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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2017 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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action in jerusalem einstein gave the piece of handwritten advice to a japanese bellboy in one nine hundred twenty two after the genius scientist realized he had no money on hand for a chip. polish doctors take to the streets to demand higher pay and better working conditions the government has offered to increase spending on the health sector but medical professionals say it's still not enough. and wouldn't it be frustrating if you always have to go to a special wife i park to go on line that's how it is for most. this is your business update i'm helena humphrey in berlin thanks for joining me in poland the young doctors in the southern province of manuel pasta a set to go on strike on wednesday over their working conditions unless it's an emergency they'll be taking part in a so-called doctor free day calling for better conditions and higher wages.
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these young doctors are hungry and tired they haven't eaten in days in protest of the working conditions in polish hospitals they say the country doesn't spend enough on health care with just under five percent of g.d.p. going to health care poland lags behind the world health organization's recommendation of six percent now for one day doctors in poland's model polska province only offering emergency services. were grateful that the patients will not be harmed every doctor will be able to choose how to support the protests but we're seeing a reaction among the public. earlier this month doctors demonstrated outside government buildings in warsaw they believe the government's plan to raise health care spending to six percent of g.d.p. by twenty twenty five isn't enough but i had a calling for an increase to almost seven percent if we only wanted to fight for
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our wages we wouldn't be here but many polish doctors have left the country for better wages and working conditions more than two thousand no work in germany so the polish government's response could have a major effect on the future of medical care in poland. well the season has started on wall street and the solid numbers have pushed the dow to a new record high among the witness general motors shares of the comic or so to another record high after it posted two and a half billion dollar pretax profit and reaffirmed an upbeat full year earnings forecast for g.m. of course the next accounting loss due to charges related to the sale of its european operations cost cutting efforts in the shift to higher margin trucks and s.u.v.s have boosted the company's performance. and we can check in with what else is moving on wall street now with our financial correspondent yeah and court against caterpillar or so reporting today is a company that's often seen as
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a bellwether for global business so how's it looking. well it looks like caterpillar and for your drop of revenue and in the past quarter they easily wall street expectations and the good news so to speak as they see growth all over the globe for example construction in china helped quite a bit but also here in the u.s. and also in canada where there was energy prices coming back the gas and oil industry is investing heavier than in the past and that's also an area where caterpillar is profiting from sort of bottom line as the numbers of caterpillar grows not just in the usa but old saw all over the globe rather interesting me. not the tech sector moving the markets so much for once explain that development to
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us. you know we see a certain sector rotation here on wall street for most of the year we had those big tech names like amazon google facebook netflix actually driving stocks higher but now we see this it would take into financial stocks and also in industrial heavyweights and like caterpillar as we've just talked about or also three m. as three m. and caterpillar alone here on tuesday were responsible for got a good one hundred points to drive the dull jones industrial average to new records but no the focus will be again on technology companies we will get earnings results from microsoft from intel from google and also from amazon all on thursday after hours and it probably will also depend on those numbers if we can continue this
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breast taking a really new high here on wall street the dow jones industrial average almost twenty eight spends twenty three thousand five hundred points salute incredible all men all of wall street yes quarter thank you very much. if you work in a small medium sized enterprise here in germany your job looks fairly safe for the time being the country's economy has always relied on highly specialized small and medium sized firms in fact have long been referred to as the backbone of the german economy and i was study has confirmed that the role they play in the country's economic health is more vital than ever. a new study from the german development bank has shown that sales from german s.-a m.-e. companies like this manufacturer of specialized pumps rose steeply yet again in twenty sixteen they were up by nearly four percent to four and a half trillion euros that's the strongest growth for five years unlike in the past however much of that growth is being powered by domestic demand rather than exports
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and in a kind of feedback loop domestic demand is in turn being driven by excellent employment figures as the middle east and companies hire more staff to cope with rising orders at the end of august germany's federal employment agency announced that only around two point five million people are currently looking for work pushing the unemployment rate to the lowest level since german reunification more than twenty five years ago we are paying parliament has called for the controversial weed killer of life a state to be phased out in the next five years that prompted the european commission to drop its proposal for a ten year ny since extension its life a state is most frequently is the most frequently used decide on the continent while your forties have deemed it safe for humans to consume while health organization says it could cause cancer a special committee is set to discuss the issue on wednesday. now we all know
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that fighting climate change means limiting the amount of harmful emissions in most cases that means looking to win you over energy instead but sometimes in industry there is no getting away from the fact that carbon dioxide does and up being produced so a company in the german city of tyson has come up with a way to turn that c o two into an eco friendly if you. steel plants amid huge quantities of carbon dioxide but a new technique promises to turn the potential pollutant into a source of clean fuel. some fire a company in dresden has developed a way of using that otherwise harmful gas to produce an eco friendly fluid called blue crude. on its own it's already an alternative to fossil fuel. but a further steps can produce other products like diesel or aviation fuel.
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a day's will is a synthetic fuel which hardly has any emissions it's a groundbreaking but there are concerns as keep crafter. there are concerns from some porters that are proving our kind of fuel would hamper the development of immobility. we don't believe that we believe both can be used alongside each other . but as long as something one hampers the other then it will be extremely difficult to succeed with this technology. to shape or to exclaim share your photos on. a process known as electrolysis allow surplus electricity from renewable sources to be transformed into a synthetic fuel. synthetic fuels like a diesel don't require new infrastructure tanks and gas stations and conventional internal combustion engines can continue to be used. these workers interest and are
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hoping someday to mass produce a diesel in places like norway such a breakthrough would take their electrolysis process into the real world. the road to internet access in cuba has been slow and expensive two years ago the socialist government hooked up a tiny share of private households in havana to the world wide web mostly academics scientists and journalists the rest stand up using wife i pox public areas that offer internet access and over four hundred on the island that many cubans on happy about it. writing messages and sending photos making phone calls or skype in with friends and relatives in all corners of the globe all of this is now possible in cuba is why fight parks prices have dropped from two us dollars to one fifty per hour but that still represents five percent of the average
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monthly income of just thirty dollars but it's not just the high prices that disturb many cubans. i talk on the phone by internet with people about private things and all around people can listen in that it would be nice if privacy could be protected but as long as it's not like that we have to live with what we have but i mean like everything on cuba a little surreal you can really experience the intimate lives of people someone pleading like when are you finally going to send me an invitation or another i miss you my son the whole of cuban life is being played out in this park the exodus of those far away that have left and those that stayed here the whole thing makes me sad that you are going yeah. two years ago the first private broadband network was laid in havana and promises have been made to hook up the entire island by the end of the year but repeated
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problems mean such a plan is something of a utopia and one many for now at least can still only dream on. that's what you're up to they were they just wrong the walled off business from or find us on facebook follow us on twitter w underscore business i'm there as well head in the see how free is my thanks for watching right now here's a look at the well pockets.
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