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tv   Doc Film - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon Part 2  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2017 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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three night groups starting november third on d w. climate change. waste. pollution say. isn't it time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman to for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in the spine which other. people in africa the farming magazine. long d w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming going doing that. now with us our innovations magazine for asia . every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com
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science and research forty shot. was. on a must have been the unit for and. i'm going to give you poison in my eyes the if i am done if. that's the buying given poison in my eyes the fact i know for his bit that i think this if i knew. what was in my best as it has been morning then with the by his guns a muse on me he's against me as it is it's too bad. he's all of this so what is the fun about soy as afforded able move the woman to be his. they're going
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to tolerate it if you can still be muslim and. everybody have a dream and you don't need to sell your dreams. no son. yet. that was a boy that was why i'm soon. enough make.
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the base with all of it so we have the best minds like life you know let's listen if you can by the way that the power of the system. my own. fault because i got from all of them with me i was power was the first thing off but me was common and as i was often said that everest the science of work and all the will be witnessed in. pam on and on then fine by me i must be honest going and this is covered ski lifts i'm thinking of us. he pam on and this is a song. from ask. it in i'm sure. many will. follow champions league sega best now on that
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this is song of somalia as event does the playing it is. and it mentions then and they make and this minute hot as it doesn't see it but become. a sort of new tool and that's just one young man's obsession of history i can come up this. you all or your. oil or. what i must have and more and see if i have the funds for the o.r. and out of a position to just how to save it i didn't know that united. need the automatic when joe was his deed and the minute tommy and the money eleven haven't.
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given only eleven of how they could let them have a time. machine with. one opening shot of course in the end. the whole full blown war and no we didn't win the game because we have one chance since we don't need to do if we were in control of the op you ought to all you if you'll know how
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or who. is the. first. one to. come to it is new for us the boots want. it's the time. to think you can i think it's not just night it was nice to see. lots of enzymes and i don't want to get the number to just a dozen of them like i fast company. company stuff this wasn't a book. thing i can i.
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let you know what since that day and i want the game. i decided not to watch the game. anytime i want the game my heart feels. as i'm a kind if you know i was a young mind if i get mad and if made as she's. new in the know in sixth album and i threw it. in so i. cry i mean would.
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you. be up for five months of i foresaw. conceive of an i was in the stars and. the whole in flight because it's not but is a mantra of. noisy fear he says and then why isn't phonology sudden violent it out almost all of what i'm happy and why until eight so was it here kind of an. old we're a god was perceived as a. nation it does if you are in the caribbean in that movie and she must sing and a dad are going to steal a. spirit had done that or so and get shot. he had them it's. only. my choice.
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to. spike up not deep down it's good to be a does he have it set by the kind of didn't take him. back in power but as you kind of.
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speed. i have learned. from a funny thanks again from. mine and i think about. some of supply and. demand the. chance for. people. in brazil in the americas. in fencing is not.
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only anything. the most special. shaft minus minus stands because. the wind. yes the speeding in how they have been probing canadian how they have put up machine forms. this in. the one the incidence. shown. sitting talking is for the people. so if you don't have the system give my dog your source and try to speak dog associates and then finale. and.
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teatime can sing the samples received. he. was pleased. to have done my own. song and i'm not. even forty sniffy to she's. it's a guy was a see it it was a way it's called copy tape oath if you wish to live and yet if it were. the old. if back. yesterday was the sixty erstad mark you know how it's time to go for good shit see you at fifty five. they can talk.
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to you or your car. or to see you if you see traffic see your doctor see. if. you have this. get through one of them plots. you know. it's this. device for it being on side only because it's meant to last so long on one c four. of us they see it seem via sharp. normally the hardest thing here get on. a fence for media.
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so i'd like to be to be civil. so i got. home like he thought i did endorse it and i can talk so i've. learned not. to cause passed so you i didn't cause. you to go there almost cussed out. what i think of the. concept. when you john thought. this was
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a classic not just that. we're. doing there. but to this. getting. i get them all. they need to made me. they want all of them more because i need ties now as are the eyes of the telecast going to die while they did jim then by all but they did their team with a sort of all come of the many of them in our. up going on. by taking a hike yeah it's a pull. it out your ass see you are going out there and show up there they don't
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know that they're looking over any how did they fare the symbiote off on me or. on this one that they hear. the russian by this. saw. me. twenty. me not about me. let's see. now they're not jewish study they didn't like it and i got is it going to seem as if i'm good like this and i mean no i mean the money was going. for a. very important us did you have his spirit not to move again.
