sweater from the first collection you can have it be quicker. the app works like this users can record videos and choose music themselves and then apply virtual stickers sales video done. gay is aimed at both businesses and private sellers there are bigger brands on the platform but most users are young people over fourteen. and have been. thrilled by the entrepreneurial spirit that these teenagers have
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spirit. and how we already have friends on our platform that have fifteen year olds as the c.e.o. . to shift their form from stillness. is funded by investors melanie moore won them over with her business idea. so far neither individuals nor businesses have to pay a fee and the shopping app is free to download. so if you're feeling the urge to sell a thing or two why not get involved. it's a fun way to shop online. short and sweet for shifts snapshots. riding a motorcycle without a helmet that's not cool and this model can do more than just protect your. head
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the cross helmet connects to your smartphone a built in camera works as a real view mirror so the writer always has a full view. japanese company developers martel went and it's finance five a crowdfunding platform kickstarter. you can access the most important features of a smartphone with gestures and voice commands like answering calls listening to music and navigating the roads that is visible through the integrated display in the helmet but don't get distracted. the smart helmet can even minimize surrounding noise but at fifteen hundred euros it doesn't come cheap. that was the snapshot do you want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d w digital. you'll find out all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even tutorials and of course all of that shift a reporter there to. like us post your comments give us your opinions and d.-w.
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digital. as always we've shipped through the exit internet find of the week today alone in the museum. you have to be really quiet or the unusual shapes will disappear again three d. illustrator jack sacks makes colorful figures wander through the tate britain museum. past the english animated taken to many psychedelic mushrooms and where else do all the cabbage heads come from there's just no end. to. the old man did reality trip through the old london museum is full of surprises.
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british powered person would have been thrilled with all those likes. going up next week. you normally find birds tweeting in the branches but now a belgian researcher is getting the trees themselves on twitter plans are fitted with sensors to get more information about the effects of climate change tweeting for science next week on shift. that. money can buy you love. you. can in german spend two hundred forty million euros a year in search of a partner. and thirty percent of them now find their partner online.
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the business of love of our special focus on made in germany thirty minutes. why. does a plastic model turn into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea kill working anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other to go in africa buy a magazine. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events.
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and d.-w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. or have you found a domain site send us a picture that shows d w in your room you could learn a great price go to d w dot com travel quiz. for custody in the way they start to divide the country you need to deal with where they start to divide the language blood will flow for growth. ninety nine the soviet union is breaking apart but not that night but everyone knew the decision would seal everyone's face or get us there and get my side. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically
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and economically with the love so it was an incredibly difficult task to not miss and that should give back this democracy was a license for the elections were a fraud privatization was robbery or worse instead of cultivating its culture its roots in language it brought forth the repulsive nationalism thanks the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on d w. a republican senator has launched a scathing attack on u.s. president donald trump as he.


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