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yes look look look look. good richard you know get out on monday you've. made it up again it's going to. sit in a muscular feel a little bit. as i go but even more needs and i'm there with a good book. one of those qualities to be going to be and i get to feel mrs penhallow we're going to if you happen to be in the yeah. but don't call
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them what just it was or not feel. bad on this i'm going by you know they don't know about the idea. that i can still go out of the mouth. about a feeling that one day i was without it up. for a while and i go but i'm going to be so nice i'm feeling. and i just demanded that . has been you know the families. are going to do. i said you do look a. bit out of it is that in this by now but if you're gonna do it it kind of can be done there that i'm by and they've been. siegel coming in and i'm speaking much live on. you can one be among the
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marco. promises. one of. my mind is if. on point just on any me. as a deaf i think. i mentioned that the. flight has three almost made up a seven you can ask. to be done in time not specific to. steal anything else. that had that i'm not a thing i didn't. want to call them but a father. and it's not been something.
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i'm bored with to my own plan anyway and one of the s's one and they're going to run and run shocked. how many in this area that is the million dollars to buy and they're going to find down and look all over your home would you mind the girl if i look to my left a theater next my mistress and c s n n as i've been the butt of c s i and went into the one hundred seat a woman stopped and oh i get a hoodie i mean you know you hate it you know the saudi like that it's named goofy all of them is why you have them of all of the of. might that indian make want to buy and messy and yet the c.s.u. that i'm a muslim looked muslim if snuff or not in them and got in the come off of this mess yes i'm. not
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a mom stuck in the snow in my. office. and i'd be. followed oh my gosh. on the end of the lucky thing. folks should make sure sure it's a road trip through the border to the us. the open. bottle the limo service to. sit down and sing only one is your son will sing to us and it wasn't until. the bombs does miss someone of the physics that was left in the good sense of a slightly less than one of the things not so but this left them out of the whole business just a moderate amount of three of those liabilities off the. field. you
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. know and. the load o. theory but at the moment the country got the. above. the buffalo so it was going speed limit was failing to build. the bolt obscene to get us to subsist.
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was full of the issues. with the. that is all the of the whole thing was fall below. zero. to three the response is. that. now because you cannot buy. yeah i know you feel that it was. pretty much if you leave it in. our family. there should go straight to my study history i.
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was going to have. notes at least i. i'd see many children stood up and most of them i had to do more than to me it's so funny how he's leaving the house to this is to bad for them to get all the name. in the area. so finding can see time off i won't go to them on some of my own subsistence he wants once he thought i was he made a nice man to me for that so he also missed a. minute for the walking of the fine with me on a mug with such good muscle enough among some of us what's it to saw. you i knew it wasn't mine see you do push on me and i.
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yeah i pulled up as far as if you don't by the this post the locks and horses you have all been waiting. was and is of it this one the most once you tell you know it was by me so i can hardly my basics when the president himself from then on to so i know you simpleton those were gifts hama just i was a bit of a. scepticism is a bad time to lessen. my. when i lay this out does he need. the kind of on. our part i wonder how much. of a file for her daughters are probably first. i want. until. i. actually
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want to truly is a human. i am. i know this is god about i mentioned it is. no i think if. it. was being used and if you would meet them on as gannett's which wound up by and is would be when this one only has if to buy a. system fetus line. and i'm in a council. success
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is a very polarizing thing you know if you don't have it you're jealous of other people who have it. and it's not that you hate the person or that you hate the team you want what they have you know that's a very human emotion to want what you don't have got about a mile yes yes yes yes even though the client did buy on. it i got a lot of wooden window and gave up and with the committee and a chef you had in and a bit of that at the end of the bond because your initiative symptom free and that's it for today so help me. just as always also coming home from sauna help me i'm also confident the only a job i don't foresee. you will she will think what an idea i know my family coming
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to. me is on the my family coming to me. just an awful lot he might actually go for the home of my sister that i will admit i'm willing to. hide how much people from whom i. mean for. me. is being sent to. jail for tax evasion there you might get if you didn't fund by and you know sometimes i get the feeling that if you can't find a very good family. you know he's somebody who is flawed and who. and i am flawed as well and that's just how it is you know i see somebody like that and i cannot judge somebody like that. up there was born and look at. what was i know but i'm nobody almost summer yourself i was getting.
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and if i mean it's. hard to some day he. does it come she really did say. dot. i did in many. months a beautiful one hopping on the hog is it must. not be done for ministers names off and on so different. from us. to i hurried what are you going to speed up president to skeptical but it got us talking as i'm going to scorch you close by the car my steps for to whom i snapped and had gotten outside with me i think number one said portentous damon and i'm through the i hurry i.
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thought to see the band it was on my mind the this did you know that i spent it with. shortish you. want. and i only got chilly as you went out to look at that. i. thought my body fifty or no my mother out all of them about you and if you're going to get off my motor to my feet back on my going to be comfortable.
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company is a good listener about them you have to buy you get off the defender to them doesn't get him to get his way and then tribune javier's if you're for get on a good seat the best thing to have fun flipping but no matter how to position the spin on it to rise not because if it is of the doing you feel my user can see it's really.
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not just. me it's home. along side to the me off my feet give us a little taste of it all just a funny one the things that embody the she would want both of you i want to be just she. did it because i got that sense that she. was a morning show on process and i need to guide them along by it in long it's a shit that i'm all for and she was honest often so why did you want to say she did it. because similar way. i don't want to.
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meet. the. e.q. .
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does that skew think i. think the type. of effect all of them into. the current the. the. the. the. the. hundred.
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just. champions league. the only thing you know some people will only commit these finding one inch of ice. at the local much the japanese sumo and what you want to see this is you'll. know when you really tense i think you take some risks you know from the start and i just went through a lot of opportunities to score that early goal.
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of on the way you know if you look at it you know what i can only let. me know because if it was. my number still. being a little. there's no keep going to. you know. to have to. you.
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i am. sure. i am. i am . proud that i took you back here but i ask you to own part of the you know you. are and have a history
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. almost. her own yeah. i am. i am. to have her come here to have broken game we're going to going to execute the most amazing thing about this is i'm not going to be able to see you next time not to go back to work you know so before we get on my phone or my apple walks you know you're hoping the far from going to score to go or take a defending. oh ok. let's just seen a good news all sales the night you see the. was
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. the. jewish not. the ordeal. of the late. man. with. the.
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sex with my soul of his and so play on him and so let's all kind of this tube of the abuses and so on when the gender differences and. through the whole investment of aspects of his to do i think this was the answer given to me because of the. almighty as a part of the up in the continental she. was offered a call by. my boss to county.
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feme i know it's a buy and hold them in the cement. a whole bunch of the seventeen of them. people in new york you see people in brazil is it people and you know kind of the australia all part of this phenomena or part of this community they see the same things i think. i see in the club they see a club the bigger the soccer the mother. the mother by on the subtle and the few in the horn but i do take that up and that's the way. in which had a journey into it into the unit into. a spin as hip and ballast fine with it if what i have setting out of. me it's really just a fix and that's a stuff nose and buy a. bit of an axe to grind when he should be fish. meat and in
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a moment i do some fine woman and. look. a little beat up a little. bit more young. a long. time into my on the science i listen to the original i still think. that i'm a forty year was turning in the night and i'm the biggest i'm glad little bite has always been a complete team in the good. morning with the windows. up
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from the feelings and i love my arms. and there's been a pill that i should write a gun on a dog well yeah but me. i'm looking for gracious one sort of weirdness of them get. my lives there by one of them enough by you. my life. i know. it for by a minute what does not do no more to infinity. learn german with d.w. . any time any place. whether with joe joe and her friends. colleagues it's got to get.
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me. she expects his inspection join the cause and work with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d.w. just pick up. the book that look w. we speak your language our spanish program on youtube. always will inform us openness and i can like you always close to the action but i'm not part of the local folk at long before like the biggest that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the oil.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin the german human rights organizer peter storrie goes on trial in turkey today he was arrested in istanbul along with others from amnesty international three months or.


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